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Proctima (EUW)
: It's an archaic type of protection! It's downright pathetic to think a person would ever keep track of creation date, champions bought at specific times or any other purchases, because it's not something you would be using on a day-to-day basis like password. Why riot haven't made something akin to blizzards autheticator is just beyond me!
I can remember the first 2 Champs i bought. And they don't ask that specificly. Year created was enough for me. Used the option a couple of times.
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MrJossy (EUW)
> TWITSTED TREELINE that's why also, you sound like an idiot if you **capslock**
Elemmírë (EUNE)
: Surrender vote that never existed [GAMEPLAY]
THAT IS STILL A THING!? Oh wow, I thought they fixed it ages ago. Though I've only had this bug like 2 times in 5 years.
Pakols (EUNE)
: GP announcer
Yeah, I was saying the same while that event was still online, when everyone else cried about the GP-VO. I'd like more randomness. E.G.: - different announcers - different map (themes like the old halloween/wintermap on summoners rift - i rly miss them) - maybe different towers or minions
: [QQ-Thread] I miss old Champion select. :(
I can understand, why they changed it. But I know exactly, how you feel like. The only thing is ... I'm Mainsupport since S2. I pick Support or Fill as secondary, Jungle as Primary and ALWAYS have to play Support or Top. This sucks man, even for a Mainsupport. I can remember the times, when I had to play a role I didn't like, but the others carried so hard on their mainroles and I did well aswell ... won't happen again. \(T_T)/
KasrkinOo (EUW)
: Do your girlfriend/wife/waifu approves of your League of Legends playing?
I met my gf in league. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Sooo ... yes pretty much, since she plays it aswell.
: This was rather obvious though :P
Considering how stupid most players are, it isn't - unfortunately.
: Sorry mate won't happen i'm from the PBE boards and on the official Bard feedback thread it was stated by KateyKhaos that the ult color won't change for clarity since they want it to be gold as the zhonya effect.
Sad to hear, but I've got another suggestion then: LET'S CHANGE THE COLOR OF ZHONYAS! =)
Sashii (EUNE)
: Ye but I think that`ll confuse players to be honest ;p Especially in pro play. Skin still looks awesome tho
Yeah, I know what you mean, that's why I mentioned it already. But considering that there's nothing that changes the champs in a bright white, it shouldn't be that confusing. The only thing I can think about is Braums passive, esp since they reworked Frost Queen's Claim.
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: What not to say if you are losing a game
Just played a ranked and my opponents had an afk - usually i feel bad for them. But then there is that special kind of player: Orianna: You don't deserver to win. Me: You dont deserve it either, Ori. Orianna: Tahm reported {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I can't reconnect!
Had the same prob, but you probably lost LP already, like i did ...
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Vionicesca (EUNE)
: "You are the best supp I've ever had"
Honestly ... you heard stuff like that way more often in the past. I am maining support since S2 and got a lot better ... haven't heard it in a long time ... and the ADCs are getting wrose every day. :S
AmirWingman (EUNE)
: haha i got banned for 3rd time in 1 month with no reason .. Riot go play tetris :|
>Riot go play tetris :| I won't even read a Thread with that headline ... written by a kid who probably never even played Tetris. Sincerely, An Awesome Tetris Player {{champion:161}}
: Ranked suggestion
The Grade you get, has nothing to do with your 'skills'.
S7wede (EUW)
: Normal mode does matter
1. ARAM: one afk, noone really trying - 'its just an aram' 2. 5v5 Normal (soloQ): noone cares for objectives - 'its just a normal' 3. 5v5 Ranked (soloQ): toplane 0/7, still tries to 1v1 - 'its just a game'
: Am i the only one that does not really love BM Brawlers?
Honestly, I dislike the BMB. I like the idea behind the new items though and was really hyped for BMB, but it's not fun at all. And the 'challenges' for the icons are just too much. I've done that stuff on all of my accounts, but the Third Act will only be finished on my Main. First 2 Wins - around 2-4 Games & then 750 spent Krakens && 15 Level 3 Upgrades - 10-20 Matches? **No!** I won't waste that much time with that stupid gamemode. It sounds fun - but it actually isn't. :S
: Shaco, the anti-fun champ
1. Learn Shaco 2. ??? 3. Profit 4. If you didn't pick 1., pick 5. 5. Ban Shaco Problem? I like this Champ. :3
Lsayu (EUNE)
: Yeah, basically if you get ganked *a lot* you should start asking yourself, why is it the case that you can be ganked so easily. And also imo you should basically play the lane like there's no jungler, as in, don't feel neglected. If a gank happens, cool! Better yet, make conditions so that a gank is possible. Open opportunities for your jungler don't just be standing there judging him and giving assessments of how he is as a player. That's ridiculous, and resource wasting. And, f it's not something very obvious you can't really (without losing focus on your game) decide whether jungler has better things to do or he should gank your lane.
