Hansiman (EUW)
: We had this a while back, and it didn't really work out. Those undergoing this penalty simply found other ways to ruin the games when they got mad, such as intentionally feeding. They were just given the opportunity to ruin more games before getting the permaban they should've gotten in the first place.
Here's the thing though. The permanent chat restrictions was an escalating thing that it was extremely hard to get out of, as even very mild negativity would trigger the next set of restrictions resulting in thousands of games if you didn't manage to turn the tide.., and if people get the feeling they can't break it it will frustrate and infuriate them. Secondly, it's not everyone who had this "pleasureble" rolling chat restriction who started inting, those who start inting would eventually do that regardless of what system was in place (As they do now and always have done). You yourself is the main advocate that trolls and inters are so rare it is hardly worth taking into acount, yet you always bring this very point into this topic.., so you must know it isn't so rare. People should be allowed to entirely disable the chat from the game for several reason, to avoid the tilt, to avoid letting their frustration go into chat to name a few. This would be easy for Riot to implement in the client.., those who are going to troll and int will do so regardless, but it's no reason not to make it this way.
Zhurkuleens (EUNE)
: Can ppl be banned for not playing usual game style?
As with everything else, Riots dealings with these sort of things are arbitrary and random. When players like in the case you mention spend the game out of their role as support and subsequently out of the lane, it gives a huge advantage to the enemy duo lane as well as most likely aggrevating your own adc. Sadly this example isn't something Riot follows up on in other roles, as in the proverbial jungle that has no map presence and does nothing to apply any form of presure or ganks, but merely afk farms and takes an easy kill here and there, once a lane does all the work. Summa sumarum, play the game as you see fit and roll the dice, since there are no rules or guidelines stopping you from doing it the way you want to play it.
: Why shouldn't we abuse bugs?
Of course you can tell a playerbase not to exploit known bugs, Blizzard did it for years with WoW and it worked, since they simply removed anything gained by exploiting.., and in a last case scenario banning players.
: This isnt funny anymore. League of legends 2016 (and before) vs 2018.
I'll bet Rito reads this as increasing defense instead of lowering damage.... Just like how they completely misunderstood the whole debate about towers being useless and how you could tower dive @lvl 3 onwards with little to no risk.., then they gave towers armor plating, as if that changes anything... Funny how they don't understand that the season 8 changes to the game, also makes their LCS / LEC super boring to watch, to the point that you have to be a 100% fanboi to stomache it.
: Remove punishments pls...
Love how this is getting downvoted for saying it like it is. The system does not work, on any level.., if anything it relegates toxicity to lower levels, ensuring any potential new players are schooled in the fine arts of being a douchebag, and eventually it is right back where it started. How can it be is reduced drastically then? Chat is usually where it starts, so why not let players disable it entirely through the client.., it would be doing the game a massive favor, as even those who are generally not toxic but have problems controlling it after several of lost games due to cancerous chat, can be sure not to lose the cotrol in chat. Trolls.., well I don't know if there is a solution to those, if someone decides to ruin a game by trolling, nothing and no one can stop them, unless a system is made that flawlessly detects these actions, and simpy kicks them from a game.
: Will ranked matchmaking be fixed when the season starts?
It's not been fixed over 9 years, there is no reason to think it would be now.
72 VirJhins (EUNE)
: Yeah, if the enemy team has at least one non-adc champ then you won't have an impact on the game cuz everything is stronger than adc at this point. You can literally go 7/0 as an adc and you'll still get shut down completely by an underfed jungler or toplaner.
Of course you will if your team picks as mine usually do, all assassins or AP with nothing to shut down hard dive enemy champions like Jax, Diana, Zed etc. You can play adc and it will have as much impact as almost any other champion, it entirely depends on the 9 other players in the game, which is why 99.9% of all games are as exiting as watching paint dry.., deduct the reason for that due to what happens before you enter a lobby. Example: Whenever I play want to play Draven and pre-select it, the support will usually take some anal garbage like Lux into Leona / Blitz.., it just doesn't work on any planet when the person playing Lux misses everything but her E. Point being, as long as people are %%%%%%ed as hell picking stupid shit that offer nothing, you can't play ADC which relies on having some sort of barrier between you and the enemy, so you can deal damage over time, or allowing you to bare minimum move as little as possible while dealing dmg.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: Will "adc" be better s9??
