: Your a bit bad then tbh lol. This game is easy with the right learning curve, you just think you have nothing to learn. If you think your jungler is bad then just play jungle. You stopped reading and ignored how I explained you won't win every game, if you care about winning then you have already lost, care about improving, if you enemy laner or jungler is better than you learn what they do and put it into your strategy, look how matchups go, stop whining lol
It's not that I think I have nothing to learn, but no amount of learning can stop so-called team mates from engaging from lvl 2 onwards causing a snowball not even Faker at his prime could fight. Your reply is that of a child (or child-like mindset) honestly, it's like reading the chat section in games from a player who's gone 0/5 inside of 5min, which has the same merit and logic behind it. What should anyone learn from a laner on your team (or even your support) going agro from lvl 2 onwards dying, respawning and going into the lane to repeat 4 more times before trolling or going afk? _Do you even know how absurd and ridiculous you sound_
: Its a bit harder to carry in D5 when you're team is so far behind.
It's relative to the players at each given rank, so nothing is different.
: So much for "high elo"... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Exactly what I thought, it seems this is how it is throughout all tiers, although not surprising given Riot match making and team-wide MMR....
: I was obviously meme'n, but if you want I can explain how to actually climb. Just play something you win your lane every time and scale to late game, preferably in the meta but not always. Focus on winning your role and being as effective as possible as making your allies win their lanes, always discover more ways you can get your team gold, whether that's by focusing your own cs or roaming more. Everyone by doing this can achieve an overall 75% win rate (if they win lane all the time) as there is a 25% chance for your bot lane to win, 25% for your mid to win and then there is your role, the chances of one of your lanes winning is 50%, the chances of both losing is 25% and both winning is 25%. So in only 25% of games should you be losing since two out of three of your games you won more lanes than the enemy, and your champions scale better since you picked a scaling champion, so even if the game is hard you can play late well and win. If you find yourself losing lane to a jungle gank or you don't know your limits, don't turn to that person who is losing and flame them, or even if you win don't do that, because this is a solo queue game where the only factor to your increasing win rate is yourself, so focus on that rather than winning and you will climb. You just have to learn to be better than your laner, which comes with time and practice, sometimes when you play well and lose people get tilted, don't because that's a victory, because you played your best and still didn't win, meaning there is more you can do and learn if you watch the replay that you don't already know how to do.
> [{quoted}](name=XrayNinjaa,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=iAOtOoIE,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2018-02-28T07:42:46.336+0000) > > I was obviously meme'n, but if you want I can explain how to actually climb. Just play something you win your lane every time and scale to late game... This is where I stopped reading, because you are tjurning out more of the same garbage and ignoring every factor that allows the so-called carry to happen in the first place. Most of the game I've had since Gold 3 80 points (Currently Silver 2) are lost inside the 6 - 10min marker which says everything you need to know about the quality of games. I've had 41 games near enough back-to-back with players predominantly in mid / support (I primarily play adc since that's what I used to enjoy) that would die 4 - 6 times inside the 6min marker, and with the current meta that is a snowball you don't fight on any level in any rank of this game. I've also had games where the laning was equal in bot, only to watch top be obliterated by enemy top to tier 1 tower, enemy jungler then goes permanentely into top also and pushes it to the inhibitor without "my" jungler doing anything at any time to try and help.. In those games I've also had to move top with the support to try and stop things escalating to the point where all map control was lost, because out top was dancing on the base because the jungler wouldn't help. No matter the role, this isn't a 1-person game, what your team mates are doing (or not doing for that matter) has an impact on everything that happens. This co-called carry role / lane you think is there to be abused, is a result of but not limited to; * A shit enemy laner like I described above who will die 4+ times inside of 4+ min * A shit jungler that fails to see where the "imbalance" is on the map, and focus that lane * Good team mate(s) who roam and set you up at the start or shut the enemy jungler down * Good team mate(s) who may be able to push a lane so hard the enemy jungler won't have time to put pressure on your lane
pyko (EUW)
: Broken game
When you know the **wast** majority of your "subscribers" couldn't finish grade 3 at the age of 18 - 30, with the aid of google and a teacher, why would you fix things when all you need to do, is keep pumping out pixels for maximize $$$.
