: [Gameplay] Auras range don't increase by size from the change of patch 8.7
thats because they work from a central point. Not from the edge of the character model
: This isn't an attempt at getting unbanned. This is an attempt at making riot realize they're automated ban system is shit. You got a word filter. If you don't like me saying %%%%, then put the censor on. There are literally only two harsh phrases in there. I do sincerely not believe that should be bannable, and it sure as %%%% didn't use to be. Too much snowflakes around nowadays though. I mean, how thin skin do you have to have when you get upset that someone on the internet called you a %%%% in a game because you didn't give penta on a good play.
ain't gonna lie you are toxic by nature. So what you are telling em is I should be able to go out into the world say what ever I want to who ever I want and not have any consequence. Well i'm sorry but your pretty little world doesn't exist. People will always be offended and even before they do. RIOT MAKES THE RULES and YOU follow them. If you cant follow them you don't play. As for your penta. If you get a good quad it does not ever mean that the last enemy player should give you a free kill. Any player who does that on my team gets a int report
ezdlol (EUW)
: It is not true. How do you know when the game starts?
Ok lets say it this way. From the first word you typed (which I can correctly assume was almost a soon as the game started)
: All of those censored should be either the f word or the c word. But you do have a point, I'm retaliating, which is a form of defence. Duh. But I also to be fair pointed out that that was my mistake. Still I don't think I should get restricted because people are calling me racial slurs or start spamming that I'll be reported by X amount of people and I get upset. This is why riot should -post- the full chat history, what they said as well, to give context. I was called -way- worse things, reported them and didn't get anything. But I get banned for basically saying the f word.
context or not. You were toxic and abusive. You were punished that is the end of it
: Seriously riot?
whether they flamed and were tosic or not. you did. what you said is toxic so is bannable. therefore ban deserved. Before posting rubbish like this please read through other 'attempts' to get unbanned and then your chat log. If someone finds it offensive they can report.
ezdlol (EUW)
: Which word you dislike the most?
as soon as the game starts you start to flame the other players
Sir Wolle (EUNE)
: Can you please help ppl who gets blue screened everytime they want to play???
if you are vblue screening that is your pc not the game. as for any other issues. make sure you can actually run the game. I had an issue before and all I did was put an extra 4gb stick into my pc and BOOM it worked. (this was old pc)
: Suggestion on banned players
3 warning then a ban if break something on the ToS which you agree to, no matter how bad you were is good enough. If you are stupd enough to carry on after warning then You really shouldn't play a game with ToS set out the way it is.
ezdlol (EUW)
: Chat ban. whats wrong?
I cant see the other side but i do not need to. What is wrong is you let them trigger you. YOU FLAMED. reports and bans deserved
jacktjong (EUW)
: Zoe is Fine [CHANGE MY MIND]
I want to check something. I also check the forums regularly and havent really seen new posts on zoe. This is most likely because she is a perma ban champion atm. The reason he winrate is so low is not what you said but more when she does get through people know how to play around her. Her kit is good the issue is the 100-0 time. Her basic combo is bubble, Fire back the skill shot, Ult and fire the skill shot for a guarantee max damage. She has become more balanced but still has a long way to go before her banrate drops. She also has limited counters as you really need a point and click hero against instead of a skill shot based one.
taradda (EUW)
: Can you get banned for...
