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Cypherous (EUW)
: 2 doesn't sound like a bug, it never hit its target so it didn't bounce off of anything, that seems like its rewarding skillful dodges to deny draven his axe which is kind of the whole point :P
But I dont remember to have this "bug" back then as I played him. It only bounces off when dealing damage, sure, but I didnt saw this "bug" before and he already got a lot of counterplay. I would need another partner to test it, but I am pretty sure that it also doesn't happen every time. I mean his axes are bouncing off when a creep dies
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: its reset from level 2 and above. i got a 2 week ban in nov and got my level 2 honor back a couple of weeks ago now.. takes around 30 games to unlick it then took me like 500 to level 1 then level 2 was much quicker. 200ish games id say. just reform, i win soo many more games now and feel a lot better about myself for not calling someone going 0/10 an idiot.
I got a 2 week ban at oct. and that was because of a joke with some bad words (N), so I am not really toxic and I don't see a reason to report me. I only get reported because my enemy was tilted, or because I criticized the action of my mate. I told him to stop spamming his twitch and I also told him that he should only splitpush when we can gain something of it (because he died this time) and then I saw in the stream that he reported me for flame, unsportsman, and racism. If I only get on lvl 1 by not getting any reports then this is like impossible for me, because there are a lot of people that report for no valid reason. (I also got reported for having a bad game) as far I know its not about being positiv in chat or what so ever. It is only about time without punishment as far I know.
: Fiora isnt getting nerfed because of bramble vest. Fiora got nerfed in 7.14 and that hit her suprisingly hard. the whole dancing around the opponent was completely gone and that is why fiora was pretty strong (before bramble). with the meta shifting, bramble vest and these fiora nerfs it just was too much. and come on, its aatrox XD
Most people don't get it... Fiora got nerfed because it was too strong. Now they gave her MS back and added 5%. bramble vest is such a big problem for Aatrox, even a bigger problem than fiora. At the end, Aatrox got nerfed and fiora buffed and 5% is a lot imo.
: AGAIN mid won, top won, jungle won, but bot sucks ass. gg
It is hard to stop a draven, but he falls off in the late game and that is what you should look forward to, but sometimes there are games that you cant win.
: Two hypercarries, one got 2/8 one got 16/7. What would happen if there's a 2/8 Xerath vs a 16/7 Karthus? You lose. 2/8 Riven vs 16/7 Renekton? You lose. I see you even camped bot, but Draven had already too much damage.
> [{quoted}](name=Pentasteal Sona,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=W0zJBA8M,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-09-12T10:26:24.942+0000) > > Two hypercarries, one got 2/8 one got 16/7. You know that draven isnt a hypercarry and gets outscaled by nearly every ADC.
grabbuu (EUW)
: If u can't counter it, play it. (works)
Well, many people are playing for fun and not for the LP.
: Sigh... Riot, please do something to end the league of bot lane
If every lane won expect bot, then you should win this game easily. The midlaner is still oneshotting the ADC and the toplaner/jungler should be able to tank the dmg. I know that those crit ADCs are pretty strong at the moment because of all the current supports, but I dont think that they are unbeatable.
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: Me when I saw the Tris nerfs
Thank you, it was so weird that you couldn't outtrade her when she got an E on you. The hypercarry was bullying the bullys.


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