: Idk what planet you’re living on but it’s still not been released on the euw server
It's a greyed out choice now, wth
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FatB1tch (EUNE)
: Can't create a lobby right now / Grey play button.
I'm not sure, but I usually have this issue after updates, tho a disclaimer: be careful while deleting stuff from your league of legends folder, I suggest moving them elsewhere, and be careful about what you try, I'm not an expert, try this: RADS/projects/league_client/releases go to the smaller number, like for me I got, deploy and run leagueclient.exe OR Delete the newer folder all together OR And this usually a sure fire way to fix but it'll take much longer time, in the client, press the gears icon up top and repair the client
: I guess thats possible too. I dont know how they send ban messages. Im just tired of the kids here that cry when they are banned.
Bro, did you copy and paste what you wrote? Like read the thread title, that comment was completely irrelevant XD
: are you actually banned?
No it was a prank
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Unreaster (EUW)
: For me this system is better. I wanted URF only to play 1 champion: Jhin This champ is just soooo fun to play with full attack speed item (when you crit, you reach 1000ms) But in ARURF, that i played like 30+ time this week, i never had it. So for people like me who doesn't care about victory but just want to enjoy the champ they want, we and they are f*cked. -sorry for bad english tho-
This system you mean 10 bans, right? Also upvote this, spam this thread, get it more popular
: "which to a point is more balanced" Thats sarcasm right? that quote HAS to be some sort of joke? This is random URF in nutshell >Finds match >Gets Urgot >Rerolls Tristana >Dealswithit.jpg >Matched against J4, Xin zhao and Zed >0/9 by the 4th minuite >AFKs at the 6th minuite >Finds another match >Zac >this is going to be fun! >Matched against Fiora, Garen and Janna >0/50 by 10 minuites >Realizes that winning URF games is solely based upon Luck >Realizes that Ranked is actually more fun >Never plays URF Again and hope it dies in a fire
Well that could be attributed to bad luck, or seriously bad luck with specially made accounts. I don't know, I had matches like those and kept thanking rito for the 15min surrender as well as questioning "why not 10"
: Ryze & Sona banned in ARURF?
Well in my personal opinion, the whole idea of All Random isn't that good, check here https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/6WlEJMit-urf-with-10-bans
Strigina (EUNE)
: > it is not a fair roll of dice but more champions are more favored than others It's true and it's not. The choice of the champion is completely random (which includes even everything with low possibility, like getting the same champion twice in the row), but you can only get champions available for you - champions you own and champions from free rotation. Now, imagine an account with 17 champions owned. That player has acces to 32 champion pool for ARURF at max, 15 from that being from free rotation. Now, let's look at your document. Most champions at the top are from free rotation, cheapest easy champions (like Lux, she is part of free rotation until level 5) or like Garen, available for free. I guess you see the pattern now - it is random, but influenced by every player's champion pool. That could be fixed by giving every player a chance for every champion, not just some of them.
I agree, but here's the catch, some champions are disabled as far as I've heard (Sona), this is not by any means fair, of course OP champs are bought my most people, basically it's favoring one over the other, you'd be lucky if you got op champions on both teams, the system is totally and utterly flawed in my opinion, as someone mentioned accounts are being made just for this, like ARAM. All Random could be fair under one case, bans as well, if I don't get to play Master Yi for instance cause my chances are 1/120, one shouldn't have the chance to get Master Yi with the chance of 1/20 or 1/30, and that's if we're giving each champion available in your pool an equal random chance, and if we're adding bans, then might as well let people pick.
Dalexand (EUW)
: 1. riot basically destroyed urf. same as if i would make a pizza but without the filling they are %%%%ing braindead and dont listen to the community, for like 1 year people have been begging for normal urf
Spam this thread's link in games, make sure it gets heard and famous, sooner or later more people will join us!
Hynsse (EUW)
: i agreed
Try to spread this, bro, maybe on reddit, or something, I know that this isn't "I'm mad I get bad champions and they get OP ones!! nNANA RAGEEE" I'm saying this is a real improvement in my personal opinion, URF was never intended to be All Random, it was pranked to be the FUTURE OF LEAGUE OF LEGENDS!
Loonstaa (EUW)
: Yasuo gets banned every game... and I'm glad.
Yasuo is pretty much Yi in a sense, without enough CC to hold him down (EG the Kled example) he will kill every single one of your team, but Yi can be countered with Frozen heart and Thornmail, yasuo would require those and Randuin's since the crit dmg
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: Gamemodes always come at 12:00 BST/13:00 CET, its false info in Patch Notes, not sure why.
Wow you're right, thanks, I'll keep that piece of info in mind, yeah they should change it in the patch notes!
