: "Morgana support too popular lets nerf"
wtf? Morgana broken since ages, yet riot doesn't nerf'd her.... Also there's no problem with Janna, she doesn't give 5s cc immunity, nor have 3s root.
: Pool Party Diana
Wrong forum section. Also Diana needs some very sexualizated skins!
DONCraven (EUW)
: Whats up with the lore??
It's got r@ped.
: What change should be reverted?
GhostRun (EUW)
: A open letter to Riot!
@Open cry to Riot: I have bad news for you: http://kepfeltoltes.hu/150610/2n7yufcm_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg
: I can confirm this. I actually started another account a while ago, I'm lvl 20 on it, and I only have 5 champions on it, no more IP. So from 150+ games, 20 levels, I spend all the IP I get on 5 champions, and that's all. (2 of them 450 and 3 of them are 6300). I have some cheap tier 2 runes but that's all, tier 3 runes are something I'm not even dreaming of right now.
Only retards buy non t3runes...
: THAT IS THE PROBLEM! You either choose if you get a lot of runes or a lot of champions. A lot of runes makes no champs to use them, and a lot of champs means no runes for them. You can't balance that. There is 100% no tier 3 runepage which is viable and costs less than 10k ip in total + not to mention you only get 2 runepages for free. Basically a new runepage + full runes can make it 20k+ ip.
You can buy champions for rp. If you want to play free then you need to invest loot of time in to that game. If you pay for it, then you don't need to play that much. Welcome to the f2p game. Since that's the core of the f2p model, they not going to change it, start playing or paying, they don't care, neither do we about your problem.
: Runes should be cheaper, or something like that.
There are a option for ones who have "serious jobs" buy ip boost and whoa, you can farm runes much faster.
: Holy moly,its been almost two days now
Those changes was unnecessary anyway....
SA7 Bors (EUNE)
: Zeke's Herald change
No, the main point of that item is the 20%cdr, without it, it would be even more useless.
: My reaction to people who are happy about the Katatina ''nerf''
: RIOT TELL ME why did u banned ranked i am chat restricted so i cannot flame but i mnot
: Katarina needs buff!
True, her boobs need 33% buff!
: Drop Hacking: What you need to know
How to detect: Log every game start with the player names in that game Log the game ends with the player names in that game If someone have much game where he start a game but not end it, then he probably knows something about droping...
Emillie (EUW)
: Because AD champions have this cool thing called lifesteal. Yeah sure AP champions have spell vamp, but few can actually use it efficiently (aka have single target spells only). All AD champions can use lifesteal efficiently. {{item:3072}} is the damage + "armor" AD item. Edit: Ahri is a lot more mana hungry in the early game now. Also cinderhulk+atma would be too broken.
Yeah tanks with bloodshitter seems legit, they benefit from lifesteal so much with <1 AS.
LBL Xorki (EUW)
: Perma banned and still no answer at all.
If you got perma banned the you probably did something awesome. Or more like you used hacks...
Raketistas (EUNE)
: Harassment and Reports
No one cares about it, just ignore that notification, it useless and pointless anyway...
: EUW & EUNE boards
http://kepfeltoltes.hu/150610/2n7yufcm_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg The only purpose of that board is to create a illusion for dumber players that they care about he's feedback.
: Well....LoL currently has **one** Champ with a winrate above 55% (Sejuani, 55,4%), Dota2 has **10** (the best one having 60,2%). LoL currently has **3** Champs below 45% winrate (the worst being Syndra with 41%), Dota2 has **24** Champs below 45% (the worst one having 38%). So, sorry Dota, thats a super clear win for LoL.
Yeah, and what's the reason that there are about 40-50 champions(from 124) that contested viable and the rest are contested troll picks?
: Dota 2 and LoL balance?
I don't play dota, but creating a more balanced game than lol not an achievement, even a 6year old kid randomly smashing the keyboard could do better balance...
