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: League Of Legends Server For Pakistan
Play on the russian server.
Zedant (EUW)
: How riot finally listened to the players
At this point who cares. Nothing wrong with the client. Skins are cool and you're just alty riot needs to make money.
: ***
That's a yikes. Hey, sorry your favourite champ is a bit underpowered right now (as if that counts in iron 4, which from your attitude i'm guessing you're in). Hope therapy is going well for you. <3
Ian San (EUW)
: Because you see, when you play a lot of games with him you eventually start getting better and better with him. But most people don't understand the game and they think that just mastering the champ is what wins you the "Freelo", especially the snooby Yasuo mains who think "O I am god at Yasuo I DESERVE the Diamond+ elo but it's my team mates that are holding me back". That's what's preventing Yasuo mains to climb IMO, because they refuse to take advice because they are gods cus they won their last match with Yasuo and went 10/5 and you should bow to them and be ashamed of yourself for even trying to give THEM advice when you should ask for it. Man, I am Yasuo onetrick and it's kinda frustrating cus the stigma stays with you no matter how good you play. It infuriates me when I see other Yasuo players acting like jackasses and flaming and raging and blaming and crying, and simply refuse to accept that their Yasuo mechanics aren't enough, that they need game knowledge as well. It's kinda frustrating to play him really I remember one game I went 8/0 and I was really really strong. To the point where I could pretty much 1v2 them if they tried to stop my split push. But ofc I died once and I was the worst player in the world, how dare I fail with Yasuo had to listen to shait like "I knew it. Yasuo mains. They are all trash." cus I went from 8/0 to 8/1 lal. Just respect good Yasuo players man.. and don't bother flaming the shitty ones cus you won't change their stuck up head if you try all day.
This is why everyone needs to play supp/jungle at least once in their life. Much more time to look at the map, what's going on, constantly asking yourself how you can impact the map in your favor, not necessarily looking for the outplays. I love playing support because of these things. It's very chill if you know what you're doing and incredibly satisfying when you outsmart the F*CK out of that 500k mastery yasuo. This does require communication though. And your team needs to listen, which is... difficult.
: Thanks for the Disney inspired Champion Rito
COUGH COUGH rakan Move on if you don't have any5hing better to say.
Μoe (EUNE)
: you're still commenting? lmfao It's actually true that there are some remarkably dumb people in this world. Thanks for helping me understand that. Cheers!
Sure, just completely ignore what i'm saying. That's the only real dumb thing here. Mad cuz bad? Stay salty because you can't set up proper internet kiddo ;)
: How Unranked peaople play with silver elo peaople wtf riot are you doing
: Annoying Dogshit Bug lost me my game, how to fix
First world problems. In all seriousness, this isn't a bug as league just uses a cursor like your regular cursor. It's not like an FPS where your cursor is locked in the middle (these games need your cursor to be locked to function). So in a way, you're not looking for Riot to fix a 'dogshit bug', you're trying to find a way to blame riot for tech issues on your side. (i do not know how to fix it since i dont use two monitors. )
: League Highlights #1 || Vayne 27/4/7 1 SHOT Build - Season 9
League highlights: man plays perfectly balanced champion and reaps the rewards.
toeter (EUW)
: Nerf Kayle
nope. balanced as it stands. just play well against her.
Μoe (EUNE)
: Please, save your breath. You’ll probably need it to blow up your next date. Again, I feel pathetic for you Dewritoes. People still go on forums and try to show off replying to other's comments even worse? trying to convince them with what they know, whats right and what's wrong, who are you anyway =) Listen up human being, open your god damn mind just for a second and for once in your life, read and understand what's been said then talk, 1- I'm in EUNE not EUW so you "cannot" in anyway reply to my comments and start talking sh*t because you're in EUW and every region has it's own bugs whether you like it or not. - yes the code of EUNE is different from that of EUW and from that of NA etc... just face the fact, poor you 2- I'm an IT manager and i can easily sh*t on people like you when it comes to networking. 3- have you ever heard of conditions in programming? if else? while? unless? etc... poor you know if you don't have such issues on your side then how come it's showing on my end? The question you should ask yourself and think about for a full minute before tras* talking, is: how come i can play games with nice ping on league (which i never complained about) and never gets disconnected BUT the client (because i keep it open in the background) it keeps showing "trying to reconnect" from time to time although i'm in game and playing super normal. that leads to ingame voice disconnect btw (the client issue). enough SAID. {{summoner:14}}
1- but i just did reply to your comment. 2- Good for you. Doesn't mean you know how League is coded. Go to school a little longer. 3- yes i did. And again, it shows up on your end because of YOU, not because of RIOT. You contradict yourself, mate. Also, someone's triggered here...
