: Counter picking is really important in mid lane. If you're first pick try picking someone either with great poke or great mobility to stay safe when farming and harassing If you see the enemy midlaner before you lock in look up which champions counter them and how to do it
ok i will learn me the midlane counters
: EUW IGN - SB Arneeman Best safe picks are Orianna and Ahri atm, but you need to be pretty good with them for it to work. I've put in some time in Orianna and I now beat all Yasuo players with her. Syndra is strong, but situational since she's not that good vs tanks(quite low dps) With ori and syndra you want to get as much pen as possible so you deal true dmg
ok, il spare my ip for orianna. and i will practise with ahri.
: Learn 2-3 champions really well, and make sure you know what their role in the game is. Not all midlaners are the same. Some of them are supposed to roam and gank a lot as soon as they get level 6, while some of them tend to stay longer in lane and farm for a while. A couple of general tips though: -hard push your lane into their tower before roaming -ward one of the side bushes and try to stay on that side of your lane, this gives you more time to react to ganks -be aware of the map and the enemy jungler, make sure you can react and help your jungler in case of an invade or a river fight without them needing to ping -be aware of how pushed the side lanes are and try to see how the enemy likes to play, and plan your ganks accordingly -again, try to focus on learning 2-3 champions really well, don't pick something different every game or you'll improve very very slowly -read or learn what most midlane champions do so you are able to play against them
Antenora (EUW)
: 10CS is a minute is unrealistic in Solo Queue especially in Silver 5 solo queue. I'd say 6.5+ a minute in Silver is "good cs"
DaahLeon (EUNE)
: practice over all, but champion mechanic can get you very far on its own! what i believe to be the most priority of midlane is to control your enemies, have a check on where the jungler is, if he is top side, ward the topside brush (the one between mid and river) so you can push confidently. second one being when to recall, only when you can get a core item AND when you have shoved the lane so that the enemy does not get alot of dmg on your tower. (: {{champion:498}}
Ìxeas (EUW)
: Pro streams, videos, guides, general understanding of the game. A lot of practice is a very important too. Start with easier champs who can't be bullied in laning phase a lot, has some mobility/utility and late game damage.
: I looked at your match history and you look like a player that always play aggressive. Many kills but also a ton of deaths, and once you're matched against better enemies you won't snowball. Also, you need to learn a mage or two, since assassins are not always good. Currently, Orianna and Syndra are in the best spots, but in this elo you can play pretty much anything and climb. Practice playing the mage you want in normals, and when you feel like it move over to ranked. Try focusing on not dying, stop trading kills 1 for 1 or trying to 1v3 when you're fed. Just close out the games as a group when ahead and don't run around for kills.
Thank you for youre long essay. Its true that i play way to many assasins but i have no "safe" mage picks i will work on syndra, Talon and maybe Zed, Kassadin or Yasuo. Could i maybe add you if i need help with anything? :D
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: Looking For someone to solo/duo Q
i can coach you, and paly with you tonight :D hit me up: RazerNatior
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: Thanks. Now, when I'm getting the hang of Talon, I teamfight better and better. I guess it's normal to die straight after your target enemy?
Ye its pretty hard to survive in teamfights, because they see talon as a big treath to the carries so they try to take you out as fast as possible.{{item:3632}}
: Talon midgame
Try to do youre job as an assasin and pick of the enemy team if they are spread, and if there is a team fight go for the carries: (but wait until enemy team uses some cc, because talon will easily be countered by stuns.
Rich (EUW)
: Alrighty! Will be after work for me too, so maybe we can catch a game together. :)
Mr Picco (EUW)
: Making a low elo Tornumant
Do i have to bring my own team?
Rich (EUW)
: Looking for party members for this weekend's IP event? Look no further!


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