: > [{quoted}](name=Kitty Girl,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=W5H3d1cu,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-27T10:01:58.267+0000) > > You can always stop play lol so you keep your username Which is exactly what I'm going to do. Fed up with Riot's general incompetence and this is the straw that broke the camel's back.
Boo hoo, i cant keep a name nobody sees, I STOP PLAY GAME!!! Ok, see you in two weeks.
TheM3rcy (EUW)
: _I honestly would never would have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out_ It's sometimes really convenient if you want to ping it if you want your support to back or if you want call it. _also for new players maybe? _
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: 1. Access your account from a new device/network. 2. Use your RP to send gifts to your hated enemy. 3. Submit a ticket to support. The player of your choosing is now permanently banned xD
tbh if you think about it very well, just about any reportable offense can be set up, so it's on riot to do the necessary research to find out the truth.
Morrhen (EUW)
: How to ALWAYS get unbanned
just 9999RP for an unjustified ban? Man what a greedy company, next to only 9999RP, always gifting icons for me hitting silver this season. I should get an unlocked account for absolutely stomping these bronze noobs!!
Rioter Comments
: After thousands of hours played and hundreds of pounds spent, Riot decided to permanently ban me
And you spending 7 years and hundreds of dollars justifies an unban? Sure bud, change your password from time to time
carotSLO (EUW)
: Game 1 In-Game carotSLO: gj mid omg carotSLO: gj carotSLO: tresh1!?!?!?!? carotSLO: TEDSH!!!!!!! carotSLO: control wqard carotSLO: wtf shes alive"!!!! carotSLO: buy controlw ard carotSLO: awwt for drake carotSLO: wait for drake!!!!!!!!!!!! carotSLO: WARD DRAKEEEE carotSLO: DEF ;KE"!!!!!!!1 carotSLO: why focus sup!?!??!?!??!?!?!? killl jungler!!!!! carotSLO: ffs carotSLO: omfg my utly!!!!!! carotSLO: i need more viison carotSLO: play safer carotSLO: wow really carotSLO: omg comon carotSLO: come mid hes tank!!! carotSLO: kill ashe carotSLO: garen kill me before we do carotSLO: see he kil me!!!! carotSLO: i cant do nothing vs garen carotSLO: he silence me carotSLO: garen tank carotSLO: tank 100% carotSLO: RGEAT!!!!!!!!!!! carotSLO: this garen omfg carotSLO: nice fed carotSLO: pomg carotSLO: omg carotSLO: mistipe carotSLO: awrd more baron carotSLO: WARD I NEED VISION NOOOB TEAM OMFG i could ace them carotSLO: i need viison1!!!!!!!! ward mid!! carotSLO: kaisa help carotSLO: i could utly and zonia!!!!!!!!!! i failed zonia carotSLO: becouse i ddidnt have vsion carotSLO: gj tema ofmg carotSLO: i cant ulty carotSLO: she interupted my utly omfg carotSLO: team!!! carotSLO: def me at drake i pinged drake carotSLO: i must ulty them i need good positio carotSLO: DEF ME!!! WARD MROEEEE carotSLO: gj draius omg carotSLO: nobody sup me carotSLO: ward more jungle i need viison carotSLO: sup ward more jungle i need viison to ulty carotSLO: or im useless carotSLO: team with me!!!!!!! carotSLO: KAISA!! carotSLO: i need adc!!!!!!! when i utly!! carotSLO: we have no adc :( carotSLO: rgeat carotSLO: better top win Post-Game carotSLO: this bot omg carotSLO: he could help bot and mid carotSLO: i babysit bot and they were so bad Game 2 Pre-Game carotSLO: i main fiddle carotSLO: me too carotSLO: i main fiddle carotSLO: i dont want people to ban fiddle In-Game carotSLO: who? carotSLO: who? carotSLO: i have 2,4 oon fiddle on eune carotSLO: ok carotSLO: ard my lbue carotSLO: thx carotSLO: ZIFGGD??"!?"?"!?21 carotSLO: you blidn!!?1 carotSLO: why?!?!?!?!? carotSLO: ok bot gj thx for help carotSLO: he stole my blue!!!!!! im tiltted!!1 carotSLO: ok gj carotSLO: we lose this game i think carotSLO: im tilted carotSLO: i won jugnle and this ziggs and bot carotSLO: 4 bot nice carotSLO: zed lvl 6 gj ziggs carotSLO: reprot ziggs carotSLO: i was fighting jungler and he was mid doing nothing carotSLO: zed came and killed me carotSLO: wtf ziggs carotSLO: report zigs plpis!! carotSLO: zigs inting feeding carotSLO: i try carotSLO: we need drak carotSLO: zigggs!