: Sounds to me like your beta af, if you wanna climb, you gotta play a carry champion and 1v9, whether you do it in style with Vayne or your submit to your inner Rammus, you got to restore your mojo as the 1v9 king, because your teammates are gonna lose lane and feed and not know who to target or anything, but that is the beauty of playing high roaming champions and pings. If you spam ping enough, your team will either submit themselves into listening to you or mute everything, once they do this they enter a state of perfection, becoming so focused on being the best that all of a sudden, because they don't have the help of blaming ss, they look at the map, and focus. Of course you've muted everyone but the e-girls from the beginning, because of your extreme focus needed and of course for that gj! well played! kind of compliment every alpha Rammus player needs in his daily life of destroying Yasuos and powerballing down the enemy nexus.
No player in the history of this game have ever or will ever be able to 1v5 (or in your god-like instance, 1v9), unless the enemy team is clinically labled %%%%%%s and come 1 after the next 5 times in a row, and keep doing that until you solo their entire base. Hate to break it to you and anyone else subscribing to this idiot line, but the above is literally the only way that will ever happen, and no matter how big of a gift to this game you think you are, "carrying" is a result of many factors where your team is a part of it. The same goes for when 1 - 2 players on your side is actually carrying the enemy team, just as I wrote in my op. In any case, I've had my fill of this since it's Riot have done nothing to combat players intentionally ruining games, and I don't want my free time to be feeling like a total waste when this is never going to change.
Rioter Comments
: People just don't get what my job is....
People understand one thing in this game, and one thing only which is KDA.., everything else doesn't matter, most of the time they think they won with high KDA, even when that big red LOSER sign comes at the end of the game.
RH Apollo (EUW)
: wait hold on? so this whole thing about 5 game, 15 game, 2 week, permanent suspension tiers of punishment is outdated?
Yes, you can see it under their support fan under suspensions. My first and only penality on this account was a straight up 14 day suspension, I was so surprised that I had to open a ticket just to confirm it was accurate, and it was confirmed since they can hand that out for repeated verbal abuse and skip the chat restriction.., and no, it does not need to severe verbal abuse, racism, homophobia, death / cancer wishing or any of that sort.
RH Apollo (EUW)
: so.... just got a 2 week suspension for......
Only read the first 8 - 9 comments, and if that's something you normally fire off, the 14 day suspension is according to their season 8 guidelines. Would be nice if this company didn't just edit their guidelines, and actually took the time to make an announcement about changes they make in their guidelines / policies. _No, it isn't the players own responsibility to go and re-read guidelines season after season, it's the company's responsibility to announce those changes!_
: Zoe nerf
Are you completely off the reservation?
: Honor system- broken?
Without knowing what lies behind it, I would say it's as broken as every other coding done by Riot.., first and foremost because I've seen players this season with Rank 3 honor who are highly toxic in their verbal commenting in games, both in pre- n' post lobby.
: season 8 placements?
Yes, it's normal you get placed _at least_ 1 tier lower than the previous season.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: isnt the motto of league "if u are strong u win" // "u must carry the game" ?? a challenger player can 1v5 low diamond all day every day accordingly to every one badass who state the previous statements, right?
It's the motto of morons (No offense), but players using those phrases are the definition of idiots on every level. A challenger / LCS player won't be able to 1v5 vs even low Diamond, first and foremost because champions don't do more dmg the higher you go in ranks, the macro just gets better. That still doesn't mean that low diamonds will go 1 after the next like Bronze / Silver / Gold (To some extent).
: > Games below mid / high diamond are already entirely RnG, I wouldn't really agree,at least the games which i am playing are not entirely rng.It's the way the game works,one mistake durring early game can be enough to lose your lane and under some conditions (good call from the enemy team) the game too. > how is it not fair to have a hard reset? Because you will force players to play more games and a lot of players will exploit and hover high elo tiers(like i did with my alt see [2]) because of the weakness of the system which is already happening but not so much . A challenger tier player will indeed climb back (if he/she deserves ) but how many game she/he would normally play with the reset and how many games with the hard reset adding also the fact some of them will be totally rng ? I would say 3 times more? I normally (based past seasons) climb back to diamond 5 with 50-120 games with a hard reaset i might have to play 300 . What's the point of playing this game if half(or just more than now) of these games will be with unbalnced teams?(ex-master tier with bronze vs diamond) I am fine to play 300 games or 1000 to climb back to diamond AS long as the games will be "clean". There will no reason for me to play rank games because..i don't really care for the elo which i am playing ,i care about the quality of the games.At the moment i would say around 5%(worst case 10% not more) of my games are "rng/unbalanced /low quality"(both teams). There are better solutions but riot doesn't want to implement for example: 1)the premade parties should be based on the mmr and not the tiers (you can q up as plat 1 with a gold 5 who has silver 4 mmr premade) . That's actually a way some preamdes are getting "boosted" with the help of a 3rd account . 2)Change the "28 days demote" for very high elo(diamond) down to 14 days or even 7 days .My alt is diamond 2 doesn't ask me how i manage to climb up there while being hard stuck at plat 1 ,maybe rng games or i just played well.I can keep at least the d3 till the end of the season just by playing one game per month (kinda unfair if i indeed got lucky with my placements & some games i played?). The soft reset makes things easier for everyone .If riot chances the demote system for not playing rank games i think soft reset would work perfectly.(if you had to play at least one game per week you would definitely get demoted easier).
