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: {{item:3348}} {{item:2043}} {{item:3364}} {{item:2047}}
> [{quoted}](name=CybeRSlaughteR,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=E2wIZE2T,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2015-10-25T16:47:41.705+0000) > > {{item:3348}} {{item:2043}} {{item:3364}} {{item:2047}} Aaaaaaaaaaa true sight....I'll be leaving now........{{summoner:6}} I might be back in patch 2.22....... (wink)
: shen was "meta support" before juggernauts but someone had to be innovative and use him when he wasn't meta, to make him become meta
Yes but you seem to think the players setting the meta just spam random champions and see what sticks. some thought actually goes into it you know, theory crafting, testing. the exact thing analysis do. your point that the analysts have nothing to contribute to the game and dont help set the meta is pointless. Why do you think professional teams employ analysts as part of their team. to help them plan how to deal with meta picks and influence future picks, therefore setting the meta.
: Option for account cloning
Someone say cloning? {{champion:35}}
: again, the guys over there are NOT innovative. Just because X is not meta doesn't mean X is BAD. Shen support was considered a troll until earlier this year. Casters, most coaches, all annalists and most players were seeing Shen support as a troll/off meta pick. Guess what? now he is meta. Now that he is meta, all those great casters can point out all the reasons shen is meta, and why he is strong. But they COULDN'T do that before he was meta. Why? Because again, they are not innovative. They do not shape the meta, they follow it. Again, Fiora's counters are not meta. Not because it hurts team compositions. APC top lane allows your mid laner to play AD mid laners. Which will open up poke team comp or assassin team comp for that team. Even more, most APC top laners (Vlad, Diana, Lulu, Lissandra, Ryze etc) can flex to mid as well. But because first of all, people do not even consider them counters and they are not even willing to test a bit. Once someone plays XXX on top that will just rape Fiora for a few games in a row. (Ie: Gnar into Darius) Then it will become meta and everyone gona join the bandwagon and hype train. My comment on Fiora vs Darius was: Darius wins early early. Fiora wins at the start at the start of mid game (she gets Tiamat + something) Darius wins again after they both got 3-4 items. Fiora wins again when they both got 6 items. Lets say that during the 3-4 items spike, Darius proceeds to CRUSH Fiora in team fights and split pushing. Gets an item lead. Now, until Fiora gets that 6th item (which is usually minute 50+) Darius will keep on crushing her every single time the see each other. Meaning that if Darius loses, its his fault only for not ending the game before the game got to 50+ minutes or BUILD QSS. Its decision making. If you can't make your advantage roll and win. Then at least BUILD AGAINST YOU ENEMY. Kind of like the basic knowledge: if your enemy destroys you in lane, at least build some tank stats. When Ahri players see an Annie as a mid laner. They don't build {{item:3165}} {{item:3285}} or {{item:3135}} They will build {{item:3027}} {{item:3001}} or {{item:3174}} to protect themselves against getting killed -> then killing the enemy.
Your doing what I've seen so many other people do on forums and not putting anything you say into context. Shen support was considered a troll pick until earlier this year because it WAS a troll pick. With the release of the juggernauts a meta shift occurred and the ADC pool became more limited due to many adc's not being able to deal with the tanky juggernauts. Guess what vayne, kalista, tristana and mordekaiser all became the top meta ADC picks because they work well against top lane juggernauts. shen came to prominence as a support pick because his taunt is extremely effective against kalista, fairly effective against tristana and to a lesser extent vayne. What I also notice your not considering is the meta as a whole. you say vlad would be a perfect counter to fiora, (something I can find no fault with, it would be weaker in the first 5 minutes but would do considerably well in lane afterwards) >But because first of all, people do not even consider them counters and they are not even willing to test a bit. They are being considered but are ultimately being dropped for other meta reasons. The problem with taking vlad top vs a fiora for example is that he will then do absolutely nothing during team fights and doesn't fit into the rest off the team comp. you take a mage top, mid is currently full of waveclear mages or AP assassins, so you're doubling up on AP making building defensively against you easier. vlad is also inherently tanky which is fine but can make support picks a little more limiting as there are very few tank/ad supports in the game (the support pool is mostly AP damage) the enemy team will gain a lot of value out of {{item:3190}} then they would otherwise. If you explore other fiora counter picks you will probably find similar faults explaining why renekton is one of the only champs that is actually being played in competitive as a counter to fiora. because he is not only a counter but is meta and fits with other meta team champions. >Once someone plays XXX on top that will just rape Fiora for a few games in a row. (Ie: Gnar into Darius) Then it will become meta and everyone gona join the bandwagon and hype train. In soloQ yes but not in compedative play as they have to consider teamfight strategy and overall meta combinations of champions. Gnar into darius works but is only half the reason he is picked vs darius at worlds, the CC, damage and initiation he provides is the other half.
