Lovemachine (EUNE)
: Aram is all about range. I know what champs do well in aram and what dont.
You think you do. But I guarantee you that every champion available can be very good. It's a matter of build, late/early and opponents to match the play style.
iHarry (EUW)
: ARAM is just a %%%%fest of bots from personal experience now a days, whenever I play a game there's a good 3 - 7 that you can tell are.
I've never seen an ARAM bot. Or could never tell. I did see them in the Twisted Treeline (3v3) tho.
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SmB Koji (EUW)
: You're right, enjoy the game whose point is to mess up with your allies and make them waste their time, removing any fun from their game experience :D{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Different people, different ways of having fun. No single point to the game!
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: What is your Zen Champion?
Champions for me. But if I were to pick just 1, it would be Morgana, relaxing in any role. {{champion:25}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:113}}{{champion:86}}
moonborn (EUW)
: LoL on macbook air 13 ?
I've been playing it like this for about a year. Haven't really had any bugs disrupting my game. It will heat and you will hear the fans going full speed, but that didn't stop me for playing for the better part of a day. It only takes some getting used to with the small screen. (if you connect to an external display I can't vouch for it's stability & overheating). Take into account while playing that it does drain the battery really fast, and you only get so many recharge cycles before you'll have to change it :)
: Velkoz support good or bad?
Only if you want to have a hard time. It only works if you have good synergy with your carry. I assume you expect a more rapid growth in ranked so, did you give Zyra support a try? With Thunderlord I find it helps some of the more oblivious carries you're assisting by putting a lot of pressure on their adc or even support while they are trying to engage yours. If played properly, it's difficult to counter. + I find it hugely amusing , mostly because people still get surprised when they manage to trap themselves in a minefield (surrounded by plants)
Sirhaian (EUW)
: Demon Teemo - Community Project (Model/Texture/VFX/SFX/Voice/Splash/Login)
And we have the dEVIL Teemo <3
Okuma (EUNE)
: Just look at him! It's creeping me out.
Love his death animation, he doesn't wanna be sent back just yet {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
Okuma (EUNE)
: I'm not hyped. I'm terrified!
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Najns (EUW)
: What is the story behind your Summoner Name?
Sirhaian (EUW)
: Demon Teemo - Community Project (Model/Texture/VFX/SFX/Voice/Splash/Login)
Having a skin as awesome as this would be far too unfair to all the other champions :P Love the concept tho and still hope they will incorporate it in spite of that.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Can we make Fidd E do reduced dmg to champ already hitted?
I think Fid is in a good place right now, and his crows bouncing back and forth are what makes him unique. It can also be countered. It's always fun to see people killing their teammates :)
: Ranked feels wrong to play currently
Maybe it appears unbalanced if you look at the labels. But I have a feeling for some of these platinum or gold players's skill at some point may not reflect their status. So perhaps it is doing a good job of matching based on skills :)
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Not necessarily. For example, I'll try to attempt a play which is totally stupid for a person who knows the champion or match up just to see for myself. Because I don't know it. I haven't experienced I cannot tell how it works. In ranked you wouldn't take those uncertain risks. Uncertainty is something to be avoided at all costs. While in Normals I'll play a bit more recklessly. Yes, I'm still trying outplay the opponent n stuff, but in ways which might be utterly stupid in the eyes of a person who already know that certain plays cannot happen on that champ. Dunno if I'm making sense here. :D sorry.
Not quite. I'm not judging bad plays. See other comments. It's mostly addressed to trolls and people who repeatedly do the same thing when they are aware out it's bad outcome.
Evanitis (EUNE)
: Ok. But than how can you distinguish between a player who's genuinely bad on a certain champ or role from one who "trolls and does stupid things on purpose"? My impression was that most players who like to comment on the performance of their teammates chose the "flame everyone, let Riot sort them out" mentality on this matter. Can't say I mind it. I was flamed since level 1, and if it bothered me, I would never have reached lv30. But still, I just can't stop trying new champs, and wanna' be OK in every role. Co-op matches are bogus, I can decimate the bots with anyone. Normals feel like my only choice. But deep down I feel like a nice player, for I never touched Ranked before.
I think it's not too hard to make the distinction between genuinely bad and trolling. When trolling players usually eitehr * clearly state they are doing it and they will keep at it or when it's not stated, you can identify when 1. it's done repeatedly : going under turret fire ; going into enemy team without attacking back ; 2. starts when they get upset and start insults or just from the beginning of the game and usually lasts until the game results in a loss When they do attack back but still die on purpose without anything apparent benefit, well in this case it can become a grey area and it is outside the scope of a single game. This becomes relevant only when a pattern is identified across multiple games and cross referenced against chat logs. But this grey area is not what I care about. That one is up to Riot to handle.
