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: Neeko still has some serious bugs ....
I also noticed when i'm against Neeko and hit tab, it shows like she has no items, kda and still lvl 1. Like we never saw her or she was afk.
HH Robin (EUW)
: Giveaway! EUW Only
Hi!! Good luck to everyone. My summoner name: DarioKeot Skins: Pajama Guardian Ezreal, Pajama Guardian Lux and Pajama Guardian Lulu.
: "Tales from the Rift: October 24, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. PT – November 3, 2018 at 3:00 a.m. PT" when is it for eu?
PhoPhoW (EUW)
: Why is it that I never play well vs Zed?
As ori, play really agressive until lvl 3, just dont let him get close to minions using your Q, after that, keep poking with q+w while farming and dodging. I think that's all I can say.
: Do Players below diamond have hands ?
Be brave enough to talk with your main acc, let's see your rank hehe
Avialmei (EUW)
: Nasus W / Slow:
I love checking from posts like this XDD dat nasus
: Tickets
Holy, I got sweetheart annie and 2 gemstones, but that doesn't matter, i think that you'll have to spend money to get more arcade loot... I don't like it either
teemos (EUW)
: Why doe?
They should add a feature so that we can swap lanes just like we can swap champs. (HOLY %$?! MY ENGLISH SUCKS)
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Shotgun (EUW)
: Me faltan 15 RP
Chaval, estás en el foro inglés... xD y creo que no te darían 15 rp para comprar una llave...
EloctPT (EUW)
: Seriously though, when do you get S+ ?
Nah, with 144 farm at 24 min he won't get an S.
: afk farm nasus
I was climbing on solo/duo and I had this nasus farming top, my jungler and me left the enemy jungler at like 10 hp and he was running from mid to top, we pinged nasus so hard to just throw an E or flash+q and finish him but he wouldn't react, i told him to wake up and he just said "no, i need stacks" DUDE THEN Q THAT GUY AND GET 6 FREE STACKS AND 300 GOLD? lol
TheRakun2G (EUNE)
: The more I play the worse it is
There's flamers in all elos and regions, just mute them.
Pingisol (EUW)
: I want to meet people
Yo también soy español, y se me da bastante bien el inglés, si quieres agrega ^^
: So, I just got my first honour capsule...
Well done riot, first my riot kayle isnt an excluse skin anymore and now grey warwick and medieval twitch, really great job. NICE.
Pelmorr (EUW)
: orianna's state
Orianna doesn't even need a nerf wtf
: I quit ranked,this happens too much in my games.
Last year my friend and me had a 0/34 Vi in our team. WE WON THAT GAME. 2 games after that one we had a premade botlane that would literally just suicide in their base and our kennen mid started feeding too, i have to say enemy amumu was feeding too so it was 2v4 but we won lol.
: First person to get honor level 3?
> [{quoted}](name=DarkyDutch14,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=hBmm3NIA,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-28T20:17:59.569+0000) > >the weird thing is that he was on a vaction for 3 weeks, so he didn't play that much League of Legends. Meanwhile me, getting 3-4 honors each 1/3 games or so and the other games atleast 1 or 2 honors or rarely 0 and i'm still honor 2 {{item:3151}}
: We need this old splash art back :(
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IndigoFenix (EUNE)
: Guess someone's personality based on their mains!
{{champion:105}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:134}} I actually play all lanes and champs, sometimes i feel like being just ezreal adc etc right now i just feel like playing mid w those champs EDIT: the first one is fizz i think it's bugged
Gargolev (EUNE)
: When will the key drop rate be fixed?
My girlfriend and me get like 3 keys/4 games but only A+ ><


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