: i already listed pretty much all her counters and why, including fucking math to back it up the casters at worlds as well as analist desk are smart. But not THAT smart. They can analyze why this works (ie: why vlad into malphite is good) They can analyze why this doesn't work (ie: kennen into fiora) But they can't analyze what have a high change of working and just needs to be played. They do not "make the meta". They follow it. Most of the coaches as well, they just follow the meta (like the guy that kept calming "this patch is my bitch" because because now i know the meta after 2 months of playing in it) Fiora has no "meta" counters. Just skill match-ups. Off-meta is not something in the casters and annalist's head.
> [{quoted}](name=Serika Zero,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AT1ygeAy,comment-id=00280000,timestamp=2015-10-25T09:15:05.200+0000) > > i already listed pretty much all her counters and why, including fucking math to back it up > the casters at worlds as well as analist desk are smart. But not THAT smart. > They can analyze why this works (ie: why vlad into malphite is good) > They can analyze why this doesn't work (ie: kennen into fiora) > But they can't analyze what have a high change of working and just needs to be played. > > They do not "make the meta". They follow it. Most of the coaches as well, they just follow the meta (like the guy that kept calming "this patch is my bitch" because because now i know the meta after 2 months of playing in it) > Fiora has no "meta" counters. Just skill match-ups. > Off-meta is not something in the casters and annalist's head. Afraid I disagree, you CAN analyze what has a high chance of working in lane if you assume the skill and knowledge of both players are equal. I dont understand why you have to bring meta into this at all. Meta is just the current select group of champs favored in the game due to buffs or they counter the previous meta and have shifted in popularity after the fact. If a select meta is brought to worlds you can bet your ass the pro's have already thought of the next meta of champs to deal with them. case and point all the counter picks made towards the juggernauts this worlds. You stated fiora beats darius in late game. while this could be part of an overall game plan its a pretty poor decision no? darius could win early and use that lead to start crushing your other laners, hurting your overall team as a result. I h8 champions that have overpowered kits and the ideal solution is to get QSS, it polarises the champion from being too strong to being underpowered. it's bad balance methodology. You make a very good point for her counters in lane but with her Q dashes, riposte ability she can still avoid being all in'd enough to escape. if you counter a champion you shouldn't just not lose to them in lane but get fed from them. fiora is still very frustraiting to play against due to this fact.
deceiiver (EUNE)
: Winter Summoners Rift 2015
Riot wont do it. Download wooxy and install the xmass map yourself
: What Beats Fiora?
They said it today at worlds. Anything with hard CC beats fiora, but if she riposte's at the right time she counters the CC. So in the hands of a skilled player she has no counter due to this, which is why her redesign is F-ing retarded.
: Hey Thought about simply not typing in chat?
> [{quoted}](name=LickMyFishstick,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=EddfM3eU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-20T22:15:15.692+0000) > > Hey > Thought about simply not typing in chat? you seem to think a player can stop being themselves, like it's that easy to change you're personally at the flick of a switch. strangely enough a disable chat option WOULD be as easy as flicking a switch. maybe think before you type?
Minstrel (EUNE)
: The game is crippling the lore and it makes me sad.
If your not happy use the scroll wheel to zoom in on the champ, pretend the ground next to you is a valley and the river is an ocean. you get the idea.
