HoR RooneR (EUNE)
: Sona Taric bot?
Only one support item can be bought per team, problem solved
: League of tanks, again...
Bruisers do dmg, tanks are just a big joke...and not in a good way
: Worst season yet?
Im quite curious to hear who are these tanks that are coming back? Tanks haven't been played since Sion got nerfed and he was the only tank who actually were played.
: Riot needs to start nerfing and buffing with utility and not just damage
Tanks are not played because they sucks. Bruisers are more tanky than tanks and do tons of dmg. Supp tanks are big joke, their items have been nerfed to ground and same time overall dmg in game is sky high so they die in seconds in teamfights.
Bloodiko (EUW)
: Sona too strong ?
If sona is so op, why she is only played with taric in pro games? Did you watch OG vs FNC semifinals? After 10 min sona-taric were 0/2/0 vs 2/0/4 in their lane and 50 cs behind. In my books that is not too strong. Also, she is so mana hungry that in early game you can do a whopping three Q-W combo before you are out of mana and completely useless. And that Q do much less dmg than one AA from adc, W heals less than half of that dmg. You have to play very carefully with her, otherwise you end up being free kill automaton.
Shamose (EUW)
: That isn't funnel though.
I know, since in lck finals they only used double supp item, not funneling, just as you said, i believe he refers to that
Shamose (EUW)
: Haven't seen china but was did i miss something in the LCK finals? Don't remember that they used the funnel strat.
I think he refers to double supp item at bot lane
Punk9216 (EUW)
: Tanks need a buff?
Imo the problem starts from bruisers. They are more tanky than tanks and do tons of dmg, therefore adc's need to do tons of dmg to be even somewhat level with bruisers which lead to that assassin needs to tons of dmg so they can kill adc's which lead to that mages need to do tons of dmg. All that makes tanks a big joke. Agree with Infernape that dmg in generally needs to be cut down.
vipility (EUNE)
: Man, Kog'Maw is broken
: It helps him win lane much easier with bramble vest. I don't think in silver elo you will find tanks bud either on support lane.
Well, you dont see tanks in any elo and there is reason why.
: do you remember seaon 6 tank meta and season 7 support meta? That was REALLY bad. Season 9 is worse than season 8 was, but its nowhere near these abysmal 2 years. Finally the meta is not completely stale and you can do well with most champions. Finally both scaling strats and snowballing strats are viable.
Have to say that tank meta was better than current one, then it was about flanking and moving around the tanks, not straight towards them so the game was more tactical. Censer meta was bad because it was more or less decided by who built it first. Current meta is awfull, tanks are useless, bruisers are more tankier and do tons of dmg. Support tank is a joke, items and runes have been nerfed so much that only braum is viable and that is because of hes E. There is way too much dmg in the game right now. Positive thing is that adc's are back.
: Bramble vest is too strong and here is why
Tanks have been pure crap for over a year now. Bruiser are still the strongest class, they are more tankier than tanks and do tons of dmg. If you lose your lane with bruiser against tank it has nothing to do with bramble vest
: Remove Conqueror
Runes should be removed completely. They are changed in every patch, so riot provably can't balance them. Would also make balancing the champs easier.
Dùelist (EUW)
: > A 6 item fiora will always demolish tanks lol. ofc she do. but tanks destroy fiora with one not completed item . fiora need 6 items to win against tank while tank need bramblewest. Just look at winrates and you see tanks has way more winrater than any bruiser. Sion right now 49.92 procent winrate 2,37procent play rate Fiora right now 47.52 procent winrate with 3.17 player rate maokai 48.90 procent winrate with 0.68 play rate
Which tanks you are referring to? Sion is the only playable tank and he already got nerfed. Tanks are garbage in current meta and especially in soloque, heck, even in pro games teams use rather bruisers than tanks.
: Are the Urgot nerfs too hard ?
Urgot didn't have counterpicks. He was 99% pick/ban atleast in LEC and LCK this season and basically since worlds started. All champs that was usually been picked against him have been nerfed (akali, aatrox and sion) so he was king of the hill, or toplane, with quite a margin. Hes shield was insanely powerful, already after two items and yet did tons of dmg Nerf was more than justified.
Dùelist (EUW)
: Why riot Punishing over and over bruisers?