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! carotSLO: utly do somethign!!!!!! ffs carotSLO: i was baiting him!!!! you do 0 carotSLO: adn lost drake!!! carotSLO: really omfg carotSLO: cant you kill them!?!??!? carotSLO: i wont waste my flash carotSLO: told oyu comon carotSLO: i had utly and zonia carotSLO: help me do blue first lol carotSLO: i could ulty them carotSLO: i had controil ward there carotSLO: i had control ward carotSLO: they cant see it omg carotSLO: we killed malph carotSLO: could kil them all carotSLO: i dint even ulty them carotSLO: i awrded all jugnle carotSLO: HELPEM!!!!! you blind?!!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! i pigned help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! carotSLO: do drake all carotSLO: nooo omfg reallly ward drake!!!!!!!! carotSLO: great carotSLO: wrd drake!!!!! carotSLO: i said all do drake!!!!! why figth mid? carotSLO: we had goo dstart then zigss lost it carotSLO: jinx afk reported carotSLO: i wont jungle omg carotSLO: do something carotSLO: had to waste my flash carotSLO: i dont want to waste flash for 2 kils carotSLO: zigss youre foult carotSLO: gj team 0 help again carotSLO: i go in and you!?!??! carotSLO: i could kill her izi carotSLO: def me carotSLO: omfg relly carotSLO: drake?!?! carotSLO: bot lost drake again carotSLO: žgrat team carotSLO: 0 warded carotSLO: bot lost drake mid lost game carotSLO: report mid Post-Game carotSLO: i won jungle and this ziggs trol carotSLO: ruin the game carotSLO: so what carotSLO: my team dont help me carotSLO: so not my foult carotSLO: you trol carotSLO: i was owning jungle carotSLO: and then you left me to die carotSLO: i warded all carotSLO: i stole all enemy buffs carotSLO: nice adc dmg reall Game 3 In-Game carotSLO: ok gg i lost jungle carotSLO: thx kassadin for help gj carotSLO: and top too gj carotSLO: i invaded and got blue carotSLO: shacko was low carotSLO: izi kil carotSLO: you just farmed mid and top 0 help carotSLO: darisu came to help carotSLO: you dint carotSLO: top didnt help carotSLO: nice lvl 6 gj kasa carotSLO: report kassa int carotSLO: you inted and give him kill carotSLO: i need farm tolvl 6 carotSLO: so i can utly carotSLO: or im useless carotSLO: he got lvl 6 before us gj carotSLO: gg lost game carotSLO: Ž carotSLO: my team trol dotn help carotSLO: one more hit lol carotSLO: gj again carotSLO: you didnt help me do buff carotSLO: i pignd for help carotSLO: noone help me shacko was free kill carotSLO: my toplayner never help carotSLO: you let them kill me carotSLO: DO DRAKE!!!!! carotSLO: you didnt help me carotSLO: instead do drake you fight leolne!!! carotSLO: i could steal drake!!!!!! carotSLO: my team fight instead do drake!! carotSLO: they trol carotSLO: we need drake!!!!!! carotSLO: first drake then kill carotSLO: im best fiddle carotSLO: adn you dotn help me carotSLO: you lost this game carotSLO: gj caytlin dont def me gj carotSLO: my team dont def me i need vision carotSLO: cayt full hp farm carotSLO: cayt farm instead chase carotSLO: i had flash carotSLO: report my tema carotSLO: 0 hel carotSLO: im best fiddle eune and they dont helpme carotSLO: nice fed carotSLO: i can type no problem carotSLO: im fast at typing carotSLO: i canmultitask carotSLO: so fed really?1 carotSLO: nice fed top gg carotSLO: k carotSLO: ks carotSLO: so what carotSLO: report kasssa for int carotSLO: he lost this game carotSLO: you give mid free kill carotSLO: i could get lvl 6 first and ace the, carotSLO: i main fiddle carotSLO: nice fed gj carotSLO: my team do 0 dmg carotSLO: becouse nobody protected me carotSLO: i utly draius and you dotn protect me carotSLO: dod rake carotSLO: gj kassa dont help carotSLO: i had utly carotSLO: ward drae and blue!! carotSLO: ok so i can also nit carotSLO: ok good to know now Post-Game carotSLO: so thats why people int carotSLO: hope you get banned kassa carotSLO: he just int carotSLO: kassading carotSLO: inted carotSLO: he give free kil mid carotSLO: and help xerath become lvl 6 carotSLO: you shold really get banned carotSLO: you trol carotSLO: play better next time carotSLO: i had mos cs in my team carotSLO: kassa 72 farm really? carotSLO: 72 farm carotSLO: you have the worst score 0 gold carotSLO: im not charity i dont donate buffs never carotSLO: you just didnt help carotSLO: i won jungle carotSLO: and top didnt help carotSLO: i got blu buff carotSLO: you was farming mid carotSLO: darius chased me carotSLO: i could get buff if my team help me carotSLO: darius helped you carotSLO: my team is blind carotSLO: youre reported for taht carotSLO: i pinged for help carotSLO: and nobody help me carotSLO: so youre problem carotSLO: it was ther buff anyway carotSLO: we didnt lose nothing carotSLO: with bad team i go bad score carotSLO: youre welcome carotSLO: becouse my team trol carotSLO: youre bad carotSLO: youi never helped me carotSLO: and you inted carotSLO: i could get lvl 6 and win the game carotSLO: we pushed lane we could kill mid and shacko carotSLO: and darisu when they came carotSLO: but he died carotSLO: look replay carotSLO: you can watch replay what kassa did carotSLO: mid carotSLO: i took jungle camps enemy carotSLO: already carotSLO: i know how to play carotSLO: i helped you push the lane carotSLO: you could help me jungle
Jesus christ, stop typing, start playing.
SinsanitY (EUW)
: .....The fact a mass of people agree with me.... does not make me more right... Read that back to your self. That's the most hilarious comment I've read here. Please don't edit that just leave it there. It's too good to delete. A majority of people agree with something, but that doesn't mean it's a popular belief or right.... Absolute quality. No one is trying to offend you, look at your first comment, and ones after that. You've been treated the way you have behaved, from the get go. Perhaps it's time you stopped now, before you embarrass yourself further.
Trump got elected, does that means he's right about everything? Following your logic, it seems he is.
: honestly, just play normals. its what i do. the atmosphere in ranked is so tense and the toxicity, the trolls, the afks, the inters, they are all reasons why ranked is dogshit right now
The thing with normals is people can lowkey pick, for example, yuumi top, call it 'practicing for ranked' and when the game goes bad because of them they can just get away with "chill bro, its just normal have some fun :)"
: I want to play Maokai, but I cannot. Not viable champion. Totally useless...
I suggest you become the best maokai there is. People are afraid of what they don't know. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
MusicaroN (EUW)
: I'm open to whatever if provided arguments, since you call my post useless i politely invite you to stop visiting it and resume your Fortnite gameplay {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Never installed Fortnite, good friend. Also, "I'm open to whatever if provided arguments" and yet you call people who disagree with you names. good one bucko.
Rioter Comments
MusicaroN (EUW)
: Dude you're such a white knight, go back to your castle.
If you're not open to mind changing opinions, then you might as well keep your pointless opinions to yourself and delete this post. It's like you're asking for people to insult them.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: TFTis a waste of time until they add xp gain, change my mind
Alright. If TFT grants xp, you get Blue Essence. You don't use any Blue Essence to unlock ANY TFT related goodies. Therefore, XP shouldnt be a reward in TFT. There.
