: Sh*t ranked system
Welcome to LoL were you can be toxic for free in ranked games. (Wrote after playing a game with Yasuo rage quit at 10min. big surprise.)
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Infinitty (EUW)
: Too many afk's in rankeds
Demoted after 3 games with 2-1-2 afks-dcs. Playing main support solo Q, I can say...a dc is not the worse thing a player can do...the question is...how is it possible this "bad luck" seems to go by streaks...I either got promoted 2 times or demoted 2 times with dc/flamers/int. feeding and other toxic behaviour with no punishment at all.
: How can you tell if a report has been seen by lol and taken affect?
If you have 1-2 afks or dc every ranked game, if you have flamers every single game..you know...you know it for sure...reports do nothing.
ryandub (EUW)
: Most unfair week I have ever experienced
LuckyChloe7 (EUNE)
: Riot doesn't care anymore
Ppl giving up when they want, not respecting the team vote and going afk minute 10, a real issue here.
: Small chances to win the game, I don't pray for random throws from the enemy team and I can't force my team to surrender. Why I should be forced to play? I had the mentality of "never surrender" and the defeat screen was in min 50 and not in min 25. Sometimes its very clear when you are about to lose the game but not every 0/5 with 70 farm in min 23 can see it.
-You have to RESPECT your team. That's a BIG MUST. -Enemy can go throw being overconfident, an ace late game gives you A LOT. -You have your vote as every team MATE, give it, That's YOUR RIGHT, you don't have the right to go afk or give up, that's reportable and not sportive at all. -At the worse case scenario you will learn how to improve yourself in bad situations so you can get BETTER.
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ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: Small but fun reward for maining a champion
Even better if you get a "mastery skin" for reaching level 7 mastery with a champion, a cheap thing like a chroma.
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: Bot lane discussion: What kind of supports do adc players want in low elo?
Solo Q is random. In a random game you can try to play a support/support like Janna or a tank/support like Leona and fail coz your team fails to do good or even follow nice engages like CC Queen, so...As solo Q support try to play a carry support so you are able to "support" and carry what others don't, just like brand, lux, etc...
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: I'm unable to lose a game.
From the creator of the threat, "I'm unable to lose a game"... Now..."I'm unable to win a game no matter what I do"!! The new shit =) One day, unable to lose => PROMOTED! Next day, unable to win => DEMOTED! Another day, unable to lose even watching some porn => PROMOTED! (enemy teams flaming all game long, roar!!) Today, my team flaming 24/7, giving up at minute 5, not 20, nor 15...at minute 5... => DEMOTED I have that feeling, that...my rank is not reflecting my skill (not for good or bad, not saying that I'm better or worse). That feeling that the RANK is just LUCK. LUCK of having your winning streak just AFTER a promotion, so you get your LOSS STREAK in the new rank AND it ends before you get demoted xDD
: Just a simple "no". That's not how it works and it never worked that way. Right from the very beginning the Leaverbuster was always able to recognize ANY afk-time and include it in its punishment for being afk.
Solo playing/afk farming not detected error 404. Free afk ruining players ranked games.
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Rinart73 (EUW)
: Did Riot stop informing when reported player gets punished?
You don't get a message for every report, but let me tell you what do you get for sure, toxic player every single ranked game. Do they punish? Clearly not enough to let your children play this game, that's for sure.
: Afker not getting punished and trolls in every single game
Welcome to a game where the rules are not applied. A game where you find 1 dc every 3 games. A game where you are able to find 1 afk every 2 ranked games. A game where you have free flaming every single ranked game, with some free trolling, giving up at minute 10, verbal abuse on your mom, where your jungler goes afk farming, where the top is int. feeding pushing top til the end dying again and again. Hey, but Riot is doing his BEST to apply the rules...yep bollocks...Riots selling skins every single month leaving his community full of trolls. Welcome to a game where you cannot find 2 games in a row with no trolls on either side.
Lynxmetal (EUW)
: Game Over in ten minutes?