>Yeah, basically if you get ganked a lot you should start asking yourself, why is it the case that you can be ganked so easily. Because their support is Alistar and the Warwick Jungle is premade with Toplane Shen. {{champion:48}} Happened to me a few games ago ... when we asked for ganks, he just said ' nope'. I'm jungling myself quite often, so I know both sides ... but some Junglers are so [randominsult].
enra0slein2 (EUNE)
: victorius skin ...
double cheeseburger with french fries ...
Impera (EUW)
: I want to tell you something positive I learned in my last game.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I don't like potatoes... :( (no really, they make me wanna throw up :s)
>I don't like potatoes... :( You are dead to me. >:-C
0w1boy (EUW)
: Boards in nutshell.
You forgot 'a thread complaining about other threads'.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: I don't remember the old Karma but I remember how she was before the latest rework. I loved her mid. Now I play her support because I feel like she got a huge nerf when they took away her extra damage.
They pushed her into a mid/apsupport champ. Idk why they nerfed it afterwards. You should check out the [old one]( She got reworked, cuz noone really liked her - like Urgot, Yorick or (the new) Taric. Except the players, who really appreciated her build. And since she wasn't played that often, some people didn't even know, what her abilities were doing (esp **W**, the old binding was just awesome - enemies passing through the stream were damaged, allies gained a movementspeedbuff).
Eveninn (EUW)
: I've been told it is like that :o [Riot says so too]( > Players will still receive a win at a 50% rate for LP/MMR gains. And if very often comes up in the argument of LP balance in threads like this. :3
Weird, in my Loss-Prevented-matches, the others had always around 21LP, at least they said so. But when the other team claimed to get a LP, I've had around 17. And honestly, gaining 30-50 LP sounds a bit too much to me. :D You're posting the source & that's how it should be, I guess ... Idk, I've experienced sth else. :o
Eveninn (EUW)
: Take loss prevented: Losing Team doesn't lose LP, but the winning one gains only half. Kinda the same would aply here.
Since when does the winning team get only half IP? They always got a normal amount, when I played.
Eveninn (EUW)
: LP Balance tho... you can't give the enemies full LP if you make a team only lose 1/5 (or a bit more), what kinda is unfair for them then.
But then you would favor the losing team. The 'winners' have nothing to do with the afk/dc, like you.
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: Disabled for duos. Done.
Loss Prevented if you've got an AFK in your team. Disable it for duos & the one who AFKed loses the the normal amount of LP/or a slightly higher amount (so unintentional dced players won't suffer from it). Then we'd only have to deal with the trolls. :S
: Karthus vs Ekko.
> I know that Riot would never rework Ekko's ult cause it's like his lore Can you remember old Karma? Karma - Yin/Yang - Good and Evil - **Two** stacks of her **Ultimate**, the ways of using it - **Q** did dmg and ** healed**, you can bind enemies **and** allies with **W**, the **R** + **E** shields one Person **and** deals dmg. Tbh, the new one is no real 'Karma' for me ... I was one of the few people, who actually enjoyed, playing the old one.
: Why LoL is going into wrong direction.
This needs way more upvotes man. I totally agree with you! Your Season comparison made me sad, since I've seen it myself - S2 still best Season. Tbh, they should remove the AllChat at all - it's a teamgame, you don't have to talk to your enemies. And if you've got something important to say, you can say it after the match. Maybe just in ranked, since that's where it counts and some people are having fun, writing in /all, but I think you got the idea. Also there should be an option - at least for the chatrestricted players - to ping better, like you said. In the Souls Series, it is possible to create Notes for other players, with a set of sentences/words you can put together. Or just different pings -> like summonerscalls, wardpings, etc..
: Annie's in a pretty gimped spot right now. She needs to be simple while being not too strong and not weak, and nerfing her this way then giving her mobility would go against her purpose.
: Make Annie throw Tibbers instead of instantly cast
I like the idea, since she does it in the 'A Twist Of Fate'- Trailer from 2013. But I don't think, that it will change **that** much. She'll just use **W** to stunn then. Ofc the hitbox is a little bit smaller, but y ..
: Adding true damage graph
Actually, there is. Check out the matchhistorypage. It's between 'Magic Damage Dealt' and 'Largest Critical Strike'.
TheXptX (EUW)
: Bots everywhere
I don't even understand that. Didn't they reset everyones 'Refer-A-Friend' to RAF2.0? Why would anyone bot anymore, I just don't get it. I'm not saying, there are not bots, I've seen a few in 5v5 AI myself, when I was smurfing with a low-level friend.
DogIsGod (EUNE)
: A trading feature would be nice
Uhm, Idk what you were thinking about, when you wrote this. And I thought 'what a bs idea' immediately. BUT then I was thinking about Steam - it's possible to connect Accounts. These Family-Accounts share the same games, but it's only possible to play on one account at a time. You could initiate that with an IP-check, so only familymembers can use that and the poor parents don't have to pay twice for a cosmetic datastream. :)
Escheton (EUW)
: The heal seems to take a moment, so maybe you died before it resolved. Was the buff available? You can steal a buff by smiting it and leaving it alive. Maybe that also effects the heals.