: Rank Shaming in 2k19
Watch out there are also things like icon / fan shaming. I'm a fan of Misfits and have team pass and all, but im afraid to equip the icon since it's the laughingstock of the LEC right now.
: No-one cares
Lemme translate this for ease of readability: "I'm a veteran player so my opinion is the only one that counts, rito bad, client bad, TFT bad (agreed), never had this many bugs before, just revert the whole patch!!!!!!!! my dad beats me every day"
ShanksFX (EUW)
: Alright since there are so many posts these recent days from ppl who understand very little about this game, ill just adress this one. 1) Yes this is the tactical part of this game. You dont always get the comp you want to play, you have to make do with what you get. Sure you can force a certain comp every game, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. You cant get a certain unit you need to complete your build? Tough luck, so take what you get any build sth else. I dont know how many times i was planning to go ninja assassin, only to not get an akali and branch out into ele/cc frontline instead. The key is to make quick decisions. Dont waste all your gold just to get one unit. It doesnt seem to work? alright, back to eco then for a few rounds, pick some stuff up along the way and go from there. 2) Ah yes. The old "i never"rarely get any items while other ppl are stacked". Guess what, other ppl are also getting shit items. Yes sometimes ppl luck out while u get left behind. Happens. So again, make do with what you get. Dont get your 3x recurve for the ranger glacial you planed? Welp work towards another comp then. And if your items are utter shit, aim for a midgame comp. Dont even try to get first, instead aim for the top 4. Another part that ppl dont understand: You cant win every game. And you are not supposed to. Sometimes its better to go all out with assassins early-mid. You know you will lose later on against another comp with more items, but at least get the top 4 spot. 3) It all comes down to positioning. Some people just refuse to reposition. "Oh this assassin player just killed me 2 times in a row? Nah lets stick with the same comp instead of switching back and frontline." Most people underestiate positioning alot. Yes sometimes the ai makes you scratch your head (hello mf) but in most cases you can influence it alot. It just comes down to practise and flexibility. 4) I dont know what you are doing but i've been playing a fair amount of tft and the afk champs are pretty rare these days for me. Yes it happens sometimes that someone bugs out, but definetly not as often as you picture it here. Also in most cases it has other reasons. Like units not being able to reach the enemy etc. Just yesterday i had a game where someone flamed that his units where afk because he didnt even know about the anivia as slow. And tbf, 70% makes you think you unit just bugged out. So all in all, there is a reaosn why some ppl constantly rank higher and get good placements. And give it a few weeks and the ranking system will show that aswell. And if you dont take anything from my post, so take this: Its not (only) about getting good rng, but knowing how to play around bad rng.
> You cant get a certain unit you need to complete your build? Tough luck, so take what you get any build sth else. Ah yes i'll just throw away my lvl 3 Vayne because i can't seem to get Ashe/Kindred for ranger comp And i have't been building Nobles all game so tough luck. > Guess what, other ppl are also getting shit items. Yes sometimes ppl luck out while u get left behind. Happens. It shouldn't happen. It completely removes your ability to win a fight, regardless of your positioning. > It all comes down to positioning. Some people just refuse to reposition. "Oh this assassin player just killed me 2 times in a row? Nah lets stick with the same comp instead of switching back and frontline." Well if i knew who i'd be fighting, i might just be able to outposition this 6 assassin comp. Sadly, there are 4 others going things like rangers, demons, glacials, nobles,... In other words, chance to fight the assassin comp is too low to reposition. Also, i can't even begin to recall the amount of times i've repeatedly had to see my team crushed by the guy in first only to reposition and have even the lowest player beat me. > I dont know what you are doing but i've been playing a fair amount of tft and the afk champs are pretty rare these days for me. Yes it happens sometimes that someone bugs out, but definetly not as often as you picture it here. Have you ever used Garen? >Its not (only) about getting good rng, but knowing how to play around bad rng. Agreed to a degree, but don't tell me losing to a triple Force of Nature player with glacials, rangers AND assassins while i barely have any combo going and no items means i'm a bad player.