Bruisers have been the most strongest class for long, long time. Still waiting when they will actually get nerfed.
Roamcell (EUW)
: Urgot: the latest mana nerf is unnecessarily and stupidly hard
Urgot didn't have counterpicks. He was 99% pick/ban in LEC and LCK this season and basically since worlds started. All champs that was usually been picked against him have been nerfed (akali, aatrox and sion) so he was king of the hill, or toplane, with quite a margin. He's shield was insanely powerful after three items. Nerf was more than justified.
: New Kayle
Agree. Looks like she is half naked.
: The Kayl rework ruins her looks
New Kayle is awful. Why she looks like that she is half naked?
Takumaron (EUNE)
: Why LoL isn't as much fun as it used to be PART 2
I hate it. S9 has been the worst season ever so far.
: This game needs more bans
Agree! Since balancing is not going to happen, two bans for everyone.
: Nobody knows how to balance change... it’s impossible to do and even harder to predict... riot have done a phenomenal job with what is a losing battle, to the point where if the people who complains took over League would be dead within a year.
How can it be impossible to predict a change or balance a change? I thought they have a balance TEAM to figure it out, also they have a test team to test if the change will break the game or not. Then there is PBE to test it further. It should be impossible to let game breaking changes like dark harvest be in patch
Metauriel (EUW)
: No assasins should be able to kill somone and be able to get out fast but akali doesnt have that anymore because she 1 cant heal anymore and 2 get seen by towers
How does not having a heal in akali's kit affect her ability to kill and get out fast?
Metauriel (EUW)
: Fizz, Zed, Yasuo, Sylas
Except yasuo nor sylas are assassins
Stunˆˆ (EUW)
: Season 9 really unenjoyable so far...
S9 has so far been the worst (also pre-) season ever, hands down. LoL used to be more about strategies and tactics than other mobas, now it wants to be exactly the same as everyone else, a clown fiesta.
: she was never a "safe" pick, even before her remake, and she always had healing until now, that's part of who she is. like it or not, maybe u hate playing against her, ofc she is annoying, but so are like half of the champs. and she was never an easy champ to master, even her old self, you could die really easily in tf, and her laning phase was really weak pre-6. so yea, if u dont play akali its easy for you to say all these stuff, but what if it were your main champ who got guttered like that?
Akali will build gunblade anyways so its not like she doesn't have heal. Now she just needs to think more carefully when going all in (=player needs more skill and knowledge). Akali has always been a safe champ and still is.
: - remove the 100 champs that no one really plays in ranked from ranked games, and focus on balancing the remaining. People can play those 100 champs in normal/aram if they want. - remove true damage, and focus on AD & AP damage. (Keep things simple) - remove stealth, camouflage, and make one type of stealth that can be countered by a control ward. (Keep things simple) - lower damage output in general, supports should't be able to one shot the enemy ADC fx. - let junglers have less impact on the game in general. - remove the bounty system/turret plating, as it is now there is way too much gold.
Actually i'll add another thing: Remove keystones. They are changed in every patch so removing them alltogether would help balancing the game.
: - remove the 100 champs that no one really plays in ranked from ranked games, and focus on balancing the remaining. People can play those 100 champs in normal/aram if they want. - remove true damage, and focus on AD & AP damage. (Keep things simple) - remove stealth, camouflage, and make one type of stealth that can be countered by a control ward. (Keep things simple) - lower damage output in general, supports should't be able to one shot the enemy ADC fx. - let junglers have less impact on the game in general. - remove the bounty system/turret plating, as it is now there is way too much gold.
Totally agree on everything you have listed! I have to add one thing: Stop this clown fiesta madness and bring more tactics and strategies back in the game (pro games are exceptions, those seems to last longer than before the 'quicker games' change, probably because they don't want 50-50 teamfights and therefore just farm). Ofc completing your list will solve the clown fiesta issue.
: Misha's trolling and inting journal.
You should add assists also. 0/6 jung sounds bad at first but what if he played supp jung and the end the score is 0/6/15? Give all stats, not just the ones you like.
N3utro (EUW)
: Premades in ranked solo queue make games too unbalanced
About 90% of duos i have encountered are trolling/inting and lose the game. The advantage is on solo players.
