Getcuxcd (EUW)
: TFT quest "Spend 25 gold in one turn"
just tried it myself due to my girlfriend having the same problem. one run, one completion. what i did. went to 45g. spend everything on mixing of chamions and rerolls from prep time (between fights) to prep time (between fights) , this being during the fight as well between the "pauses" i'm considering this bug solved as my girlfriend also got the task completed.
AlexC2k00 (EUNE)
: Mundo glacial in TFT ?!
as i just came out of a TFT with glacial setup. i can verify that these are the only ones shown inside the game. Warwick, Braum, Volibear, Ezreal, Olaf, Lux. and the picture would be hard to photoshop properly since the first line only has 4 and Ezreal is number 4 in that lineup. also. they are sorted by price and alphabetic order. so Ezreal would be shown before Mundo. just for all you skeptics out there. sometimes bugs actually do happen.
VulcanADC (EUW)
: Mouse Button 4 still alt tabs me. It's been a bug for months.
this bug has nothing to do with riot. it's in the mouse software and not the in-game setup. i myself am using a Razer Naga Chroma with 12 programmable side buttons. and i have no problem using 1-7 to activate my items or wards. button 11 is to make a small chat command "/mute all" in case i need some silence from a negative party. so before you rip off their heads. try looking into your mouse company and their software as this can be the culprit most of the times. even happens to my program if it decides to reboot or switch profile for some odd reasons.
: Permaban experiment EUW
personally voted No (or as it's shown in the poll "o"). reason behind this being: if you break the rules of a given platform. you break the rules. just like with real life. if you break the law enough times. the government and prison system won't let you go from their locked care at any time. permabans are to me considered the same as breaking the law repeatedly despite slaps on the wrist multiple times. and as another reason: test has already been implemented on the US servers more than once, and it has failed every time. what would be different for europe or even asia regions?
Jirrgen (EUW)
: Is this really worth a ban?
won't say banable or not. i'd just like to make you find your own answer from this: Game 1 Jirrgen: this leona gets reported Post-Game Jirrgen: report calling is bannable :) and this is only game 1.
: Toxic Honor Carry
4th option: taking the win, yet reporting the toxic player. no matter how good you are at the game. if you ruin my mood, one good deed such as handing me a win won' save you. if we put it in a more harsh scenario: you see someone commit armed robbery, 10 minutes later after they stashed the goods. you see the same person save a kid from being run over by a car. sure, now they're a hero. but the armed robbery still happened and scarred another person for life. would you hand him a medal or would you slap them a pair of cuffs?
: but i wanna say it there, it was not just 1 guy that ruined my game, it was literally the whole team that was flaming me for nothing, they all ruined my game why am i not allowed to do the same, it's almost like if you're going to play Yasuo you will get banned.
and what about the 5 players in the other team? their game was ruined as well due to you and your teams actions. deleted message further down was the same. just wrong reply. sorry for that.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Prepuzius,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=haELUaO9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-28T07:39:52.723+0000) > > do not flame a player so that he won't retaliate by not hitting the tower? Why would I flame someone I'm not the toxic one here! The only flamer is Kat who for so riled up over NOTHING and just decided to troll everyone. P.S Thank you for the down-vote, it highlights that at least the target audience for the post is setting it.
naming a person and blaming said person is considered toxic. if he/she didn't hit tower. so what? are pixels not colliding with other pixels hurting your persona? if so, you might consider another pass-time. ranting about it here just gives you even more of a problem as you escalate a very very minor problem. "buhu, i lost some of my precious pixels. now i'm going to tell the whole world how addicted i am" and if you or anyone take this as an attack. feel free to hit the report button down below at the right hand side of this comment.
Warchieƒ (EUW)
: flame in aram
unfortunately this problem goes from unranked to platinum in my experience. as late as last night. i had a game where we were 5 melee VS balanced champ composition. and our only DPS/Carry said "we lost" at 10 minutes, trying to surrender etc. at between 25-30 minutes we blew up the enemy nexus due to being too tanky for the other team to handle. true. the battle waged back and forth for the entire game. yet, just because someone gives up on someone else doesn't mean that the game is lost before we as persons deem it lost and give up ourselves. toxicity is everywhere. everywhere we look, games, real life, even in our very own thoughts. that being said. i know first hand how some people are in games and would love nothing but to see toxic behaviors removed from the platform. but that is only a dream i know will never come to pass.
