Atlas (EUNE)
: I don't currently have an account on EUW, but I'm thinking about transfering one of my alts, I think I'm around gold on that one.
Well you're more than welcome to add me and try out once you've transferred
Atlas (EUNE)
: What is the goal of the team? Would it be wrong for me to join if I'm in Diamond on EUNE?
Goal of the team is to simply improve enough to compete in online tournaments and in-house events within our community. this is long term goal) wouldn't be wrong if you're committed. what rank are you on EUW?
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Dcorpio (EUW)
: Oxygen Esports community requires players for silver/gold team.
Arran666 (EUW)
: UK Team Silver-Gold - Just fun
If you're looking for a team to play with add me in game my friend
pumeala (EUNE)
: hi. only on EUW? thx
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: Silver Flex ranked team seaching for mid/top & jungle!
Hi, my team is looking for a bot lane, for ranked 5s, we have our own discord and are part of a growing league community called Phantoms. add me in game if you're down to play! IGN - Dcorpio
Dcorpio (EUW)
: Silver Flex Team looking for players to Climb & Improve.
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Lumiel (EUW)
: Recruiting for a team Silver/Gold/Plat EUW
Summoner name: Dcorpio Preferred role: Mid Current rank: haven't finished placements yet lol (3-0) was silver 4 last season
: Join our Bronze\silver Community to climb elo, Professional Slayers
IGN: Dcorpio Role: Mid! can top/jungle but really prefer mid. rank: finished s4 last season, but with the right people i'm sure I can climb to gold+ in no time.
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Fador (EUW)
: 5's Team looking to finish off core
What Role Do you main? MID What are your Best 3 Champs at the Role you main? Syndra, Lissandra, karma (I can play many more effectively) What times are you available? Afternoon's & evenings practically every day. Can you play a 2nd Role as good as your main? What is your 2nd best Role? Umm, I used to main adc so that?? And last but not least, ready to have some fun? Yep XD
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: Silver Player LFG 5v5 Ranked team ( mature team, that takes it serious)
Hello mate i'm also looking for a team around silver/gold elo to play with. I want to simply play as a team and improve and obviously have fun winning and just getting better. on pretty much every evening. feel free to add.
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Holaka (EUW)
: Hi, I'm looking players who want's to play midlande and adc as their main lane.
dottyxqt (EUW)
: Plat PUSH!!
Main mid - Leblanc, liss, lux, syndra, ahri, vlad they are mastery 6/5 or 4 can't remember which is which irl name - Dean nationality - english hmu i'm on practically every day mate lookin to grind and get from silver to gold/plat
: Team Nemesis GG come and join silver-gold
Age: 20 IGN: Dcorpio Speak English: yep Current rank: s5 Primary lane and what champs: Mid / Ahri Leblanc Lux Lissandra this list goes on. Secondary lane and what champs: Top / jungle i Play graves and fiora mainly, have other champs i can well well too.
: Looking for subb midlaner!!
Ign : Dcorpio Rank s5 : cant actually remember I Think it was s3/2 Rank s6 : Currently s5 ( got put into bronze lol ) Champions : Ahri LB Lux Lissandra, the list goes on Why you want to join us: Looking to play in a team, have some laughs and get better.
Arcanei (EUW)
: Casual Team to drag ourselves out of ELO Hell!
If you guys are chill and don't just spam rage comments in chat to randoms, I'll play
Name: Dean IGN: Dcorpio Age: 20 Country: england Why want to join?: learning from others, playing with people is more fun. Reason to join uss?: pretty sure this is the same as the last question Extra text: was siver last season, got put in bronze but Almost silver again, bronze 1 100lp.
I was silver last season, in bronze 1 / promo's to silver on a continuous climb. can use skype im 20 english bronze 1 silver 3 i main mid i play liss ahri lb lux, and learning tf and lulu top fiora daius renekton graves i can shot call I have knowledge of effective team comps aggressive roaming style, picks up decent amount of solo kills early Want to just rank up with a fun bunch of people learn with and from them Because im bronze aka challenger lul yep.
: Looking for people to play in a casual team
Hi I play mid, add me in game if you want ign: Dcorpio
: Lf bronze players to get out of bronze with
hey mate I main mid, and can play top jungle and adc. IGN: Dcorpio
: Bronze LF 5 man team to climb with
Hey im interested in playing Main mid but can play adc or top. IGN: Dcorpio add me bro :)
Noxious42 (EUW)
me and my mate are down to play, I play mid he jungles silvers (3/4) add: MLGDroid


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