Well yeah, you have a point, but if they just focus on noxus and demacia, it wouldn't be impossible, if you consider their budget and expertise... Also not to hard to link champions in LOL, since their is a connection all the way around, just not in-depth described. They can always come up with something.
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: OK. So. Anivia has clunky autoattack. Anivia has serious mana issues. To hit a Q stun, you need to fire a damn expensive skillshot with the speed of a Morgana Q...that needs to be reactivated when it hits you. This is way harder than it looks. W doesn't deal damage. E deals damage only if she hit you with Q or R. Which means she can reliably start to poke you down after level 6 the soonest. So....which of these is the OP part? Have you even PLAYED Anivia before spewing the "OP" bullcrap? I have. I failed miserably. Anivia takes more skill than i have. I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades that can play any champion except assassins. And Anivia. She laughs at my face every time i remember that.
I played just about first time Anivia in Ranked and won 2 games straight, then stopped. - Yes , it was hard skill wise, but there were times, where i would miss everything, and then just R+E, and still win the trade/fight. Plus there's a limit of magic resist you can get early game, and it don't matter if you go full MR, she is still too strong early and her snowball effect with E combo is OWERPOWERED..
: Anivia needs skill. She's an immobile bursty mage that can get screwed over by your usual suspects {{champion:5}} and more If you dodge her Q then she cant land her combo (pre 6) And all you need. Is magic resist.
I've played against Anivias who missed their Q & W hard, and then just R+E, and instant killed me
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