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: the client says my posintion in queues is 20000 but its not dropping ???
Same here, seems like there's a problem with login server, or some sort of attack or something
: Find teammates for the Party IP Weekend!
I love you with all my heart <3
Kippiiq (EUW)
: gj & wp {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Any targets for next season?
Not really XD
Okuma (EUNE)
: Great work! Do you have any expectations for the next season?
Not less than gold, but probably high gold if possible, id probably in the same mess too XD
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morguhpik (EUW)
: proposal new feature: chat in loading screen
People being offended when someone calls their computer a toaster incoming. Not something cool to say but not worth a board discussion about it.
: I MADE IT! :3
Congratz, im in my promos now, wish me luck!!
Can't we save this thread just for the permaban thread in a few weeks?
: PlayStation Vita. It's just a name, same for CSGO. CS is the main name everybody recognizes and GO is a byname for a new product.
CSGO is Counter Strike Global Offensive, but still I think Vita is like Wii or 360, just a brand name and not a word for something.
Nosfratu2 (EUNE)
: WTF is this rule(no naming no shaming)
AVO deserves icecream anyone? MC Bans all over again? SQL injections? Damn, thats what happens when you let a minecrafter play league.
: Disgusting people of this community
Actually, your friend has caused that other guy to lose, thus wasting his time, and while his attiude is pure trash and deserves a chat restriction AT LEAST, being afk in a game is still a huge reason to report and make your whole team tilt. It's like being in a traffic jam because someone important is dying in the next CITY, and the fact that you don't know who is that person, you just know they are famous or important makes matters worse. I am sorry for your friend's dog and I hope it's alright now but the guy had his reasons (asside from the flame) to legitimately report your friend, and your friend deserves proper punishment, warning it is or if it is a recurring act a ban. Rules have no exceptions, same thing if someone is flaming you, you should NOT flame back.
Solash (EUW)
: So we can either get judged by 12 year olds that are only participating for free shit... Or an unbiased machine that only punishes someone based on cold hard fact, complete with mountains of proof. I'll take the machine.
Actually, the machine does do mistakes just like 12 year olds, and I doubt 12 year olds would hate on someone they not in the same game, also if there is no free shit, there would be much less 12 year olds. Also I REALLY doubt that the majority of league players are 12yos, mostly I see are either highschoolers or college students if not older, and you get punished when your case was reviewed by 1 or 2, it needed numbers and a good one, with a much higher percentage for "punish".
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: Its taking too long, I'm too hyped !{{champion:5}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:12}} {{item:3089}}
There's a scheduled maintenance atm, and ranked queues will be disabled. Maybe after it *winkwink?
Azraq (EUNE)
Well I can't look like a saint, and say ignore, though this is the most reasonable answer but when you're angry nothing reasonable. If you can't ignore, don't flame, if they are just tilted try to get things together and maybe even apologise but if it's normal and probably lost, just ignore or try to make them flame so hopefully they would just get restricted or something but the most important thing is not to tilt or flame yourself because games, IP, LP come and go but your account and chat doesn't really or at least not as easy.
Adzka (EUW)
: How do I climb out of Bronze
Look there are 2 ways and 2 ways only to climb out of bronze, atleast legit without eloboosting and stupid stuff like that. 1- Support, I know you say you like to support, and I am a main support so here's some tips that I see everybody does that just makes me cringe as a support main. Sight-fuckin-stone, first or second item max, I see lots and lots of people, especially utility/ap supports like sona focus on AP items and forget sightstone, I am not a high elo or anything but I've spectated masters/challengers as well as tonnes of LCS, and they ALWAYS try to rush or at least get Sightstone very early. Also whenever you get sightstone, get red trinket, you don't really need the yellow trinket much, and even if your jungler is passive, they will think twice before engaging without vision. As much as I hate to admit this, but your adc is your responsibility, protect, and adapt to their playstyle. If they are passive go passive, aggressive go aggressive and try to match your recalls with them even if you don't really need to back, so you don't have to back after a couple of poke shots. 2- Main a carry champion: tanks, juggernauts, bruisers are strong and all but they don't really blow people up mid-late game and if other lanes lose, and the enemy team has a frontline which you can't shred really nor get past through for the carries, you are pretty much done for. So here I am talking about assassins, kill in a full combo or even less, blow people up like hell, ones like Zed, fizz, LeBlanc, maybe KhaZix etc. Finally Attitude: Don't tilt, don't be salty, raise moral, apologize even if you don't believe you were in the wrong, prevent people from tilting, because you can't win alone.
PentaCR3W (EUNE)
: What 4800 ip champion of these should I get?
