: Asking to report is actually classified as verbal abuse, there was an official statement about it a year or two ago. I made it my standard practice to report the report callers.
if that was part of the actual report system it would work, but at the moment its like a "hidden knowledge".
Mada (EUW)
: you say that as if there was something wrong with it
actually there is. people tend to have a certain threshhold they are willing to pay. By slightly setting the price higher you create a situation where this behaviour can crack and they start to be willing to go for a higher threshhold.
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: Oh god, should've guessed we were dealing with a Rational Skeptic™ here. How long before the OP inevitably tries to excuse their bad behaviour further by confusing freedom of speech with freedom from consequences? Place your bets, people. Ahem... Snark aside, this is a privately-owned online game where people have to agree to follow the rules in order to continue playing. This isn't an issue of "human society", this is an issue of you being called out for repeatedly being caught behaving badly.
"Oh God we are dealing with..." I think that sais it all. Your style of behaviour is the right way to go then? Because you behave very negatively to what I have to say instead of trying to understand what I am actually talking about. To be clear, nothing you said in your response actually has ANYTHING to do with what I´ve written. I explicitly did NOT write about freedom of speech. Instead I explained in several post here the reasons why people start being aggressive (amygdala) and the problems that occur when you just shut it down instead of actually moving on the underlying issues that are CAUSING the secondary problem/anger issue. But maybe you just dont have a good grasp on the issue. So please read up and then you might understand where I am aiming at. Read about the amygdala, read up about what happens there when you are in stress situations, try to learn about psychology and sociology. Not EVERYTHING, but the stuff I have been talking about here. ALSO: I did even include that you learn from consequence. By learning from the actual conflicts you experience. I did this. Man I had really hard problems with league in the beginning with all the flamers and the abusive talk and so on. And over time I learned that there are players you can talk to like this because they are just that way and that there are actuall nice people who you dont talk to like this because WHO DOSNT LIKE A NICE HUMAN BEING??? But the way you are depicting the way it should be done is by creating a community without ANY consequence by disqualifying ANYONE that offends the artificial peace. And that really is a worse mindset than actually allowing a certain amount of negative impact on each other. "Privately owned". When a community reaches a certain threshold (hehe) like the one LOL has reached for a while now you can easily compare it to a small country. Here are tens of millions of players that are in contact with each other, creating from game to game small but due to experience interconnected communities, places for cultural exchange and reinvention. Places where good and bad stuff happens. Also you just assume, that you are right about me or my behaviour which is even WORSE man. If you dont have ACCESS to information you dont just ASSUME something. Instead you should say "I dont know about what you did or say, because you are not giving me the information." Also this post was never about me complaining about the fact that I got the actual ban but about telling people that the reasoning behind these bans is wrong IN GENERAL. Not in my case but IN GENERAL. To be honest I would love to have league be ONLY NICE people but its just not the reality. Its not what I´ve experienced over the last years and its just wrong that riot creates a playing field where temporary everyone can be attacked but can NOT make their case against these kind of attackers. Its just not how human beings work. And also I think its wrong to teach behaviour like this. The world needs people who have a certain amount of aggression, people who are able to stand up against abusive behaviour. And thats just what is also being punished at the moment in the current ban system.
: Because then they won't see any abusive behaviour on the part of their teammates that could potentially lead to _more_ abusive behaviour.
But enclosing yourself in a bubble is something that is a real problem to human society and I dont get why this kind of behaviour that actually is NOT wanted for any democrativ country is being enforced in a play environment. I mean even in KINDERGARDEN kids need to learn that painfull experiences aka slander and also hurt, are feelings that can be experienced but also made by themselves so they can start understanding each other fully. By taking away the ability to argue with our teammates you are basically disfiguring the ability of this community to learn out of bad contexts. You can´t tell you that you really think its ok that this place we call league is some sort of parrallel cultural space where all of the achievments of recent sociologie and psychologie just do NOT apply? There are 10th of million people affected by what riot game is doing with their way of handling the report system. Because how it works at the moment is that you have a range of cases that are not even close to being a problem to the terms of use and instead still are being reported and in some cases even banned.
: Just post the chatlogs and we will see, if you don't post them then you know you are in the wrong.
That is exactly the kind of statement someone would do that doesnt aknowledge my argumentation at all. No thanks Sir I am in no need of your biased opinion xD I did offer you to show the result of the official support ticket and by not responding to my way to trying to treat you at least on an objective way as equal you respond instead diminishing and snootily. Like I said. Nor is this your job, neither are you at all actually representing any interest in actually talking about the issue I presented. NOT MY chat ban, but chat bans and the reasoning behind them which is not very easily understandable to the normal player.
: Post the chatlogs and we will see.
I am being blunt now, but the way you are acting towards me is very aggressive. I am making a case here in general about my experiences with the last few bans. Its not your job to try and find out if I am right about one event I am describing. You might even read everything you want to read into the chatlog because you are obviously biased. I did also contact support about my last chat ban - I can post the reasoning they give me later here, for your entertainment. About the act of "punishment" you described in your other points a few thoughts: Why do you think punichment is a good choice in the cases I´ve (an as far as I´ve seen many others in the forum) described. Making assumptions on a negative basis just shows that you have not understood what I was trying to describe or, even worse, you are not even interested into what I actually mean and are just trying to gain traction into your own point of view. You cannot expect me reactin very friendly when you more or less invade the space I created here to talk in general about systematic that are a reality to a lot of players and that might be changed for worse or better. Honestly I dont know which one it would be, but I´ve never seen ppl have a language problem in "RUST" for example.