: Aatrox needs to get in the meta again
Nope, rework is on the horizon as his kit is a toxic pile of crap. /end
Mjoww (EUNE)
: So you dont know? Since you dont have and credible sources stating that. But I hope so aswell. I hope Kindred will be released as soon as possible >After being delayed, KINDRED will be released sometime during 5.20! Click here for more information on the delay or our 5.19 pbe coverage for more on Kindred! I'm betting early in the patch rather then later.
Mjoww (EUNE)
: Where have you read/heard that? Do you have any believeable sources?
> [{quoted}](name=Mjoww,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=AKELh9rE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-10-12T21:37:18.302+0000) > > Where have you read/heard that? Do you have any believeable sources? the champion was set to be released last patch, they usually leave the release time a little bit into the patch, only one bug delayed the champ. riot should be releasing them with the next patch to catch up and be on scedual.
Moodyboy (EUW)
: Kindred Release Date?
mìlk (EUW)
: Suggestion: Player birthday gifting
10/10/15: It's my birthday today, yay discount 11/10/15: It's my birthday today, yay discount 12/10/15: It's my birthday today, yay discount 13/10/15: It's my birthday today, yay discount 14/10/15: It's my birthday today, yay discount 15/10/15: It's my birthday today, yay discount Yea I don't see this being abused at all.
Reingel29 (EUW)
: yes, i feel you bro. that is the burden the jungler role must bear
Especially those poor voli-bears :p
: The ban button.
: At least Give GRAVES a toothpick!!!
Graves can have a toothpick but graves can't have a cigar
: > [{quoted}](name=FatTaco,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QpEhaETE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-10-09T12:10:19.420+0000) > > He'll choke on it and have to go to the hospital when he E's #Health Hazards of the Rift
> [{quoted}](name=Game0fThrowz,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QpEhaETE,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-10-09T12:17:45.728+0000) > > #Health Hazards of the Rift Yep, thats a choking hazard. can't put it in the game.
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Name your one champion that can make you salty.
Ebola san (EUNE)
Eveninn (EUW)
: I don't care if you suck.
* I'm the jungler, * I'm at our base. * bot lane start doing dragon without sweeping the lane or the pit. * 4 enemies are missing on the map including the enemy jungler. * I ping for them to stop doing dragon. * I type for them to stop doing dragon. * Enemy shows up, kills them and start's doing dragon. * I flash into pit, steal dragon, die. * I tell my bot lane to never do dragon without me when the enemy jungler is alive and missing. My face when they say report me for flaming
Xertus (EUW)
: League of Legends :How do you play? survey
With a keyboard and mouse. how do you play?
: If you met your main...
Me: oh no... {{champion:35}} : How about a magic trick? Me: emm no , no no noooo no nooo.... {{champion:35}} : hahahahHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Me: (dead as my namesake)
Dzsime (EUNE)
: What is the scariest thing to read in LoL?
NecroToxyc (EUNE)
: Turrets in league
I must try this new teemo tanking turret dive strat you've suggested
DabThe2Key (EUNE)
: Do you plan on keeping Juggernauts this way?
Learn to play against the new champ concept and QQ.
Flex58 (EUW)
: [Opinion] Aren't Ward-Skins a little bit too expensive?
Yes there overpriced but players were buying them at release so there's no way the price would have been on launch. no they won't be lowered in the future as that would piss off the players who already bought them. Noone voted with there wallet at ward skin launch so now we all suffer.
Lsayu (EUNE)
: We lost now....cause you took Ashe
Actually them stating something stupid like that in champ select is a really good thing, now your team knows who to mute when the game starts
Shiroe x (EUW)
: We want a legit program, system not something that can get us banned.
I understand and agree that we need an actual expansion of the ping system but you can use this in the meantime. using autoscript to type sentences is perfectly within the rules of riots terms of service. I simply have the script set up so if I press a num key a predefined sentences like "enemy doing baron" "we should get more wards/pinks out on the map" "enemy doing dragon" "lets do baron" "can the team group, i'm split pushing" "lets do dragon" "good job" "enemy ward" "enemy in the bush" Are auto typed out. I have been using it for 16 months now and haven't received any bans. It doesn't affect actual gameplay or give you an advantage over the other team. unless your loading scripts that play the game for you which of course will get you a ban. riot can detect the difference.
