Helblindi (EUNE)
: No Git Gud comment? On the serious note, these loses aren't your fault according to the KDA, you didn't have a single game that you failed. Yes, you can always do better, more farm, help teammates more when you get ahead, pressure the map with roaming and wards, get objectives etc. You can't win every game. On average you will lose 25% of the games by default they just sometime happen to be in a row, if you play tons of game it will all fall into the place. From the few games I looked into you even ward a lot, have placed wards almost as much as your team's support and you've always placed at least few pinks which is really good, keep it up. Damage dealt to champions is there, gold also, sometimes you lack the kills but they are overrated in my opinion, as long as you secure a kill for your team, no matter who gets it you are going ahead and enemy is dead and losing XP / Gold / pressure. You won't win every game, but as long as you keep this play style you will climb.
Thanks man appreciate the comment and time to look
LA Losty (EUW)
: Divisions* Teirs are bronze, silver, gold etc. Considering i was got D1 last season i will drop at least 5 divisions no matter what as well, as the higest possible placement is platinum 1.
You know what i meant ha.. Once at that elo and with that large drop, do you skip divisions entirely once climbing? I'm gaining like 24lp but hear you need 30lp+ to skip one
LA Losty (EUW)
: I have only played 2 ranked games so far as ive been taking a break. Was sadly matced with a couple of D5's who got destroyed in lane.
Well i (and most people i know) dropped 7 tiers... so good luck man, fingers crossed all goes well for you
TeeTohr (EUW)
: That's because it's small enough that going gentle she will not feel it
TeeTohr (EUW)
: > .. be gentle That's what she said
I can assure you, she never ask's me to be gentle XD
LA Losty (EUW)
: I was D1 last season and then took a break. Towards the end of a season i ended up dropping to D3, partly because i didnt play enough and partly because my team would get utterly destroyed every single game :P It happens to everyone, ive even seen pro players lose 300 lp due to an unlucky streak.
Yea i've seen pro's go on long losing streaks as well, but they always seem to understand why better.... How did the reset treat you? Last season was just a write off, i solo or Duo and was constantly vs 4-5 man premades which was jst antifun!
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: When it comes to climbing one tricking is the best way, the most efficient use of time. If you intend to go pro then some more champions would be good.
Faminees (EUW)
: Happens mate. I had the same thing as you a few weeks back, think I had 7-8 lost in a row. It was frustrating as hell. I usually take a break and play ARAM if I lose 2 on the bounce. But after 7 I took a few days off. Every game my whole team was getting stomped, like losing in the first 25 minutes. It was painful. But then I came back and went on a 10-11 game winning streak. I think I won 17/20 and went up 2 divisions. Sometimes the RNG gods just go against you. Take a break, play something else, come back and you will be fine. Happens to all of us.
Thanks man... i forgot how painful it was to lose like this in SoloQ, didn't seem quite as bad getting stomped by premades of 5 continuously last year XD. Going to take a break after 2 losses myself and do something to chill out.
: Loseing despite good/ok K/D/A seams to be the new thing, you can be successful to the end but lose anyway, When you then look at damage dealt to champions there is useually 2 players dealing about the same damage as the support. When you got 2 or more player that is compleatly off you lose the dragons because they have no mapawarness so you allways lose the teamfights about the dragon. The opponents can push Towers every now and then because someplayers is doing their thing (useually farming the jungle or splitpushing whitout hope of actully getting a Tower down.
I think out of the 8 games, there were 3 where i could of (or my team could have) won.. but mistakes were made that threw the game.. i've rewatched them all and literally 5 games were just done before 10 mins.
: take a break, practice champs/builds in custom game against beginner bots. i play at least 1 custom game before i start playing normals every day, it's good warmup
Seems like a good shout, does it not get boring?!
314exeexe (EUNE)
: no one can give advice from match history. Has to watch replay
Really? Because looking at yours i could offer you some advice. :) Ideal world yes match reviews are best. But you can look at peoples match history's and comment on limited data
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Why 3 mid? you already main anivia, she's not that popular so you can easily just stick with her whenever you go mid.
