Ziraeal (EUW)
: Has the ranked queue algorithm changed?
I seem to climb really slow myself this season in silver. When chechking op.gg I see that most players had been Gold in last season just like me. So I am basicly playing around 50% winrate vs. current silver players who were Gold last season and have been placed in silver this season just like me. I guess this is the doom for the start a new season with a lot of players getting their ELO soft reset.
: autofill jungler
Well, I can understand the frustration. Most of the people would be willing double the queue time to avoid autofill. No idea why RITO believe they couldn't hold queue times in check without. Seeing how autofill is now also affecting jungle as often as support the "recently filled or played support" is nolonger valid, at least in lower soloQ elo.
: The color of Shaco‘s ult clone for his allies.
They added so much stuff to the health bar. Couldn't they add an icon or change the style of clone health bars? For some skins I am also confused which is the clone now, because I just can't remember all skin colours and chromas. Same goes for Le Blanc and probably the new Wukong rework. Neekos clone is pretty obvious in most cases.
Rich Boii (EUW)
: Trollers in every other game?!
I voted no. But I am not accusing RIOT to deliberately support trolling, they are not using enough ressources to actually review them. The automated system is failing to distiguish "bad play" (-> the player is worse than his MMR, it should be reduced and matched with weaker players) and "intentionally ruining the game" (-> the player should be warned/penelized/banned). Even as an enemy I report the later ones in hope the system realizes "when even the enemy reports inting, it's not just flaming for bad play". But seeing my report responses I assume it doesn't.
: Prestige True Damage Senna W: Triggering Epilepsy
I am not epileptic, but some team fights can be pretty... bright and colourful which causes me to completly lose track of what's happening, often even where I am in that chaos. I know pressing space bar (to win) would help, but I am often just too confused to do such a "calculated" decision. I heared it's all about button smashing! {{sticker:sg-shisa}} So yeah, I am supporting any notion to reduce the over-sparclyness of a skin.
SoBadKid (EUW)
: dude ur mental state dont change the fact that ur team sucks
It changes the factor you yourself contribute to the win chance of your team consisting of 5 people including you and usually 4 strangers. Quote from a couch: "Mentality is everything"
: > [{quoted}](name=De Kus,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=iJJeAGGc,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2020-01-21T08:57:43.140+0000) > > I assume you got banned for doging too many champ selects? You can't see who your opponents are during champ select. So he didn't dodge a game but he afk'd when it had already started.
Many people copy and paste their teammate into something like op.gg, so he could dodge seeing he has more than 1 player below his own rank.
WildAgony (EUW)
: Unfair terms - mission Season 2020
Several options: 1. Ignore the mission 2. Play anyway and /mute all 3. Play like any other normal games you played recently
: Be able to test ALL Champions in Practice mode?
It can't be too hard to test in champ select "is this dude alone with the AI?" to enable all champions. You can do this in pratice tool and custom games only anyway.
Dvs Hexler (EUNE)
: Intenional/Unintentional Losing Streaks
Having a losing streak of 5 games can happen, even if you wanted to win. Maybe especially if you wanted to win and tilt on the behaviour of your team mates. if you don't believe such streaks can happen, take a dice, roll it 100 times and see if there are streaks of rolling odds (assuming rolling even equals a win). I am pretty we can agree the chance to roll an even or odd number are 50:50. So making a penatly for something which statiscially just happens to most people (I am not good enough into chances caluculation to tell you chance to not have a streak of at least 5 odds in a series of 100... I'd guess it's below 5%) playing 100 games with a win rate of 50% just doesn't make sense. Detection of what is "intentiall feeding/loosing" and what is "just a bad game" or maybe a "unfavourable game and tilt by team mate abuse". Unless RIOT invests a lot in deep learning AI for detection, this will not be fairly punishable for a while. The only option would be consider reopening the tribinal and let the community check the replays. Maybe the AI can compress by stripping the "boring parts". The community feedback could be used to feed the deep learning AI. But I'd assume you'd still need to watch at least 1/4 to 1/3 of the game to make a proper judgement. I mean a single "intentional looking" death could be something trivial, like some real life distraction letting his toon run into the enemy unnoticed by the player (happend to me for example, when I let my toon run from fountain to tower and used the free time to refill my water). Well it might look stupid, it might slightly contribute to my win rate, but you shouldn't consider a single careless death as intentional feeding/losing, when player played normal otherweise for his MMR level.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: What is wrong with volibear ?