: Dear Riot: How hard is a "Enemy ward here" ping?
get autoscript, programme a single keypress to type the full sentence 'enemy ward here', ping the map after message
: Make Darius not apply max hemorrage stacks when 'enraged'
That's the **whole point** of the champion, jeez what a stupid suggestion.
: Physicians were baffled until a Field Architect happened to pass out next to a nexus on the Twisted Treeline. Witnesses said he cried out once and then stopped breathing. Immediately after, magical energy arced out from the nexus, and Nocturne appeared. read it yourself u blebling.
you're reading from his changed lore page. look for the summoners initial entry on the encounter with nocturne. Its in the old lore page entrys for league
: maokai's old lore was that he randomly appeared on twisted treeline aswell so they didnt slab shadow isles on him he was already from there.
You are reading moakai's **New** lore, he's one of the few champions that are already rewritten moakai's **actual** old lore was that he was created by a freak accident on summoners rift when some summoners got carried away during a match. there was no mention of a nature spirit, moakia was a normal tree on summoners rift and through random magic was brought to life. (in fact on the old summoners rift there was a tree stump/uprooted patch where moakia supposedly use to stand as a normal tree) He hated his existence and it was an abomination of nature and agreed to join the league to assist the summoners while they tried to figure out how to undo the spell on him. Riot rewrote his lore completely but did it in such as way that his voice over and quotes still made sense.
: Please be civil as there is no need to be rude. Fiddlesticks's lore is incomplete. Almost nothing of the inner him and his origins is stated in it. Only how people react to his presence. Yes, it is not stated that he is undead but I am just pointing out the obvious. It is clear that you have formed your opinion on the matter and do not have an easy time accepting others, but if you're not interested in leading a conversation with me by not reading anything I say because it offends you (and I didn't even try) then further debate is useless. In the end, it doesn't matter what you think or what I think, Riot will just do what they will.
I'm hardly starting a riot. >Fiddlesticks's lore is incomplete How? Could you explain how you came to the conclusion fiddlesticks in undead? his lore has no mention of necromancy, in fact he was summoned from an >extra-planar Demention as written in his lore. it appears that **you** are in fact creating your own opinion on the character. On a side note by your logic then riot should rewrite the lore of amumu, sion and urgot and make them associated with the shadow isles simply because they **are** undead in nature and design. Perhaps you should leave the lore writing to people with some actual design depth so we don't have it turn out like a 5 year olds nursery book about a boy losing his balloon.
: Fiddlesticks is a type of undead. His demeanor and vocal delivery is very zombie-ish. Fiddle himself appears to be a possessed Scarecrow of a tormented soul (most likely a farmer). His physique is very skeletal. Additionally, the entire Raven/Crow theme is extremely, how shall I put it...necrotic ? You can understand why Crows/Ravens (being scavengers) are associated with death (and **D**eath). Nocturne is a type of Wraith. A shadow Wraith. He himself reminds me a lot of Erebus from Greek mythology, the Primordial Darkness which created the Walls surrounding the Underworld. Additionally, I do believe he is based on another figure of Greek myth and that is either Hypnos or Phobetor. Phobetor being the son of Hypnos and the god of _Nightmares_ and Hypnos himself being the God of sleep and lunacy. Hypnos and Thanatos (his brother and the god of Death) were almost always illustrated together. Such is the power of the connection between Sleep & Death. I am already very salty that Kindred is not part of the Isles and now Nocturne ? No, please :( For Shaco I completely agree with you. Infact, I also believe that THE JOKER himself is some type of supernatural being created by the negative, repressed emotions of people (as no one has ever been sure of The Joker & Shaco's origins). The vibe Shaco sends me is a very Demonic one (The Demon Jester after all ;q) and is similar to the one Aatrox gives me. We don't know The Darkin's theme yet, but if we judge solely by Aatrox then they are some kind of Demon Division to which Shaco would fit nicely (if this is the case).
>Fiddlesticks is a type of undead. I'm sorry I couldn't read past this line, please read the damn lore before having a conversation with me.
