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: It's funny, because still your only "argument" is attacking me, 'cuz too salty that you can't reason your faith. Ayy lmao, keep it up fam.
'Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.' (Matthew 7:6) that's why i won't reason my faith in this dialogue. because you won't accept it. you just don't want to say anything except of insults and laughter. now i'm tired of feeding the troll, so bye. :)
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: Well, i tried to make a shitstorm but didn't work this time. (Mostly it works, lol) Although saying that "i repeat all i heard from others", and calling it a trend is typical and sad, because if you're born in christian family you've got no choice at all. I'm happy that i've got a free will, and unlike you having to attack people because you've got no real other arguments. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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: Probably because Riot exists, and "god" doesn't. Waiting for hate.
there is no reason to hate you. it's not even your own opinion, you just repeat all you heard from others. being 'atheistic' is just one of the modern trends. also, bible says i should love my enemies and bless those who curse me. nah, no reason to hate you. {{champion:99}}
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: how 2 full weeks of no league went...
if a person has real depression and psycho issues, he/she can't 'become more social' and 'got a bit out of depression' in just 2 weeks without any professional care.
: But if you mute someone, the damage to morale is already done, PLUS no one can hear any good calls you make either. So you do not want people to mute you either. Besides, flaming does not help a feeder play better, it only gives a troll what he wants and does not in any way affect an AFK. So my point remains: flaming can only decrease your chance of winning.
i understand that other people are scared of flame so i try not to. it's just my opinion. i would prefer a team of 4 flamers who plays nice than a team of 3 friendly players and 1 feeder/leaver.
: Quitting League - its not just toxic players who are the problem (Big Topic)
toxic players aren't a problem at all. the problem is people that hate toxicity as much as they don't care about other examples of bad attitude. i want to quit league when i see people blaming and humiliating me for a word 'retard' or so. meanwhile, these people are completely ok with named retard who kills raptors when our base is on fire.
: I just dont get it (a bit of a rant and some thoughts),would love for someone to share theirs
> Should I flame them? most of league players think there is nothing worse than flame. you can go 0/20/0, you can leave every 2nd game and troll teammates who did nothing bad, but if you say a couple of bad words, they will call you a kid and report x9. so no, you shouldn't flame them. i actually do want to flame those jerks every time i see them. but i can't because i will be reported. so i just start feeling bad and abandon the game for a day or several. i also can't express my feelings on boards or reddit because everyone there is scared of flamers to a death. that's what i hate about league. btw, even the Bible says you can be angry if your wrath meets the justice. why rito forbids you to do what God allowed?
: Do you realise what flaming does to your team? If you truly CARE about winning, you would not flame. At all. It actually decreases your chances of winning. So don't come here with that "I CARE" bullcrap. You do it because it makes you feel a bit better in that moment, not because you care about the long term consequences and its impact on your game.
when someone flames, you can mute him. when someone feeds, trolls or leaves, you can't do anything.
: Ranked games
lol i saw tristana mid in my ranked that won the lane and carried us :d
: Soraka and karthus. No idea what this says about me.
well, both of them have ulties that affect the whole team regardless of distance. maybe you like to do something epic, noticeable by everyone around you.
: Does the champions you often play say something about your personality?
{{champion:99}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:134}} those 10 are the champions i like the most. i put them in descending order, starting from my favorite (lux). also, i hate adc role. even draven. any suggestions about my personality?

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