: any slur that is deemed racist homophobic or w/e some words in my language when written with the latin alphabet get censored which is stupid but oh well now as long as you don't get banned randomly for those things i think it's fine
that's common sense though, the commie-chinese-ass-moneymilking-censuring-policies is what i'm interested in.
Bzyku987 (EUNE)
: Try turning off your antivirus and press reconnect.
why would my antivirus.... ok i'll try Edit: You were right, apparently free avast detects something as a virus for some reason. There's no patching i was aware of either on lol or avast last day but smth changed. Thanks for the help
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vladø (EUNE)
: ban
i love how people insta-downvote anyone complaining about chat restrictions. Sad.
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