: ohh btw noctune was spawned in the shadow isles on the twisted threeline arena. so eeeehhhh.....
Nocturne was summoned by the summoners using a nexus after some of the summoners started having horrible dreams and some died in there sleep. Upon being summoned he could bot be contained and proceeded to slaughter about 40 of the summoners at the institute before being contained by one of the higher level founders. Read the lore you pleb
: i think you are looking at the shadow isles wrong. apart from the obvious "spooky scary skeletons" theme there is diversity within the isles. the whole place used to be a beautiful, living place much like ionia but was struck by intense necromancy turning the whole place into a nightmare. even though the characters have a simmiliar theme they are very different from eachother. example: tresh and kathus is the first guys that comes to mind when you say "baddies from the shadow isles" because they are straigh out a bad guys. but there are complete opposites like maokai. he used to be the protecter of the isle's nature and now that its destroyed he fights back the undead of the isles and try to restore the nature of the place. : not a bad guy but a good guy struck by tragedy. there is also middle men like hecarim. he seems like a bad guy since he is the frontrunner of spreading death and destruction for the shadow isles, but he is just the byproduct of the isles turning. he have no memories of who he used to be and have no motivation other than the natural wrath that is hes being, and seem more like a tool for the evil characters rather than a evil being. this applies for the void aswell. there are babaric vile creatures like cho'gath and kog'maw who just selfishly feed on anything. there are creatures like vel'koz and kha'zix that follow their own intrest rather than primal instincts, those two are pretty evil in the eyes of a man but in their own minds they cant reconize themselves as evil creatures. there is also more natural creatures like rek'sai who is the queen of her nest of simmiliar creatures, she could easily be guarding her kind that resides in the shurima dessert. so in short: even though the void and the shadow isles is portrayed as "where bad guys comes from" there are lots of different characters from those factions that arent necessarily evil, so putting a characters lore in those places doesnt box them in but places their already developed personalities in a place where it fits.
And taking the predefined personalities and descriptions of fiddlesticks, shaco and nocturne they **Do Not** belong in the shadow isles. You're also using moakia as an example and his entire lore, personality and what drives him was rewritten to make him suit the shadow isles, it's exactly that kind of BS writing I wish to avoid by this post.
: i like the theory that nocturne is shens nighmare of zed, i would like him to be related to that group of people. i think fiddle would fit into the shadow isles. how about this: what is now fiddlesticks used to be a regular farmer from what is now the shadow isles, events unfold and the village gang up on him and kill him, they then burrowed his body in a cornfield and placed a scarecrow on top fo the grave so nobody would think to dig it up and discover what they had done. but little did they know that weeks later a group of necromancers would turn their loved home into a cold dead place full of nighmarish creatures, that is when fiddlesticks is born by the energies of hate and evil intentions and a simple scarecrow. shaco could easily be a creation of the black rose to cut down leadership and bring them more influence on noxus.
I haven't heard that particular theory before but It's feasible. I don't mind this as a concept because it can still mean nocturne is from his own nightmare demention but it doesn't really have anything to stand on when compared to the previous nocturne lore. He's a creature that feeds off the power of powerful mages by invading their dreams. it's a homage to the A Nightmare on Elm Street's antagonist freddy krueger. I don't like throwing fiddlesticks lore in with the shadow isles, it limits the diversity of the lore. only really childish writers dumb down their universe by lumping all of the "bad guys" into a single source. I do like the idea of affiliating the black rose with shaco however but still want him to come from a nightmare like realm. perhaps the black rose summoned him to runeterra in a ritual but something went wrong and now he's free to roam the world and do as he pleases for the fun of it.
pdX Lye (EUW)
: Nasus should also get the Juggernaut treatment
By Design he's already a Juggernaut, theres no need for a change
: >that all three were from the same dream/nightmare realm I haven't thought of that possibility...interesting. And it makes sense!