Evanitis (EUNE)
: Does purposefully picking a role or a champ I'm totally worthless with counts as 'a stupid thing' to do in normals? Like... I'm an awesome WW jungler. Yet, I keep picking Shaco jg, or even Singed top. Or god forbid Twitch adc when people take all other roles. I must admit I didn't touch WW in weeks.
It's not stupid. I don't think you can call it worthless. It could be a champ you haven't mastered, or maybe one that does not add to the team comp. Either way, you can pick any champ you'd like and build anything (that stacks in some way) and do your best, it's ok.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: A lot of dedicated ranked players use normals to try out different builds and see how it works. Or get used to champion they just bought. Or pamparam whatever. It's a testing ground. This may lead players to do rather silly stuff just to test how much damage can it output or how much damage can be taken. -> they die in stupid scenarios. Bottom line: winning the game is not primary objective, so naturally they don't care if they lose or win, as long as they get to practice and see how stuff works out. Besides, tryhard isn't an insult. And a idea that it could be an insult is just laughable :D. For example, I can just pick Shen top all the time when I play normals and have around 62%+ w/r. Or I can play Yasuo top/mid against anything, just because I want to get used to mechanics and stuff. See how much dmg he does and how much damage he can stand. To see if I can control it at all, what matches he's strong and against which ones he struggles and how. And gonna have around 44% w/r or so in normals for quite a while. Sometimes I'll feed miserably, sometimes I'll carry: vs. So you want me to play Shen? Fuck you :D I don't have to do that. I play game for myself and I have my own goals. Besides, trying to win the game whatever it takes in normals is pointless. You won, so what? ... nothing happens, there is no ladder or continuity.
Practicing means you are actually doing your best. Not a stupid thing. I'm all for the unconventional ! I am also for teamplay & warding & other smart things like that. While experimenting & practicing may be some people's main objective, winning should still be one of them. Otherwise there is no point to experiment. If you are not aiming to win, then you are contributing to a loss. It's just the game format.
: a sportsman is someone who tries his best to help his team win or tries his best to beat you because he respects you as an opponent. if someone doesn't try, i will report him for being unsportsmanlike. if you're not trying hard, you're assisting the enemy team. "tryhard" is often a term people use to hide the fact that they are bad and have been caught with their pants down by coordinated play. they're trying to deny it by pretending they're not playing seriously.
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: As a new player, here are a couple of things that bother me.
As you grow though the game you will no longer meet people who complain about your build choices. Opting out of the surrender can really be a nice feature. Unfortunately this you will see more often as you meet veterans. They tend to give up quickly with a 'seen it already too many times' attitude. Which sometimes holds some truth. Sadly taunting and mocking happens in every competitive game. Some more than others (Counter Strike?) I think this probably happens more often in teenagers. There's a popular opinion that teenagers have a poor sense of empathy. This interpretation comes from the fact that the prefrontal cortex is the last to develop and doesn't become fully formed until a person is in his or her mid twenties. Or it might just be a matter of social conditioning. Either way it doesn't seem like an easy problem to solve.
aThrasheR (EUNE)
: Well, you're clearly living in utopia compared to us if you think all that is possible. Let me enlighten you on the situation here in Egypt. All the ISPs here have the same shitty service, same prices, same offers, and same everything. Just different names. So changing the ISP is not an option, because even if there's an ISP that's slightly better than the others, they will force you to stay a month or so without internet before you can change the ISP. There is a an "Internet Revolution" page on Facebook with over 1 million likes, they already organize protests and they've talked to the minister of communication and the greedy assholes still didn't change a thing. The institution that's supposed to protect the customers' rights are the ones who help the ISPs steal money from us. Let me give you an example: A while ago, cellular companies (who are also the ISPs that control the market) banned VoIP (Voice over IP such as Skype and Viber) from mobile internet because it is "hurting their business" somehow. The Internet Revolution page managed to get a copy of a message sent by a very reputable international telecommunications company to the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (the institution that's supposed to protect customers rights) requesting to ban VoIP. When asked about it, they blamed the NTRA stating that they're the ones who banned it, only for NTRA to reply denying that they did. The only solution is to boycott the internet companies, and since the internet is as important as water, not enough people are ready to boycott the internet companies to make a significant difference.
Oh, he didn't mention the country, thought it was Europe where you are actually protected from these abuses to some degree. At least it becomes easy to just walk out on them. I think there should be alternatives. Satelite internet is just 1 example. You have it in Egypt too.