If you are willing to train, in normals hopefully, yeah draven is a go to, whenever I see draven on my team and he has good number of games with draven, I know we're gonna win the lane atleast and probably the game. Though don't be an asshole to your support.
: AR-URF Timer ??
Yeah me too brotha, too excited, its almost as important as worlds for me!
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: HELP! Ping too high i don't know why
If you are from Egypt or with an ISP that banned some VoIP and some games, or just bad port forwarding, try using a VPN, it usually fixes the problem until it goes away. Gamer friendly VPNs so far that I found are securityKISS and hide.me, securityKISS has a higher limit but hide.me seems more consistent and sometimes has less spikes. Both are free and their trial is renewable without creating a new account.
Messeery (EUNE)
: You have disconnected, Please check your internet connection.
The best solution so far that I found for that problem and "Attempting to reconnect" problem is use a vpn, I did not have any luck with WTFFast which is supposedly is for online gamers but hide.me seems to do the trick, and since it does not have a trail and you can renew your trial it seems ok, though my ping is slightly raised and sometimes there are spikes. SecurityKISS is also an option, it has a bigger limit but sometimes just refuses to work idk why
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: What puts you instantly on tilt?
First of all, jungler is my WORST role, and junglers tend to the put me on tilt much more than any other lane, I never jungle so I really don't know how junglers avoid doing these stuff: #1 Dying in their jungle then insulting the team, I am extremely sorry that the enemy jungler got the best of you, and invaded, but why should the top/mid laner risk ATLEAST 2 waves experience and gold for a chance to protect your buff and if their enemies followed they are also risking their lives, your death, your fault, riot gave you a free ward at the start of the game, use it wisely especially when VS shaco or lee. #2 If you invade and die, also your fault 100% and the only words you should type are sorry or just shut up. #3 Not ganking, having a lot of cs on the jungler is not necessarily a good thing THIS ISN'T PVE and doing ganks is much more useful to the team than a jungler with 100 cs or ganking without pinging or taxing for no goddamn reason. #4 Finally, not just because the lane is empty you get to take a wave or a wave and a half, in most cases you just take minions, and the enemy midlaner/toplaner would come and farm under their turret basically putting me in a cs+exp disadvantage. PS If I understood what you wrote correctly, 3 ganks in 22 minutes ARE NOT ENOUGH, also even if the top laners are ultra tanks, making the enemy lose minions and exp for recalling would easily make your tank win the lane and be more "tanky"
huckasex (EUW)
: you are right "dont be a douche" is a way better summary
Neither, because you can joke with an insult but it may get you banned, see #4
: That's not a summary. THIS is a summary: "Don't be a jerk"
> [{quoted}](name=Tosha,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=QxNZLmby,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-07-10T12:36:04.051+0000) > > That's not a summary. THIS is a summary: > > "Don't be a jerk" No this is a summary, dont be a jerk wont cut it,
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Voltyre (EUW)
: Bans are too hard - and too false.
I have been victim of such thing too, I am sure i have not flamed since most of my recent matches were ranked and I do not flame in ranked, though just the day after i reached gold, I got hit with a 75 games CR, I am testing a theory I got, I am playing all the games with not even a single bad word coming out, including "bad" and I am almost certain that I may get another CR, why? because automated/riot employees< Actual Tribunal
DanVen (EUW)
: Will shutting up get me more chat restrictions?
Well the thing is that I have read that a lot of people have gotten more chat restrictions as they have not talked through their games and thus the system did not see "improvement" in their behavior, so I am just checking, I cannot deal with another 75 game CR
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: Racist players.
Well the word itself is not the problem it is as much a word as any other, but the intention of using such word is the problem, in the past in America, it was used as a term for black slaves, or as a derogatory term for them, though the word itself is free of reasons, it is just a another pronunciation for the word negro which means black in spanish, and then it became a word, so it can be used as a term to disrespect as implying you are a creature of less importance or lower form of human, and it can be used to just describe a human and it can be used as a greeting or something
Obide (EUW)
: Didn't really specify the Elo..
> [{quoted}](name=Obide,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=PA2H6Gpe,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-07-02T00:30:07.176+0000) > > Didn't really specify the Elo.. Well there is no specific elo
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: HACKS ----- PERMAN BAN -----
Well as someone who fought someone who had scripting (cassiopeia is a btch with scripts) and since I rarely hear about wrong permabans, I think your cousin was "trying" a script, something as simple as dodging skillshots, or hitting them, can create unfair advantages and it is really annoying, and a warning would just tell that this hack/script is detectable, and they would try something undetectable so I disagree, whoever tries this shit must be permabanned.
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