Short answer Yes Long answer: Sarcasm does not translate well in a typed chat. Bullying is actually classed as a crime (online and offline) Negativity is bannable. So yes you can get banned. What you need to remember is these: If someone says this to me will I be offended? Would someone be offended by what I am about to say? Is what I am saying distracting and hindering the player? Is What I am saying going to put off the player? If the answer to any of these is Yes then you will be reported and in turn Banned. The only way to avoid being banned is not saying anything that anyone could take offence to. (which is in this day and age is anything and everything) My advice to you. Just DONT DO IT
: League data usage
You could get away with it. BUT your phone data (i am assuming) is not the best in the world and is prone to lag and disconnects. I would test it in a few custom/bot games first to make sure it is stable enough and to not affect others playing. Or this could be a way of the universe saying Take a break
Cwendir (EUW)
: Banned for no reason ( I have the chat logs)
You did flame. Altough not to the effect of raging. You also blamed as well as stating you are going to report is somehow reportable. (im not sure how). In the eyes of riot and the ToS you have broken the rules and therefore punished. As for your money back (the funniest thing i have heard) Never going to happen. When you play a game, albeit premium or f2p you only by the right to play, never ownership over the game/account. This can be rescinded at any time for reasons the Devs make clear in the ToS. Any money spent on the account does not get refunded and will not be returned If you are at fault, in which this case you are. On top of that buying and selling of accounts is also against ToS and will result in an instant perma ban
Rioter Comments
: Re roll into permanent
roll 3 dice then only roll one. Eventually you will get the same number
Pyrosen (EUW)
: What's the fastest way to level up?
: I hate players who refuses to play support
Can you play support and will you fill if need be.
: Am I the only one who really hates Dorans blade?
7adzius (EUW)
I have seen this issue many times. It is due to insta queues popping in succession. The only way round it I have found is to decline every third one. I am unsure if it is server side or client side, although my guess is client side
: Considering switching roles, worth invest?
IMO. I want to assume you have a basic grasp of each role and already know which you would prefer as you mained support and now want to try mid. Support is always a good role to have under the belt as it will mean you have ward knowledge, a very good thing. When switching it is not only about which you prefer, but the role enjoy the most as well. As you are bound to play better if you enjoy where you play. I started a support man when I first joined but did not enjoy it, I then spent a whole season, During which I did not play ranked, learning top to which I then decided Mid was more fun. I settled in mid as I felt the impact of the game at the time revolved around the mid lane meaning I could make more of an impact. My issue was when it came to ganks. I was not used to watching both sides of the lane so would be ganked alot. (coming from bot I automatically warded the bot side of mid). If you enjoy it then go for it. I did and enjoyed it, although looking for a new main now as mid has burnt me out.
: I don't even read posts that don't break up paragraphs. Not worth the visual strain 99% of the time.
I cannot stand post like that. Honestly I am not bothered if they make sense and the breaks are random (as long as at the end of sentences) It just makes everything clearer to understand.
Rioter Comments
Hydnoras (EUW)
: You didn't read the comments. Thus it is not worth my time to talk to you.
I read all comments and still came to the same conclusion. Yes you put in time. But you have done nothing towards clash and towards riot for their benefit that justifies any sort of compensation. As I have stated Riot has set their parameters for compensation. You either needed to buy tickets, or be ready for a game. From what you have said you are neither. They have not gained from your lose( a lose i might add was not required, needed or even thought about when riot came up with clash) Here is a tip for you and all other coaches. The pro coaches get paid no matter what. They get paid regardless of win, loss, draw or even getting out of qualifier rounds. If you are going to coach and use YOUR time then the team YOU coach are responsible for any losses you may have had during this time (mainly traveling and a fee for time used, Does not include other paid work missed)
AthanKemen (EUNE)
: I'm a Lawyer and my Account has been Perma banned (EUNE).
Sorry but your post screams LIAR. (in my eyes lawyers and Liar are pretty much the same thing) You flamed and blamed throughout all games. The TOS is enforcable by riot at any given time as most TOS give you the right to play while adhering to their rules, to which if broken they can remove that right. To clarify when you buy an online game a contract is made (this does go for F2P as well) In this contracy you do not own the game, you only have the fight to play. If you break this contract by not following ToS they can remove your right. Adding the crap about free speech is crap. We will in a big brother era where everything we say and do is watched. In gaming and online it is worse as it can be controlled. I would not consider this ''banter' And neither would whomever you are saying this to. If you are what you say you are then please go back and study. (This coming from someone who dropped out of school 3 times. Secondary, college and uni)
: So what kind of rules did he break then if you know all the rules?