It entirely depends on your own support as well as the enemies you face, just like it does with any other lane or any other time of the game.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Would making League of Legends very difficult to learn and play thin out the toxic herd of players?
Considering a lot of verbal toxicity stems from being matched with players, who couldn't wipe their own ass without a youtube guide.., arguably yes, if you are thinking about toxicity in terms of players trolling and afking at random, then no. Then again, watching how a good deal of people play this game, they are having a hard enough time grasping even the most basic concepts in the game.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Is refusing to kill the enemy players and with that letting your team die punishable?
Just open a ticket in these cases, relying on Riot "AI" is like thinking politicians and bankers are there for the common folk.
: I cant find the motivation to play lol
If your fun or motivation is linked to playing a lot of different champions while at the same time winning games, that's a little bit of a problem. Start out picking 3 - 5 champions you know (or think) you can play reasonably well, they will become you stable.., it doesn't matter if they are mechanically simple, as you aim to try and improve your chance of winning with those. Then pick 1 assassin or any other type of to you fun champion and start playing that, (focus on farming), while playing this new champion, start thinking about how your abilties work against the enemy laners you face.., can you easily beat them 1v1, do you need to wait for the enemy laner to use 1 ability before considering a fight, or do you need to just farm and roam for the time being? It takes time getting new abilties into your system.., but dw, it does happen.
: actually the chances of them having bad players is more (5 players) vs your team (4 players), if you consider yourself the ultimate silver carry
I wish people would stop eating this Riot food, it seem you are unable to think for yourselves. On papir yes, mathmatical probability says you are right, but anyone who understands the probability theory will tell you, that to achieve this statistically you need an infinite number of games.., something that simply does not work in this game due to obvious reasons.
: Don't smurf as a gold player then! Smurfing is not something Riot like but they know they can't stop it as some small percentage of players do it for a goal, example: this account is Vlad only that I have to smurf through every rank (me personally, I find this fun climbing through each rank) but am playing against plat 1s currently. I could complain at riot, but its a good thing for new players and I am the minority as are you if you are smurfing. Also how can you even complain, making yourself known on the forums and having this in your match history on your account you post with: https://i.gyazo.com/bdfeaba04498d401e340ce908e4d02a6.png I wonder if you was banned thats why you went to smurf?
Oh blow it out your ass would you, Riot doesn't give a %%%% if people smurf or not.., if they did they would have banned the thousands and thousands of smurf accounts already. Stop believing all the nonsense they feed you.
: 16 Wins In Row And Still Low LP Gaining
Same thing as with any other system Riot makes, it's disfunctional.
SaulTight (EUNE)
: exactly everything is up for a sale....pay up and you get decent teams, dont pay up and you get trolled.. This is why league is getting rapped my Fortnite.
My comment wasn't linked to paying for skins or anything, it was a direct statement that the problem is Riot and no one else but Riot since they are responsible for the system matching players.
: When did Vayne get buffed?
Well based on your story with nothing backing it up, clearly cheating.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: TY!!!! THIS IS FOR REAL WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ME 2!!!! https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/jvW6R72O-riot-games-trolling-me-hard
Sickening to see people claiming it's because of pre-season or christmas breaks.., the problem is the system, not the %%%%in season.
: 12 stacks nasus buff?
As usual Riot isn't thinking things through. The problem isn't so much that low mmr players can't cs, it's that low mmr Nasus players thinks they need 1000 stacks before being able to do anything with the champion.., so in that regard the change makes sense. The problem being is that it is open to abuse by anyone who isn't randomly smashing their keyboard.., it's a lazy change to a champion who is utterly uninteresting to play and requires 4 other players to stall out a game.
FacUtVivas (EUNE)
: --The 5 win-moves Priority List--
Looks like a priority list Riot would have made, not understanding that points 3, 4 and 5 become irrelevant after point 2 is checked.., but hey...
: Well they have to improve it because this is after all a competitive game if i'm not mistaken. You either fix the game for new players and focus on normal's or start improving ranked so people who are good at the game can climb instead of having to waste 100+ sitting is such a shit rank that isn't deserved. So currently i'm losing 21lp and gain 18 even tho i'm at 56% win rate with a mmr of D4, the higher you go up the less lp you get and the more you lose so climbing isn't worth, really you should stop at d4 and not bother climbing because it takes 10x more games to gain 1 rank.