Because i don't enjoy one tricking and Anivia has her weakness's, better to have a little bit of diversity imo
314exeexe (EUNE)
: If you lose a lot of games it means you are positioned too high compared to where you belong. You will soon drop to a more favourable rank where you wont get stomped.
eeehhh not at this stage in the season, i am gaining 24/25lp per win. At the moment everyone is lower than their rank due to the reset. plats / golds are mostly in silver. I wasn't asking for comments with regards to how riot mystically create their ranked system. Just advice from looking at match history :)
: Farm more, you're only good on Anivia it seems.
This... is very true... I play a good ziggs too so will stick with them
Kensei0 (EUNE)
: I'll just copy paste it from comment I already made - Well what do you want me to tell you? You just got unlucky. Wanna play bidding? I had 14 games losing streak once - talking about ranked ofc, in every single one of those games I was the only one on the team who didn't got his ass handed to him, in fact only in one of those games I went even, while stomping my lane in the 13 left.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Your champion pool is too big.
Yep i said that myself that i tried to much in the first week of the season... the issue with the losses though, isn't my pool. I literally play 3 champs mid and 1 top! Unless i get auto filled of course. Thanks for commenting anyway
íGengar (EUW)
: Agree 100%, a friend of mine who I duo with normaly dominates top lane Swain but sadly a Camille got through the ban phase which resulted in like a 1/7, instead of taking a break he got forced mid so went Swain again but a Jayce demolished him to 1/11. Few days later after a break and some chilled normals, back to the normal 12/0 esque scores. Tilt only leads to more desperation and tilt you cant force victories in that mind set.
Thanks man, i think i lost a couple due to things out of my control and that tilted me then i lost by doing dumb shit to try and hard carry.... and it was down hill from there. Going to have some normal's get some confidence back and hit it again :)
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
This 100%... the biggest issue is i know this and advise others the same, but when you're at the keyboard and after that loss... its hard to walk away! A few games are certainly down to tilt.
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MadClown (EUNE)
: Grill! And no problem.Best of luck in the ranked climbs.
Thanks ma'am, sorry for the assumption ha.
: Mmh y But only really experienced supports actually ward brushes while fighting(i do it always but thats because i am a adc main and know the pain xD)
Most games as a mid lane main i had the most wards placed (especially pink) One of the reasons for the swap is because i know the vision game and know i can help. My issue with league is probably my reaction time and my mechanics, my macro game is better. I mean i am 30, us oldies get slower.
: Sweet well gl mate been a support for 2 years so you going to need a lot of headache tablets and booze :P
I'll have to buy a bottle of whisky before playing tonight XD
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Annie is your. You can controll and still play line a midlane mage. Supporting is not reliant on the champ most of the time. it depends on what you do. I enjoy playing fighter, but there are not much realyl good fighter in the support slot, so i picked up weird ones, like Darius, Sion and Aatrox. They are quite good duelists for the most of the time, and they still have thoose capabilities to play as a support. I also recommend playing Karma, it can be disgustingly good for utility, lockdown, poking, and by the nature of "short range mage" she is tanky.
Played a lot of Karma mid so it should be quite easy to transition.
: I did the same thing last (this) season. Played mainly {{champion:12}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:412}} and it went rlly well imo :P
Good to hear. I think its a really underrated role.
: {{champion:111}} {{champion:89}}{{champion:201}} and {{champion:12}} are 4 really strong supports as well and all of them have strong engages and are monsters with the new masteries/keystone
Cheers man, that is basically the line up i am going for but swap out Naut for Tahm as i just love the Kench!
MadClown (EUNE)
: Oh I played lulu both on mid and supp for me she works either way. For me bard feels like a high risk champ for some reason. My brother is an actual support main and he climbs with Ali, Thresh and Morgana.But it all depends which champ also fits your play style best and what you want to for the team.
Cheers dude, greatly appreciate the replies! Ali / Thresh incoming
DeadJazzy (EUW)
: Its disgusting from what i've tried with him. Yea that's a good point, i think Janna is a must. Lulu might find a place again in the assassin meta? Thinking Janna Ali Thresh Leona Braum Tahm Lulu Morg Nami They are all champs i like, but will need to narrow it down for climbing.