: easier said then done. if he keeps doing that its a 3v5 since you both become useless and you both end up diyng a lot wich leads to you feeding too and getting report too etc...
Mute was invented for that exact purpose. Not to tilt you into compromising your account. Edit: fighting back or sinking to his level would only make me a worse person. With that in mind. Don't become your own enemy.
: I never said i dont like what others say pls stay rational and with the topic dont attack me personal that is not what helps you proof your point i didnt call him useless i said building dmg is useless that is something different i didnt adress his skill or him as a player i also asked him to do it i didnt order him to do it. As you already said asked for an opinion but not for you to attack my personality also i think you should recondider what you find offending and what not since there will be countless ppl in your life who will criticise you the way i do and this is by far not disrespectfull with all my respect but it is just not hope you learned something about arguing and taking critic today
the way i see orders are harsh ways of saying things. such as the "seriously, go tank" instead of "would you please go tank?" i'm getting blamed in 75% of all my games on a daily basis. latest one being a vladimir in aram where i played morgana. he used mark to jump from tier 1 ally turret to enemy tier 1 where he dies 1v5, and then proceeds to blame the morgana (me) for not using dark shield even tho i only just reached tier 2 ally turret. i'm not offended by anything you've said so far. if i was, you'd not be mistaken as i'm way harsher in that perspective, even to an extent where i've had a few posts removed a few years back due to my language being inappropriate for these forums. i'm not even trying to prove any points and/or standpoints from my side, every person is different and as such, sees everything differently. what i guess you took as a personal attack was the "if you don't like what others say. don't ask for their words." am i right? if so, it was not meant as any form of attack. it was a phrase. just like "an eye for an eye will leave the entire world blind." if that's not what you took offensive, please enlighten me so we can find a peaceful solution to this debate.
: DrTerminotter: and oyu play so def wu cause you got no dmg and you got no tank DrTerminotter: wu srsly go tank DrTerminotter: we dont need your dmg DrTerminotter: you are useless with dfmg are you serious? this is blame for your??? how would you like critic brought to you then?
yes, i am serious. those are diminishing your view on that player. calling someone useless is indeed a blame/insult of their skills/game-play and gives little, if not no positive interaction at all. as how i would take criticism coming my way. one of two possible ways. 1: if positive and constructive criticism, I'll take it to heart and be thankful. 2: if negative and destructive criticism, I'll mute on the spot. and report after game. have a good day sir/ma'am, this discussion have received my honest opinion as it asked for. I'm out. EDIT: if you don't like what others say. don't ask for their words.
: Honest Opinion is this Chat worth a restriction or not
> DrTerminotter: and oyu play so def wu cause you got no dmg and you got no tank > DrTerminotter: wu srsly go tank > DrTerminotter: we dont need your dmg > DrTerminotter: you are useless with dfmg Blame game. > DrTerminotter: mute reported suppp threat of report. > DrTerminotter: you should listen to your teammates wu > DrTerminotter: and look at what your team needs > DrTerminotter: not play the same shit every game more blame game after conclusion of game. highly worth the chat restriction.
: I didn't get any feedback report.
one rarely do. "keep in mind. we can't disclose any actions taken against the reported players account"
: legit? if sommeone in your game dies twice and then follows you around like a pet and tries to steal your cs etc you would not at all report that person?
i would get annoyed yes. but i'm a very relaxed player so i would ask him once to stop tailing me around. if that didin't help. i would just ignore him mentally and consider the game 4v5 and fight through it instead of endangering my own account.
: Yes but saying that and then going from a past 10 day chat restriction to a permanent ban is quite unreasonable in my opinion... they have 4 steps when it comes to banned i read on one of their own articles and it states that: 10 game chat restriction > 20 game chat restriction > 2 week suspension > permanently banned. and for me going straight from 10 game chat restriction to permanently ban for this is quite unreasonable.
