eXtreemo (EUW)
: I'm a teemo main gg. and WHAT THE FU... Seriously? Teemo broken? Woah. **Good to know that champion** which is getting me reports over and over cause I'm just picking it and losing a lot of games cause junglers ignoring my lane and not helping me ("you are Teemo lol") and getting all the blames from every lane for the loss even if it wasn't my fault. And that this is one and only champion that COMPLETELY CAN BE COUNTERED by MR, QSS and one **free** item from the store, **IS BROKEN AND CANNOT BE COUNTERED!** WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. I SURELY MUST TELL this to EVERYONE IN MY NEXT GAME so I would stop being harassed and flamed for picking him.
i ban him from the start if i can but now we got a new champion that is buffed up and got the skill to kill somebody with E and {{summoner:14}} do you already know who ? here it comes its.. {{champion:35}}
JustMayes (EUW)
: ***
same thing with quin right..? what about shen now ? do you think he is buffed and nurfed up right or ...? i see less shen players because the fact he is to mutch skilled to play now teemo is weak indeed if you buy ward but you need money so farm @ top or other lanes to see if he is gone but what now if he hidden then he blinds you ALL the time if he got mana and Q open that with cooldown and mana regen you are done for {{item:3508}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: WE NEED a champion that GIVES MANA!
that used to be soraka but they changed that to kinda useless items but you got new item that gives mana with how many crit status you have {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Raiyou (EUW)
: Do you actually think that Teemo is a broken champion and needs to be fixed or are we getting trolled? Btw. he's not broken you're just bad at the game. (Bronze since S5 lul)
so you wanna be against a top teemo that blinds you 20 times ? and you think you can beat him where is the proove ? give account name and video else hushhhh the reason he is broken is quin can Q and blind graves can W and blind where is this coming from ? low votes but most are for teemo main so are you also teemo main or what ? Prod0x (EUW) - about 4 hours ago Teemo is just useles amen {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} btw for real ? https://postimg.org/image/o34m7pn8f/ gg forums cant even put a photo in this but press the link Raiyou doessent do ranked and then he says im a bronze 5 lul ( means %%%% in dutch where i come from ) so bruh dont talk trash
kaoruu (EUW)
: Teemo is back! Time to celebrate!
and...when are they going to change this champ ? they already broken shen , soraka , sion , taric but noooo they keep the old troling jungle , top lane teemo -_-{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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