Chat spam Flame The word report is actually on a ban list
Maxilox (EUW)
: Riot actually banned me for writing "wow" in chat
umm i see flame blame and chat spam
Jhoder (EUW)
: More URF to the people!
IMO they should add to the custom side of things. (yes im using OW as example) Allow us to change CDR health mana etc Allow us to remove certain champs and even change stats on individual champs. Allow is a scrim/DM feature I think this could create some interesting Customs that riot could even put in the rotation
: Ye, now u lose cause u get weak champs you don't want to play and whole game is suffering. If not afk base. Yes, much better right?
Im going to add here. Urf is meant to be a fun gamemode. The issue with picking is a meta formed. This in turn made people toxic to players who didn't pick the meta heroes. Playing a meta doesn't make a mode fun, it makes it better for tryhards. Adding a random element doesn't really help the situation are it does mean that you can get bad comps just like in ARAM but it takes the try hardness away. A way to counter the Randomness just a bit would be to still add a ban system. So everyone bans then the random dice are rolled. I will add this. Everyone has their own opinions on URF and alot of people are very passionate about the gamemode. It is ok to Like,Hate,Love or even point blank refuse it. But remember for every opinion You have 2 people will counter it. When you post something like this people are going to get toxic towards you. (in this i mean your wording is basically it should be my way) My suggestion to you is be passionate but also aware you will anger more people by saying > random element in urf is garbage, noone needs it
Hydnoras (EUW)
: It's a compensation, not a reward. And it's given for ruined plans and wasted time, not for missing out on clash rewards. I wasted my time for it, so i should get something too.
In all fairness Riot is under no obligation to compensate anyone. Let alone people who ask for it. Going on your statement. I could say I spent time to learn the game to get better for clash so i should get compensation, or I spoke to people about forming a team and thus took time away from something else so I should get compensation. I'm sorry but unless you fall under what riot has stated then you are not eligible for anything and thus will not, Should not and can not get anything back. Lets put it this way. If you took, Lets say your child and his/her friends to a place where these kids paid for something that was not upto standard.(for argument's sake let's say a diner.) These kids are eligible for a refund due to this. You even though you drove them there. You gave them the money and you picked them up, You are NOT eligible for any compensation. I hope this helps if your very easy and pointless issue. N.B. there is no way in hell this is discrimination this is just you wanting everything handed to you.
: I don't know how that could be an insult. They had two options a) don't give them anything. b) give them arurf and atleast some people will have a bit more fun with it than without it. If they would have said 'guys it's not a big deal you have arurf' THAT would be an insult. But they didn't.
> [{quoted}](name=Mindbomber2,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JQE1ybqj,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2018-05-27T12:08:41.381+0000) > > I don't know how that could be an insult. > They had two options a) don't give them anything. b) give them arurf and atleast some people will have a bit more fun with it than without it. > If they would have said 'guys it's not a big deal you have arurf' THAT would be an insult. But they didn't. took the words from my mouth. They could have left you with nothing. (and before you go I dont like urf BLAH BLAH and before you counter my next point by saying many dont like it) You are one person. with one opinion on the mode. Many like it, many dont. but it is still something.
: Clash? More like Trash
Bugs happen. simple. No compensation should be given. IF said bug happened furing the games then that would be different. As for cancelling appointments. ARE YOU STUPID. Real life before games man.