Not sure, either. I'd consider changing the charge + throw mechanic a litte by putting the charge component into something giving him a better option for better throwing angles and maybe rework his ultimate, because it's really pretty lame (I mean, it's powerful, but it's just some static shiv procs on auto attacks). If the skills have more gameplay varity, you can tone down the raw numbers a bit to compensate the higher utility he can then bring.
: More than one Honor
Because they decided to let you chose the MVP, not give you a chance to honour everyone who deserves one. If they don't want to increase the amount of honour distributed by game, they could add an option like "split honour" and then let you chose up to 3 people for honour giving them 1/2 or 1/3 of "honour power" each.
: Well just got a ban for 14 days for refusing to play intentionally rigged game. Congrats this is beyond idiotic like this blind sheep following anythiing that developers will shove in their throat!. Just look at forum and you will find multiple ppl trying to justify this but why would you? Just quit playing this unbalanced miserable mess! It is in 2020. Enjoy
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} I assume you got banned for doging too many champ selects? We never know how well balanced a team actually is. We don't know their actual MMR rating, because it's hidden. For everyone. And looking at all attempts to calculate it by reverse engineering, we can be pretty sure there are parameters behind it's calculation they are not making public. So assuming a game is rigged, because the visible ranks don't match yours, is an unbiased assumption. Their MMR average might actually calculate out pretty well.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: What stupid excuse holy shit.Mute button exist.If you get butthurt from someone that flame into an online game maybe the internet is not for you. You can stop flaming easily mute and focus on the game you cant stop people that leave or simply run it down.
I think am pretty tilt tollerant and I usually mute everyone making the first stupid comment about me. But sometimes the comment just hits the nerv and the tilt becomes real. With your logic you could say, murder on the street is fine, because all you need to do is not going on the street.
: autofill
Especially considering someone who has been forced into a role he didn't like. Just as an idea I wonder why we are limited to 2 roles in the option. If we could order the roles in the order of favour, we could minimize the chance of getting the least favourite role filled. Maybe someone with mid/top would be fine with jungle, but not with supp. Then someone else with mid/bot might fine with supp, but not jungle. Not sure how often autofill supp happens, as supp main I am rather confronted with autofill jungle. 2 in 6 games so far.
Kian987 (EUW)
: Seriously!? Support / Jungler always get Jungler
For me it feels like since the release of Senna it's nolonger possible to get support role. Gotten secondary for 3 games straight yesterday (with support as main). Before it changed over the past months that support became more and more popular. I used to play fill in normals, but jungle is definitely the role you get most using fill. I even got mid lane using fill just recently. It feels like it was 40% jungle, 30 % supp, 15 % bot, 10 % top and 5 % mid or something like that until last patch. It seems since the recent changes to jungle gold/XP and spawns it has become the least favourit role in draft queue. So I usually switched to supp/bot or supp/mid to avoid getting jungle once in a while. And since the current patch, getting support is like getting mid lane last year.
: Does anyone like the True Damage song?
Well R&B and Rap is both not my favourite genre, so while the optic looks cool, I cannot get a real liking to it, either. Songs like are "Get Jinxed" much higher on my earworm scale, that's personal preference however. After hearing the music video, I was a bit disappointed of the vocals in the worlds opening in Paris though. I guess they sang live and not studio mix of the voice? Not sure what made it sound so bland (except for the Ekko rap part).