: Just delete this %%%%%ing patch
"you cost people LP" reminder: every gae, people win and people lose. It's only the losers you hear complaining because of their 'precious' LP. Just a game btw. Also, skin designers and game devs are two completely different categories. Thye have nothing to do with each other so they can't change focus.
: > [{quoted}](name=Snake Expert,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=1Zk71ec0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-07T13:21:39.448+0000) > > Agreed it would be enaugh if riot would announce in the client notification "We are aware of the Locket Solari Sorceress Bug, Dont abuse it or you get punished for it" then people would stop, and riot doesnt have to hotfix asap or disable a champion (if that is even possible in tft)
Or you could disable locket and make it just give stats while you work on the bug.
Qczi (EUW)
: %%%% This TFT and his update! They should first fix all %%%%in bugs which are in game!! Is so disgusting this drop ration can melt you from the start or carry you! All this roulette is bullshit!! even if you can pic some champs are too far from your place to took it!!! Its not team fight tactics, it's "you've loots of %%%%in lucky or you will be down whole game as a unwanted dog!" I hope because of my words someone from riot will see this and maybe that will reach to some people who have brain and competences to do something with it!
this is why smurfs shouldn't be allowed at all.
: > You probably will not agree with me. Please keep it civil in the replies. And how I will gonna sleep this night if I don't insult you? _-_ I really can't see the problem of giving BE and XP to TFT games. Maybe in future they will add skins to the legends (saw a cool idea on the boards about this) and other things like new dances and interactions. I don't think that they will be forced to make another type of currency and maybe you can buy the stuff with BE/RP. And for now you play the TFT games for 0 rewards. At least they can give you BE and XP to lvl up your account to get your champions. This helps a lot the players who need a small amount of BE to buy the champion they want.
I don't see giving BE and XP as a problem necessarily, but then if they'd have something else planned for TFT, we might have to buy it instead of get it as rewards, since we already have the Beta Pass stuff AND BE. So it's not a negative, but it might overload the rewards in time (and Riot doesn't like too many rewards). (also, people who only play TFT (streamers like Hafu and such) wouldn't be able to do anything with it anyway, but they have the money to buy it so what am i saying.)
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I agree! Little Legend Eggs are the only purchasable items in TFT, so it would only make sense if you got RP for playing TFT!
: takes 1min to reboot... and if you have issues check your conn before…(eg Tracert, ….)
???? did you read my comment? if my ISP (Internet Service Provider, the people who give you internet) chokes, i can't just go over there and say 'hey dude fix this i want my LP!!!!!'. All you can do is wait. also people are stupid and will just ping their ms for eternity. Never understood those guys but hey, laziness is a thing. Just wanna say you don't know what's happening on the other side. Some problems are more complex than just rebooting.
: Hashinshin is the best streamer on the planet all other streamers are trash.
Rioter Comments
: pls RAISE tempBAN for AFKing to 48h+
ah yes, because if my ISP chokes, it's my fault and i should be punished for leaving the game!
: And here we go again
Then why dont you go fix the problems then? You seem to know everything...
TheYazi (EUW)
: ***
One week of PBE testing because they want to take your money asap instead of preparing for a large load of players
Rioter Comments
: The difference is that EA would charge 60$ for this, while Riot give it to you for free. People like you are the reason we {get limited | don't get} fun game modes from Riot.
Ah yes, someone who's critical about a company's performance is the reason Riot won't give us nice things. Have you read what you just typed? Is this you? Are you sure your account isnt hacked by some nine year old? I'll tell you what makes Riot give us nice things: money and investors.