All you basically did was confirm that the current way isn't more fair than a hard reset, and 5 - 10% RnG is as expected if you account for players at that end of the scale have a day off, but it scales exponentially the lower you go, and the RnG suddenly goes through roof. Factors impacting the RnG of the current are, but possibly not limited to; * Boosted accounts * Duo / solo-que > Duo-boosters who are taking some hardstuck rock buttom dweller on a handheld tour impacting games as they go up * Smurfs * Simplistic match making not taking into account actual game statistics As you accurately pointed out, it's about quality of games rather than mmr / rank, and let me point out the quality is lackluster as hell from Gold 2 and down, and from what I understand it's pretty much the same up until plat 2. I don't really care if you could sit with your smurf on Diamond 2 in the afk-position and maintain that rank for a full year, since it's not in the pool of players at any given time anyway then (Like it didn't even exist).
: This will mess up the ladder and a lot of players will quit . A hard reset = a challenger tier might get a full bronze and play vs a full low diamond team. How this is fair?Games will be 100% RNG since the time all will start with the same mmr.You get the higher tiers players you win even you are bronze 5 ,you get the low elo even if you are high elo you will lose . A full challenger team can win a full low diamond team.A challenger tier player with 4 gold 5 players will not be able to carry vs 5 low diamonds . The OP is obviously trolling here,high diamond games at least for the EUW are very competitive.
Games below mid / high diamond are already entirely RnG, the lower you go the worse it gets (In no small reason to the boosting going on daily, but also due to the so-called match making algorithm), but.. Let me flip it around, how is it not fair to have a hard reset?- the only thing that should change based on the information given by both Riot, Greenkeeps and the few "wise-men" on these boards, is that people start from the exact same level. Those who can will climb (like now right?), those who can't won't, you can even take it further. How is it more fair that those who played ranked last season, have an advantage over those who start the following season in terms of mmr placements?
: League Of Apes
What they need is to do a hard reset, no one being placed based on their previous seasons position or other nonsense. 10 game placements, the outcome of those 10 games solely decide where you are placed.
: You were placed in Gold, but maybe you don't belong there, yet! I also lose games because of feeders and afks, but making more than 3 loses in a row happes rarely. I am just able to carry some of the games or just be a good team player and work without some of my team who doesnt feed and carry the game together.
I was "placed" in Silver 3 after placements since this was a new account. Not that it has anything to do with what I wrote, so if you have problems sticking to the topic, exit the thread and find something more suitable for non-relevant commenting.
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: Bad news for all Vayne, Master Yi and Kha'Zix haters...
Wait, so a merger of Xayah, Braum, Galio = unique?
: I never said it's fun to play these games. You just have to sit them out, that's it. Leaving the game just because your team is trolling is just the wrong approach to the issue, since basicaly you're not doing better than them. If there's just one person trolling, you're leaving...What about the other three guys who possibly wanted to play and win the game or enjoy it?
There in lies the problem doesn't it, by leaving you are punished, by staying and not writing anything but basically going out of you way to ensure the game is a nightmare for your team, you walk off without a penality.
elin990 (EUW)
: What must a Jungler do to be a Good jungler?
