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Solash (EUW)
: I made DJ Bard
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: op zoek naar een awesome nederlands team
het is trouwens ookwel fijn als je skype of teamspeak tot beschikking hebt
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Manuvre (EUW)
: need a friend :p (not a guild plz)
age: 19 country: nederland up for voice communication/ social stuff idk: yep reason why you would like to add me (you dont need to, but i like to know that stuff): idk im online alot and i like to play with nice people :)
: Nice work mate, who's next? :o
thanks ^^ uhm well you tell me :P
: Wow more vi art. So good so great like there isnt enough of it. Even like 999 cosplay. This game feels like it has 20 champions only.
well sorry i guess...
: cool but how...? (i mean hand drawn on paper or with a program) You did an amazing job and i am in no possition to give criticism but the hair could've been a little bit brighter just to shoot in more life :p but gg wp +1!
thanks ^^ i drawed this in photoshop, and its okay the hair wasnt finished when you saw it :P anyway its much brighter and pink than it was in the earlier pics i posted :)
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Nice drawing, her hair shold be more pink, why is she naked and where's the rest of the picture ;)
thanks well its not a full body portrait :P
: Wow, you're really talented! The tatoo is a bit too bland, but you're probably working on that
thankyou :) yeah that wasn't finished indeed, hope its better now :)
Kuyichi (EUW)
: Looking good... Got a real talent there.
Petsho (EUW)
: Are you going to make the hair more pink? I hope so. Looking good!
yeah im going to :P thanks ^^
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: [Champion Suggestion] Zoh'Kal, the Void Parasyte (Support/Assassin)
cool idea, but i think it needs some changes here and there.. anyway i took the time to draw you something you may like when i read your post this was what came to my mind... hope that it is something you imagined yourself
Daiko1310 (EUW)
: yo, add me in league :D ik zit ook in zilver btw dus dat is geen probleem misschien kunnen we wel is dup streamen xD
oh haha das wel chill dan ik begin net een normal maar zal je daarna toevoegen :P
Daiko1310 (EUW)
: Looking to join team. Streamer also. Come take a look :)
heey, ik wil best met je in een team... ik ben ook een streamer en speel voor de fun dus dat is wel gezellig ik hoop dat je niet opzoek bent naar mensen die echt mega goed zijn want jah dat ben ik niet... (zilver) achja ik hoor t wel :P

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