Threxes (EUW)
: Riot, fix your game, its already pretty enough!!
Hitbox bugs, i hope rito would finally fix those hitbox bugs. I won't hold my breath, though.
: You need to look into keystones hurting champion balance
Keystones can be removed alltogether, they change in every patch anyways. Would also make balancing easier.
Vérontó (EUNE)
: Help me
Any bruiser will do
: Make support champs more sexy....
I mostly play dmg supports nowdays and usually i do more dmg to champs than adc. Tanks are crap at the moment, so i haven't received any complains about not playing tanks. Sometimes i have been asked specifically to take dmg supp but never a tank.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: A lot of the balance issues would get solved with assassin nerfs
I agree alot what you wrote, but not that nerfing assassins would solve it all. I say that dramatically reducing true damage from game would solve lot of issues. Nowdays tanks are quite useless because of all the dmg in game, especially true dmg, tanks dies within seconds in teamfights. Also that almost every champ can kill enemy backline means that you have to have more than one or two dmg dealers. And because bruisers can take atleast same amount of dmg than 'tanks' but can also do tons by themselves (and because tanks, especially support tanks, max HP has been nerfed to ground), you don't need traditional tanks. So, since everybody gets basically one-shotted, fights are about which team burst the most dmg and that leads to dmg supports. Utility supports won't help much since their heals/shields are so weak compared the dmg everyone can produce. I don't like current dmg meta, although i don't want tank meta back either. Something between, something that requires more tactics and strategy rather than who burst the most dmg. Atleast 10% universal reduction to all dmg and removing most of the true dmg would do wonders to this game, now it is constant clown fiesta, like previously mentioned.
radetari (EUNE)
: Games still being decided by botlane
ADCs can't snowball the game for you but top/mid/jung can. I'll go as far as 'botlane can lose the game but not win'
: assassines are kinda outperformed by mages though .. i mean an assassine literaly has the job to kill one target and that is it .. a mage usualy has high amounts of aoe burst to the point where they are basicly able to oneshot squishys just like assassines can .. but they have more ways to be usefull in teamfights or on other lanes since they in general have higher waveclear and usualy also some forms of poke and cc .. why would i pick rengar jump into a target and kill them + die myself if i can just pick lux hit my q once and then just oneshot them from range and safety anyway ..
Well, if you kill opponent's biggest dmg doer as rengar, you have done your job. If you died also, so be it, your team still have dmg left and it is up to them to finish the job, your team have advantage. Mages can't dive to backline, they can only hit what is in front of them. Mages dmg is based on skillshots, use dashes to dodge those and outplay that mage, create flanks with your teammates. There are ways to handle mages.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: The problem I have with Pyke is his stealth+passive that has 0 counter play. He goes invisible and heals back up, then fights again. It's ridiculous.
Agree! Pyke is the most braindead supp after blitz. Missed your hook and took couple of aa's as punishment? No worries, go into brush or invi, heal back and after 10s try again. Atleast against blitz you have a possibility to do something if he missed the grab.
: Where did the assasians go?
Assassins are relevant, ADCs not so much. Assassins have capability to oneshot squishies and escape, adcs can't do either. Since ADCs dmg and importance has diminished, the dmg has to come somewhere else, i.e. from support.
Nextus (EUW)
: Why no one wants to play Support?!
If supp gets hit by an enemy skillshot and dies, ADC will immediatelly yell 'NOOB supp, report this faking %%%%%%!' But, if ADC is hit by a skillshot and dies, they will yell 'NOOB supp, report this faking %%%%%%!' Also, it is ok for ADC to miss a skillshot, but if supp doesn't hit with hes, the outcome is 'NOOB supp, report this faking %%%%%%!'
: > [{quoted}](name=DeCoqq,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=BZy3cB5V,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-01-16T08:07:27.196+0000) > > Neeko has biggest burst dmg in the game ( well, syndra has more if she hits at least 5 balls), so how can her dmg be crap and can't oneshot? Nekko doesn't have the highest burst in the game and her "burst" is way too slow and to be considered a burst. Champions to mention that have higher burst: {{champion:45}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:82}} etc.. comparing that every champion hits their full max dmg combo.