It also states that tiers might be skipped. As to why it skipped so far. I can't and wont try to argue. All I can say With 100% certainty is that i would report anyone asking me to report anyone.
: Really? I dunno some of my friends said that it really wasn't worthy of a ban so I just wanted some more opinions.
: Hi there i just posted the chat log "only mine because thats what they gave me"! hope it helps.
Helped some. First and only Thing i personally would Address. The 9x threats. 1=9 as far as reports go. 1 report starts the investigation. Asking for multitudes Are just being negative.
: My account got suspended
without the chat-logs we as a community can't advise you to do anything. also the summoner's code states that you can't have fun at the expense of anyone else. thus making sarcasm in the most parts report-able. also. ever hear the phrase: an eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind.?
: What do you find offensive in this? How old are you? Do you even know NUNU interactions? RIOT itself is a huge TOXICITY. I supose they should take out chat from the game, so they can add 3 buttons of salutes and thanks. This is not even a bit of toxic, I see the dude is trying to comunicate but his teammates looks like trollers, plus I see that alistar is a tilter aswell
my personal view. (insult it if you must.) here's what i find degrading to moral: ImranZakhaev31: report alistar ImranZakhaev31: troll+feed ImranZakhaev31: yup feeder ImranZakhaev31: do not play sup above would be threatening and diminishing towards your support. ImranZakhaev31: cry more ImranZakhaev31: lol ImranZakhaev31: we cant ImranZakhaev31: cry more ImranZakhaev31: you are nnot sup ImranZakhaev31: to buy item wood division style support rubbing salt into an open wound for no other reason than to hurt the other person.
: Poll : Who got Punished (chat restricted) this season ?
no chat restrictions. but a single low priority queue due to dodging 3 games in a row with people threatening to feed in lobby.
Mahashi (EUW)
: so, let me get THIS right. I can ignore some people but when it happens in everygame in depth of D5 which makes me impossible to climb, i can be tilted sometimes. I didn't tell that i was positive or neutral, I wrote some stupid things but somehow i was still trying my best in this game and of course I am the one who got punished. The thing is that my account is perma banned WITHOUT REASON (compared to their behaviour)
can't talk to that part. yet, if you had any prior 14d punishments. then there's not much to do as it counts as a last warning and will enforce a perma regardless of how minor the infraction is.
Mahashi (EUW)
: delete chat
so, let me get this right. you're complaining that they pressed the "!" after game and reported you spouting negative vibes. and after that you get offended? any negative behavior is report-worthy. thus, you should have just ignored what they did and focused on your own game rather than that of a trolling team member. and in my humble unranked opinion. the wall of text above (chat log) isn't really positive in any way.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: No, it is always at leas honor 1: >A chat restriction knocks your Honor level to 1, or 0 if you’re already at level 1. A two week suspension will drop your level to 0 (even if you were higher). [Source.]( Daelam should send a support ticket, and ask about it.
i stand corrected. thus your advise of contacting support would be the best answer.
Poramies (EUW)
: A punishment drops you to level 1 or 0, not 2.
depending on severity. if it's a 10/25 games chat from honor 4 it wouldn't go all the way down. (needs verification on both standpoints tho.)
Daelam (EUNE)
: A Feedback Report Review but that was 2 days ago
then there's your answer. punishments and honor goes together in some way. punishments also lowers and shortly locks honor.
111182 (EUW)
: honor 2
possible, yes. hope for it before nov 12, no.
Daelam (EUNE)
: Honor Level 4 to 2
experienced any punishments lately? chat restriction and/or suspension?
: How can i stay tilt proof if toxic matchmaking and players still keep happening?
i see good suggestions, but i want to offer my method as well. 1. grap a friend on discord/skype/etc voice communication program (these may not interfere with league overlays). 2. don't mind what people are texting unless it's positive and gives strategy knowledge. 3. think that toxic players will be removed while you only scream into the screen and keep playing. 4. report offenders after game and if feeling tilted, take a 5-10 minute walk away from the PC. for me it's taking a cigarette or going for take-away food. 5. laugh at them when they post their QQ threads here on boards.
