xilien (EUW)
: well aware of the rules, treat everyone like a 2 year old emotionally unstable child and sugarcoat everything = no ban got it boss
: Thank You, Alpha Testers! Sign-Ups Now Closed
It was a very dank experience. Probably it will be the only time i will ever be able to partecipate into a testing environment for league of legends :D
Baka Ann (EUW)
: ***
i said that every champion usually has at least a role over 45% winning chance. then again if you bring nunu supp you deserve to lose unless it is a certain match :P and as jungler, which is his main role in modern times, he has 50% win rate. taliyah and azir are high skillcap champs that could use some additional love, but their winrate skyrockets mostly after a lot of games and low population ( of highly skilled players ) does not help with consistent data. the only one that i see in a poor shape is vladimir, honestly. nice playrate, trash performance in every role, yet he can still be quite a jerk if you encounter him. i guess is something acceptable ( even thought i am sorry for the vlad players, to an extent ) and absolutely something that can get fixed quite easily with an appropriare buff ( which is not that easy, but at least has a foundament over a solid and updated gameplay).
: I Like Riot!
Riot is great. yeah maybe some things might come off, or some things falls on deaf ears. But looking back there is a company that 1) offers a free to play game fair to everyone, that does not bombard you graphically with payments ( usually payments in the client are very well tucked away) nor is reliant to any moneytarezation, save maybe some edge cases ( like unlocking champions) that gets less and less cumbersome ( hextech crafting granting free stuff, bonus IP etc ) 2) Has a very strong back and forth from developers, with them commenting discussions on many different platforms ( boards, twitter, reddit ) on different topics, both live beta and upcoming, plus many different outlets to interact with us ( ask riot, podcasts, livestreams plus the usual following on twitter ) 3) Has a balanced game. This might sound off but really, every champion has at least a role which he can do with a winrate % of at least 45%. This is awesome. is something that is absolutely not obvious to many but the mere fact that a champion can be viable at high elos is a lot. This works differently on the esport scene, but because the esport scene is a different kind of beast. 4) updates the game often enriching it with content, either unlockable ( see new champs ) or for free ( reworks and updates). Sometimes you can agree on some thing, some others not. Some other times you could even not give a fuck about the good things and care only for the bad ones. but looking from a more objective and detached point of view, they are basically making a legendary game right now.
: Silver players & Jungle
Yo! Silver jungle/support main here. Actually i am gold 5, but i feel like a bronze sloth so the middle ground is there :3 Yes, jungle is quite easy to get as a role and idk why, probably the changes made to mages, to marksmans and the development of interaction and itemization of top laners had a deal with that. The jungler is a very strategy-intensive style of play, deciding between farming, roaming, ganking and what to expect from a gank. I find it moderately easy to carry as a jungler, but that mostly depends on the kind of champion you have - early game champions like Xin can pressure a lot early game and can snowball, but in Xin case he is destined to fall very hard lategame and has to work out with what he has; lategame champions are slower because they have money to spend on jungling items before committing to a core item ( they can even decide to skip the jungling gem if they like, but it can be derimental to clear) but they don' t suffer from lane phase penalties, for example katarina gets played jungle sometimes because she can roam easily and can' t get as much bullied than she is in lane. One of the thing i love the most about the role is flexibility, even if not on every champion - i like to be able to build different things in every moment, and use them immediately where is necessary, without being bond to a lane ( i play Xin so i can build him devourer if i am doing well or cinderhulk if we reaally need a tank or i am doing bad, or even warrior if i want that extra early edge). Also i dislike last hitting. Idk. This is why i pair it up with support :3
: So going by OP.GG (http://euw.op.gg/champion/yasuo/statistics/top) his big 3 items are Phantom Dancer, TriForce and Frozen Mallet. With these nerfs, his ultimate will no longer do harsh damage until he finishes PD, but what about that rest of his damage with the bruiser build? TBH, I found the TriForce proc spam of Q to be more of a problem that Yasuo deciding to ult. It's just a ridiculous amount of DPS for someone with ultimately very little damage built. Being slowed by the Mallet pretty much condemns you to death unless you're using a dash/blink champ and you survive until you reach a wall too, and unlike most tanks (Ekko excluded) Yasuo will kill you a LOT faster during your slow than say a Nautilus or Renekton. The nerfs don't really fix that, they just lower his ults damage potential in the tanky build.
