: well i got the direct opposite thing XD. i've learned one thing for myself to never be afraid of you'r enemy laner. it most likely will lose you'r lane if you are afraid.
Well it's whenever I play with friends I feel fully confident about myself, not even a slightest nerve coming out nor am I afraid of my opponent, but whenever i'm alone it's the different story
: It's adrenaline. Nothing out of order, means that you're pretty immersed into the whole experience. I'd say you're a lucky one, nothing out of ordinary, but lucky, to be able to get so immersed and focused on something, to induce a mini - adrenaline-shock. There are people who do bungie-jumping and other crazy shit, just to get the rush, you are able to get from your room, without putting your life at risk. I too, personally get this sensation during some epic plays, super-rarely tho. For example, this one gave me the shakes, after I executed the play. (worth watching in .25 slow-mo to really understand the decision making behind it, and my exact position on the blast-cone, zed's auto animation speed, etc). Now I'm no youtuber, nor do I want to become one, so yea, shit quality and no flashy edits.
Nice prediction and reaction, I do have those type of moments myself, thanks for the information up top, made me feel better about myself {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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