: League of tanks, again...
im not talking about rene only... Orrn, sion, mundo, deal a lot of damage!
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Azelar (EUNE)
: Akali nerf
every akali player agrees she's total trash now. you might have some lucky games, but overall, sustain, scaling, and some other issues hit her hard. no akali main agrees with these changes to kill your favorite champ. and it was all due to crybabies who couldn't handle going against her in mid lane, because she wasn't fun to play against... oh c'mon, sure, there are a lot of champs i dont like playing against, but i'm trying to adapt and find their weakness instead of crying for nerfs all the times... jeez
: Akali has counterplay now, You just gotta adapt and realize than you will not autowin every matchup :)
old akali also had counterplays, but atleast she could heal... =.=
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Azzafist (EUW)
: you have no idea how unfun she was to play against
i know because i did, and i didn't mind, since i knew her weaknesses as a main akali, it's all about learning your opponent, she wasn't broken, and i got killed only once while under turret in all those games. I'm not gonna cry about a new remake like everyone else, just because people dont know her yet, doesn't make her broken
: Goodbye Fist of shadow... :(
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyhQbWJgSfQ oh the good old times :3 yea i wish riot will bring the old one back somehow, i really miss her playstyle
Metauriel (EUW)
: The old akali was just stupid op but this akali was fine untill these nerfs in my opinion
then how come nobody banned her? if she was that broken she would be banned all the time, but truth is, only real akali mains would shine with her, she's not as simple as just point-to-click, she has a lot of tactics to her and thinking.
: Akali nerfs
i think the hole that forms in the middle of the shroud is annoying af! just make it a normal circle as it was, also her passive radius is a bit too big sometimes, feels like it prevents you from getting kills in times. but yea, on topic: the shroud visibility issue should've been fixed from the start instead of nerfing all her other aspects. it's been 5 nerfs in a row and no buffs only to get her off the ban list... doesn't seem so fair for akali players
: Ok, name another melee assassin that that much safe sustain. The issue was that Akali was an extremely safe champion and made her really frustrating to play against.
as main akali, i think her sustain and scaling are terrible. if you compare it to the old akali, her scaling was correct, if you reached late game, you could compete with everyone in full build. now, when everyone is full build, she can't do anything, it's even super hard to kill an adc. also sustain-wise: she feels as squishy as an adc, i mean, that's right, she's not supposed to be tanky, but if you fall a bit behind in game, you get deleted so fast
Haze97 (EUW)
: Honestly speaking, as a Katarina main I have never struggled against Akali while playing midlane. And I couldn't give a damn about how many skins you've purchased. Now if you think getting hit by a turret is a weakness then you're better off playing Pantheon.
nobody cares about the turret stealth, not even akali players, we care about sustain, and her bad scaling. if you never had an issue against akali then you can agree these nerfs are ridiculous and unnecessary
CrazyCat711 (EUNE)
: Akali Stuff
it was super weird for everyone that they removed both stealth and heal at same patch, like they wanted to make sure she won't get perma-banned, but really outdone themselves. anyway, her win rate is going to get in the bottom of the list. guess we have no choice but to wait for a revert. i really loved old akali's passive, it was great and fun to play around :)
: Hello Akali players, please take my condolence from a player that lost 3 favourite champs in last 5 years to crappy remakes and Yasuo-mains.
thank you... yes indeed I agree, a lot of people suffer from changes like that, i do feel bad for irelia and aatrox players as well. even though i hated playing against irelia, she was only op because the player knew how to play her right. she's hard to master and should be rewarded for hard work
Ðusk (EUW)
: Hi, Akali main here. Please don't revert. A lot of us in the Akali mains discord do not want her reverted. There's a loud group that wants a revert but, as a player of both old and new Akali, the previous version was an unhealthy stat check, and even though Akali right now is a bit of an annoyance to the balance team, her kit is a diamond in the rough. She can be balanced.