They lower its damage potential and force him to build at least a bit of crit before going bruiser, yes, but i see nothing bad into that. He was supposed initially to build offensive until crit cap then defensive ( tanky or bruiserish ) and with this change now he is more mite - he is not unviable while building bruiser but now he is mor ein check. That's how you balance, else you are just tickling or kneecapping a character.
Decrit (EUW)
: Which, honestly, it is weird. How this links all up to balance and tencent, aniway? it seems pretty much out of the orbit.
... this sounds really far fetched. I know it' s a meme ( and people love memes ), but honestly i have seen Riot doing far and far less shit compared to the beginning. Tencent does not "take over" Riot, they make no decisions regarding many aspects of the game, they are there for the revenue and if the game is good and liked the game sells. Some other companies historically "pushed" developers treathing them to cut founds, but if this happened to Riot then it probably happened in the earliest seasons than in the latest, since it was only in the earlyest that Riot was a cash-grabber. Plus, there is a tendency among chinese corporations to let videogame companies doing what they like, since usually yelds better quality and income. More decent than many Japanese and American ones, i dare to say. They release less champion and those few added have more thought and uniqueness on them ( compared to season 3 where there are characters that were aestetically and mechanically garbage, like Syndra "bimbo with black balls" and Darius "howthehelldoeshisdamage"), they communicate much much more in more detail and are geraing up to solve things ( like the client rework). They did stuff like Dynamic Queque too but it is not inherently bad - it' s just polarizing. I love DQ and i am a solo player, i recognize it has good sides and bad sides, but i would have loathed more keeping the old faulty solo Q, which to me makes almost no sense. But i digress. I know already that my last line will make everyone ignore what i did just say xD In short - there are hundreds of reasons you have to blame before blaming tencent, and if you really think riot is doing shit since then remember it has done even shittier early, which really puts into perspective how much that affected them.
: Nah, they weren't bots, one of them spoke French at least once, but then nothing. If they WERE bots, they were very well designed compared to the ones I played the game with yesterday. I don't know why I get placed with so many awful players, me and a friend played the game together for a long time and almost every game we played was a loss due to people playing terribly. It's why I switched to a support role (Thresh) near the end of my more common play time in League, because if I didn't things would fall to shit almost immediately. At least with me as support I had the potential to essentially carry us to victory in the early parts of the game. To be honest, I used to have fun in League, but now the only fun I have is when I perform really awesome combo's and stomp on someone because of it. The game has lost it's edge for me if nobody else, and it's been going that way since Season 4 began.
Which, honestly, it is weird. How this links all up to balance and tencent, aniway? it seems pretty much out of the orbit.
: No problem at all on the error :p Touché on the first part, I'll concede that to you, you make a lot of sense. I actually disagree that balancing for the lower tier players is useless, in terms of rank I'd probably place myself low plat high gold (Personally, not in terms of a team comp) or at least I think I was before I stopped playing as much. I've never actually played ranked as I see it as too competitive for my tastes, I prefer fun, not competition. However, everyone enjoys winning. And I see all too often that the players I get put with (Bronze/Silver) getting absolutely destroyed by the enemy team. Here's a good example: https://embed.gyazo.com/e45e5e7ed1c7aa74c45afeda3d116c7e.png I spent most of the game asking them to stop running into 2-3vs1's and essentially just killing themselves, they ignored me, didn't speak throughout the entire game. I tried to carry as best I could but they fed everyone on their team, and one of me vs all of them = me dead. Whilst I'm not certain whether it was just a case of them being awful at the game as opposed to a balance issue, one thing I do know is that if a player is doing bad with some of the most simple champions in the game (Garen being the biggest example here) then something is clearly wrong. (Also don't mind the "KILL ME" in the photo, I used it in a joke thread I made that may or may not have also been me venting c:)
Uhm, i see what you do mean. But then i ask you - changing champion would have made the thing different? it is a matter of champion balance, or rather champion understanding? if not overall game understanding? While we can agree that champion difficulty can have its weight on champion balance ( by comparing best case and worst case scenarios ) the thing you are telling to me spells like a case where, no matter the champion, the player would have acted the same way, wether it was Lee Sin or Garen in play. Maybe those players just wanted to try it out, or they just did not understood english, or were toddlers. Calling blame on game balance seems the least of the accusations i would throw, in this case at least. Honestly speaking, i think those were bots. Which is shit. Rito should be doing more stuff for that, even thought ranked 3v3 is pretty clean. I play a lot of normals too - i like both rankeds and normals for different reasons, and i encounter both people that tryhard to win or play for fun in any case ( obviously less fun-oriented people in ranked, but still i met people who was cheerfull). I myself when i am in normal and i see a wonky team compo i react with a "let' s get wild" and go veigar support mid, with the other members agreeing to that of course, or stuff like that. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, sometimes we stomp or get stomped or someone does a great comeback. I won many 4v5 this way just out of spite for the afk-er! xD it seems weird to me that you only and only meet people that gets stomped. perhaps you just remind those cases, and forget all the other times where you just play, win and have fun? It happens quite a lot and people fail to recognize it, even in front of evidence. I can' t prove that, of course, it' s something you have to think about yourself.