: > They saw the huge popularity during one week of PBE and said 'ship it immediately' under the guise of 'test phase'. If a champion is getting reworked, they're not gonna 'test' that rework on live servers, are they? They said it was gonna be a live beta test well before it released on the pbe... and they only do this for modes Clash, nexus blitz, ARAM changes, and SR VU all went through an open beta test in the live server, and that’s just off the top of my head. It’s faster and more efficient (a day on here is worth 2 weeks on the pbe), and let’s them do other test such as stress testing or gameplay tests, rather than the simple bug testing they are restricted to on the pbe
So what if they announced a public live beta test well before? A lot of changes get tested at least two weeks in advance. But they saw the popularity and the money it was gonna give them and said 'wow money haha ship it'. I wouldve expected them to at the very least bring a balanced, 'bug-free' (never possible, i understand) experience. That can be done in PBE. And i think there lies the difference: whereas the BB ARAM was a different style of ARAM where they tested a **few** new things, TFT (and clash) is an entire new thing (some even saying it's riot's second game, with which i disagree). You never know what's gonna be OP and whats gonna be weak when designing champs. The fact that they're gonna bring a ranked mode before things are even balanced out surprises me.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Can't say i've seen that outside of incorrectly assuming graves was a ranged unit when he is infact a melee range unit, which unit was it?
A shen who was a key part of my frontline didnt get any mana because he refused to attack anyone. He had 3 units in front of him. (i know units get man when taking damahe but he's already dead at that point.)
: This is a beta test not the full thing... this is the opposite of EA rushing (I guess kinda wildcard rushing but still not as bad as them), instead of relying on a small pbe server they make it an open beta to make testing more efficient and through. So bugs are to be expected, as are crashes and gameplay issues.. that’s why it’s on the live servers so we can help root them out.
The problem is that live servers aren't PBE. In my experience, this has been the only thing they 'tested' on live servers next to clash, because clash wouldnt work on PBE, and the ARAM changes. They saw the huge popularity during one week of PBE and said 'ship it immediately' under the guise of 'test phase'. If a champion is getting reworked, they're not gonna 'test' that rework on live servers, are they? EDIT: answering your argument about efficient testing: you have a good point, but seeing as this community is a toxic dumpster fire, the community is gonna take these problems to heart which isn't such a good move in my opinion.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > This is not something i have experienced personally, but i've had games where people's game would crash for no reason, taking a lot of the fun out of the game. These bugs couldve been fixed while TFT was still only on PBE. Too bad. Depends on the reason for the crash, my client was stable apart from one instance where it didn't connect correctly, but considering the warnings about connectivity issues thats perfectly acceptable, some issues don't show up until the code is put under extreme stress, it might have been able to handle 5000 players just fine on the PBE but when it got given 500,000 on live it choked, that issue won't have been caught with any amount of PBE testing > Same thing here: with that many players overloading the servers, there was bound to be a long queue, which i had no issue with. I did see the screenshots of 2 hours of queue and i hope i'll never get to experience that for myself. They were deliberately throttling the game towards the end of the day EU time yesterday in order to improve stability > This one hurts as an EUW player. Just as all my friends started coming online, they take down the whole thing for just our region. I do habe sympathy for the regions on which TFT has not been released at all, but when you're that region that gets a taste but not a bite, it really stings. Well thats par for the course it got taken down when it was obvious it couldn't handle the load caused by people logging in :P > the gamemode wasn't ready yet. Based on what? the mode itself works fine, its the server infrastructure which couldn't keep up with the added demand, clash caused the same > Look at how long TFT was tested in PBE: one week. That's not even what one patch takes! How in the world is a brand new, fundamentally game changing gamemode being tested for only ONE week, EVER launch smoothly, with no bugs, great AI and a healthy balance? Firstly, there is no such thing as bug free software, secondly, what AI? its PvP the only AI is the mobs you fight and those aren't exactly complex and were working fine, and League itself doens't have a healthy balance and likely never will due to the nature of being an always evolving game > The thing is, we can't blame Riot for 'not being prepared for such a huge load of players and games': i bet the engineers did what they could but simply didnt have the time or even the resources to get more servers up and running (again, one week). Predicting server load is basically like playing russian roulette, sometimes you'll get lucky and provision enough resources, other times you'll miss by a little, other times you'll miss by a lot, predicting the popularity of a new mode is extremely difficult and the mode being on PBE more wouldn't have changed the outcome of that because the scales are orders of magnitudes different > It was all to get this gamemode out there as fast as possible to compete with other upcoming autobattler games which are actually working. With the exception of Dota 2 the other autobattlers only have that one single mode, don't forget its the same servers hosting the entire regions worth of regular league games aswell so its not really a fair comparison, and valve essentially have infinite resources in terms of compute power available at the drop of a hat, riot, not so much > You seem like EA or Bethesda on this one: rush your devs to get the game out ASAP and then deliver a shitty, microtransaction-riddled gamemode for the big moneys from anyone stupid enough to buy the 'surprise mechanic mystery boxes'. Not really, in this case the mode itself is working fine, its delivered on what it meant to, the "issue" was on the resources required on the backend and its likely the same issue caused by clash, too many games being started at the same time, which the server just can't handle, so not really a comparison you can make fairly
What i meant with AI is your own units (you don't control what they do, the game does that for you). Sure, a lot can depend on positioning, but when i see my frontline staring at an enemy, doing nothing at all while he's getting his ass handed to him, i'm not gonna blame myself for positioning him badly.