: Riot, i need you help!
to some players, normal (blind pick) is the top of their interaction with the game, all you can do is try your best to win lanes and games even while practicing a new lane/champion, if anyone flames, blames, or even insults you. there's a red ! at the post-game lobby for various uses. bad games happens, does to us all from time to time, but if we try our best. we can't go wrong.
Ibbi (EUNE)
: League Needs A Slow Loader's Que
9/10 games these days will have this problem in your eyes. and with an attitude like that, might i suggest skipping the MP universe and go find a similar SP game that you might like? it takes 5-7 minutes not because of people having downloaded too much, but because 10 different IP's are pinging eachother and riot servers at the same time from 10 different locations.
: how many times can I leave games before i get banned?
No one knows the real answer, or they wont disclose this information.
: May I ask where I showed toxic behaviour? The asking for reports became a new thing just recently, that aint flame nor is it toxic. Sure I admit I showed negative behaviour but that aint toxic, as anyone in my spot would be annoyed having trollers/afkers game after game.
Report calling has been a Thing since the days of tribunal. And please stop acting innocent. A if you can't see your mistake after reading through your logs yourself. Reforming is far away and your Current behavior will only lead down one road. Game 1: giving up, flaming, blaming, report calling, more flaming, more blaming. Game 2: same.
: Unfair Chat Restriction for 10 games.
> Unfair Chat Restriction for 10 games Seems fair to me from what the logs show. Any kind of toxic behavior result in penalties sooner or later. So here's where i'm lost. How do you not know the terms of the contact you signed when creating the account?
: sorry man wasn't meant as an insult but if you wanna have a converstion someone gotta have a different opinion
in that case. we can have a debate. but just as a reminder "what world do you live in" is somewhat offensive by default as it refers to being on another plane of existence. even some people would take it as a personal insult to their mental state. why i don't see a reason for the current system to go away from perma-bans for chat-related felonies, mostly because well over 90% of trollers/inters are previously perma-banned accounts and after sentenced to death on their first account, they don't give a flying F if they lose a second, third etc account as well. and this way, if they did not lose the account permanently they would just go all out in a mental fit and say "i can't get banned for chatting, so lets insult everyone about everything" thus, where will the improvement of their behavior come from?
: In which world do you live where punishments can't change in any way depending on the situation? in most parts of the world rules are just a reason to get punished while the punishment can be wildly diverse, even a lifetime sentence in real life can get changed after enough good behavior and enough passed time so why would it not be the same in a silly game?
OP asked for opinions. shooting mine down solves nothing. and insulting me and the way i think definitely don't help this.
Lari (EUNE)
: 10 days restriction for 1 game wtf!!?
after reading the comments and the log, here's my counter answer to: >I never agreed to never get angry, Riot is not God they can not tell me what to feel, this happened once so...And these rules are a bit blurry imo so, if we take this to real-life standards. you agree to follow your countries law of "thou shall not murder", but in a rage you go and murder someone, (all fictional, but facts remains the same). you get sent to court. judge asking: "what do you have to say in your defense?" you: "sorry sir, i just got angry. please exonerate me for my crime that i know is against the law." take a look and decide for yourself if this holds up in a real-life situation. then we can start talking like adults.
: you do realise that the list of things that you have just posted is the same as a list of what to expect when playing league if its not flaming it toxic if it not negative its afk and of course the league of legends classic screaming for report. lets be real if riot actually banned for the things they say you can get ban for the player base would a tenth of the size. i think if riot added a mute all the time button things would be better for everyone
Just relaying what's on their website. Not My fault if they do not follow thier own rules. Which thay actually do. But wont start a brawl because opinions Are different.
Mc Truck (EUW)
: Consequences of lifting a permaban
not afraid to say i voted no. reason: it's like real life, rules are rules. if one breaks the rules of their country, they get put away, repeated felony gets punished by more and more "vacation" time. in the end. even a real life justice department will get enough of seeing the same felony being committed again and again by the same person, and lastly it will result in a life sentencing. same for the game, yes, only a game, but facts still remains the same, demoralizing the team is a felony within the game, be it through chat or other means. therefore i personally think the system should not remove the permanent ban procedure for chat-related felonies, and chat-related felonies are by far more common than inters, trolls and afk players combined.