: > [{quoted}](name=Decrit,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=iNV1yV9x,comment-id=0003000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-08-29T13:11:43.135+0000) > > Point is, putting money in LCS means putting money on the game - having the game professionally balanced means having the game balanced for pretty much everyone, minus certain cases that are fixed on the moment. and they are. No.. Not really. With the LCS you're balancing for HIGH level players, not low. There is a world of difference between the two, so sorry, but you're wrong on that account. > This game was born with the intent of having a thriving competitive scene. It is obviously not the only thing, but it is important and many players care for it. > > Also, spending money on the same thing does not equal proportionally to more quality or stuff - at certain points you encounter diminuiscing returns on quality of content, so better have it shared among few things rather being focused on one. This is basic economics and management. I'm not entirely sure what your last point is, as it's my view that they're putting too much money into the LCS and not enough into everything else, all you've talked about is economics and management, I don't see the relevance here, also, I'm not sure diminuiscing is even a word, I assume you mean diminishing?
Yeah, diminishing. Sorry, not a native speaker :P When i brought out management is to point out that there is a "soft cap" on how much you can invest on X thing. If you say "E-sport", broad example i know but follow me, and you invest 1000 dollars you get a result, a "product" let's say, of X quality. If you invest 2000 you might get a product of value Y, which is higher than X but is not quite the double like your initial investment. Basically, the more you invest on a thing the less it is convenient related to the quality you put out. Obviously there are different cases and so on, but the broad rule is this one. If you say "spend less on E-sport and more on Lore" it is not said that all the money that gets out of E-sport increase the quality of Lore of the 100% spent, but much much less. And you do so sacrificing an important aspect of the game to which many people are attached. This is also known as the "chefs in a kitchen problem" if i remember right - the more you put the less is effective. So at that point better spread it out. You can say, as a player, that "lore is not enough" or "esport is not enough" and a company might change accordingly, but to change the quantity of investiment is a call that only the company can make, because you as an extern *know absolutely nothing* of the internal state. saying "invest less on X and more on Y" to me is just very very arrogant, resource management is probably the last place a player can have reason. You can say "you put X effort on a thing but i don' t appreciate it", but that is another thing entirely that gets elaborated in other ways. Back to balance. Riot balances around Plat, because balancing for lower elos is pretty much useless - before plat the personal skill of a player is of such variance that a change of 2-3% of winrate does barely affect them. They balance for high elos only in scenarios like this one, since this is a patch for Worlds, and they do occasionally balance around low elos when ther i s something which is blatantly wrong and nocive to the playerbase ( example: old sion, master yi ap, old fiora, devourer). Some champions however are bound to be restricted to higher tiers of play becaus eof some characteristics - but then that' s just their nature. If you don' t like them, move on. This kind of champions provides variety to the pool, and negating it would really restrict the kind of champions playable.
Allosen (EUW)
: Could the next Champion be a new Supporter, please ?
well, they reworked Taric recently. It' s already something :P
: I'm aware that Tencent don't only get their money from the LCS, that much is obvious and really doesn't need stating, however, your point regarding "it requires tons of expenses" is my point. They're pouring too much money into the e-sports scene when they SHOULD be pouring money into fixing their game.
Point is, putting money in LCS means putting money on the game - having the game professionally balanced means having the game balanced for pretty much everyone, minus certain cases that are fixed on the moment. and they are. This game was born with the intent of having a thriving competitive scene. It is obviously not the only thing, but it is important and many players care for it. Also, spending money on the same thing does not equal proportionally to more quality or stuff - at certain points you encounter diminuiscing returns on quality of content, so better have it shared among few things rather being focused on one. This is basic economics and management.
