: Snow sumoner rift
Disabled it when i had the chance, absolute trash map. Wait until next winter buddy
: Support main looking for Team or ADC duo ( Plat 2+ )
Hi brother, i am currently Dia 4 main adc. I'm also looking for a good support, as i main Jhin i prefer tanky + cc support. Don't know where you're from but i can also join Voice. Just turned 25 aswell ;) Let me know! Summoner name = RVRX17
exurbia (EUW)
: with that title i thought it'd be yet another predictable and boring player-made champion concept. for real tho, yes try and get a duo it really helps, also just mute the chat, can't get flamed if you can't read their flame. you don't need the chat for strategy, pings are enough. if you do feel the need for the chat then just try and ignore when you get flamed. there's always going to be flamers and toxic players, so do what you can
Idk, i feel like i need the chat to communicate with players so for me personally it is hard to mute players. It is still hard if they are flaming me, i dont know why. But i always wanna respond back, which is kinda my own fault. Pinging is sometimes just not enough, people don't tend to react to pings as they do to chat.
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BenasBr (EUW)
: My first flash animation
not fun at all....
: Dutch Team looking for players! (PLAT/DIAMOND)
Ben op dit moment Diamond 5 , ben zelf ook op zoek naar een team. Kan alle roles spelen , mijn naam is : Lightfield
Michaelus (EUW)
: Making ranked team d4+ for online tournaments.
**Division:** Diamond 5 **Champion Pool:** Yasuo/Kalista/Jax/Kindred/Shyvana/Trundle/Braum/Darius/Diana/Gragas/Lee-Sin/Rek-sai/Riven/Veigar/Vayne/Zed/Graves/Kayle/Olaf/Tahm Kench **Role: Top>Jungle>Adc** **Experience in teamranked: Only experience from playing with friends.** **Nationality: Netherlands** Ik weet dat je mensen zoekt voor Dia4+ maar je hebt aan mij een goeie teamspeler. Ik weet dat ik beter ben als dia 5 als ik me goed concentreer ! Ik hoor graag van je. Mijn naam in-game is : Lightfield
: Need ADC for 5v5 D5 team.
Hi , i am looking for a team aswell. I'm currently in Dia 5 and would like to join yours. I'm a pretty good adc. My name is : Lightfield See ya


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