Man, you can do nothing against "the lose row". Im on it and all I have in my teams are flamers, giving up 5 or early, feeding, refusing to play team. It's literally impossible to win those games. Btw I'm against the surrender at ANY time on ranked. You are there to win, to learn and give it all. There is no experience from giving up and wait to be carried next game. Sadly there is no good trying to win/play with a giving up team...I would remove all this ppl from the game and send them to play good old tetris where they will give up at the first figure they don't quit like. So sad to live in this easy days where all should be given to you in a silver platter...WORK FOR IT FFS!
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: He wants Riot to brainwash the people playing the game.
No I want to be able to play in a less toxic community, where ppl spend more time trying to improve them self than flaming. Having toxic players, afks, rage quits, minute 3 giving up, minute 15 spaming surrender, etc...does not help in that intend.
Timarius (EUW)
: riot games is a company that...MAKES GAMES, how can you ask them to change people minds? this is a sort of SCI-FI question you are asking for XD
-Making comments as "suck %%%%s %%%%%%" a perma ban. -Restricted chat to honor 1 and above. -Instant ban to ppl saying "I'm going afk" and going afk or rage quit. . . .
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Tarolock (EUNE)
: >Anyway to prove it's their bad and not yours so you don't get blamed? thats the easiest: you are the ONLY one disconnected or EVERY SINGLE PLAYER? if its the latter then the problem is on riots side, if its only you (and a handful of other players) then the issue is on YOUR end
> [{quoted}](name=Tarolock,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ZYEOol45,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-07-22T11:47:53.230+0000) > > thats the easiest: you are the ONLY one disconnected or EVERY SINGLE PLAYER? if its the latter then the problem is on riots side, if its only you (and a handful of other players) then the issue is on YOUR end Only two DCs in my team. Anyway it's already clear enough it was an issue on our ISPs and not Riot's bad.
: There are more options than "It's me" and "It's Riot". There is all that distance between you and Riot where a myriad of problems can occur. Just because other websites are working for you this does not at all mean there is any problem with Riot. The problem can be ANYWHERE between your home and Riots servers. Usually there is a very easy method to determine if something is wrong with Riots servers: Go to the forum. If there are actual problems, the forum will be FULL of it. Like, not just one or two threads, but dozens, with new ones being created every minute. If that isn't the case, it's usually not a problem on Riots side. > Provably it will not matter, I never go afk/dc, but knowing this BROKEN punishing system that leaves toxicity spread and punish random key word...who knows The punishment system is not "broken", it just doesn't work like some toxic players would want it to work (for example by not punishing them if they "only flamed back"). And even if you are worried about the "key word" punishing system, this is not relevant for connection problems. Those two punishing systems are entirely separate and if you don't have connection problems frequently (in which case you should fix them before you play another match) or leave intentionally, you will never exceed the threshold that is necessary to get punished by the Leaverbuster.
Thank you! Yep it looks like it would be "a connection between me and Riot" thingy. Probably the high net usage of summer and my location x3 population does not help. And nop, the punishing system does not work at all, you can find toxic behaviour in every ranked game. But that's not the relevant issue in this post. I was worried about a x8 report dc was enough to get me a ban with no previous warning. Like I got a ban to say ONE key word not even meant in the bad way it was reported. Thanks a lot again for the fast reply.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: if you are experiencing connection issues with riot submit a ticket and if riot tells you it's not on their end you will have to contact your isps most of the times it's the isp's %%%%ing up not always but most of the time
> [{quoted}](name=Pxerkza,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ZYEOol45,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-22T09:02:06.383+0000) > > if you are experiencing connection issues with riot > submit a ticket and if riot tells you it's not on their end you will have to contact your isps > > most of the times it's the isp's %%%%ing up > not always but most of the time I was able to connect about 20 minutes after the dc. Now it's fine. I told my team what happen and that I was sorry, but if they x8 (coz our adc was dc too) report me, will it matter than I do a ticket?
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Aryenzz (EUW)
: People using LoL as a chat room instead of a videogame (SUGGESTION TO RIOT)
Actually, that's a GREAT suggestion. I would love it to happen VERY SOON.
: How many games do u have to loose to get a decent MM?