unhealthy? in what way? she seemed fun to play, not broken at all, and you did need to have certain amount of skill to make nice plays. but that's the thing, no matter how much they try to balance her now, akali is either going to be in lowest win rate or highest ban rate, they already broke her beyond fixing, if she will get buffed (which she really should right now). people will start with the insane ban rate again because she is "annoying" to play against. and if riot won't touch her from now on, no one will play her as time goes, because her win rate is so terrible now, and feels impossible to carry games and her huge issue of scaling - late game sucks! so best action will be to revert to the time akali was balanced, decent win rate, no bans, just perfect :3
: When a champion is below 30% winrate. They are extremely underpowered in all sense and logic. You probobly listen to some pros who said "winrate doesn't matter" **as long it's between 45-50%** When a champion goes above 51% winrate, riot takes notice and will nerf it down do 45-50% as always. But champions that goes below 40% winrate are considered trash by riot. Whenever someone brings that champion up to riot they always respond "We are working on a fix for this champion", and that usually means they have to spend 2+ months before an update will come to that champion. Just look at Mordekaser for example, he got gutted after the fail of his being a bot laner and they didn't fix him until 1 year after that. Even currently he ain't strong, but cause his playrate his so low, the winrates doesn't match and can go between 40-70% winrate between weeks. If they do this thing with Akali as well, she will likely been an unseen champion for 1-2 years before they finally fix her. Just like they did with LB
hope it wont be that long and they will revert her to her old self in less than 1 year lol
: Ain't the akali nerfs going a bit to far?
yup, as an akali main for several seasons, i can say for all akali players - we've suffered a lot in these 6 months. nerf after nerf, concluding in 5 nerfs total only to change the ban rate, which decreasing the win rate. i remember being hyped about the new one so much, i though, wow! she's cool, she's gonna be so fun, can't wait for her release!! but, nope, at first it felt cool, ok ban rate was high, but she was fun to play.. then i realised all of her weaknesses and horrible late game... i thought, even though she's cool, i felt so much better with the old one, and now, i say with a full heart, the old one was better. even if u had less means to escape teamfight, only those ult dashes, still, it would be thrilling to find your ways in and out of teamfight. tbh i dont like the new shroud, even if it would make you invisible under tower, the huge hole that formed in the middle was a disaster in my opinion. anyway back to topic: yea, i even feel bad for irelia and aatrox players, this patch was terrible for a lot of players, and i feel every one of them, something went terribly wrong in the balance team of riot
: Akali Revert
I agree, the new akali is completely broken and beyond fixing - the winrate\ban rate was ridiculous! something went real wrong there, and for that, she should be reverted. it was nice knowing the new one, and she had some cool tricks, but tbh, there's nothing like the old one <3
brutąl (EUNE)
: that new akali is completely different champion (mechanically) so if they revert her that means they kill a new champion with fun and enjoyable playstyle. At the same time the old one was unique and fun too, so maybe they can make her again but with different name or smth, like a sister (twin)
i also thought about it, have a sister, or being able to pick champions before\after changes there was just too much love for the old one, and not enough hate to make it legit to change her
Sefi (EUNE)
: Assassin logic right here: Cant one shot someone in 0.1 seconds = unplayable...
not even old akali could do that unless she was fed, and tbh, all fed assassins could one shot adcs... so please...
Haze97 (EUW)
: Akali players - Stop crying.
btw, to all you guys who think akali players are crying for nothing - you haven't mastered her for half a year daily. you have no clue about her weaknesses when playing her, you haven't spent money to get the prestige skin only for the huge nerfs after bought, so please, do us all a favor and enjoy facing a weak broken akali, without rubbing some more mud in our akali mains face. thank you
: While yes she has always had a heal that doesn’t mean she should continue... the game evolves and with it so do champions, the heal on akali is no longer healthy (due to her safety being improved, having gone from 3 targeted dashes post 6 to 3 free cast dashes, ones being before 6), therefore it got removed It’s not a big part of her kit, and with the game evolving to the point where it’s an issue it needed to be removed.
yet you guys ignore the facts : lowest win rate. her scaling is terrible, if she doesnt win by mid game, she's total trash, her late game is so weak. it's so easy to look from the side and say - oh look, she has 4 dashes... well first of all, her ult has a super long cd, so that's 2 dashes in about 2 min cd, and her e is so hard to hit, due to it being real slow as well... Ofc she's a skill based champ now, and great players might look good with her, but this nerf is irrational and has no sense. all this to lower her ban rate while her win rate suffers even greatly. So good job guys, all of you who cried about playing against her - you got your wish, riot listened. but all akali players suffered greatly from this and have to main another champ now. A small revert to her old self will make all happy, fix everything, but no, rito has too much pride.