: I agree that I was out of line but 1 game of toxicity shouldn't trump 100's of games of normal behavior in my opinion. Additionally, I do regret what I did and I only blame myself even without a ban I would regret what I said to that Vayne. I am normally a reasonable person which was shown by the honor level i worked to achieve.
by that analogy, let me present a rare but present real life scenario: police officer arrests thousands of criminals over the years. one day he goes out in a rage and shoots a man in cold blood. should he still be seen as the hero who kept the streets clean or the criminal murderer he became?
Karlo3110 (EUNE)
: Game 1 In-Game Karlo3110: dumb Karlo3110: zed Karlo3110: dumb ass zed Karlo3110: picke Karlo3110: DAVOR Karlo3110: stupid Karlo3110: hf yi Karlo3110: you loser Karlo3110: everyone buy thorn mail Karlo3110: so you get mail Karlo3110: by thorn Karlo3110: GJ Karlo3110: MASTER YI Karlo3110: YOU BOOSTED SHIT Karlo3110: JUST GO AND COMMIT NECK ROPE Karlo3110: fight them Karlo3110: GJ Karlo3110: GUYS YOU GOT ME Karlo3110: FOR THAT TURRET Karlo3110: MEN Karlo3110: niger Karlo3110: strat Karlo3110: yi Karlo3110: %%% Karlo3110: bronze Lmao as I look at it now I see that I am being stupid and not thinking Yeah... there
any previous 14d ban? because if you had that already. 14d is considered last warning before perma. and as you say yourself. you were not thinking probably. next step is to either talk with support about it in a polite way, or make a new account and at least try not to come with outbursts of frustration towards team or enemies.
: The Romanian Legend of Flaming
i would suggest removing his name from the picture or removing the picture itself. it violates naming&shaming policies here on the boards. also, the instant feedback could be of someone else you've reported in the past few days. but it's always good to see toxic people removed from the platform.
: So you haven't read the wall of text and are looking at this for face value, maybe you should read for some context and not be an ignorant person. I reported the fella so there was no threat. "STFU" isn't really harsh language. "gg ez" I said good game, and it was an easy match it was an analysis of what just happened. In an online video game where I can't say "gg ez" because the community feels sad and upset (no little rivalry with the opposite team?) when people say it however, they would still be ok with people calling each other "%%%%%%ed" which is a derogatory term. The point of this post is to say why context should matter, why and what exactly warranted the ban. However, you never read my post so how should you know that. 50 games where you can be super positive ruined by one guy in one game who called you "%%%%%%ed" and "trolling" when you have mental problems and were just playing poorly. You respond to the guy and through context you can see who the instigator is, see the history of reports and what honor level you are etc etc. There are better ways to fairly deal with reported individuals. You not reading my post fully shows you don't want to listen to other peoples opinions, as your own are more superior and the only way to view things.
Edited the previous reply, and now i'll solidify my statement by handing you a comment from another topic. if you won't take my words for it. how about a green?
: > [{quoted}](name=canis inferorum,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=MVAHtKAG,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-09-17T13:15:35.068+0000) > > report threats, harsh language where none is called for, unsportsmanlike conduct. oh. deserved. tho a minor punishment. > > be happy it's ONLY a chat suspension, from here on. try not to insult, threaten or otherwise demoralize the team. harsh language? report threats its not a threat I done it haha and unsportsmanlike behaviour, please could you quote what you mean. You haven't read the post thoroughly, you are speaking as if I have given you no context.