: We're not talking about 3v3 in this particular bit, we're talking about how most of their efforts now a days are going towards the LCS, and not important shit like dealing with thousands of bots. I'm not saying the LCS are responsible for the game being filled with bots, but I am saying that TenCent focusing all of their power on being a massive moneywhore DOES have an impact. Whether that's true or not remains to be seen, but look at Season 1 2 and 3, those were the glory days, the best days of League, now look at League? Has the game gotten substantially worse since then in terms of enjoyment: Yes. Why? Because if you pour all your money into a section so you can generate money, other places get left without as much of a budget from which they can use to fix problems. Meaning it takes longer to get done. That last bit was speculation, but it sounds right to me if nobody else. But to each his own, if you have the opinion that Tencent didn't do anything wrong then that's your opinion, I can't change that.
Again, your sense is misguided. If Tencents wants revenue from LoL, it does not get it from LCS, be sure of that, because that is among the least profiting sectors of LoL despite the effort put into it and not because it' s not followed but because it requires tons of expenses for the income it provides. Tencent here gains far more on all the parts of the game rather focusing on a thing like LCS. Riot looks at all the parts of the game, and they proved so many times, only the 3v3 is the most problematic case because it' s a mode that is kept up more for hystorical reasons than anything. They have no clear idea about what guide give to the map, and if they have one is not as clearer as for SR which is the game proper.
: TenCent say they have no influence in the game but look at it now? It's not become about the game anymore, it's become about being a business. They're not building a game anymore, they're building a good income for themselves, as much as I wish Riot didn't sell themselves out, they probably couldn't have gotten to where they are without it being done.
Neither LCS or Tencent have a say over this. If anything, Tencent would prefer this mode to be fixed since generates more quality content, hence more revenue for them. These accusations are baseless, to say least, if not totally ignorant or stupid. Or something else related to your name, but i hold on >_>
Arialiss (EUNE)
: Possible existence of league players around the age of 24+ ?
I am 23 ( dors that count for you senpai? :c ) but i have met many people older than me and far more obnoxious than teenagers, if you are worried about that xD
wingzerzzz (EUNE)
: These new stuff makes my head hurt :/
Do you know Loki fron the viking legends? Sorta like that, only it does not give birth to horses.
Mepodis (EUW)
: Im sorry for existing...
cheer up <3 ... no really, draven is pointing an axe to my head. he rambles about you being marvelous like a draven or something and is threathing me if i don' t cheer you up because that' s not what a draven would do. CHEER UP MATE D:
: So is it even obtainable by solo players?
by "solo" you mean people that just queue up? consider that chests are obtained by end game result and are shared teamwide ( and not premadewide) and keys are obtained personally with wins. Gems are a reward like any other into the chests. So i suppose the skin can get very well by solo players.
: Does higher price of a champion means its better?
Absolutely not - it' s related to release date. For example Ashe is a very strong pick with peculiar power and strategy, but is only a 450 ip champ. In the meantime Twitch competitively is more of an underdog and costs much more. There is a lot more behind that, for example why some champions were discounted or had an IP reduction before others or why the IP price for reworked champions does not increase, this is just the simple answer ^_^
: Hi Geoffrey (from Riot NA) sent me this Poppy poster on Facebook
Stell (EUNE)
: I only lost because i ran out of health
I almost finished my infinity edge. I spawned at the fountain few secs ago
Almighty (EUNE)
: How do these pointless threads make it to the top of the Hot list, but serious threads regarding balance and gameplay don't?
Because most of times posts regarding certain topic of balance are overused, or are skewed toward player experience only or are highly subjective and anecdotal/opinional. Signed, a dude that spent time to make design posts and found out that the most popular thread he ever made was about making Veigar plushies. For real tho, we need dem plushies.
Fajerk (EUW)
: Wait Rito can into joke? Who let them into joke? Is joke aware of this?!?
They are too much aware of jokes ( AND PUNS ). Jokes and memes, hella memes.
Stell (EUNE)
: HOLY COW I almost won 14 million from Eurojackpot lottery
Basically like every game where two dudes duel and the first to die says "OMG I ALMOST WIN HE KILLED ME BECAUSE OF ULT"
xZabaksx (EUW)
: Ihope they dont change its icon ;-;
LuLippy (EUW)
: Who the f*ck is Yorrick...?