> heal seems to take a moment Ye, i know that, but the delay of 2 Golem-aas + the 1,5s trailblazer stunn should be long enough. And I cannot remember, that there was an animation for that heal, else I didn't start that Discussion. ^.^ I'm not sure, if it was up, but it was a 3v2 situation on bot, without the enemy jungler, so it should have been up, i guess. I just tried it in a custom - didnt even know, that you can steal the junglebuffs like that, ty - but it didn't affect the heal.
Ebola san (EUNE)
: they are both right above the minimap... Also, i think they should add some animations there, the HP and Resource bar like it used to be. it will fit the new animations very nicely. Damn, i like it and the way it animates. I never could coordinatemy fingers to level up the abilities with the Ctrl+q/w/e/r. the new lvl up buttons are way easier to click on. i just like it
No, only the CS-counter is, the ingame time is in the upper right corner. Idk about that, I'm using ctrl+spells since forever, clicking costs too much time, I disabled the clickevents aswell. What 'old animations' do you mean? The only thing I can remember, was the flashing screen, when you got attacked.
: But I am enjoy playing on 1680x1050 resolution and when someone clicks "surrender" to be unable to see 60% of the screen and die thanks to that, cuz surrender vote bust take the whole freaken screen... cuz why not?
Why isn't there a option to decrease the size of the surrendervote/to disable it completly? Or an automatic 'no' for every vote? I'd really like to see that. :)
Ebola san (EUNE)
: The new HUD rant is still a thing.
Agreed, tbh I never liked the old HUD. The fancy stuff around the Bar in the middle, reminded me too much of a mix between Diablo and Warcraft. The only problem with the new HUD is the seperation of CS-counter and ingametime.
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: Is smurfing alloweD?
You are **allowed**, to make** as many accounts, as you want**, but you are **not allowed to share** them with other players. It doesn't matter, if they are better or worse than you. If a player plays on s.o. elses account, to gain mmr, it's considered as 'elo boosting' - **violating** the rules . If he is playing on his own 'low-level' account, to play with friends, who just begun or simply to shred through his enemies, it's called smurfing -** not violating** the rules. If there is such a player in your team/the enemy team, who confesses to be a booster, you should report him and message the support.
: It's on the extended champion stat box, which you get by holding C by default.
Fejmy (EUNE)
: Please give us the old HUD back!
I really don't know, why people are hating the new HUD. It simplifies so much, whats always been a goal of League of Legends. The only negative is the CS-counter not being right next to the ingame-time. Also, i haven't found the critchance, lifesteal/spellvamp yet, but I'm sure it's around somewhere, right? If anyone knows that, plz tell me. xD
lCurval (EUW)
: Yasuos windwall is letting some projectiles through TFs W for example
I don't know, if you can change the title, but you should start bugreports with [BUG] in the title. :)
huckasex (EUW)
: for the game, there is no difference between an afk and a dc there is also no difference if you get flamed for beeing afk or for having a dc you are not there and thus your team is at a disadvantage
Yet, this is a problem, Riot has to solve. Strangely, I have to agree with you there, since you make a good point. Although the Leaverbuster shouldn't hit in, if you have a Bugsplat. I know from experience, that sometimes when you're having problems with your system, you cannot detect them that easy / have to try another match (pref customs, but its possible that it won't show immediately after the start). Or you have a freeze and no SSD, so the Restart takes long. People, that **ragequit** usually write 'afk', before they leave. Since we got a new Punishmentsystem with a chatfilter, **real** AFKs could get tracked down more easily. I'm not defending anyone who leaves games! I just know, that I've got punished with a longer Q once, when I wasn't aware, that my Graficscards Thermopaste was too old, to work properly ... and finding the problem took a while.
Ulliete (EUW)
: Hey, I have a couple of questions ! 1. How do you detect and confirm an Elo Boosting on an account ? 2. If you are mistaken, and that the player is innocent, what should (s)he need to prove it ? 3. Is playing with a lower elo friend in duoQ considered as elo boosting ?
1. (Completly) Different IPs & Champs, while getting a highly amount of wins, when it was balanced b4 - in boostergroups, everyone has his mains aswell, so Champs & IPs will probably change more than once. 2. The Problem is to find out, who boosts - esp when there are more than a few accounts connected with a certain IP. 3. No, as long as you are playing with your own account. Eloboosting is just plain stupid and will ruin the matches in higher elos, cuz the people are not good enough to play in the tier, they got boosted to. I don't understand, why anyone would want to take the service of a booster(-group) and pay for losing more games, just to get a skin, for an incomparable amount of money - not to mention, that most of the victorious skins are ugly. Also, I wanted to thank Rito, for exterminating these annoying MMR-Booster-Advertisment-Bots, I hope my callouts to the support helped with that.
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