Radaniol (EUW)
: Below are the ways I deal with various types of game-ruining players: **The Feeding/Bad Player**: I tend to see it this way: If you're the average player, you're going to lose around half your games. Simultaneously, your going to lose your lane around half the time. As a result of mathematical probability, there is going to be around a 1/16 chance that all lanes will win. Do *not* expect anyone single person to win their lane. (Yes, I count jungle as a "lane", because one jungler can fall behind another). Give helpful tips in a **non-accusatory** tone, and maybe you'll find they've improved if you meet them again. **The Rager/Flamer**: To be quite honest, I deal with them by simply not really giving a damn. However, I still read their messages if directed at me, and try to see it from their point of view: What message are they trying to bring across through that vortex of profanities and salt? **The Prima Donna**: This is the guy who thinks he knows how to do everything best, and being the obvious center of the multiverse, attempts to command everyone around. Attempt to follow a few of his wishes (Generally, those that make the most sense, like ganking when the enemy is overextending), and he should be appeased. Generally, if no-one listens, he turns into a flamer. **The Troll**: Can't be dealt with. Best ignored, as attention is all he seeks. **The AFK**: Also can't be dealt with. Set your mind on what's in the game, not what left it. Commenting something just creates a bad mood. And, as a simple rule: If you really feel like you need to vent at that Nidalee, by all means, type ahead. But make sure to press Esc instead of Enter at the end :)
Nice advice man, thank you.
: "If it feels good, don't say it" - Best bit of advice I got. Works IRL as well as in-game :)
That actually made me smile because it's so true, thanks for the input.
: Danboa, make 3-4 accounts.
If only it didn't take so long to level to 30, if I could do it in 14 days then I'd consider, but it's whatever I could probably do with a break from the game anyway.
Wolfeur (EUW)
: Shout at your screen, vocally flame the feeders, throw a glas on the wall, etc... Do whatever you want, just don't write it down on the chat.
I don't feel like I get that _sort_ of angry really, recently in the game above for example as well as many others, I become defeatist. That is to say I give up when I see somebody doing so badly, in my head the game is lost and it is whoever's fault. I know that is the wrong attitude to have, but like I said I'm working on it.
: Fucking easy2do. Download program called autohotkey. Create a .txt, rename it into XXX.ahk and past this code there: $Enter:: { Send {Enter down} Send {Enter up} Send {Enter down} Send {Enter up} return } Then run the .ahk file. It simply presses enter twice instead of once so you wouldn't be able to flame.
Thanks for commenting, although I think that is pretty extreme creating a physical barrier to my rage. I'm a level headed, chill guy most of the time, so I think I just need to work on handling in-game frustration better myself, rather than just facilitating it by essentially blocking game chat.
AnwaR202 (EUW)
: Thanks riot for banning toxic players, clean LoL from toxics! Donbaola or whatever your name, we don't want people like you, you fucked our gaming life here, if you got a feeder, calm yourself god gave you brain and ability to control yourself..
: Heyho! I was pretty toxic too and if someone is trolling on purpose or is leaving on purpose or whatever it still gets me mad as fuck. But in those cases its beyond your influence to effect the game outcome. Just try to die as less as possible and keep a good mood with the other players If you see that you start flaming every game and think you will lose the game atm the enemy got first blood you should take a break from league. After a few days i havnt played ranked im so much more relaxed and tilt less + sometimes it helps to be confident in yourself. I know that i can carry out almost every game if im on my mainlane/champion, and pretty often guys who tend to fail in early come back pretty hard in lategame (especially if they have lots of games on their champs) As long as you dont get outscaled like hell you can try to play for lategame anytime, cause then 1 enemy mistake can guarantee you the win
Yeah you sorta sound like me when it comes to raging. I rarely get to play a lot but recently I have been on a break from uni/work so I have been smashing in the games. Looking back that is probably the reason I got so caught up in bad games, they impact my whole gaming session in a really negative way. I think playing less frequently is definitely the way to go, which is good because I have a 14 day head start anyway. Thanks for the input
Danboa (EUW)
: Hi my name's Danboa, I'm a toxic player.
Thanks for the tips guys very helpful, please anyone else feel free to contribute. I guess a lot of the stuff I know already deep down but the rage just consumes me and I lose all cool, even looking back on my chat logs I think they are horrible. It's just totally illogical to get so angry. I feel that it isn't helped by the fact that I have to work/study a lot, so when I do get a rare week off or even a day my time is precious, and it annoys me having games like the one above. Upon my ban being lifted I am going to say only positive things in chat, won't be easy but I think it is doable.
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