Rayz01 (EUW)
: The Most Unusual "I Quit LoL" Thread
If they bring a policy change like this, they should notify you that you get the option to end the contract with them. If they haven't you should still be able to, even if they initially may say no. Find a proper ISP and you should be fine. As a bonus you could also try fighting the injustice :) If you hate the energy, resources & motivation.
: Champion Diversity.
Maybe it's just the match-up system so it could have something to do with your picks. I pick a different champion almost every other game and choose those with low level. Perhaps as a result I get plenty of diversity! (not talking about ranked)
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 23
~~1. {{champion:59}} Jarvan IV - he falls off late game~~ scratch that, his latest ulti buff solved it. 1. {{champion:10}} Kayle - her early is pretty weak. 2. {{champion:266}} Aatrox - pretty horrible late game. 3. {{champion:245}} Ekko - his late game damage is pretty rough (tho it may be just me playing vs super tanks) It was actually pretty hard coming up with the list, as I went from champ to champ, whatever objection I've had seems to have been addressed in some way or another in latest patches. There are champions which are overbuffed, however there don't seem to be many underbuffed ones. Things seem to go towards an average. Sidenote: I think {{champion:28}} is just fine right now with the current available items & masteries & warding system she can be a rewarding champion + tons of fun. With the right build few champions pose a threat. You need a sort of team awareness to play her right.
iCherry (EUW)
: Aurelion Bowl! []( Click if you enjoy laughing^^
: Mind control on your teammates or on your enemies? :D
Good question. Maybe both, differently :)
IEatLouis (EUW)
: I don't like the idea of just steaaling stuff from another game :o
Hehehe, do you now. You should read how LoL actually came to be and where some of the champion concepts originally come from. Also, the Khala concept is well known & spread, and it has many forms & existed before gaming. Think meditation
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: Psychologically this is called "Cognitive Dissonance Theory". Example: I expect to win this game, but i don't. --> What i experience is inconsistent to what i expect. My brain now tries to find a way to explain the situation. To make the inconsistence disappear. Its the nature of "the nature" to look for the path of least resistance. Accepting that it's yourself who is screwing up (getting outfarmed, getting outplayed, don't secure the dragon/baron fight and instead just giving the enemy jung the opportunity to smite) is much more energy intensive as to blame someone else. Because if you blame yourself, you would need to start to work on it to not happen again. Also you would have to say to yourself that you are not the great dude you think you are. That's hard on some peoples mindes. If you can blame it on somebody else, you have only to come up with this explanation why your game is bad. Its very energy efficient. And the inconsistency in my mind is resolved. That's why those people are blaming the jungler. He's the guy who is moving around the map. Ashe can't blame Toplane, because he's on the other side of the map. But the jungler, he should show up of course. Malphite can't blame Botlane, because they are on the other side of the map. But the jungler, he should show up of course. The thinking that the jungler has an aboslute obligation to show up on your lane is part of the dissonance. They *expect* him to show up. (Instead of realizing that his ganks are *the bonus* you get from playing good yourself.)
Good interpretation ;) That gives me an idea , we could use a champion playing mind games or having psionic powers similar to the Protoss who are masters of psionic powers and are natural mind-readers. Will create a champ concept suggestion. Using a toned down version of very-short-term mind control and stuff like psionic storm.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 22
The 3 champions I've always played in ranked when I wanted an easy win have always been & will probably still be for a while: 1. Garen {{champion:86}} , The Might of Demacia - easy to play & win **top**, forgiving even against an aggressive top lane, easy to farm and with enough experience you can sneak poke around level 6 just the right amount that they won't fallback cautiously & at the same time the right amount that you're sure to score the ultimate successfully. End game he's just a killer tank. 2. Malphite {{champion:54}} , The Shard of the Monolith - safe & slow win **top** or **jungle**. With passive farming early I can just ignore the poke top, and when they get overconfident and try to finish the kill under the turret it's usually where I turn. Otherwise, with a Sunfire and Ultimate I can pretty much finish any non-tanky. Great in teamfights, whenever the enemy thinks he got away safe under the turret he can just swallow up enough turret damage to help the teammates secure the kill, one of the surefire ways to snowball the team. 3. Morgana {{champion:25}} , The Fallen Angel - very strong AP **mid** or **support**. Max tormented soil (w) clears waves nicely mid, and when she hits L6 with just shield and ultimate she ends her helpless short-medium range opponent. As support she saves the carry whenever he's not careful, making his mistakes a lot more forgiving. Can even save from ganks.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Dear Player Behavior Boarders (regarding "I got banned" topics)
Great point! It's actually what I've noticed too recently. It left me with a feeling of disgust. Stop being so hateful , the players being banned may have been toxic but you (commenting in the described manner) are the next worst thing.