Yep, I'm stuck here too... Some times I'm unable to lose. Some days I'm unable to win. Then it starts again. The trick here, is to be so lucky your promotion is INSIDE the win streak, so you can lose next day protected for the "new league effect". It's kind of sad to improve your rank this way. And it's even more sad to play the "lose streak days" with MEGA TOXIC PLAYERS. PS: See my match history, about 30 games or more and you will see a clear blue-red (win-lose) streak pattern.
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MandelyH (EUW)
: Are you guys honestly enjoying this game?
The game is GREAT, the community is jack shit coz Riot does not care at all. Yep not enjoying the game when you try improving yourself with rage quits, int. feeders, dcs, afks, flaming every single match, trolls either on your team or the enemy's.
: So few days ago, i reported a kid who said i should %%% and made mom jokes.
Punishment does not work, period. You will have x4 flamers in you team telling each other their moms get cancer with no punishment at all. All you can do is mute, and wait to lose. Yes, wait to lose coz 1 player with negative attitude is bad for your team...add 3 more and the chances you win get even lower. The game works in win and lose rows, last week i got a promotion, I was literally UNABLE to lose a game...this week I just get a demotion with teams starting to flame before they say hi (literally they start "get cancer bcht" at champion selection screen).
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Cheini (EUNE)
: when rito gives you lemons, you remember that your mmr is falling.. and later on, the trolls will be on the enemy team & you will have nice kda :p till then.. youtube in thee background and.. xd
That's the unfair/unfunny feeling I have, yep.
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: Everybody should play Yuumi from time to time.
My point was being aware how bad players move. Several adcs were engaging impossible situations again and again. Junglers ganking the same way. Top players not engaging, looking from a bush waiting to KS. Playing Yuumi helped me see all this even more =)
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CJXander (EUNE)
: A 10 ranked games summary [Long post ]
So funny hearing users say, "mute them", like muting will solve their attitude issue causing not to help the team, feed, etc...
: Are ranked unfair at certain time of the day?
Another match. Team 1: Gold 4, Silver 1, no rank, no rank, no rank Team 2: Gold 4, Gold 4, Silver 2, Bronze 2, no rank As an user said, being and "entry rank" separating bad from worse, this mild unbalance might be due that fact. Taking that point, certainly...It does not look that bad. Anyway, what are 2-3 rank difference on average...It could be better though.
: https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Ranked_game You need lvl30 in order to play ranked. Lvl 29 could have not been in your ranked game. You not understanding this is just mind-blowing. Suggestion : if you have nothing but bullshit / false information to share, don't lower the quality of the boards. And for the Nth time, _**DEAR MODS/DEVS**_ : why must I see every low-quality shitpost while browsing the forum for some good content ? Let us filter out player behaviour once and for all. Literally nobody cares about this topic, other than the people who come here once a year to cry about something, that can be solved through the inbuilt post-game report system or a ticket to support...
Says the one destroying honest post talking off-topic bullshit. The player in the outdated web was level 29. Say it's outdated it doesn't change the fact of 2 different teams. One with a much higher average rank and another with 1 NEW player and several average lower rank. And its the last off-topic I reply, this is just arguing with a kid.
: Let's ignore your broken english for a second. Line 1 : Are ranked unfair Line 2 : unranked lvl 29 Line 1 suggests that you're talking about Ranked soloQ or flex 5v5 /3v3. Line 2 suggests that you had a lvl29 unranked player in your ranked game. Additional information : you only played ranked games in the past week. Conclusion : you have no clue on how the system works, and you should be ashamed to show off your ex-gold rank icon, and post/form an opinion about the whole ranked system. Have a wonderful day !
Level 29 account profile, a player not PLACED on any rank yet. Free suggestion: If you have nothing but shit to share, pls go deposit it on another post. Have a nice day! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: > unranked lvl 29 You do understand how ranked works, right ?
Looks like you are unable to understand what's a player with an account level 29, with no rank yet.
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: Tired of AFK losses
After a win streak, 2 losses in a row with LVL 2 afks... There is just one way to avoid this situation, punish the afk...harder... You have an appreciated League of Legends account, you will not flame, go afk, etc...IF the punishing system does his job. If not...well we can see, ranked games with 2 games lost for afks in a row, flaming every single game either on your team or the enemy team...