Maybe you should calculate their dmg and not just speculate, i.e lvl18 fizz with 500ap does 2688dmg if the ulti hits from max range, neeko does 3223 and just for fun, kassadin with 500ap and 3000 mana does 2720.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Some of that can also be credited to latency, which is not really that easy to compensate fully for. Still, it's a very rare occurance that shouldn't be held against champions that have hook abilities.
Hitbox bug is not rare and it is not about latency. Or do you suggest that all those thousends of pics and videos that shows the bug is about latency? Why it won't affect tresh and blitz players also? Riot have admitted that hitbox bug exist but apparently won't do anything about it. That is why i perma ban tresh or blitz, tresh currently since he is seen more often.
: I hate neeko as a champion, because I think she is weak and needs buffs. Here are my reasons: If she gets fed (4-5 kills), she can't oneshot. Her ult is easy to dodge, she gets popped easy, boring as all hell to play, any other champion that is MID does the job better than her. Her Q is not punishing enough, even if I hit E+Q the damage is still crap. She feels like she is meant to deal some damage and not actually kill the target. Her R is annoying to use, the scaling means jack even with 3 ap items, you have to use ur escape to ENGAGE. Also what is up with the random 3 hit passive slapped on her W? Just buff Q,E and add more utility to the W.
Neeko has biggest burst dmg in the game ( well, syndra has more if she hits at least 5 balls), so how can her dmg be crap and can't oneshot?
: We need a CC item for tanks/fighters?
And you had a chance to escape, but instead you decided to go in the middle of four enemies all alone. No wonder you got killed.
: Can riot PLEASE stop releasing overloaded champions
Have to agree. Every new or reworked champ have everything in their kit: loads of dmg, hard cc, soft cc, dash, shield or heal (some have both). Why use "old" champs when new ones are better? Why create new champs that make old ones obsolete? Why not just remove the old ones, it would make easier to balance the game?
Marcua (EUW)
: What do you hope riot will do in 2019? (Season 9)
-Decrease the number of champions, with 142 the game is never balanced. -Shielding supports shield to actually shield something, i.e Riven's, Urgot's, Rumble's shields are stronger. -Decrease true damage in the game. -New/reworked champs not have everything in their kit, now they all have tons of dmg, gap closure, hard cc, soft cc and shield/heal. Champs should give up one thing to get another (i.e lose dmg to get sustainability, lose cc to get mobility).
: Irelia, wtf is even going on with that
What i dont understand why she has longest melee range in game, 200. Two champs that got long sticks, wukong and xin zhao, have 175, almost everyone else 125. Her Q already does double dmg to minions so its not like she has hard time farm. I would say drop the minion bonus from Q or the 'extra' AA range.
: The poppy W only %%%%s with the first dash - you are free to dash after that one. > ACTIVE: Poppy gains bonus movement speed for 2.5 seconds and generates a barrier around her for the duration, causing all enemies who dash within to be Grounded icon knocked down and dealt magic damage. > Steadfast Presence can only block a single dash per enemy per cast.
Hmm, my comment has been vanished to bit space. Anyway, you are correct, I checked from LoL wiki but in-game description and LoL official site says: 'While Steadfast Presence is active, she stops enemy dashes in an area around her' Nothing about it works only once per champ. I think this information should be added to description as soon as possible. I find it pretty important information.
Rioter Comments
Solicitude (EUNE)
: This is not a bug, its a normal interaction. Amumu's R says in its description "roots enemy champions and prevents them from casting". This means that if someone casts and ability before or as the root comes in place, it wont stop. That said, if Camille used E at the moment Amumu used R, Camille would jump away, but she would get rooted in the place where she would land. This also happens with a lot more stuns and roots. Its like when a Blitzcranks Q hits the enemy Ezreal the moment his uses his E, the damage will land but Ezreal will go to his E intended location rather than getting hooked. There are a bunch of such interactions, though none of them are bugs.
You should read the descriptions more carefully. Amu's ulti causes entangle which is a combination of disarm and root. Root in the other hand has a following effect "A unit that is rooted is unable to control its movement for the duration. Moving covers movement commands, as well as all dash and blink abilities." Because Camille's E is a dash, she should not be able to use it. And you can clearly see from the video that Camille was under the effect of entangle at least half a second before she used her E.
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