Costacion (EUW)
: Searching for a duo partner for the 10 Ranked Games
"Somebody good" ... nah .. I actually prefer a shitter XD
: Miss Fortune: What's the best ballance for ASPD/AD to achieve max dps with constant Love Tap + W?
Calculate damage over 10 seconds with an AS item of the same Gold value and Gold efficiency as an AD item. Just make the controls the champions, location and enemy statistics.
EmoFish (EUW)
: Main support since Season 2 lf ADC gold+
I'm gold 4 but there is a big difference between each rank in gold. Add me up though if you're interested.
éyoleet (EUW)
: LoL Montage 6 - It's all in the cards (Twisted Fate)
Not bad, but that song has to be the worst thing I have ever heard
GKeeper (EUW)
: Pre-Match analyst, can make post match too
Thing is with analyst positions is that they usually are top players that dont like the spotlight too much. They can see all the mistakes pros make but at your level .. you wont see diamond mistakes. I'd say focus on maybe one role as opposed to a macro-scope. This way you can become knowledgable faster.


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