Well, the idea was to match roaming, but he couldn't match roaming and ended up being the last one to roam and watch the wave die in the middle of the lane. Knowing who they were against, it's sad they didn't prepare a single new champion to at least go even against Nautilus (and be able to farm, like Galio who would at least be able to farm even when falling behind).
: Worlds spoiler
The matchups since semi finals were great for me to watch: Either EU wins or G2 loses. That's a win:win situation!
: I guess you did not read the top part where I said its for ranked only, and we can both agree that first timing a champion in ranked is guaranteed in a loss. Boosted/Bought account is a big issue, especially when players from iron and bronze think they are hard stuck because of teammates then they think they are faker buy a diamond account and ruin the experience for everyone, and honestly since you only lose 10lp per game it's flawed af, the player with the bought account couldn't get to iron if he inted every game because of the way the system is setup. I guess you really influenced the game with your first time vi jungle game, I checked your profile you first timed vi and lost lp for everyone on your team that game, idc about normals btw because they should in no way influence ranked balance decisions. There is good off-meta and bad, good is the taric sona which saw competitive play and high elo play, but when you decide to first time lethality Caitlyn in the mid lane and int your ass off you deserve some sort of punishment, not to mention how poppy is completely useless late game with lethality, just because you see your favourite streamer play it in a normal games does not justify you inting everyone on your team, same can be said about other off meta picks which are not being practiced in higher levels of play. The last point you make, makes no sense because it largely depends on the enemy champions and the champion you are playing. But you spam normal games, (which isn't wrong) so you should for sure not have a say in which builds are good / not.
> [{quoted}](name=doby flonk u mom,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7EzmtrKy,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2019-11-06T14:09:27.614+0000) > > I guess you did not read the top part where I said its for ranked only, and we can both agree that first timing a champion in ranked is guaranteed in a loss. > I had read that part. But ranked is still casual play. Even a pro player playing soloQ is doing that casually most of the times. But even if it was a valid guideline, with smurfs not being forbidden, how will even RITO verify someone is playing a champion in ranked the first time ever in his life? So even if the majority of the community and league officials would agree, I don't see how fair judgement is made. However I could life with another mechanics: You simply cannot pick a champion not played on this account in any non-ranked PvP mode before. This restriction would obviously count towards your "16 champion limit" for draft pick. That way you would also be sure without checking his match history that he had played it once before, even if it was only an ARAM game. > [{quoted}](name=doby flonk u mom,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7EzmtrKy,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2019-11-06T14:09:27.614+0000) > > I guess you really influenced the game with your first time vi jungle game, I checked your profile you first timed vi and lost lp for everyone on your team that game, idc about normals btw because they should in no way influence ranked balance decisions. > I wonder how you checked if I played Vi in normals before my first games in ranked with her in Season 4. I personally couldn't verify that in match history, though I am pretty sure I did play her in normals before. I am just not fit for that warrior build on her, doesn't suit me. *shrug* 1 more reason against any "off meta" rule, some builds on champions just don't fit your way of playing LOL. And unless boosting is involved you are at that MMR this "way of playing LOL" leads you to, so it does not really matter if I build {{item:1413}} or {{item:1412}} on Vi. Just as some closing words: I am against any rule that involves "playing bad" without the intent to ruin the game for others as punishable. If you feel grieved by someone just having a bad game you have to work on your mental attitude towards this game.