First things first, and since you are in Bronze it will be just the basics. 1. If you aren't close with the minimap, start getting used to constantly glansing at it to see where your laners / enemy laners are in relation to their towers. 2. If the enemy team is heavy on cc, pick something yourself that has cc and is either a bruiser or tank jungler (Doesn't matter if it's ad or ap jungler), this will also help you in ganks. 3. Don't be afk farming if your lanes fall behind, start applying some pressure yourself on enemy jungler or lanes, pay attention to where enemy jungler is mostly and use that to counter gank, or gank the opposite lane if possible.
mohandX5 (EUNE)
: Banned
Knowing that you have so many problems on your end (Assuming this isn't a very poor attempt at a troll thread), do you think it's; A) Smart to keep playing a game where you know you get punished for leaving / disconneting, or B) Think it's fair to the other 4 people on your team who are forced to play at a disadvantage due to you leaving / disconneting, or C) Realize you are negatively impacting games repeatedly and think you deserve the punishment
Pyrosen (EUW)
: 2 ranked games in a row 2 inting top laners
No matter what anyone says or what screenshots is provided, Riot will never admit or agree that their match making algorithm is far to simplistic. Consider yourself lucky though, had the same stats as you and am now just below 50% ratio. No matter what I am coming to terms with games being entirely out of my control, as such they are being treated that way.
: Just play the game and report them after, it happens, but trolling or leaving yourself, just puts you in danger of a ban as well.
Honestly I understand him perfectly. If you were in a football game and your own team started kicking you down, how would that be a fair or even remotely fun game? Guess what the judge did when you came and complained afterwards.. That's right, nothing! It was just a bad game your team had... I've gone from a 26 Win lead ratio, to now being down to -9 loss lead, or in other words Gold 3 80+ points to shielded from demotion, every single game since then have been entirely out of my hands, often decided by that 1 sp4c3al person who would either troll or feed with the natural afk afterwards. You know what that's done for me, resulted in me not giving a damn about the games I enter or the people in them. I rarely say anything now, I've stopped pinging warnings or anything, if the game is won Idc, if it's lost Idc. The lackluster approach Riot have towards these people who are either there to intentionally ruin games or flamebait some reactions, or players who are so obviously boosted yet can't be banned because this company refuse to create a real solo-que, is the sole and direct reason why I personally am losing interest in this game.
: That sound pretty sketchy. I mean, I understand why I got the ban, for people who dont know that I was a.) premade with said friend and b.) we banter eachother like this on a daily basis, it may have seemed like a lot. However, Im just surprised that a single report + instance caused this. We(my group of friends) have been doing things like this with eachother since season 4, and never had any sort of issue, and all of a sudden I get a 14 day ban? I think you can understand my vexation, particularly because I have never been reprimanded before.
I understand it, I was equally surprised when it happened to me even though I admit my behavior wasn't acceptable.. Even checked it through support to see if that was thier policy now.., and it was confirmed.
: Unexpected 14 day ban, not unjustified but very sudden (no prior offenses of any sort)
Welcome to the club, many players have gotten this slapped in the face for what would under regular circumstances warrent a CR (Including myself). Fact is you don't need racism, homophobia, cancer / deaths wishing or anything of that sort to trigger an 1st punishment of 14 days.
: he said that 2 people went first time champs in ranks so this system will mean that you have to have games played with that champ before you enter ranked so you don't run around like a headless chicken he did not say that you had to be good with the champ, just that you don't go first time ranked with them read ir properly before you comment shit. Please. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
If you re-read my entire comment and not just glanse at the first few lines, you'd realise why I argued against the mastery 5 proposal.
: > I want to be reimbursed for all 3 of everything that was spent on the accounts I'm afraid that's not how things work around here. It clearly states in their ToU that you don't own anything you buy in League. Here's a small excerpt: > _You have no ownership or other property interest in any of the Virtual Goods you unlock, regardless of whether you acquired access to those Virtual Goods using Riot Points, Blue Essence or Hextech Crafting. Virtual Goods have no monetary value. You can’t redeem them for cash. You can’t obtain any refunds for purchasing Riot Points or Virtual Goods, except as expressly permitted by us. _
'Virtual goods hold no monetary value' (Good one). Dno why, but I would _expect_ the European consumer law to trumph that with a 14 day guarantee for reimbursement. It might be an international company, but any online transactions the consumer is still protected under this act.., doesn't matter if it's virtual or not since money was involved in the transaction.
: *** IMPORTANT***
Mastery 5 doesn't mean you know the champ or it's matchups (By any strecth of the imagination). The other problem is also that _some_ know the "basic rotation" of new champs just by reading the skill descriptions, and depending on where you are on the ladder in ranked, there's no reason to "ban" them from accessing new champions they purchase. Don't get me wrong, I know what you are talking about since everyone has experienced this at some point while playing, but.. Myself as the example, I know there are champions that require a high degree of training to excel at, and I steer clear of those since they aren't all high risk / high reward. There are however champions where I can get the main sequencing by reading the skill descriptions and do 1 draft, before I feel I can play it proficiently in ranked at the current level I am at. Most of the time the game is more about keeping track of your enemies cd's and having an idea when you have the edge in skirmishes.