Haze97 (EUW)
: Akali players - Stop crying.
she was never a "safe" pick, even before her remake, and she always had healing until now, that's part of who she is. like it or not, maybe u hate playing against her, ofc she is annoying, but so are like half of the champs. and she was never an easy champ to master, even her old self, you could die really easily in tf, and her laning phase was really weak pre-6. so yea, if u dont play akali its easy for you to say all these stuff, but what if it were your main champ who got guttered like that?
WarlockBN (EUNE)
: akali sold soooo many skins ... she will not give any cash now ... that mean .. nerf is good for the game ... more cash on adc at S9 .. that i feel there will be more skins for adc players since they buffed adc riot is sucking all the huny from it's jars and eat the stone of the jars ... then after they tasted and don't need huny anymore they don't care abut it ... they will never learn this is sad
i remember the first years, they were like the sweet rivals of blizzard! greed against community. the golden years of league, where riot listened to its community and made blizzard sound bad. now, it feels like the opposite, i've heard from blizzard fans that the community gets more attention opposing to greed over money. I really hope riot will stop being so greedy and listen to the community once again....
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BM Electro (EUNE)
: Try to restore default setting in NVIDIA Control Panel NVIDIA Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > and Restore defaults. you can also try to change the FXAA setting to off.
Thank you! it got fixed :D
BM Electro (EUNE)
: Some more info would be nice like for example 1:Does it happen every time and in the same spots on the client itself? 2:If you move the client do the spots move with it or stay in the same place on the screen ? 3:Does it happen ONLY with LoL client ? 4:Did you try updating the drivers? 5:Are they really "spots" or like a bar spanning all of the bottom of the client window ? And Riot support answers within 48 hours so you can wait for them.
1. yea, if i hover with mouse on friend list it gets all blurry (after i entered lobby) usually around same spots 2.the spots move with client 3.yes, only in league client 4.i updated yea. 5.hmmm i dunno, it usually happens around text, all the text gets blurry, but also in other spots
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: Grading system for support
Tarolock, I had much worst games than this with lulu and got atleast A+ for this kda, there was no issue with warding and ward destroying, just did it as i usually do, same with shielding and assisting... I never got this grade unless i lost a game (with lulu) and I know riot was messing around with grading system for support, to make it better.... as it says in patch notes: "SWIPER NO SWIPING: Support grades specifically weigh assists equal to kills, leaving one fewer excuse for bloodthirsty Flash-Ignites"
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: [SUGGESTION] Displaying the last username of a person after he changed his/her name
yup it should appear somewhere in my opinion, it's really confusion since everyone change their nicks lately
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shaharz (EUNE)
: A fake tribute vote massege
I know, i was scammed the exact way about a year ago, and it took like 2-3 weeks for riot to bring me back my account, luckily, i didn't have any rp :), but still, beware of fake sites!!! They look exactly the same as the official site, but the address is a bit different! Try to avoid people's links. Good luck m8, hope riot will bring you back your rp :)
WrenhaveN (EUW)
: When you are alone in a 4 premade game
It's not such a biggy, happens all the time.. people troll, besides it's normal, not ranked, so who cares? :) you can always leave the room if you really don't want to play that comp
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: to be exact... they didnt destroy her E, they returned it to how it was BEFOR it got buffed :)
wasn't that at the same time her ult proc'ed?
: Please bring back akali's proc e
yea but all of diana's kit is useful, besides her passive was always 3 hits, Akali's new e would be like changing diana's shield to - no shield - only orbs that do damage XDDD
: I just can't climb
You are lucky, i was g2, started s1 this season, was in promotion to gold, won 2 out of 5, now i'm in silv 2 :D i've been struggling a whole season to get to gold, now i feel like i need to do it all over again..
Sèbelon (EUNE)
: rework kata
I don't agree on rework, her kit's great. But definitely a nerf required, she wipes out champs so quickly it's insane, and she gets fed really quick as well
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fret13103 (EUW)
: How it feels to play against Annie.
So many champs got nerfed, maybe time for annie as well, devastating aoe burst with stun, fair enough :)
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: Grave's smoke screen (w) empower/fix
Ok ok, but if the target moves so it won't hit, because it acts like blind, but i guess making blind shots only to champions not visible will be much more complicated :S
: Tank jungle/Mid champions recomandation
Azir is a bit underpowered right now, syndra and liss are excellent, syndra though is much harder to master :) Lissandra would be a great choice. Seju is considered op jung right now, so i recommend her, though she gets a lot of bans, zac is a bit underpowered now, hecarim is fine though i see him mostly in top lane now, So i would recommend Seju and Lissandra Good luck :D
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