Ehhhh (EUW)
: Well your gonna blow your mind when you find out its also getting a prestige edition
Unless Thresh is getting yet another skin this year which he gets a prestige edition for. :D
: If someone goes 0/8 in 10 minutes they deserve ban
Once is always the first time. Without a first time, there is no second time. I agree about "Intentionally de-ranking", but how to detect/prove? Is Boosted/Bought account really so much of an issue? After getting boosted more than 1 liga, I am pretty sure playing on that account becomes pretty frustating. They punish themselves by playing against stronger opponents. Banning Off-meta makes no sense. Off-meta can be actually pretty good, especially in low and average elo. A lethality poppy has immense assasination potentional, if Veigar goes tank and buys a void staff, his R still does a lot of missing HP scaling damage and scales AP through his passive. Off-meta build is not only accaptable, but might also give a surprsing turn to the game. Especially since meta build is expected, and I can tell from my experience, other players rarely change their playstyle after you buying off meta. Like Zed still tries to pick Janna, even though she has become much to tanky to be assasinated. PowerOfEvil was also never banned in pro play for playing Orianna with {{item:3115}} which is afaik. considered off meta till today (even though the synergy with her passive on paper is obvious). So what exactly is a troll build? Well I assume buying 6 {{item:1027}} on an energy champion or 6 {{item:1051}} on a mage is obvious. Building AP Vayne also makes no sense, the AP on her E does not make it playable and is more or less just to improve the benefit of rageblade stacking. But what about attack speed Braum vs. another melee? It's not like you cannot win such a game, just because you go for an off meta build. Some times just building the same items every game can be worse than doing something creative like buying {{item:3194}} and {{item:3009}} to chase a Singed. But just trying a build and see if it works in that particular is not a reason for a ban, even if a majority would vote that idea as stupid.
sbepi (EUW)
: it is totaly a different champion ashe is not a support (even if i love the possibility to make her as a support) ap mf into blackcleaver is dead even if they buffed the slow on her e i tried senna on pbe, for sure she is gonna be way better as support instead of mf/ashe, just because she has a root on her w + the her e pretty broken to sneack in the jungler in lane i still have to practise her and for sure we will need to see the meta champs in both role (adc/support) + a good build for her (many players are opting for full lethality on pbe, but she has some good scaling with ap, maybe is a kai'sa 2.0 with hybrid build) but the fact she is going to be balanced as adc and as support is scary, right now (after try her on pbe) i don't like her as adc, just because she as to collect mist (wasting time instead of auto attack while enemy adc can trade u) and in early she has slow attack speed so right now i would say senna is mostly a support i don't like her even as support, imagine play (adc champ stats) vs alistar? or ap botlane...i don't know, we will see how she work when is coming on live server, pbe is strange :p
While I admit Ashe support isn't viable I think MF can still be pretty impactful. The slow is really strong and with {{item:3151}} it causes a lot of {{item:3070}}s. But RITO still lists her in the support roaster in the champion collection (alongside of Kayle and Ivern): [Image](https://abload.de/img/ashe-supportrejpx.jpg)
: the game starts at 0:00 not when the minion wave arrives in lane. get your shit together or dont start a game if youre not ready. OP is totally right
Get a life. Some stuff come up during loading screen, not before. And RL > any casual game.
sbepi (EUW)
: riot himself said: "senna will be balanced as adc and support, we gonna balance her as adc and as a support" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLSXQhwRy7U > Making senna in a solo lane (or ADC) unviable (at least in the soul part)
So basicly it's supposed to be a flex pick for ADC and support... and a better one than {{champion:21}} or {{champion:22}} can already be?
: Reasons to keep zz rot in the game and a opinion pool.
It sounded fun, but the item feels bad buying overall. Wouldn't the old command banner item (I think it had a buff aura to the minions) make more sense for "have a better split push" item? Or give an item extra x% true damage vs. objectives and putting it on a tanky item instead of one with damage. I won't miss those 2 items.
: Lets talk About an Santa Ornn Skin
Seeing he also pretty sinister looking, he might fit the role of Knecht Ruprecht better. Knecht Orrn. ^-^
: Fan Art 404
You belong in a museum! Which means: yes, I did.
: i Wish there was a freddie mercury Skin in league. It should be for yuumi since freddie loved cats very very very much just like me
If you call for the kithy, you might get jumped by {{champion:107}}. :P
: Seriously, is anyone enjoying urf in 2019? What the F* happened to the "it's supposed to be fun".