Rioter Comments
: Will Riot ever be able to release something new without creating a clustertruck to everything else?
You're sounding incredibly entitled now. Riot isnt just gonna increase server capacity with the snap of a finger, and i wouldnt see why they'd do it as tft's playerbase will eventually dwindle down to an acceptable level. It's like asking NASA/SpaceX why there aren't any people on Mars, 'since they have so much money'.
: This. Decided to skip my job and wasted whole day
You're addicted and should seek help. Skipping work to play a casual game (which you can play any day of the week, mind you) on release is not worth it.
Virosus (EUW)
: You failed Riot
Mattie010 (EUW)
: TFT release date is known!
Keep in mind account transfers are disabled during this period. If you happen to habe an OCE/JP account, you're one lucky boi and i wish you the best in the new gamemode! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Rioter Comments
paleface1 (EUW)
: Trsut me, there are no "troll picks" And trust me, picking a champion you don't think should be played in that lane, IS NOT bannable. no, riot did not ban them for picking Yuumi top :) You clearly don't understand the system yet.
the guy literally stopped playing when i received my ticket response. Dude's been playing 5 games a day and it suddenly stopped.
Jinwu (EUW)
: People "gaming" the report system?
Then why did i get a master yi onetrick, who troll picked yuumi top because yi was banned, to suddenly stop playing right after my support ticket got answered? (i dodged that game, so even locking in an obvious troll pick can get you banned) That's right, because riot actually does something about it. You're just biased, thinking they don't care because you're on this toxic ass board for too long.
Bauble (EUW)
: Look how I didn't mention NA in no word, but you already imply it's about NA :D EU fans at best :D {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
?????? You bash EU fans and expect nothing about NA in return? Cool, see you at Rift Rivals, buddy. Since that's the only competition you're relevant, because it's only one of two regions competing
: Pro View: Leveling up the Esports Viewing Experience
Why would i spend money on this if i can just become a referee and get paid by watching it instead?
RecoreYT (EUW)
: I got permanently banned and this is my log + opinions + your opinions please.
Not sure if a troll thread for attention or him thinking he's actually innocent...
FlameClub (EUNE)
: Like run it down mid feeding, coming to game and going afk so your team cannot remake etc!
Clearly your perception of trolls is too straightforward. If trolls were so clear-cut, then the game would be free of trolls right now. Joining a game and then leaving can happen to anyone. Riot has no way of tracking whether the player intentionally quit the game, or his internet died, or his game crashed. I learned this through many support tickets. So banning someone for leaving is not an option. Plus, a 20 minute timer is already punishing enough. Running it down mid actually gets tracked and banned a lot. You just don't see it as Riot is obliged to keep bans a 'secret' due to privacy reasons. Also, the algorithm isn't perfect, so a 0/12/0 draven running down mid might not get banned since he might have fought, cs'ed or bought good items, not 6 dorans blades. People are still smarter than robots. If you want a player actually banned and have proof that he is trolling through replays, then submit this as a report ticket to riot. It helps.
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: My thoughts on Yummi and how to make her a bit more balanced imo
It's YUUMI. Not 2 Ms, 2 Us. YUUMI. I have no idea why everyone is butchering this name.
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: League Of Legends Server For Pakistan
Play on the russian server.
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