: >I´ve been experiencing a lot of chat bans lately and I think the way Riot Games is enforcing a certain type of communication is not working out for me nor is it the correct way to respond to how players act ingame. People who doesn't follow the term of use they agreed to follow have no rights to talk about it IMO. >League of Legends has a lot of issues and most of the arguments that happen are connected to them. Afk players, players that are feeding or even intentionally trolling/feeding and matchmaking that puts you in a row of bad players so you cannot progress unless you win 1v5, are putting people into bad emotional states. Flaming/being negative doesn't solve anything and that's no excuse to flame, read the term of use again and follow it or else you'll be punished, it's that simple.
So I´ve depicted the situations for a reason. The only way my recent bans can be justified would be by saying I chat to much. I do not repeatedly flame people I only react to flamers in the way I´ve descriped - telling them to stop it or shut up or stuff like that. I´ve read the terms of use and also am aware of all bannable behaviour and I am definitly not inside that range.
Hansiman (EUW)
: I highly doubt this applies in league, because you're not placed in danger just because someone is breaking the rules in an online game. And I'm not going to watch a video that's 1:45 hours long, unless you can point me to a specific point in the video where it's stated that this applies in the case of league.
Being placed in actual danger isnt what is neccessary to get a reaction out of the amygdala :) The issue is how the human brain/mind transforms "any sort of situation" into something that spikes a reaction of fear of loss. We live in a world that we are essentially not build for. This is the most peacefull time of human history and our brains still need to adapt to that situation. Historically spoken.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > The thing about abusive behaviour is that there most of the time a "good reason" for people behaving the way they do. And quite often it's actually not really related to the game, but people having a bad day IRL and snapping at something they normally never react to. --- > Understanding these reasons is way more important than actually shutting down the argument Most of the changes Riot do to the game has player behavior as a core element. Before, arguing what role you wanted in champ select was a common frustration point of ranked games, so role selection was invented. --- > And agression towards something negativ for you is a basic behaviour that comes with instinct and its a proven scientifical fact in human behaviour. Care to show these facts? I do believe most people have self control. --- > My posting here is about letting people know that its alright if you get angry Being angry is one thing. It doesn't mean you have to take it out by being verbally abusive in the chat. That serves no purpose, other than to further reduce the experience for others.
I´ve found a good and short citation about the science behind it here: https://www.sharecare.com/health/functions-of-the-brain/how-brain-respond-danger "In the face of danger, two brain circuits become active. One circuit feeds sensory information about the danger -- the sight and smell of a fire, for example -- to the cerebral cortex (the rippled outer layer of gray matter jacketing both brain hemispheres), the thinking part of the brain. The cerebral cortex evaluates this information and makes a rational judgment about it. For example, that judgment may determine that the fire is small, but tell you to get out of the house anyway and call the fire department. The other circuit relays the sensory information to the amygdala, which sends impulses to the autonomic nervous system. This system triggers the "fight-or-flight" response even before the cerebral cortex has made sense of the information. Once activated, it increases heart rate, routes blood to muscles, releases stress hormones and glucose into the bloodstream, and spurs other responses to help you respond quickly to the danger." The problem with the amygdala is that it responds to anything you fear or which seems to be a negative influence to you. The second problem is that the situations that are being created in League, to the brain can seem similar to real fighting situations and you need to account for these issues before creating a ban system that actually poorly understands how the people who are playing the game intrinsically work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLE71i4JJiM In this talk you can hear about how different the situations can be where the amygdala activates.
: If I understand you correctly the most things leading to flame are Riot's fault. Like the claim that they are matching you with ppl who are worse than you and the enemy. So these people can't be blamed for loosing lane against better opponents. Still these guys are the ones who get attacked most of the time. Not Riot. You can actually say whatever you want in the boards directed to Riot and they won't remove it. Even tho it might be highly insulting. What is very unnecessary for a good discussion in my opinion tho. Riot is not shutting ppl up who complain, they shut ppl up who show abusive behaviour. PS: you don't have to be afraid of nine ppl reporting you. 9 reports have the same power as just one because one triggers an investigation and additional reports do nothing. So if you did nothing wrong even 9 reports in a game won't harm you
The thing about abusive behaviour is that there most of the time a "good reason" for people behaving the way they do. Understanding these reasons is way more important than actually shutting down the argument because that can lead to a healthier OVERALL community. Nearly EVERY player with really few exeptions I met that flamed was actually just in a very bad position. And agression towards something negativ for you is a basic behaviour that comes with instinct and its a proven scientifical fact in human behaviour. My posting here is about letting people know that its alright if you get angry (and hopefully learn from it) and that there should be a better way to actually work with the ban system that not includes making it a sufficient enough weapon to target everyone that you dont like to play with.
253IQ (EUW)
: u took like 30 min writing this but . they broke their rules . and they dont make this game better . for example this rioter who did something in PAX "sexism" . and the balance team buffed kha'zix and nerfed all other AD assassins . but AP assassins can tank and oneshot others . people cry about zed but what about fizz ? he is OP and riot buffed him many times . and akali -kata-diana . pentakill with low hp and quit the area with full hp . what do u expect ? they didnt fix that how will they fix the punishments ? even playing against those champs make u toxic .
The main problem I see with punishments is that the way they right now handle it is to "mute" players that have a problem with their ingame experience by erasing every sort of negative behaviour. That isnt how a healthy community works. Negative behaviour is much needed to actually realize where problems might be and by just banning everyone missbehaving the blind themselves to they actual issues that lead to these types of behaviour.
SîNz (EUW)
: And thats why jesus invented the mute button
And how does this connect to the stuff I was writing about? How does muting ppl solve the core gameplay issues that lead most players to abhusive behaviour?
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