: > but have you riot ever thought the reason why they are being toxic? Yes, Riot does a lot of research about toxicity and they probably know more about it than any other institution in the world. > i was calm and a sportsman player in the beginning until my team started feeding and when i told them to play defensive i got the casual ''stfu''. and that makes me mad of course. This is a good example for the "frustration-aggression-hypothesis", a very well researched psychological theory about aggression. And of course Riot knows about this theory, you can read about this theory in every psychological textbook. Riot employs a lot of psychologist and neuroscientists, so they know about this theory. But just because you have a reason for getting angry and even if we are able to explain it scientifically...this doesn't mean that this kind of behavior is ok. The worst persons in human history had their reasons, this doesn't mean their actions have been okay. Having a reason is not a justification. We all have reasons for everything we do. Think about it this way: Every other player is in exactly the same situation as you. We all have to endure bad players, flamers, afks and many more annoying things. But the vast majority of players is able to deal with this without becoming toxic. So that's the skill you have to work on. You have to learn how to deal with frustration. Frustration in an competetive game is inevitable, you really have to learn how to manage this frustration or you are not able to play this kind of games. > you should ban more players than just the one being toxic. So who exactly do you want to ban? Afks? They already get banned. Intentional feeders? They already get banned. You said you get angry because of feeding players. You didn't mention the word "intentionally", so I assume you are talking about bad players. How (and why?) do you want to punish these people? It's a competetive game, EVERYBODY is bad compared to some other player and EVERYBODY has bad games. We would have to ban you too. Dying 18 times with Kata. 14 times with Trynda. 15 times with Olaf. 13 times with Ashe. I am pretty sure you frustrated other players in these games by dying so often. So should you be banned? I don't think so, because everybody has bad games. You, me, progamers, newbies, everybody. You can't ban people for just playing the game how it is supposed to be played. Losing is part of LoL, you can't ban people for that.
If they know why are players toxic, then they should fix their fucking broken matchmaking already... Or they just support toxicy.
It's illegal, you should report them for it, and rito will help u!
: Talons silence was point-and-click, Chos silence is a skillshot. Of course it's a skillshot that is very easy to apply, but still, you can avoid it in a lot of situations. This was not true for Talons silence. The magic word is "counterplay".
Yeah riot logic: a "point and click" 0.5s silence that puts the champion in danger when casted broken, but a 2.5s 700 RANGE AOE silence that can silence up to the whole enemy team easily from safe distance ok. Oh and the second one also do dmg, loots of it... IMAO lol's balancer team not only doesn't really play with their own game, but lack of any common sense.
SkaiBlade (EUW)
: Breakdown: New Ashe and Critical Strikes
Critical strike are weaker on the new Ashe. Why? Since her attack can't crit if Frost isn't present on her target. So slow immune targets are immune to criticals from Ashe. Also if Ashe can't attack continuously/her target removes the slow, her crit stat became weaker, also it's weaker generally cause the first attack won't crit anyway. The +10% additive dmg bonus on her crits are her passive's bonus, and not affect the benefit from her critical strike stat, so there's no situation where crit stat better on Ashe than on any other ADC, and generally a little or more(depending on the enemy team) weaker. If her passive would be multiplicative(1.1*crit chance dmg), then critical strike would be stronger on her, than on others.
: How do u survive?
Start rage and flame at them until they surrender It works every time
: Fake reports for lame reasons...
I was the one that reported you, but I not going to stop it :C
: Cho'Gath balance idea.
How to fix: Passive no mana restore Ult True dmg -> magic dmg Silence duration cut by 50%
: How flaming starts
Fucking noobs, all reported, I afk, cya!
: Is the community in need of help?
I always report my opponent if they win.
: THANK YOU RIOT!!!! I MEAN IT!!! Goodbye Intentional Feeders!
Watermeat (EUW)
: New Boot Enchantment: Wolfpack
Actually it's just modified Captain enchantment... Also it would be useless, no one would build that.
: Someone want to steal my ACCOUNT and says the he works with RIOT!
WTF "Pics Removed - no naming and shaming"? So riot supports scamers by don't letting players warn other players that <name>player scam. gg....
Liponitus (EUW)
: Its pointless because there are no spam bots here anyway, right ? :D Oh... maybe thats why >_<
It's pointless since the readable ones can be readed by bots at relative high success rate....
Rioter Comments
: Thoughts on Heroes of the Storm?
Pros: -Graphic looks way better -Champions are much more balanced -Less pointless walking Cons: -Lag spikes -Crashes -If you exit from a ongoing match for any reason(dc, crash), it takes ages to rejoin -Turrets are even more useless than in lol(A single player without any minion can clear a full lane, there are champion who can do it with nearly full hp.) -The matchmaking worse than the lol's matchmaking(I thought no one can create worse matchmaking than the lol's matchmaking, but they successfully created a more broken one). -Less diversity in builds -If you take a noob in your team, then you have a very high chance to lose, you can't carry games cause the shared xp and cause the too powerful objectives (That's the main reason why that game not going to beat lol.) In overall hots would be better if there wouldn't be random lag spikes, since lol's balancing team full of retards.