MadClown (EUNE)
: Thresh seems squishy too me to if I build him with coin, since last hitting a minion with face of the mountain is so freaking hard for me. Yeah that's true for Janna but I also think She would be good if this becomes assasin meta.
Its disgusting from what i've tried with him. Yea that's a good point, i think Janna is a must. Lulu might find a place again in the assassin meta? Thinking Janna Ali Thresh Leona Braum Tahm Lulu Morg Nami They are all champs i like, but will need to narrow it down for climbing.
MadClown (EUNE)
: Hi there.This is my second season playing and I have been maining mid for both seasons.Last one I was silver 5, currently I am at plat 4. From time to time I play support especially when I lose confidence in mid lane.I found that climbing with support is much easier and I have a 60% win rate on it over 100 matches played. Two champs rly work for me Braum( I rly consider him a free elo) and Morgana. I have been trying out thresh lately and he seems to fit me well but still I miss those important Q's. Nami seems to be good in current meta and I think Janna aswell.But maybe higher elo then me can give a better input.
Hey thanks for the reply. Yea i love playing Braum, Tahm, is another support i really like. Especially considering some ADC's seem like Magnets for CC. Thresh always feels so squishy to me?! Ha yea i think Janna is probably the easiest, from what i see of pro streamers there are a lot of Janna one tricks in high elo.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: It can be pretty easy to transition from mid to support, both have rather similar playstyle if you go for mage utility supports{{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} . While playing, think about what you can and cannot do. Early in the game you're gonna have to rely on your adc to ward with trinket so if you need something warded you can try simply clicking that bush and adc would probably know what you mean if he still doesnt, click on your trinket ward to show it's on and then use ask for assitence on bush if that's still not enough you're gonna have to use chat. Probably should leave some warning ping while roaming or something because adc's tend to die when left alone(not too sure how to deal with this exactly). Always have your sightstone in min and try to keep it always empty or at least before going back use up the rest of the ward charges. Adc's ussually have pretty bad map awerness because they're focused on cs'ing. You are theyr map awerness, the moment you see something dangerous spam dangerous ping. Buy pinks. If you want team to take some objective, prepare it by warding around it.
Thanks man appreciate that! Going to spam a few games and see how i get on.
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Yes, but i was having trouble adjusting to the current anivia and the upcoming Anivia does have some intresting buffs to it: I really like her wall and it's geting lower cd, E also is geting lower cd, but the most intresting one for me is that it takes only 1,5 seconds for ult to reach max size, that coupled with the fact that q stuns for longer and full size ult slows for more really intrigues me. Should be easier to get enemys keep in her ult and with lower E cd and some cdr should be able to dish out better dps. Also faster max size ult means she doesnt rely that much on her E and sets up the battlefield faster.
Buff to team fighting / Nerf to laning imo
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: no, my picks are ahri and anivia
Seen the PBE nerfs to Anivia? Sad times.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I never played assassins and don't really intent to don't like the playstyle. On a plus side i remember i was climbing the fastest when Assassins were meta because i knew really well how to deal with them so i think i'll be fine.
Good to hear, i don't think i'll change either. Just play more Malz and shut the buggers down XD
: I don't honestly understand that harshness on poor Anivia... also I feel like these nerfs will rease her skillcap even more, and she was already pretty difficult to use at her best
I'll be honest, her R-E or E-R combo is and has always been stupid. But this nerf is terribly harsh! If it goes through, they need to buff the speed of her Q to make it easier to land otherwise she's just going to be poor
: I will try to play a lot of assassins now to understand how they work. Then shift back to my mages.. And go feed the assassin xD feels bad being a main Lux with the days that have to come
Tell me about it man! I mainly just play Viktor and Anivia. Anivia is being GUTTED on the PBE right now and i am worried i'll just lose loads of games by playing immobile mages when assassins are roaming around slaughtering my team mates.
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DeadJazzy (EUW)
: Malzahar's win rate and current state, my thoughts on easy fix.