ZakanSparta (EUNE)
: Chance for Clash NOT on weekend?
unfortunatly beliefs are not going to impact when things get released, updated, become playable. As a game dev their only impact on the game is active players. During the weekend is when there are the most players in the game. so therefore it is wise to do stuff on the weekend. People work and go to school (and this pretty much covers 90% of the player base) whereas religion and stuff like that is a minute percentage compared to that
: Runes Preset Pages
1 is good idea but shouldnt give you more slots as you only start with 2 and others have bought theirs. 2 2 along side the presets are enough to get you started in the game 3 you only started with 2 pages in the first place. 4 that would be the only viable option but still everyone who has bought there pages should get something
: you have to do something before we leave the game
I like this. point one play a carry champion or play with friends You insult you get banned end of Swain is good now and viable. as well as looking better in game. You still have skins for him so your money is not wasted. Leblanc was a small rework swain was a massive VGU (visual gameplay update) the old swain is no longer alive. That was fun. CAnt wait for the next post i can pick apart because someone doesnt like something so think the world should change for him/her. ADVICE: understand how the world works because if you have this mentality you will come accross people worse than me and they will rip you apart. this is the cold harsh truth
Exhibit B (EUNE)
: Okay Riot
How a report system works. The system uses two different functions to find and ban players. The first system is automated and usually focuses on chat bans and AFKERs. This function is always changing due to the second function which the first uses to learn what is bannable. The second function is the report function and is solely reliable on the player. It will take reports and put them through the first function which will check and validate reports. If that cannot happen then the reports are sent to someone to analyze them. They players name is then flagged, unless by the time the report system gets to this point the player in question has received multiple reports. Then all the reports are checked and then punish is given out. If the reported player then receives x amount of reports (x being dependant on severity of reports) over x amount of games (again x is dependent on severity of report) that player will receive punishment. That player is then placed in a database until said time he.she has 'reformed' (no reports) or he/she is reported again. (this will then repeat until perma ban issued) There is a major flaw in this system and that is the reliability of player interaction. Im going to use the teemo troll someone mentioned in a reply to someone else People will assume the trolling teemo was reported by his whole team every game he trolled meaning around 140 reports. Unfortunately that is most likely not the case. At most 2-3 players every other game will report so that would drop the number down to around 60ish reports over 35 games. Which is most likely not enough to take major action. (probably got a temp ban and that is it) There is one other system and that is customer support but that's completely different on a report by report basis. Having a system that needs player interaction to learn what is bad is never a good idea and can always be controlled (it is possible to get any word on the bannable list with enough reports. But when it works the way it is intended it becomes a very good and fair system. N.B this is my interpretation on how the system works and could be completely wrong. Riot has not, from what i can find, spoke about the system workings. This is only to help you understand why some people do get banned and others dont. All i can say is report them. And if you come across them again and they act the same report them too (remember reports only count for the game you have just played so you cannot report someone for the way they were last game or 20 games ago).
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: RIOT [About ranked system]
there is plenty of game time between 1 to 30 to learn the game and mechanics. Also to get comfortable at a few roles and start maining one of them. There is NO need to gate things from players. Otherwise people wont play. If i started a new account I would not want to play for a year before I can play ranked. Now if you do some research you will see that next season ranked is getting a complete overhaul. The details I am sure you can find if 5 seconds of googling. (if that) as for your support issues. this season (altough i havent played ranked) shows me that support is one of the most picked roles with quite a long queue time and ADC and jungler having the shortest atm. (info is from EUW players). As for locking them out until they played x games in x role is utterly pointless. what is stopping me from being a bad top doing 10 games top where i just safe farm then BOOM back in ranked. What riot need to do is for the first few games of an account have a little walkthrough of the role of the champion you are playing as well as the position. E.G you have dive tanks, wall tanks bruisers and fighters in the top. Assassins, tanks and farmers in the jungle. This can be done in tutorioal or even coop v AI and make it so as you play role it will lock that out (not the position though). EG Top/Tank Top/Bruiser Mid/Assassin. That would lock the tank bruiser and assassin. but top and mid are still available as they are positions and I feel you should try everything everywhere to learn what you can and cant do.