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: Suggest me a nickname for Zed main
Don't play zed Play yasuo
AlexJmen (EUNE)
: The League of Legends Client
Have you tried low spec mode? (im guessing yes but just making sure)
: I quit this game for a solid 365 days and this is what I realized.
I mean going into the game with a mindset 'haha lol this game sucks or atleast thats what i hear everyone say' already puts you at a disadvantage
: Heimerdinger W bugged with dragon skin?
Μoe (EUNE)
: You're actually embarrassing yourself without even knowing (poor you know)... just think about this for a full minute and then come and reply: Why after almost every patch, there must be some patching issues/in-client bugs/account transfer bugs (happened so many times)/UI broken stuff like texts, icons, buttons aren't clickable etc... and even worse? huge amounts of bugs after every game mode (URF been the same for years... why after almost every release something bumps and causes issues?) the question you should be asking yourself is: why there exist a PBE server? and what's its purpose??? Let's be real and actually think before we randomly comment. They lack a lot of in game testing employees... if I were to be one of those who test the game? you'd probably see so so much less even close to no bugs.... again realistically why did they create PBE for? just to test the store? lol?!
Yeah, just fix every single little bug in just two weeks before it hits live servers! You're embarrassing yourself, dude. It seems like you hate new features. Also, don't think so highly of yourself. You seem like the type of person to write 'gg ez noobs' after a hard fought game where you practically inted.
Μoe (EUNE)
: regardless of the OP's thread content, Riot is really ignoring a lot of other issues and mainly a big one that enormous amounts of players are facing still as of writing this comment. in-client bug where it keeps trying to reconnect from time to time, it cancels your match up queue (after you wait for like 2-3mins) and then you have to start queue over again and waste time just waiting for the queue... in-game bug where the voice disconnects (DUE to the first issue) in--client bug where chat disconnects randomly and then tries to reconnect. It's not me it's been since December 2018. if you're a Rioter, then stop making excuses, if not then please check the technical issues category and skim through and mark and count the amount of people / players / summoners who tried reporting such issue since 2018 till now. Please.... smh edit: no this doesn't happen anywhere else (in other games), and also (i don't have issues with ping, it's just the chat-voice-and this trying to reconnect thingy although i'm f*cking online) edit 2: @Varamon is completely right about latency (ping), half if not 75% of the issue is from Riot's end not from ISPs. there are a lot of points to look at actually and those are just the minor ones... but .. sadly money is more important than game quality...
Whenever i see someone complaining about the client, i chuckle. If it's on riot's side, then everyone should have the same problem. Seeing as i have only experienced issues confirmed by Riot (ranked leaderboards were bugged for a while last week, for example), you should take a good look at your own setup and not go to the boards because you THINK someone who gets PAID to do this EVERY DAY is wrong based on your refusal to accept that theres something wrong with YOUR setup.
Hansiman (EUW)
: You can set up your own viewing party, for instance. There's been viewing parties here in the city I'm from at a local bar, all set up by fans.
Ah, that's a cool idea. Don't think it'd work here, so i'll just be watching from my couch at home.
Shamose (EUW)
: I really don't think RIot is the only one to blame here.
Vespaj (EUNE)
: Theres no next season. I just wanted to share something with community. Ive spent lots of hours playing this game, and wanted to sharemy state of mind. If you dont care, just skip it
Okay. See you next season.
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: Spring Finals Viewing Parties
Weird how few cinemas there are this time around. NONE in Flanders or the entirety of Sweden, Norway, Poland, literally ALL OF THE BALKANS, Italy, and so many more. Do you even know your fanbase?