Rynor (EUW)
: I had been insulted and group bullying and got permanently ban for asking report the bullies 2 times. [Here](https://textuploader.com/d8kev) is my permanent ban chat log . They permanently ban players that call people insulting them "noobs" and "idiots" too. I don't see their logic in this. Permanently ban should be fore insult like you have mentioned in your post. Check my post about permanent ban [here](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/X7XuY5uX-permanent-bans-of-accounts-should-be-removed-instead-permanent-ban-chats) and let me know what you think.
The chat they send you is not the only one they use to punish you. They use several ones. Anyway, avoid being racist or homophobic, avoid going afk several games in a row and you would be able to with mothers deads and %%%%s and cancer with no issues... Have fun with this bs punishing system.
Breuert (EUW)
: Trollers
No punishing system. That's why.
: Going AFK in fountain is not bannable according to rioter
Punishing system is absolutely bs we all know that...
: you can, lets say youre a booster and you see the game is lost anyway. Youll just afk so that the gyus your boosting loses less LP
Yep, but if he is banned for going afk in a ranked game, as it should be...It's not worth wasting one account every single game you want that trick. If you ask me, I would not change the LP for afks, just ban them so they just don't go afk.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > Saying to go afk, to later go afk, is not proof enough? Proof of what, exactly? That they went afk? Sure, but that doesn't mean you'll be notified if they get punished. Besides, leaving games is punished by LeaverBuster, and you won't ever get a notification from that system. It's fully automated. And before you claim that they weren't punished because: > moving around the fountain every now and then more than 5-10 minutes. This is also detected by LeaverBuster. They don't fool the system in this manner.
I have been afk for minutes waiting for guest home and I got nothing, don't sell me bs pls...I'm not new at LOL...I'm just pissed of so much toxicity in ranked games where you try to play nice, ignore toxic players, but there are far too many to play... So fun to see a player wishing you dead, another going afk 15 minutes to then brag of it in the score screen saying..."I will not get banned %%%% you noob"...How nice it is... And yep, lets face the guy saying the ugly truth instead of improving the punishing system.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Removing it wont make it better If making it better was possible they'd have already done it This game is doing its best to both keep you entertained, and to keep the environment (which is not under their control, it's under the community's control) to be better. And not only for you, but for 80 million other players every month. I'm a player for 5 years now. I see 0 problems with this game. 0. Because any insults that come my way, I mute. Any trolls I ignore. Any server issues, I wait patiently. Whether I react or not will only make the situation worse, so why react? You react. It's your fault for being bothered by it. Nothing around you will change, but you can change yourself and just enjoy it for what it is. Happy New Year.
Is everybody dumb? Everybody saying, they flame I mute, dahhhh!...For %%%% sake, what do you want to improve with that mentality? You can mute a verbal abuser, that does not solve the issue though only hide it. You can ignore a intentional feeder running to the enemy team 1v5 again and again, but that does not solve the issue. You can be patien with afks who say they will go afk and go afk...but that, my dumb community...does NOT solve the issue. Sincerely, the only punishment I see it's when you say racist and homophobic attacks...and sincerely...when you see flaming every single game, see people making fun of our dead parents, wishing you dead, cancer, your mom to get raped, etc...and you know they will NOT get punished (FFS THEY DO NOT GET PUNISHED DO NOT TRY TO DENY IT...ITS JUST LAME) If there is no law enforcement and you are in this HYPER toxic community...hey dude...FREE FOR ALL! Imho I will aim for a fair punishing system, but they DO NOT CARE enough so...just go away and do not punish only certain key words... In my more than 5 years playing lol I had no warnings but for DC i think to remember due my connection issues...thats more than fair....but I got 1 single warning/15 day ban for saying an homophobic word I did not intended as homophobic at all and it's is not always, more than that...its most used as not homophobic at all... In other words you can with dead, cancer, etc every single game with no punishment but you say some key word and bang...it's just stupid.
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