: Is league dying?
league is not dieing. content creators go to where the most money can be made
Shyntaoro (EUW)
: Riot go %%%% yourself
retaliations like unistall l2p and this game is not for you. is NOT advice that is flaming. You didnt learn from your first account and you will not learn from this. Everyone knows the best way to play is to SHUT UP AND PLAY dont talk dont press the enter key dont even think about talking dont reply dont defend dont even ping just play if you aint gonna learn then tough really. the rules are clear you broke them. Didnt even need the chat logs. on top of that. the wording in your post even shows you are still toxic and the community is better of without you
DoctorNlck (EUNE)
: Rune Pages
implementing a system that hides them after you have created atleast on page for each section would be simpler. That way new players can use them and then after they get used to them they vreate their own and boom they are gone. Removing them will add no benifit at all as they are not part of your page count
: Please explain...
everything from you have bad game downwards is reportable and bannable. That was easy
Alex6998 (EUW)
: Can i back old client and old healthbars
The only way you are going to get that back is find a screenshot and put it as desktop background. (not being sarcy just honest answer) From someone who is learning software dev (in his own time) I can tell you that the effort put in to make the new client means that the old client is non existent. I would assume the new client was built from the ground up so a dev version of the old client could still exist but it will not have all the features we have now. the queue system Loot system Mission Clubs(unsure when this came in) Personal Store. Patch notes in the client. Single client patcher (if you remember you had to open the patcher and log into that for the client to then be able to load, and thats if there was not a patch already. In game options viewable in client. New runes Changes in the collection tab This in itself would involve a huge code rewrite and could take a huge number of man hours. I hope this resolves this. I did like the old client when the change came about but have adjusted (it has been a while now) and have seen all the benifits. Hopefully you will too
Shukr4n (EUW)
: your title state something anyway. what kind of answer are u expecting anyway? im just curious. i mean, let s say i spolier a movie came out 2 months ago. it is spoil considering that on internet they spoil movies 1h after?
People who want spoilers know they can find them. With it being on the internet it is a case of avoid if you dont want to see it. As for a 'timeline' of when this is acceptable. it can change from person to person. Me: I don't like cinemas tbh (personal reasons as well as overpriced) So i usually wait for it to come out on dvd/blue ray. Or whatever tv networking company i am with at the time. So for me at least 6 months IF i can avoid it easily. Unfortunately with social media that has become harder. Other person: Let me try and see it within the first 2 weeks then I don't care. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ I find that the way movies are hyped up now mean that people have more reason to spoil it. Plus with the fact that with a movie that is based on other source material people like to compare as soon as they see it. P.S. Top half is reply to you the second is opinion
: is spoiling a movie a reportable offense?
its not reportable and never will be. BUT that being said. It is completely frowned upon and could lead to toxic behaviuor and trolls. Spoling movies is another way of bragging, which is not accepted in modern society. Reasoning: If you got to someone and say you got the most expensive car, that person will hit you and steal it (worse case) If you spoil a movie you are basically saying. _I can afford something you cannot yet_ I hate people who spoil movies. I dont care if the movie was a box office smash (like Avengers) or a flop. You spoil movies you will be shunned.
lets put it in a way you can understand (i will assume you are a child) Riot has rotating queues. This change every so often. Think of them on a giant wheel which is spun and the game it lands on is the one that gets put live. Urf is part of this wheel. Meaning there is a 1 in 7 i think chance that urf will appear. Going on the fact the same game does not appear twice in so many spins it can be assumed the minimum time between queue is atleast 7. If you cannot understand this then there is no helping you.
ban deserved and thats without chat logs. If you type like you typed in this post you should receive a perma ban around 6-8 days after your 14 day ban has ended. As for her rework it was to add counter play against her as well as updating her kit. If you don't like the change DONT PLAY HER. Unlike some reworks most of the assassins have been good. Look at talon. Probably one of the best roaming assassin's due to his wall jump.