1: context doesn't matter to riot or the automated system. so it doesn't matter here on the forums either. 2: lets take them in order of your questions: harsh language. "STFU" there's no need to curse. doesn't make the point go through easier. quite the opposite. 3: report threats: "FTL Eradicate: reported", "FTL Eradicate: your getting reported either way". 4: unsportsmanlike conduct: "gg ez", "ez". these two are words that aren't listed but which the community have deemed inappropriate for sportsmanlike behavior. doesn't matter who started or who did what and what not. so i don't really have to read your entire wall of banter and rant. but i can do so if you wish. i'll respond to your next reply after i've read the entire rant of he did, she did, etc when i got the time and strength to do so. EDIT: so after reading your entire post. yes, you have improved. BUT, your first sentence: "Just wanted to know what exactly warranted this chat ban." and that is what i answered earlier. have to give you credit for seeing some mistakes you made from the 1st chat restriction to the current one. but you can also ask riot staff or emissaries here on the board. they'll state somewhat the same reasons and argue that context still doesn't matter, he/she did their mistake, you did yours. and for people down-voting this comment just because they don't like the response. i don't care about popularity. i state what i've read in so many other posts from staff and emissaries.
: Chat banned.
report threats, harsh language where none is called for, unsportsmanlike conduct. oh. deserved. tho a minor punishment. be happy it's ONLY a chat suspension, from here on. try not to insult, threaten or otherwise demoralize the team.
Rismosch (EUW)
: What are you talking about? It's not one way. I told you that I am willing and do cooperate. But if the other people are stubborn to not cooperate or follow everyone else, then what am I supposed to do? If the team is split in two, then I have to choose a side. And I choose the one which is more benifitial to everyone. If the others who go against it don't follow and then don't surrender, then they are just wasting time. Both theirs and mine.
and if you helped them though the game your would receive a reward at the end of the match. could it not have been your premades not cooperating? as said. you turn it into a one way street. YOU and YOUR group has priority. others do not. this is the final answer you're going to get from here. if split between 2v2. do what won't get your account at risk. aka. play the match to it's end. /ff or killing kayn.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Who's saying I was not cooperating? Would've I have dealt damage, despite going 2 augments? For crying out loud, I even played plenty of 5 Ziggs games, even though I don't care about that mission. I cooperate, the two individuals who I used as an example did not cooperate whatsoever and wasted time.
and again you turn it into a one-way escalator. I'm going to pass on this debate as it leads to nothing.
Rismosch (EUW)
: They were in the minority, and they could've benefited if they would've played our way. There was no reason for them no to cooperate.
and again. there was no reason for you not to cooperate with them. it's a two way street. not a one way escalator. and going "afk" or "suiciding" just to end the game. that's also called negative attitude and is report-able. them playing their pick and actually playing can't be reported in any form or way. cooperative or not. if you wish to keep your account 100% safe. don't flame them for doing their mission. and don't under any circumstances threaten to/or go afk during the game.
: How's this flaming
>HookWithBlitz: I'll go afk >HookWithBlitz: what a report you gonna get >HookWithBlitz: Every1 will rep you >HookWithBlitz: rep these are just what i personally would report you for. as it's highly negative and demoralizing for the team as a whole. fighting flamers only leads to multiple reports as multiple people are a part of the problem. **THINGS TO AVOID** * Do not threaten or repeatedly tell a player you will report them. Doing so can encourage players who are already negative to continue their behavior. Whether they know they are being reported or not has no bearing to whether the system will act on them. But most importantly, repeatedly threatening or arguing with a negative player can end up derailing the game for everyone else and then open yourself up to reports and possible disciplinary action as well. Avoid negative thoughts and useless chatting with poor performing teammates! Focus on victory by muting the offending player and then reporting them at the end of the game. * Do not ask other players in the match to report the offending player. It only takes one report for our systems to review a game. Additional reports will not do anything for the offending player; however as mentioned above, it could open yourself up to a report of your own; especially if you are derailing the match by constantly demanding reports of other players. * Negative behavior is unacceptable regardless of the circumstances or who started it. It can be tempting to respond to negative players with negativity of your own. Our systems do not care who started the behavior and will treat each reported player based off the merits of their own case. The only way to handle these types of players is to mute them and continue playing the game followed by giving them a report at the end of the match. ^^taken from another post.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Odyssey PSA: You should cooperate with your team
i understand the frustration behind this problem. but we also need to remember. it goes both ways, you want to complete your specific mission. so do they. and giving up before the fight is even started wastes both your time, AND theirs. unfortunately humans are build with the mechanism called EGO. the 2 DD's are sitting at their own screens and saying "these 3 people refused to cooperate." and thus we have this endless cycle of trouble.
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