: most would say: "you just dont belong in this elo" lul
"Most" are also honorary members of #iqthesizeofapeanut
sirDarts (EUW)
: And how exactly does the matchmaking system know that someone will tilt?
Thanks for chiming in with your usual insight sirDarts, as always it's highly appreciated and your comment is taken under advisement.
Rioter Comments
: Why has the game become unbalanced/not fun anymore?
I would take 100 champions more like Zoe at her best, if they'd just sort out their match making once and for all, instead of continuing with the eye-candy...
: Punishment system just doesnt work..
Sadly it's just 45min wasted, since players don't get punished "for just a bad game" aka, intentional feeding.. Just go afk farm and ignore the enemy pushing down, you can always hope they aren't kids and stop pushing, because "it's fun watching players get tilted and argue".
: Playing support is fine, its my main role on eune. I usually play janna sona soraka lulu nami taric but in promos i only play blitz alistar leona, need to make aggressive plays early and demoralize the enemy team.
Problem with this is still being dependant entirely on your adc (or other so-called carries). @Pindanut If you play adc in promo's, focus on cs entirely until lvl 6 if you aren't confident about your support, at least this way you'll have the option to stall the lane or push it, instead of just being in a game with no options for anything, except warding for players who probably don't use the minimap anyway.
pindanut (EUW)
: its like they do it on purpose
Every promo in silver you should avoid supporting, play something you know you can play in another role with the potential to kill 2+ targets in fights, at least this way you've got a chance.
: Why allow
Are you asking why all champions aren't the exact same?- if yes, that would make the game ultra bland..
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > this is also why I never ever report players for obvious trolling since I know that doesn't lead to anything. Then you also can't complain about such behaviour, because if you don't report it, you're saying that the behaviour was fine.
Okay, by that logic I should belive in god regardless.. I don't report obvious trolling, because I've seen to many players continue playing after doing strings of games with scores like 0/20+, and we both know there's been more than it's fair share of threads on that particular topic *coughs reddit ban before anything happened* I'll just leave it at that.
BlueFoxNL (EUW)
: Theres no such thing as elo hell...
Winning your lane doesn't mean you win the game... You can easily be afk farming for a cs lead over your lane enemy, but what good is it if another lane is getting hammered for <insert reason here>. You can also easily win the lane, but if you don't use that lead for anything but more cs, you are more than like to let the enemy team even out that minor lead... (See snowball effect)..
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Even if you don't get a feedback, misbehaving do lead to punishments. You won't have to look further than the sub-board you're posting in to understand that. Feedbacks shouldn't be the reason you report people. If it is, you're reporting people to get revenge, not to actually help improve the community. Reports are your way of saying that certain behaviour wasn't acceptable.
You'd have to have some real self-esteem issues to report players for "payback". With no feedback I have no way of knowing if my report leads to anything, this is also why I never ever report players for obvious trolling since I know that doesn't lead to anything.
GLurch (EUW)
: Report feedback is intentionally tuned down, not just for 2 months, but for a long time already. Maybe you just had luck to always get it before. Anyways, Riot tuned it down because according they found that about 20% of the playerbase didn't want any at all, while some actually wanted more, so Riot chose the middle way, only giving them sometimes.
Well, I don't know what to say to that honestly.. I'd expect to at least get 1 notification for every 10 valid report on the described offences.., I guess I'll just have to decide if I want to continue reporting such behavior.
Rioter Comments
Endellion (EUW)
: Why can't you decide who goes bot? It's Johansson, no question. Unless you're talking about slash fic...
Doubling up in bot, might as well have the cake and eat it to;)
: "Read my chatlogs" - doesn't post chatlogs {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Maybe his chatlogs are so clean they can't be released {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Autofill
Most of the time, people will trade roles if you ask politely.
MyungSoo (EUW)
: What would be the Dream Team?
Top: Jessica Alba Bot: Charlize Theron / Scarlett Johansson Not bothered who fills in the blanks since it would just be fluff.
Eveninn (EUW)
: 10+ :p
My bad, mean't her R was 5sec cd :D
: Lux's E mana cost at rank 5
Must suck when you've got your E on a 5sec cd....
Smerk (EUW)
: MMR is also a completely irrelevant number for all purposes except for matchmaking, so there is no reason to show it
True, but this is far from the first time this question have been raised, and it seems there is little understanding about it.
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