: Rito hates me
Sad story BUT No one cares about it!
Csubakkaa (EUNE)
: The main problem that they are counting positive magic resist, but if you are a squishy target and he WILL have magic pen, you have negative magic res, so you take amplified damage.
dfq? The only way to have negative MR is having mr reducing debuff on you, higher than your MR. So he need to build abyss+writs end to make it possible.
: *Experiment* For my next 25 games I am not going to report anyone.
You only waste your time, just like with reporting players. Don't be fool, save your time.
: Hacked by a false tribunal case report
It was your learning fee. Next time you think before log in to random sites.
gaby1best (EUNE)
: It will probably be a last item, so squishies will have more than 1500 hp. The passive will deal 120 physical damage, so more than an Infinity or BloodThirster can give. If not, I was looking at PD for the movement speed I'm missing from not buying boots or Essence Reaver for the damage and CDR.
IE would adds over 240dmg to a crit hit(with proper build)....
gaby1best (EUNE)
: BORK Question
Botrk useless on GP. 1, Full offense masteryes 2, Full critical dmg runes 3, IE, statik, trinty, lw +2 random 80dmg item.
: The One and Only, Katarina , The God of Goddess
ExileSorrow (EUNE)
: Are you stalking me? but you never know where the W is untill its too late youknow its cats but where? Also that shield
He's (still) a troll, just ignore him.
Steel (EUW)
: Ekko's Nerfs
Riot only care about money, and doesn't even try to balance that game, deal with it or search an another game if it bothers you.
: Cool. In this case Riot should start to reward players who actively report these kinds of players, or promote doing so in any other way. I assume they rarely ever get reported, because I occasionally meet these guys even in bot matches when I just want to get my first win of the day... Yes, people actually write "gg easy" in bot matches.
Players who report players for those type of things aren't any better than the ones he report...
: AFAIK they fall under Negative Attitude so it is bannable. Don't be one of those guys that reports everyone for every little thing though...
It's nor banable, they just give some cr for it, but they still can play, and even chat...
Hogsy (EUNE)
: But doesn't exactly that make the champ predictable, boring and easy as hell? What actual skill, mechanical or strategical, does it take to build 6 thornmails and stand there against an AD champ dueling him? Is that even considered a duel? It reminds me of those guys that join 1v1 customs and take champs like Warwick who have built in damage and go full tank and if they beat you they rub it in your face like it's some marvelous achievement. Like, am I missing something here? At least tanks like Sejuani who do a shitload of damage without particularly expensive and big damage items are fun and can shape teamfights with their abilities. Garen is a bad excuse of an off-tank whose purpose in a teamfight is to try and 1shot the adc.
The 6thornmail was a joke ofc. Also Garen more like anti mage than anti adc, 2,5s silence strong vs most casters, and adcs just kite him to death anyway.
: Skins for those who can't get any *monthly giveaway planned*
You say why, I say why wouldn't? peoples are greedy.
Hogsy (EUNE)
: Just because a champion is easy to play and master doesn't mean he's good too. I admit, Garen can be fun but I honestly prefer champs that can outplay their opponents. Especially in top lane which is so duel-focused. Playing against Garen in the first minutes is fun cause he deals a lot of damage but also takes a lot of damage in return. But as the game goes on he just stops dealing damage and you stop dealing damage to him and you just kinda ignore him. Like last game where I was playing Nasus top and I was farming minions and let him attack me and I just used the minions to take all the damage he did back with lifesteal. He's kinda fun but let's not be delusional, he isn't hard to play.
Well if he would build 6*Thornmail, he would counter you hard.
Xorax (EUW)
: A: Yes they need mana regen, but all the damage they get now is way better than that since the mana regen the old tree provides was pretty much as good at was 9 points utility does now. B: Don't try and justify having to take 0.33% crit chance on a mage, it's super bad design. I mean I would love it if the utility tree was viable for most mages as well but if I have to choose between either a good utility tree or a good offense tree I'd pick the offense tree anyway.
ofc I talking about s2 and s3 masteries, not nearly beta s1 masteryes... However even s1masteries was more balanced than the actual one.
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