I imagined them being embodiments of people's negative emotions or fear's brought to life. while nocturne actually is a creature that attacks people in there dreams both fiddlesticks and shaco **are** actual fears, plenty of people are scared of scarecrow's and clown's
: While Nocturne and Fiddle are more or less abandoned in the void left by the retcon of Institue of War, Shaco still got some sense as a mysterious killer for hire (Joker, in other words). I doubt that a creature from the "plane of fear" would have such job (or a job at all for what matters), so i would rather like Shaco to be re-flavored by exploring it's demonic origins (well, if such things like demons exists in this game to begin with), or a possible Noxus/Zaun connection. I would scrap it's friendship with nocturne and fiddle entirely. Shaco, on the other hand, is going to get a rework in the (not next) future, so it's probably that RioT will took the chance to rewrite it's flavor too.
I've always seen it as a place of negative human emotions more than a "plane of fear" nocturne embodies terror while fiddlesticks is fear. I thought shaco would embody sadistic tendencies. Not sure about that shaco rework m8. they dumped his rework proposal months ago and every time I ask a riot employ they dodge the question or ignore it.
: For Shaco I agree but ... Fiddlesticks ? Nocturne ? I am sorry but both of them are pure Shadow Isles material. That's like asking Julius Caesar to not be from Rome. The amount of great updates they can receive if they just get that _"Shadow Isles flavour"_ on them (the greenish blue and the ghastly theme) will make them nothing short of amazing! Especially Nocturne, who I can already see being tied indispensably in the Shadow Isles lore. As for Fiddlesticks, Riot has said that an eventual Lore Rework is coming for him and it will be in the H.P. Lovecraft/Cthulu Cult style. Which I am.. not too fond of. Not only is Fiddlesticks VISIBLY logical to be from the Isles, but shove him into those Void lunatics ? No thanks.. At bare minimum, it would be a copy (or an extension) of Malzahar's theme which would be unoriginal (just like Zed is a copy/extension of Nocturne's theme -_-). Just my 5 cents on the matter.
Why fiddlesticks and nocturne? neither of them have anything to do with death or the afterlife. both have themes of fear or terror which fit negative emotions more then anything.
zjcool (EUW)
: Poachers knife- the worst smite upgrade in the game
its being removed season 6, riot already stated this, pointless thread is pointless.
Solash (EUW)
: When people ask me for a Nasus counter
or, you know. gnar kicks his ass, or vlad. literally any ranged top lane
Rioter Comments
: You could also argue that percentage scaling is generally weaker in the early game than flat scaling and therefore the warrior enchantment is actually better as it is for those jungler who want to make a difference in the early game rather than waiting for later. lets take hecarim as a random example of defences and we will assume that he is level 9 because by that point you should definitely definitely have the full upgrade... hecarims base armour, so assuming no items as its early, is 52 giving 34% damage reduction and the warrior enchantment currently gives +10 armour penetration 52 armour = 34% damage reduction 52 armour against +10 armour penetration = 29% damage reduction 52 armour against 10% armour penetration = 31% damage reduction and so... warrior as it is is more of an early game item and therefore also adds variation to all of the better scaling jungle items
You could then also make the argument that the other enchantments are lacking a proper early game power spike no? Maybe it should have a flat armor pen and stacking AD component, or stacking % armor pen up to 5%. it should have some form of late game scaling otherwise it's an auto sell item late game. which isn't really true of the other enchantments.
: They've repeatedly toyed with the idea of giving the item a % increased damage scaling. We've seem this pop up on the PBE a lot. Something like +10% physical damage or +6% of your damage is applied as true damage. Etc to give the item better scaling. Chances are we might see something like this come Preseason. For now though, the Warrior Enchant is basically just a **really** powerful brutalizer and is super cost efficient. Its meant for snowballing early on and securing an early/mid game win. If you ever reach late game, its better to sell it for a Last Whisper or trade it for Cinderhulk if you want to keep your smite upgrade.
Just seems odd that they haven't figured out what to implement yet, then again its an AD item and everyone uses auto attacks. might be a touchy area to balance.
Rioter Comments
: Darius ban rate same as old kassadin?
Everyone bans darius, so noone can play darius, so noone can lane against darius, so noone can learn to fight darius. noone knows how to fight against darius. better ban him then
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