Yeah, it's really strange. It seems people are really just tryharding for the worldtokens/hour. Last game more than 2 minutes was constant top action, only me and 1 opponent came to bot lane to soak in the wave gold and xp in time. Even though it was a close game with aces on both sides, the game wasn't really fun. Might try another champion, but it seems there is still no true in that mode, even though I like the basic idea of more action than tactic orientated mode. And no I wouldn't want ARURF, because there are too many champions I don't have fun playing them.
EctaNeko (EUW)
: Urf would be better if riot acctualy balanced it :/ because so much champions are instant win and 10 bans are not enough
I guess a real balance is not that easy, seeing how they fiddled around before Worlds and didnt even get a Garen mini rework done, before Worlds. But I feel with you... kinda enoyed this kill and get killed against my lane opponent. And then {{champion:84}} came. End of story.
: Splyce: From the bottom to competing on the Worlds stage
They have had my support! I believed in them from before the play ins!
: 0-10 ain't a bad game anymore though.
Even that can happen unintentional. If whole enemy is 10k ahead and playing cocky, you will only be able to postpone the Nexus collapse. And looking at the 2/10/1 Riven, which has the same kill participation than the OP, I doubt there is any intent behind it. Riven dieing 3 times to Teemo in lane (min. 3, 8 and 13; 4th death is defending mid tier 2 tower) with only getting 1 counter kill. That's unlucky, maybe you can also call it bad... but playing a bad Riven is not *intentional* feeding. I might even argue if dieing 3 or less times in first 15min is feeding at all. She was 800 gold behind her lane opponent at min 15.
: For the love of Ahri, please do not stay idly by your tower waiting for the minions to arrive.
When I stand at a tower, often a tier 2 tower, it means I am AFK until minions arrive. Sometimes you just need that extra minute IRL. So not everyone standing under a tower lvl1 might do that, because they don't know better, but could also just want to stay somewhere save for a couple of seconds.
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: Petition: Change the Victorious Skin for season 9
Well, I guess the skin team cannot be blamed. The champion had high pick rate until just recently when he got a real nerf...
: Carrying
Especially painfull for them to see all 3 seeds of LEC going to finals. So money alone is not getting your team to finals at worlds, it seems. Which is the happy message for the esports enthuisiast.
: Why do i keep getting matched up with and against higher ranked players?
Maybe you were too good for a newbie and were detected as smurf. Playing more games should bring your hidden MMR on your actual "win rate level".
: worded it wrong, meant it rakan turns darker into the 'corrupted' form i'd say Xayah doesen't transform at all during ultimate for me, we tried it solo, with rakan, with SG Rakan, bots, testing grounds, blind pick, draft - nothing transforms her even during ult.
Saying she transforms "during" ultimate is a bit wrong. Actually the transformation is in the wind down animation of the R: meaning after the untargetable frames, when she comes down back to ground, then her skin is briefly as bright as you'd imagine a SG Xayah, it's less than a second, if you immediately pull the feathers (using E cancels it). The spot light shows clearly the variants of waiting for the feathers to disappear or pulling them with E.
: Will this laptop run LoL?
As soon as you install Windows or MacOS on it.
: wut? What's "Twisted Forest Treeline"
: No world tokens for Twisted Treeline
You can get tokens for **T**wisted **F**orest **T**reeline, not **T**wisted **T**reeline. ^-^
: The State of Ranked Gold Players
I believe you are missinterpreting here something. Gold players do not share a common skill level, they share a common win rate. While those two do related, skill has many facets: You can be mechanically bad, but good a macro play or vice versa. So it is not uncommon to have some "Bronze qualities" even in Gold ranked elo. The win rate does not care if a player gets hooked by every long range skill shot, if he can compensate for it while not being hooked. ^-^ Also seeing a player in 1 game is a bad sample of his skill. There are so many reasons for a bad play, tilt one of the most common. A game starts bad (a risky play failed) and the player tilts. The tilt could even start in champ select for the fact "damn, 2nd time in row autofilled". His mother could have shout for dinner, his sister could have started an UHD stream or he was distracted by his burning cat (imho. still the best excuse on the net!).