As you yourself pointed out, it's literally the same at every step of the ladder. Try as you may, but nothing ever changes in this department. Riot has successfully brainwashed people into thinking the current coinflip match making is fair and is skill based, but anyone who spends a week playing this game and has just average IQ, will see right through the smoke for what it really is. There have literally been hundreds of threads with good suggestions on how to improve match making to ensure quality games > quality of life que-timers, with nothing but pseudo-arguments and bad excuses. No one who playes ranked and is slightly competitive when it comes to climbing enjoyes this game, because it's one long stretch of disappointment and frustration as you get placed with players who couldn't wipe their own ass, without a youtube guide..
: Ranked at higher elo's
Like.., stop.., writing like that, like no offense, like.. /facedesk and holy crap!:) Ranked isn't going to improve next season, because it's still run on the same disfunctional team-wide crap MMR system behind the scene.., all they are doing is altering the visual aspect of ranks while changing nothing.
: What should you do when you get troll??? probably get trolled because riot supports them. If they dont htey would ban but you know when more than half playerbase at some point going troll they cant ban that. banning trolls equall lose half community
This sadly^. Only thing you can do is log off or go afk and watch some youtube or something, what is the point in playing a game, if you are going to be so far behind on income due to a troll, you can't do anything anyway? I know the Riot sucking morons of these boards will say it makes you as bad as the troll, but it's a piss poor argument..! Without income you can't do anything.., literally, except wait for 50+ min hoping the enemy isn't ending allowing you to somehow magically get enough gold to catch up.
: Skill or Luck?
Luck, even the best players in the world can't win fights 1v5, which is what it comes down to if you are teamed up with 4 players constantly chasing in all 4 corners and dying.
: what is your views on an afk ban that is unfair when its not your fault?
You don't get an AFK ban for a one time offense, you do in fact have to leave games frequently in order for it to even trigger the extended que.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: What makes you feel confident in your games? :)
Playing primarily ADC, seeing my support playing adjacent to me rather than sitting behind me, is a confidence booster immidietely provided they don't burn all their ressources trying to poke and take unnecessary damage. It lets me know that if a trade or all-in happens, the support will be ready to apply dmg / cc / support instantly, and allows me to initiate when I can see enemy players using a key ability in their kit.
: Is saying "?" in all chat good strategically?
It's rather childish, and it takes a childlike mindset to get upset over it.
sKby (EUW)
: Well I have the occasional afk, feeders, flamer, bad caller etc, but I don't find it too hard to carry one or maybe even 2 people - that's fine the enemy team has a few of those as well so overall makes it ok. I totally understand the ranks are just visual placeholders for an empty measurement since thats what people want to see.. Visuals over a number. However what I was so confused about was the skill level, I swear these players in that exact game had no skill level whatsoever. No map awareness, not reacting to any calls no communication. Was just a complete dead run, the skill level difference from normal ranked games were so high it was nuts. I mean one guy had like 39 farm at 20 minutes.. I believe i was matched incorrectly according to MMR in that exact game - not as a complete. If I look the match up in OP.GG it says (I know OP.GG MMR is only an estimate guess and no where near the truth) that the difference in MMR was 1000 to 1500 for the two teams. Everyone in the game was so confused. But I was just curious if people experienced the same "crazy" gap in game quality suddently playing with people who is obviously far outside your normal skillcap.
That's not uncommon at all due to how match making works, it's based on team-wide MMR rather than individually until a corrolation is made between two teams. It's the same reason you get unranked or placement players in your promotional games until a certain point, because they recieve a value of 1250 or 1500 MMR (Can't remember which it is) by default, despite this number having zero value in measuring their skill level. It's literally just a value to match players by, yet it says nothing about their understand of what they play or if they have the slightest understand on how to play the game.., which again circles around to a shit for brains match making tool.
Talk Dirty (EUNE)
: buying and selling acc
Consider that Riot in many cases don't even enforce their own summoners code, they have a match making tool creating animosity due to it's coin flip nature. They started creating emotes where quite a few of them are designed to replace phrases such as easy, it's common knowledge that boosting goes through the roof after mid-season.., why would you ever think Riot had a problem with bought or sold accounts, as long as it's generating revenue Riot couldn't care less.