7733377 (EUNE)
BEST BUG REPORT EU. Riot can get alot of info from this. In other words: DONT BE STUPID IF THERE IS A BUG SAY WHAT IT IS
: why is aram still not removed ?
FFS opinion based comment demanding something that a certain percentage wants. it may be more then half it may be less. ARAM is more played then dominion and TT as TT is only played by bots. Yes there are ARAM bots but that is at the lower levels. Yes it isnt balanced but that is the point. Yes it can be very one sided but think of it as gambling you can always win and the odds are always against you. I had an aram game on my second or third account recently that went on for around an hour. it was 20 mins before the first tower fell against us. The enemy team them steamrolled to our nexus towers and got one. But then we had a second wind and pushed them all the way back and evened it up. We lost but that was because as a team we decided to poke them to low health but dont kill as they werent full build yet. Unfortunately they figured it out and 2 of the carrys suicide dived they got items and also took 2 of us at the same time. They won but it was fun. I play ARAM as its just a straight up kill or be killed. you can try new builds and can have fun. and you dont need to worry about the objs as they fall naturally.
: Permanently banned accounts (Possible solution)
easy way to clear this up. Oxford dictionary defines permanent as: Lasting or intended to last or remain unchanged indefinitely. ‘a permanent ban on the dumping of radioactive waste at sea’ ‘damage was not thought to be permanent’ ‘some temporary workers did not want a permanent job’ 1.1 Lasting or continuing without interruption. ‘he's in a permanent state of rage’ I hope that clears it up. NO BACKSIES NO TRIAL NO ACCOUNT.
Str33TXeR (EUW)
: Levels of Sportsmanlike conduct
This is why we have the saying 'Adding insult to injury' Or 'pouring salt on the wound' It is considered unsportsmanlike to Taunt, Mock, Rub it in or even undermine your opponents. That is what that specific report is for. All of the above are considered unsportsmanlike. Although whether actually warranting a report differs from case to case. Personally I only flash my mastery if i get outplayed. (it helps the opponent by showing they can outplay someone with skill) I never taunt or laugh as i hate that feature, and the EZ typing even if it on my own team. im sorry but that is an instant report for me. > Also, sticking to the topic, should excessive pinging also be punished? How about a single question mark ping when your teammate accidentally or uses a summoner spell? They need to limit the pings more. Have a count for each ping. If people argue thats not enough. Each member of the team can ping. If you have 2 pings per player per icon per 10 seconds then that makes 10 pings missing to warn people. 10 pings to follow.
Selec (EUW)
: Well, guess I need to give you some reasons. First for all, ADC isn't just right click. People that right click doesn't know how to play ADC. As an ADC you need to play kiting and cancelling autoattacks, which makes it the most mechanically difficult role. Second, ADC, also needs to land skills, use skills, summoner spells, and other stuff that midlaners need to use too. Third, ADC is the main focus on almost every fight and a sure loss if you die first, which makes it so stressful and careful role. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll give you that Midlaners need more macro game.
honestly ADC is one of the easiest roles in game to play. (started as an ADC main then went top support ten mid) Reasons. If you don't have a poke comp then you are playing the farming game. Which in a side lane wont hinder your team at all. Gank points are limited to one side. like top. so you don't have to play as safe as mid. As an adc if you are behind you can still be impactful throughout the whole game. Its the same as top which bores me. Mid you need to be aware of top and bot side ganks. You are expected to roam (even if you are not a roaming champion) After one of your side lanes lose you can guarantee a mid lane push from the enemy. while your side lanes won't help you. Adcs can rely on AA to do damage so mana costs and resource management is not really a big factor where as a mid lane mage without mana is useless so You have to watch your resource. Bot lane is also predictable with three main comps. POKE SUSTAIN and FARM/TANK. Whereas mid is not as predictable. Both melee and ranged champions used. Of course this is all my own opinion and experiance. everyone has their own, of which i respect yours and am not trying to argue against it. Just voicing my own
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