So apparently Riot agreed with me and i'm not just a trash noob with no game knowledge QQ'ing over nothing..... weird that!!
Exdominator (EUNE)
: Actually right now imo malz is pretty balanced. About the cooldown on his passive i bealive its fine i mean 30 secs without taking any dmg from an enemy champion in the early game on mid lane since everyone is either ranged (annie , lb, lux etc) or either has poke (zed , talon , kata) ppl just don't know how to play against him. U just bait his shield out and then go all in (preferably with a teammate with some form of cc apart form a slow so he can cut his ulty off).
BTW the problem was never his rank 1 passive, but the fact it went from 30 second CD to 10 second CD at rank 2.
Jdn (EUW)
: Sir Alex the best manager the sport has ever seen lmao. Best manager the Premier league has ever seen yeah
Spot on comment, he is widely recognised as the best manager ever to grace the game. (i hate Utd, but got to respect Fergie)
Exdominator (EUNE)
: Actually right now imo malz is pretty balanced. About the cooldown on his passive i bealive its fine i mean 30 secs without taking any dmg from an enemy champion in the early game on mid lane since everyone is either ranged (annie , lb, lux etc) or either has poke (zed , talon , kata) ppl just don't know how to play against him. U just bait his shield out and then go all in (preferably with a teammate with some form of cc apart form a slow so he can cut his ulty off).
I know how to play against him, i just disagree. But everyone entitled to their opinion.
Exdominator (EUNE)
: shouldn't cleanse remove malz ulty? like qss?
Malz ult is a suppression, cleanse doesn't remove suppression. QSS removes the CC element but you still take the dmg.
: There's no problem with malz, you just gotta counter him with someone like Olaf.
He's had a 54% + win rate for a long time, so there is a problem with him. The stats don't lie, but you're not alone in your thinking and your comment is expected.
Rioter Comments
: A top laner that is always viable would be, imo, Gnar. Although he isn't superstrong right now, he works in pretty much any matchup. For me only Jax and Xin Zhao cause much trouble. But like you said, that's more tanky and less carry. Unless maybe if my new tryout build (http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/jqxT55UN-new-gnar-build) is actually decent. Anyway, more (as default) damage building laners, next to Jax & Fiora, that are very strong imo are Irelia (more AD focused) and Rumble (AP) and maybe a Diana. On the other hand, a lot of strong mid carry's can be easily used in toplane as well: AP Fizz, AP Ekko, ...
I've actually played a lot of Gnar i just felt in some games recently that he's too squishy and your team doesnt know how to play around Mega Gnar... That said, i like your build and rethinking the play style for soloQ could be work wonders?!? (Actually so Wikid go Runaans in a Challenger series game) With the nerfs incoming to Rage blade, maybe BOTRK instead would be better and then tanky items? Have you tried Triforce?
Mr Naekh (EUW)
: Was chatting on an another thread, did you think of Diana? That's something to carry with.
I hadn't actually at all..... worth a thought, she deletes things!
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Well Malph has more than enough damage :) I understand the temptation to build damage, but it's often overrated. While it may feel you are doing more (I mean, you just 3hit that guy, amirite?), it is often more beneficial for you to keep 3 of them busy and potentially kill 1 while your team does their thing. Yes, games happen where you are doing everything perfectly and tanking 4 of them for 3 minutes at each fight, and kill 2 of them alone. While your team dies 4v1. But they are quite few, and being more of a damage won't help in those either :P Edit: If you ABSOLUTELY must have damage, I can give you my bruiser Vi stuff after this game ;P (But works only in jungle, so that'd be some learning). Darius is a good option. Cho Rumble
Thanks man, nice and helpful comment :)
: You can try Olaf, Irelia, Trundle, Rumble.
Mr Naekh (EUW)
: That's the thing with Sion is usually end up second or third on damage. Tank are dealing crazy dmg right now. You can go Titanic into sunfire for example and people will melt. Malphite is also up there, Sunfire, IBG and here you go, ult, Right click, E right click -> Enemy team disappeared. And what about Darius or Panth?
Thanks man, will have a think
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