Trollakhin (EUNE)
: Stuck in Iron
It's not a rant, it's just how it is despite certain people on these boards doing everything they can to silence postings like this with their '_Nuuu uhhhhh, it lies it lies_'. Been saying it since season 4 and happy to repeat it again, match making is based on nothing related to the game or the merits which lead to a victory or defeat, thus making it a 100% coin toss in every game with the exception of promotional games, where it actively seeks players who are downright target pratice!
: Any way for me to fully disable in game chat?
Join the club, but it won't ever happen due to <insert favorite pseudo argument here>.
: The ranking means nothing. There is a reason why the system hides the "real" MMR. The rank players "achive" through the "win by the team -lose by the team" criteria, does not reflect your own real skill level. So if you are only looking at the elos you will never have a fair or even exiting Game. Forget about ranks or elos its pretty meaningless.
Upvoted for truth. Also, if your games are normally balanced OP, you are one lucky son of a b.... Most of my games are unbalanced as hell, losing an entire division because you can't reason with the 50 ton player running it down or the usual afker, only to face players so shit they couldn't wipe their own ass without a youtube guide.
Rioter Comments
: No offence buddy, but as a player with an iron 2 MMR, and sub 50% w/r, I'm not sure you're qualified to educate me on the topic of climbing. You're not even scraping the levels needed of reaching anything considered "decent". I'm not sure you understand how the ranked ladder works. > (If it happens to you it also happens on the enemy team eventually). https://imgur.com/BHBqByv This was this year's smurf. B1 - P5. I've won games where the enemy had 30 kills more than us. I've won failed remake games, where the system crapped out and we played 4v5 from the start. I've done it all, was super easy. This happening on your team or the enemy team is irrelevant, when it comes to my argument. There are less than 1% of the playerbase diamond+ players, while 60% or so are in silver and below. How many high-elo smurfs do you think there are ? It's irrelevant. Low number anyways. Every single one of them will shoot from bronze, back to their original ELO in the matter of weeks, while someone who doesn't belong anywhere above 1200MMR, will sit in silver for years. If YOU as a player, as an individual - are able to play on a higher level (hence pull more weight CONSISTENTLY) - you will climb. You fail to understand, that matchmaking, no matter on what it's based, it's irrelevant. You can have 1 guy consistently running it down in every game, and still achieve a 60%+ win-rate - hence climb, if you play the right champ for said elo, and have the necessary game knowledge to pull off, what you have to. Silver players are totally oblivious to splitpushing, they ignore objectives, it's like a clown-fiesta. You can literally run it down on a sidelane, take every tower, and they will group mid, no matter the team-comps, and look for teamfights.
You just reiterated what I said, is English really that difficult to read, or is it the format of the boards making it difficult for you to comprehend? I'm not qualified to comment on climbing due to being where I am? No offense "buddy", but do you realise how stupid that makes you sound?- it's like saying you aren't qualified to comment on mathmatics because you don't hold a Ph.D from Cambridge.., this isn't rocket science! There are games where you can run a lane and take all towers?- yea no shit Sherlock Holmes, it's called facing off against sup par players! Just like having games as I said first, where the 4 other players on your side run amok with the 0 / 8 scores before minute 8, or where you do run towers down like there is no tomorrow, except the enemy team collapses on you repeatedly while your own team runs around afk farming jungle resulting in nothing. I know you probably think you are some new age Han Solo, but yea..
: I was able to pull a near 80% win-rate, for a couple of years now (this was my 3rd season), on a smurf, that I usually bring up from high-bronze/low-low silver to plat 5. 50% win-rate is where your personal impact falls to the average level, and you can't pull the team's weight alone/as 2-3 players. It's called the skill-cap.
Your comment has as much insight and merit as the other arguement (If it happens to you it also happens on the enemy team eventually). Going to 50% + / - and suddenly getting every 2 / 5 or 3 / 5 games with players who probably couldn't even complete the most useless tutorial ever offered in any game (Namely league's tutorial) without a guide on the screen, is definitely hitting your skillcap. If only the game at bare minimum was balanced around players vs player (until you had 5 on each side) with the merits of the game rather than a shitty WR, then your argument might hold some water.., but as it stands with team-wide MMR matching without using anything game related, water is leaking from your arguement like a toddler pissing without his diaper!