: Honestly its shocking to me, shes had the same kit for the longest time, but only NOW is she suddenly "broken" doesn't make sense.
They buffed her E movement speed utility. After that the nerf hammer came down. So they buffed her, to nerf her into oblivion. I believe playing Karma Mid or Bot is pretty much out of question with that scaling. So we are back at Karma Tank + Support. Karma top with ice born is soo fun to watch. ^-^
Yraco (EUW)
: That's not an excuse that Riot would use. The skin team is not the bug-fixing team. I'm pretty sure the reason that the current client is broken is because they're making a new one that might actually be alright.
A more likely excuse would be: We are trying to create the most awesome achievements you have ever seen in a game. Context: We realize you still don't want to pay for them.
: Why promos exist?
The reasons for promotions is: People would cry rivers, if they had no demote protection. PS: I would be fine if my current rank would directly reflect my current ELO.
JustTits (EUNE)
: Remove the True Damage from Pyke
The effective damage dealt, can be more than the total HP of a champion, if he has low enough HP for the executation damage, but has lot's of shields online (which are ignored). So I see different options to address this madness. However his win rate is pretty ballanced. I guess it's just hard to play that champ right, but you do, your enemy will leave the game in trauma... Refering to euw.op.gg he has 49% ban rate and 14.4 % pick rate giving him around 64 % pick and ban ratio. Ridiculous. Yasuo has 64 % as well, Morgana around 55% and Zed 53% are a bit further and everyone else is pretty okay considering their "presance rate". But RITO considers only 80% pick/ban rate over mutiple batchs as a reason to nerf.
: Why is normal game matchmaking so bad?
if those are rather new accounts (less than ~50 draft queue games), they might be placed out of their league by a too trigger happy smurf detection. If smurf accounts are detected, a little win streak can skyrock their MMR. Happened a few years ago on my secondary account I planed to play with newbie friends with... (so basicly I wanted to play 1 division lower with my friends which kinda failed...) the account was suddently matched with Diamond players, while my best rank ever achieved is low Gold. Elo is a solid system in long term, but it has 1 major flaw: it's missing a good initialization. So especially when people repeat their "initialization" (I'd assume normal MMR undergoes a similar "placements" process), statistic error from having low ammount of games and being only 1/5 of the reason for a win or lose, can cause some wide errors. When occuring those has a low chance, it doesn't really hurt. But problems with matchmaking caused by "manipulated" MMR is more and more widespread lately. Kind of everyone has different accounts.
Infinitty (EUW)
: Lets say you have 100 bucks to spend on skins... you'll either spend that amount on one account or both... but in the end it's the same amount that Riot will receive :D unless you magically transform 100 bucks in 200 bucks... if that's the case teach me that kind of sorcery :D Well sure you can buy skins for your alt account that you already have in your main, it's your money....but.... hum, if you have that much money to spend on alts, share some {{item:2319}} with me hahaha :D
Well, but if you have 100 bucks to spend on skins, with only 1 account you could end buying skins after spending 50 bucks, because there are not enough skins worth more of your bucks out there. So being able to sell those skins you consider worth paying bucks for on multiple accounts will increase your total skin sales.
Infinitty (EUW)
: still is the same wallet :D so they will win the same amount of money :D if you only have 1 account
You cannot sell the same skin twice on the same account. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: [Bug?] What im seeing in game is not what is happening...any help?
The first thing, I'd check with that description would be packet lose to RIOT servers. The Hextech Repair Tool (https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/224826367-Automated-Troubleshooting-Hextech-Repair-Tool) should include this in his network test part. You could also do a pathping to the gameserver manually to verify your connection is fine.
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