"Yorrick, unleash the cannons!" "Aye aye, Captain!" ...not sure how many will get this :P
: So, health pots going up in price, and mana pots removed. Ooookay. As a toplane main, this is worrying, to say the least. Its early to talk balance, I know, but I can see Ressourceless, Sustain-heavy toplaners taking a VAST lead from this, as well as Toplaners who do not rely on their mana pool that much. To me, personally, these are great news, I main Shen and Vladimir, I used to main Renekton, and Nasus is not exactly Mana hungry as well. But When it comes to something like, say, Irelia, well... Lets hope these changes go hand in hand with very careful adjustments of Mana costs for a lot of champions, otherwise this will cause balance problems.
considered that they are enhancing refillable flasks, i am not really sure. Maybe the pots will also heal for more, or there will be less need for it for other changes. They never say every number tuning because that would be hell... and even I that usually manage to keep behind preseason stuff have problems of late :P
Minstrel (EUNE)
: From a quick search, apparently Google didn't accept "poro" as a word and changed it with, well... "porno". You can imagine the outcome of a search for "dead porno". Though you probably don't want to. It seems not to happen anymore anyway. I guess Google got that into account and gave the poros the love they deserve :3
the death they deserve \*
Estti379 (EUW)
: You mean on the thread that magically disappeared some minutes ago? =3 http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/y8Jk5EWd-ocelote-admits-use-of-scripts It gives you a 404 page now, the thread was deleted by the mods^^ My guess is, there is something fishy going on, something like, one of riots accounts got compromised... I mean, the thread begins with: "Player X might get punished for using elobuddy" Then the next answer of the same person is something like: "elobuddy is allowed" That's totally contradictory xD Just forget what happened in that thread and don't use any of the two scripts/websites stated in there =P
ehm a rioter posted up here for that.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=jonisen22,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=bpPM9009,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-25T09:47:24.098+0000) > > I was just wondering if it is against the rules, summoners code to portray Taric and Ezreal as gay stereotypes because of their dance and taunts, since it is pretty popular to do so. I would like to know if I should report people for this behaviour because it's unacceptable or encourage it. People have opinions, and people can make opinions. I've never really understood the fascination in understanding a champions sexuality - maybe they're all asexual and don't even have reproductive organs. Who knows! :-P People are free to make up their own opinions, thoughts and speculations, so long as it's handled maturely. Officially, champions sexuality has never been a thing we've set in stone, nor do I think we're going to see it in the lore going forward "lol btw Taric's not gay, now back to the story." Runeterra is an entirely different world, and our concepts of sexuality may not even apply there. From a community perspective, you're free to speculate, but that's all it is - speculation and guesswork :-)
sooo are you telling me that people in Runeterra might sexually identify themselves as a chair? intresting...
Riot Lyte (EUW)
: You were toxic on NathanusMaximus, that was my original post, and it's true :O
Just Cat (EUW)
This discussion is old as dragons, truth is: you can' t define a dragon, wyvern or what else by the body aspect or other physical attributes because they are fantastic creatures ,and as such they vary a lot by age and time and they are all legit versions of dragons. What **truly** differentiates the dragon from the wyvern is the behavior of the creature: the Dragon is intelligent, magical even, and most of times **evil**; this is because the dragon is arrogant and considers himself better than the other lowly creatures. The myths of dragons stealing princesses and gold is based around this, because they do not need what they steal if not to demonstrate their power. Consider that part of the dragon image that we have in legends today derives from Christianity, where he is associated to Satan! A wyvern instead is very different: it is not majestic, nor intelligent, cunning maybe but not brillant; is basically a savage beast. So, Shyvana is most probably half dragon since her father demonstrated to have some kind of non-bestial intelligence. The dragon on the rift, however, looks far more to a wyvern.
: Dragons 2 Wings and 4 legs Wyverns 2 Winds and 2 Legs Shyvana is Wyvern no dragon riot confirm my in Spanish Forum
I' m no Rito but a differentiation like that does not exist. Since is a creature of fantasy physical attributes are the first to change a lot.
Cosantoir (EUW)
: How's your week been?