: 50% winrate forcing in ranked
It's not tinfoilish, either you have a natural talent to play the game and focus on a handful of champion, or you duo-que to beat the system. Anyone who's average / slightly above average and playing the solo-que experience will face the exact same scenario you describe, because you are totally at your teams mercy.., which also means that the stupid amount of games where you have laners going all-in from lvl 2 > 6 dying 10x before minute 8, yea. Of course you can always take comfort in knowing, that if it happens on your team it also happens on the enemy team, which is the most BS argument I've ever heard on these boards! Match players around individual MMR rating and not team-wide, because that is currently the nr1 reason why the match making stinks to high heaven.., later on it can be improved 550%.
: Being toxic is bannable and having a bad game isn't?! Who would've thought?
Holy crap, are you saying picking a "toplane" champion when assigned to botlane and then running top, is having a bad game?
: Lol no. Donald Trump is the best thing that could have happened to democrats (other than winning the presidency of course). 1) He almost guarantees a democratic victory in the next election. 2) He is so stupid and incompetent that all his projects eventually hit a roadblock or fail completely. 3) He is so comically offensive he is inflicting lasting damage to the republican party. Him being indicted and removed from office would leave us with president Pence. Pence's much more "boring" style would allow him to work much more efficiently and with less public scrutiny/backlash at dismantling and undoing all the progress the US and the world has made in terms of environmental and socioeconomic policies over the last decade. President Pence would long since have succeeded in repealing obamacare. It was only trump's bumbling incompetence that saved it so far. Trump is all talk but little action. Pence is the exact opposite. And when it comes to politics, a competent, boring technocrat like Pence is is waaay more dangerous than a cartoonishly loud-mouthed moron like Trump.
If people need a true idiot by any national or international standard who's making the office into a reality show, that indicates one of two things: 1. People voted for him knowing how he is to "protest" against the bought and paid for democrazy! 2. People are downright idiots playing the lottery with their country, constitution and future! In either case, the US have succeeded in doing irreparable damage to their reputation, and I suspect it's a mix of both the above.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: 7 days until Christmas! What is your wish? ^^
That Donald Trump is indicted and a vote is put to no confidence removing him from office, and the world finally gets back on track in terms of environment and ending this new arms race.
: don't know about ranked, there it could be worse probably, but in normals, from my experience inters are pretty rare feeders, on the other hand... i think most of you guys have lost the ability to discriminate inters from feeders
or most just take the pseudo argument to heart that everything is a bad game.. Someone diving enemies as soon as they see them is what I label as an intentional suicider, or tower diving without means to escape repeatedly.., I rly dont care about people dying 50 times, if that 50 times is done trying to help out their team, which isn't the case in the aforementioned. This entire game is built on poor excuses!
: daily reminder that riot DO punish inters
Daily reminder?- holy hell, tell that to the XXX number of players being screwed daily by just a couple of these numbnuts...
: Say what, you got a backdoor?
Thinking it was just related to some internet hubs where mine wasn't affected? Since the opening of the thread I had 3 - 4 games without issues, and only 1 player who dc'd and came back after 1min.
: EUW Server Crash?
: And the OP's suggestion would only make that status quo worse, since that course of action would be all the toxic portion of the community would have left. Your point? Incidentally, "I don't want to hear it" or "I disagree" doesn't mean that what you're seeing isn't an argument, assuming that's what you meant by "pseudo-argument".
My point should be rather clear, overall toxicity would drop drastically. So what did I mean with pseudo argument?- precisely that, dismissing a _real_ suggestion (One that's been made hundreds of times before) to severely reduce toxicity, based on nothing. Chat removal could also be optional via the client so you don't need to do it manually every game, but I guess a pseudo argument could be made that it would lead to the same. Not like this game doesn't have a built-in abusal feature with the duo-que, so I really don't see a problem with the above suggestion.
: Because those players got banned for a reason. They were massive jerks and past experiments have shown that the vast majority of them stay jerks. You can not just assume that it will all go well if you unban the most toxic players League has to offer. Just assuming they all actually reformed is naive. And there it's foolish and unethical to unban them without monitoring them.