SoulBawz (EUW)
: this has been suggested many times before but rito prolly wont implement it, i hope they will tho
What do you mean? They declared officially it will not be implemented? Or they simply failed to do so until now in spite of suggestions?
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: flawless artworks ? They're becoming cheaper and cheaper with their artworks if you ask me. Just look at challenger nidalee. That excuse of an artwork looks soooo chinese. And not to forget the group pictures. Just eww. they must stop that, I was seriously disappointed with the snowdown skins each having to cost 1350 and yet they're in a group picture. My fav champ of all time syndra literally crapped out in that group picture. Besides why make a group picture for expensive skins as well ?! weren't group pictures meant for cheaper skins like 750 ones ?! That's 100% laziness right there. Besides all that I do think that riot games is at their best in terms of champion designs and doing a very good job on evolving the game.
The style will not please everyone, nor do I find every skin & splash attractive, however I do see the design as more attentive, committed and generally well-thought. The group picture is just one of those strategic decisions which I think will cause discontent in either one camp or the other. I'm pretty sure RP prices are set by the effort that goes into a skin / splash. Kind of like billing your clients for man-hours put in. However, you may be on to something. If enough people of the community shared your view that group splash screens have less value to them than the others, prices will indeed be affected. So rather than criticising it for allegedly becoming cheaper you could send eloquent feedback with this view and I am sure it wouldn't get disregarded. Cheers
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Is4mu7 (EUW)
: Blue eyes, pink hair and tear drop marks... hum. Well, your dream came true long time ago. It's definatly a fan art of the Bladecraft Orianna skin.
Oh yee. This is cool. Don't know how i missed it :D I knew Bladecraft Orianna but i really did not make the connection. Thanks.
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: Feeling generous (Free skin!)
Admirable initiative. I only hope this will stir up a pay it forward initiative. If i get one i will actually pay i forward for the principle. 1) I like Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV 2) I love how you get to meet people from all over the world. It brings everyone closer together. It's truly fun to meet an odd fellow like myself every now and then with my kind of sense of humor and an easy going attitude. I also enjoy submerging into the universe, imagining the game as seen in the cinematics. I read a lot of the backgrounds and stories and make some cool connections.
Bombardox (EUW)
{{champion:432}} "ummvhhh" {{champion:421}} "crokkkk" {{champion:26}} "Right on time!" {{champion:44}} "Gemmed vigorously." {{champion:114}} "What? No more poking?" {{champion:92}} "Not again." {{champion:122}} "This never stops being funny."
Almighty (EUNE)
: Stop saying "EZ"! It's disrespectful!
It makes me laugh. I don't get how you get all touchy feely and say it's unsportsmanlike. If reading this after losing angers you it's all on you. If you understand what kind of person says this and the kind of thoughts that they can have you will truly laugh.
orneff (EUW)
: Then we might as well nerf ranged champs who use arrows. Make it so that the closer they are to the target, the less damage they do. (you can google why) I mean it makes sense, right?
No. Did you take the patience to fully read this? I'm not asking for this to mimic reality. Ranged attacks behave in acceptable terms by most players standards. Ridiculous teleported melee attacks are just a blunder.
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JustSeba (EUNE)
: I regret playing this game
There is a different approach you can take. Stop caring about other players that much or more importantly, what they say. Immerse yourself into the game universe. * Mute the all chat - it's a lot quieter in teamchat. * Mute the first teamplayer to become toxic/disruptive or even negative. It's no longer critical to read every negative player's text in order to teamplay ok (you have various pings for that). * [Optional] - To make the game decent for yourself under those circumstances take a step back from associating people with the champions. Like when watching a movie - stop judgint the actor behind the character. Imagine the world of lol with all the lore, connections between champions, environment, and abilities. Also chill out, playing only ranked you will meet a lot of anxious people and some with bad vibes. Enjoy the game and live without regrets. Otherwise feel free to waste your life doing whatever by some absurd rules and resenting it afterwards without taking responsibility.
: What's the LEAST fun champ in your opinion?
Least fun : {{champion:44}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:77}}{{champion:20}} . Very repetitive, even if op. [Update - the new {{champion:44}} is fun ]
: > [{quoted}](name=Insane Mana Junk,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PWBvkuGE,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-09-23T14:55:46.496+0000) > how would u feel that finaly u have an aram game with your main/fav and some inmature player leaves cuz he got a champ he doesnt like. after another 30 secs waiting back in champ select u end up with {{champion:44}} {{champion:44}} is awesome in ARAM, just saying.
Any champ is awesome in ARAM, just saying.
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