Vespaj (EUNE)
: Farewell
Nobody cares. Move on. See you back next season.
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: Ok Riot, real talk
Just don't get killed. You have more gold which means you have more items which means you either can kill your opponent more easily or you are harder to kill. Riot's train of thought when they made this system wasn't "people who suck at CS should be forgiven". Otherwise they wouldnt have hotfixed the spellthief strat. If you die with this bounty, it is your fault for dying. Why wouldn't you get bonus gold for killing someone who is AFK in a lane island (top or bot), getting all the CS and just getting stronger and stronger? People saying this is bad are looking at this in a wrong perspective and are acting like a bounty immediately counts for a kill to the enemy. It doesn't. Just don't f*** up.
: aguy bleed someone for a boost
and then everyone stood up and clapped
8Belthazor8 (EUNE)
: So you guys saying it is a worth buy as 3rd or 4th item for certain champions. Btw, I am unranked who wants to learn, so do not worry about it, I am not going to use this info in pro games:D
Honestly, i am not in a spot to tell you, as I main support. If i would guess, i'd say 2nd item would be good on {{champion:11}} after completing the jungle item and 3rd-4th item on late game hyper carries who get use out of it with their kit. Try it out for a few games and see how it works out.
Mada (EUW)
: You can register your cell phone number with league for clash. I want a queue for only those clash enabled accounts
: some random kid claims that he is GOD ??
trash people exist, and league is their home. Just mute them, report and move on. Not much you can do. Be happy you know better. Riot doesn't get any benefit from them and while the reporting system is flawed, it does what it should do. Mostly.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: fair enough... but it just rewards them for playing poorly.. Where's the incentive to implement something like that?
it doesn't reward them. shutdown gold won't instantly make up for the way they play. It's more like 'this guy is (or should be) difficult to kill because he has a massive lead. If you kill this guy, you can come back into the game!' because if you get killed with a bounty on your head, it's most likely your fault. You "aren't supposed to die" with a lead. The bounty system for CS was added just recently, but if this is a problem, then in your eyes, they should remove the bounty system overall.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: You get a bounty for performing better than your counterpart?
because that's how the game works. Imagine having built up a 100 cs lead, but having no kills because the enemy is hugging his tower. You still have a lead over them which means you exert a LOT of pressure, becoming harder to kill, more waveclear, your ability to kill someone goes up,... A lead is a lead and you don't need KDA numbers for that.
: 14 day suspension, but hear me out
Selling D-ring, rushing mobility boots to int and then trying to cover it up with sorcs... yikes...
8Belthazor8 (EUNE)
: Is not Spear of Shojin overpriced?
My take is that champions who go Spear of Shojin get a lot more use out of it once they pop it (i'm thinking {{champion:67}}, {{champion:11}}, {{champion:75}},...) because these champions can dominate in a teamfight and wipe your entire team when played around optimally. 6 seconds is long in a teamfight. Meanwhile, {{item:3095}} can only be used for energized attacks, which require a build-up of some sort. So while it is more reliable in longer fights and chases, {{item:3161}} makes up for it in teamfights (by far imo) when played around optimally. I'd say worth the 200 gold to decide a game with a hypercarry like Yi or Vayne Don't take this as 'pro speculation 100% truth (i'm only S3 dont hurt me) ((also stormrazor isn't that good of an item on many adcs at the moment)) (((also 250 hp can make a lot of difference for the champs who build this, keeps them alive for a little longer to smash)))
Firs (EUW)
: What Patch will they play the first week?
Patch 9.1 came out today (9th of January), so the patch they'll be playing will be this one. Probably. Season 9. Let's go.
mintyy (EUW)
: {{sticker:sg-janna}} What did you do to EU LCS... LEC will create so many memes...
: Bring back the old all stars where there were troll picks, one for all and aram. if you want to include streamers let us vote for them... all-stars started out as a fan event where everyone could cool off from a long year of try hard pro matches. even the pros loved to troll on stage. why have you changed it so much??? there will be 10x more viewers if you make it an event that is fun.
let me remind you of the boring tryhard shitshow all-star 2017 was


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