: I guess facts aren't the easiest of things to handle.
There has been a statement that they will provide more info on clash until the end of this month. There has been no report on it being benched and as of last update they are still working on it so saying "several years" might be a bit of frustration talking (I would give it 50/50 to be ready this year but who knows). At least wait till the end of the month and then we will see.
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: G2 Esports: The Dominant
You guys are really pushing this e-sports platform this year aren't you?
: Clash update
This is the problem. They brought people back who were not playing regularly and they were prepared to practice for clash but it is taking so much time everyone has left again.
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: Clash Week One Cancellation
The problem is that the hype will go away and you won't be able to recreate it. It took 6 months from the first beta test in EU to finally launch it (6 months? You can write a novel in that time... This was obviously not a high priority). I won't wait for another couple of months.


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