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: Accout suspended
But its fine.. i made a new account in EU Nordic.. so i can play casual.. just like in EUW.
: You dont get your account suspended either by "joke bans" or just 1 game, just saying.
Its a joke when i got banned for "intentional feeding" when i got reported after the game and got banned while next game was loading.. I die alot when i cannot do anything about it.. staying under tower.. still get killed.. cant stay in base.. then ill get report for afk.. so i did pay the price and got banned when i have no chance not to be killed. Even my game history prove it.. i die alot in my 5k+ games.. more deaths than kills.
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: I was a Darius main before 5.16 and I've got a message for you riot.
Just played against Darius.. this is true, got ulti by Darius and death cap blows my mind when i saw the damage. 2609 true dmg without damage items.
Sightburner (EUNE)
: You will not improve if you remove items you consider to be OP. If you wish to improve you need to learn how to counter items as well as champions.
Let me tell u a story.. do u know infinity edge makes armor useless, and can kill a champ in 2-3 hit? And do u know life steal items (AD) is used by all Ad champs? Did u know vamp spell is only used by small selected Ap champs? Did u know MR is lower in number than armor stat? Did u know Ad items has more passives than Ap items? Did u know, without those OP items.. the game would be about skills and fairness in fights plus tank would survive long enough for teammates to win or lose and not just die too early. Did u know, i once go against a infinity edge, stativv and attack speed item user against my 500+ armor? I die by 4-5 hits. That prompt the question.. why buy armor if its useless?
: Change in normal/rank
make them available only in ranked. So normal can be fun and skills can be learned. That mean diverse items routes instead just OP items again and again and again etc. Ps. Change back old jungle items plz!! So 0.1% minority smiteless junglers can play again! It was the fun (smiley)jungle i want, not serious (sad) jungle!
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