After 3 days of apatic slumber in bed i managed to be productive! Is the little things :D
: The legend of the ward
I tell you, i' ve seen them over the mountains! In my place of origin there are tales, tales of adventurers lost in the woods that saw the bright pink shine of a ward! No one ever managed to get close, because the scare and the fear of the eldritch power it yelds made them run away or just totally forget about it! So here still is, the EVERWARD, placed since the beginning of the spawns and never touched by mortal and immortal hand again.
: My awful smurf experience so far.
This raises a question however... why did the dude that offended you got no reports? I mean, either there is such a big hivemind behind, or there is a reason about that. Probably it is because a new player is not able to report, and the others do not care? It does not mind if it thinks that you trolled - treathing to unistall is a bannable offence, and even a rough one. Probably riot should add a prompt after a game that detects simple words in chat and asks the player "X dude said this. Was he flaming at you? Wanto to report?" with chatboxes for closing the window ( without issuing a report ) and another chatbox that says "Report? what it is?" followed by a little tutorial.
: Hey all, It's my my 19th birthday!^^
Kringe (EUNE)
: But it looks funny if you keep clicking on it until it bonds xD I do it with a premade every time, Leona swings sword, Tahm swings tongue, and Nautilus swings his anchor :D
yeah i do that too! :D ... but are you sure to have replied to the right comment? seems a bit out of context!
Agidyne (EUW)
: WARNING: GOLD+ ONLY THREAD. Silver & Bronze entries are unauthorized
I like to live dangerously... but i did not expect the feels
PlzenCZ (EUNE)
: Beta, S1 only toxic thing was WTF are u silver and that wasnt frequent. Usually people were just happy that they could play the game and enjoy themselves.
Usually people where happy that the game worked :D But seriously, it is expectable that in a beta people is more self - aware. However jerks on the internet always existed, and i can argue that the population was so low that a restricted group of toxic people at the time while less that today would have represented an higher % overall. I mean, over 10.000 people for example 100 already represent 1%...
: > [{quoted}](name=Decrit,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=me30Rkav,comment-id=0007000000000002,timestamp=2015-10-19T09:35:30.794+0000) > > because laws. USA could bitch about Graves but not about Gragas. > > riot just don't wanna wake up a sleeping dog It's not just a US thing. In many Muslim Countries for example and according to the Qur'an smoking and drinking are considered sinful acts. Apart from what's really happening - ( everybody is smoking and drinking XD), higher authorities that monitor media and advertising (happened to me in sending design drafts of a cosmetics catalogue to Saudi Arabia) have strict rules regarding what and how is depicted. This could easilly include the "revealing" female figures of LoL characters if Riot ever decided to officially port the game or even establish servers there to accommodate players in that region. It is much more complex than it actually appears/sounds
I know it is, i was oversemplifing. For how much time this thing was discussed on the boards there are many that are ignorant. Rather than writing an essay every time where i might get something wrong i prefer to keep it short and reserve the full truth for those that look for it. I mean, it is a Google away! Sorry if i sounded rude however.
A Ocean (EUW)
: Gragas Esq. has a cigar, that's the best thing about it.
because laws. USA could bitch about Graves but not about Gragas. riot just don't wanna wake up a sleeping dog
PepijndM (EUW)
: Stressed: look at all the reworks. GP now zones (somehow), Fiora has an untargatability, Darius is the reset king (easily stronger then Jinx), Morde is now a ADC-role APC with no damage on WE, but shitloads on 3rd Q and has a dragon ghost. Yup Rito dun fucked up, balance is weakness I guess.
Rito did well and fucked up only with morde. for over a year i guess is a good result.
: Getting back into the game after a Year off.
Imho 1) In game toxicity never has been so low! New controls have been fired up and now they are quicker and more precise about not only flaming but also other forms of griefing. Obviously playing ranked you will still find people that tends tor age more, but is natural for the que, while in normals i had almost zero problems ( i say almost just because i don' t remember cases ). The forums situation however looks did not change at all, maybe got even more whiny... 2) Jungler item paths changed a lot, plus some little changes for tanks and mages. Prepare for another big hit for marksmans pretty soon. 3) She changed her Q charge, now has a weaker istant activation but recovers it pretty fast. Overall she is still strong. Have fun ^^
: If they talking in chat... they are a bad premade, if they dont talk (but only when they communicate to the rest of the team) they most likely are using team speak and co-ordinating plays (if they don't talk and are bad... then you fucked XD)
.... exactly. At least if they use voice systems then they have a little bit of coordination and don' t fuck up over the chat. But yeah, looks like there is a ciclejerk coming here aniway
: What is worse about that? lol if they want to talk in their own language let them xD
because 1 they litter the chat box with gibberish nonsense ( for the others at least ) 2 they don' t communicate with us usually a premade does not communicate aniway, but this way it is not only more evident but more obnoxious!