I assume that's one to admit that the current system is a failure on every level, and that there is no such thing as anything resembling an automated ban system. It's also a way to say you are one giant presumptuous cartoon, while I am sure quite a good deal of the banned accounts come from players who are toxic for no reason, I am also sure a great many of them just got banned for telling some troll or verbally abusive child to %%%% off (in more ways than this). Also, the most toxic players league have?- there are currently players using cancer / %%% commenting and wishing death to other players and their family who go unpunished, so you may want to take that rhetoric down a notch or two. You really are giving a prime example of the primary problem in the game when it comes to dealing with players; * It's being run like the US justice system, which by all accounts and on every level (Just like the game) has an insanely low reform level and only increases the amount of "crime"! _No, I don't care to suggest something better, because it's been suggested before only to be shot down by pseudo arguments._ It's like watching a group of children running around stamping the ground while covering their eyes shouting 'Nu uh, it isn't real it isn't real'
: > How would it eat up ressources of EuW support staff except in the unlocking phase of previously banned accounts? The hard work is not unlocking them, monitoring and evaluating them 24/7 is. In NA that means reading English or maaaaybe Spanish text. In Europe that means reading text in more than a dozen languages.
Why would you need support staff to monitor unbanned accounts, let alone reading what unbanned players may or may not say?
: I doubt that's realistic. The reason why this experiment only runs in NA is because that is the only place where Riot actually has the ressources to do it. The player behavior research team, the one guy who runs this experiment and the huge force of Suppoerters who assist with this experiment happen to be in one place. That is not the case in Europe. Here it would only be possible with immense costs, and with "costs" I don't just mean money, but also the fact that everything else would go slower if Riot EU invested their resources on this. For example all other players would have to wait much longer for their support tickets because the Supporters would be forced to "waste" their limited time on this experiment that is not very useful here, because there is no research department for this in Europe. So even if we all would really really want it, I don't think this is something that actually happens until the NA experiment proves to be a success (which, based on previous experiments in that area, is very doubtful).
How would it eat up ressources of EuW support staff except in the unlocking phase of previously banned accounts? _It is still the same amount of players, so no extra ressources are used._ According to some 98% of board users, Riot has the most sofisticated deep learning AI system capable of autobanning players for mild offenses.., but I guess if that was true, bans would happen instantly after games where people breath more toxic chat than Tjernobyl blowing up. Since people often use the terms cancer brain and wishing death on others and the above isn't happening, you'd think those 98% would smarten up.., but hey, if you can create an illusion and make people believe in it like a second religion....
: Except for the fact that the ability was invisible. The bush wasnt warded. I looked from blueside perspective, 100% invisible. What are your thoughts now?
Invisible how? You are able to see it outside the brush as it goes out into river, and since you are literally standing at the very edge of the brush, 0,2 seconds into the charge it becomes visible.., if I am remembering how it works wrongly, then yes, it's quite obvious it's a script unless they had a ward in the brush. Then again, it wouldn't surprise me if scripting was almost as common as it was in WoW and any other online game.., glory days of HB and a industry standard that you don't do anything for 6 - 12 months against scripts, under the premise that it will alert the developers. Common pratice for companies like HB is to improve their product 24/7, meaning gaming industry should crack down on these things as soon as they know it's being used.
: Is this a dodge script?
I wouldn't necessarily say it's a script given how close you stand to the edge of the brush, so from the time you start charging to the time it's at max range, there is plenty of time to react with a flash.
: Take away the ability to chat, and I promise you, frustrated players will just find other ways to take their anger out on people, including the very same griefing that you allude to in the last paragraph. I know this is the case, because that's exactly what happened back in 2014 when the harshest punishment available amounted to escalating stacks of chat restrictions. In fact, your proposal is actually _worse_ than what happened back then, since by getting rid of the chat for _everyone_, including those who want to use it for tactical communication, it inconveniences players who actually _are_ able to keep control of their behaviour. It won't remove the toxicity, it'll just..._move_ it.
That's a pretty poor pseudo argument to use! Players are already using other ways to incite animosity and frustration than chat, and it already goes unpunished in most cases.., besides, it won't result in a 1:1 escalation from verbal abuse to trolling.
Maşter Yi (EUNE)
: A best way to remove toxicty from League.
Give it up already, never going to happen when you've got a company that designs their systems around creating animosity, frustration and hostility.
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