: Whats the fastest way to level up and afford more champions?
If your aim is to try out more champions, create a second account; buy champions you do not have in your main account with BE. If you find something you like on your secondary account buy it with BE on your main account. Its a lot easier to level up and earn chests if your level is lower, which allows you to try our more champs.
: just pure luck, prob 1 gold or 2 gold units?
Stages 1 to 1:3 are all minions,.. so how to get 2, "3 star" units in just 5 remaining waves is beyond me.
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: bug beta teamfight tactics
I had the same issue yesterday.. the game was ranked- everyone lost LP because of this.
: I was wondering how old are players here LOL
I'm 45 years old,. I play with my wife who is 40 - we were introduced to the game 2 months ago by my 10 year old son. Now almost the whole family enjoys LoL Maybe we should put together a club for the elderly impaired :P


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