: Dear botlane premades ^_^
even worse *player1* : me and *player2* are premade bot! **followed by a long discussion not in english between player 1 and 2**
Silisa (EUNE)
: Finally. A licence to k.. criticize. I'm looking at your Rek'Sai games. You need to **tank** her more. She can deal a lot of damage with just one damage item. Your **kill participation** is usually between 40-50%, which is not bad, but you could work on it - try to make it above 50%. You seem to **die** around 8-10 tames per game, which isn't much for a front liner, but I would suggest you take a look at the replay of your games, see where you died and what you did to cause that death.** I can't stress this enough - watch the replays. Only yourself. If you are not sure what to look for when you are searching for mistakes, start with your deaths. If you've died, you've made a mistake. Unless it was a team fight where your team got an ace for your death alone.** You can use OP.GG for replays, or (even better) install MK LOL - it automatically saves replays of all games you play if you activate the program before going into a game. I will go over some support games too. You **die** a lot with Zyra. I know, I've played with her too, it's like she's not moving (that's how slow she is). Work on positioning. Consider building the Talisman (I assume you start the game with Spell thief - just swap it at some point ) for mobility. Leona - I've found 3 games with her where you've had more than 50% **kill participation**. Your usual percent is between 30 and 40. That's not that good for a support. Try to be with your team more, and support all of them. You seem to die with her a lot (but not as mush as with Zyra), but you are Leona, so...** Again, I suggest looking at replays**. If you engaged somewhere and died because no one from your team followed your engage, that was your fault. Your team most likely saw something you didn't, and even if not, you need to read the mood and know when your team is going to follow your engage. I can't really say much more without a detailed match history or couple of replays. I hope this will help a little. Have a nice day.
Those are all fair points! With rek'sai i tend sometimes to be reckless if the death is worth a lot of objectives, like a kill minimum and a tower ( even better if 2 ) since i have her ult to back up. Obviously is just something very occasional that can skew the numbers, but i agree that i see myself dying more because of late engages and that is indoubtely my fault. I should look more at those. While playing support i always put my own life over the carry, and many times i get killed to let him run away ( or any other more sensible character ) since their living time is more worth than mine. I am doing bad? With Zyra i agree i die too much with her and i have no excuses for that, i need to work it more. Thanks for the critics!
Neonchan (EUW)
: Hmm looks like you usually do fine early but then you/your team screws up somewhere mid/early late and it snowballs out of control from there. If you judge your shotcalling as good perhaps it's a problem of getting your team to believe in your calls
Most part of my shotcalling consists of "don't do baron at 25 while all enemy are up and lanes pushed to us", and then calling dragon ( usually after a successful double in bot ). I agree that i can hardly take control of the game mid/late, as you can see i play mostly rek'sai lately and later on she becomes mostly a knockup bot :/ As a support i usually try to allow an engage, but if the enemy has assassins or divers i must stay behind to defend the squishes... if i remember right i had a game with a malphite that never engaged. A MALPHITE. and when the enemy did flank and engage us his ult only hit 1/2 people... Probably in the end it is just me that i am.too much cautious, after all this is silver and even the scare of an engaging rek'sai is a cc by itself!
: You have to die less and work on your item builds. Don't get Sunfire Cape on ANY support ever (even though you won that game), don't get Hydra on Pantheon, get BC instead and go rest tanky unless you snowballed previously. If you get a lot of kills or your team is generally ahead you want a second damage item, if not, you don't. If you want somebody to spectate you, feel free to add me. I can also analyse the game and upload it on Youtube for you to watch and think about.
I have .bats of my replays if you want! some are still fresh, they are from replay.gg About pantheon, that was a normal! remember that in the upper part of the list there is the checkbox for looking only at rankeds. I was just messing up with him a bit :3 ( also i indeed snowballed with him early, but i fell really hard mid/late. i still have to figure him out well )
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