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: {EUW} Main Supp looking for team during Clash
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: Looking For Top, Jungle, ADC and Support For Tournament
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Rïvëñ (EUW)
: Team Red Phoenix Is Recruiting! (Players And Coach)
Role: Mid/Top Rank Currently: Silver 1 Highest Rank (And When): Gold 5 on main account last season, hitted diamond 5 on NA account when i lived in NA for 6 mouths as exchange student. Champion I Play: Mid: Cassio, Zed, Anivia, Viktor, LB, Ahri, Fizz, TF. Top: Yasuo, Fiora, Darius, Riven, Jax. Schedule: Everyday nearly all the time :D IGN: Alfa Uros P.S I hope to hear from you even tho im bit late but hopefully you have slot for mid or top still left in the team :D
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DylzH (EUW)
: Gold 1 Support Looking for team
We are looking for serious support for our team and we are serious team, if you are interested ADD: SLEEPY1 and well discuss about incoming tryout. Edit: We are Gold - Platinum Team
: Would you consider player from EUNE? I'm planning to transfer to EUW anyways.
We need to see it then but don't transfer just for this team.
: Does a Dia 5 (Support secondary) also work for you?
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: Support LFT plat or higher
Hello we are having a Gold - Plat team that is trying to reach for something bigger and wants to improve Add: SLEEPY1 if you are interested to get into tryouts
: On which one (this forum isn't really giving a clear view on which statement you're responding)
In your comment excuse my english
: alot of these champs are not OP at all but people are too stupid on how to counter them Fizz: he got nerfed hard, he needs to land his ult to do actual damage, buy quicksilver sash, use it wisely & fizz is worthless, Exhaust Katarina: Exhaust. 'Nuff said heimerdinger: Malzahar: Quicksilver sash Leblanc: Exhaust Zed: Exhaust, Quicksilver sash Nidalee: ward the map, dodge the spears (warding the map is really important vs her) Akali: exhaust, pink wards Master Yi: build Armor (frozen heart, randuins, thornmail), Exhaust Singed: you need a tank shredder like vayne or just peel him off. Don't chase him whatever happens. He's useless without a team & can't defend objectives, just ignore him & push for the win Teemo: what the hell is so OP on teemo? he has lots of counters > Yorick: this one is a lane bully but still can be dealt with later on > you can find how to counter every single champ through this: Please stop blaming the champs for your losses & look at your own mistakes. That's the only way you'll actually improve. There are OP champs yes. But these are not the ones that are OP at all.


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