: After playing with my low elo friend, few points i must make.
YES YES YES YES. never gonna happen below gold though. people are impulsive and cant control their emotions, cant see it so cant do anything about it... This is what seperates gold and higher from silver and below, people are actually capable of learning the game.
: Currently there are more ranked players in NA than EUNE. EUNE has about 600K while NA has 700K (bronze or above).
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Is support the most wanted role now?
The title of this discussion made me kinda tie a knot in my eyebrows xD. Its not the case in the iron- gold elo region i can assure you (i am the region in different places depending on the severness of the state of my chronic cannabis intoxication). I have noticed that since i last played the game years ago, jungle is a much les wanted role now. Same with top. Mid and adc are still as popular as always :/ . When i go fill i either get support or jungle. From the scenario you described it does seem its likely someone made an error somewhere. I doubt a automated system would make a mistake or be programmed that way. Rito isnt that stupid :P.
: > [{quoted}](name=ˉÐęqûńˉ,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Zf800U5L,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2019-03-26T19:35:45.007+0000) > > Some champions are designed to win their lane no matter what. There are also counter match-ups, where the opponent cannot play against you 1v1. You don't always "win" lane because you are good. So there has to be a way for champions that are weak early on, to catch up later and actually be useful. That is not true, if somebody wants to have a passive farming lane, he can have that..... You can always play around counters. You keep the wave close to your tower and thats it.
No, thats not true. there is no always. Your oponent can do exactly the same thing. Its impossible to have full control of the game. Even when a pro league of legends match has 1 team with a super comp, one that completely should stomp the other team, anything can happen. Its typical for low elo teams to not be able to snowball and finish the game after getting an advantage. If you watch some high elo games you will see how it is possible to push the advantage. Git gud son, while you are here saying how hard it is other people are just doing it.
ElvisbAi (EUW)
: Back to League after 3 Years, I dont get it... Should I play bad or good? Im so confused....
Well if the rewards for doing good were higher, the leading team would snowball so much harder and games would go by alot quicker. This might be a reason behind the mechanic. But there are rewards. You will have more xp and gold. In laning fase you can freeze the lane so you have another advantage, you can either let your waves of minions die out so he cant kill them, or push to the tower for an early push and he will have more trouble last hitting them. Oh and when you push to the tower you can get a 160g reward 5 times if you do it early enough + the first tower destroyed gives 150 bonus g. And so does the first kill. Those are big rewards for someone who has a more advantagious position in the first place! You can also take their jungle, a dragon, herald, or even baron. I think the shutdowns are there so people have a chance to catch up. Not to reward bad playing, but to reward killing a stronger oponent. There are of course scenarios where getting a kill or a tower might not be playing good at all, be aware of that. A 1 for 1 kill might give the enemy assists, or the oportunity to take a tower, or gain ground some other way. And watch your farm. You can kill someone 3 times, buf if he has more farm then you he might still have more gold...
Devrost (EUW)
: Luck is more important then skills. People can deny this but its the truth.No matter how good you play if you dont have play champs like {{champion:24}} and get feed you wont 1v9.Either your team gets lucky and get feed either enemy team and you lose. In the end its team game right.And just so you know mr riot...i saw bunch of bronze and silvers in plat +this season.Nice nice..Improvement lel.
Nice english, lel. Not. You write the same was the ''trolls'' in the game do. And you say the same things. Just carry if thats the way. But your too busy complaining about everything. Your talking about having to 1v9 and then about team game. they are not the same thing. 1v9 is something that streamers say when they have a good game. its not something that actually ever happens. 1 challenger player cant even handle 3 silvers, the guy proved it himself by making a video about it. He failed real bad even, it was kinda silly to see.
: league of whoever gets the troll
Well we can keep screaming at riot for this to change, but i really dont think thats gonna help alot. My experience is that the people who drop the word ''troll'' real quick, often have very trolly behaviour. Ive been called a troll, wood 5, useless, 6v4 and all other sorts of mean things. Ive lost all lanes as jungler, not sure how thats possible, but it would appear im doing everything wrong! that 3 game winstreak with a really good score i had doesnt matter. Im a troll and its my fault that they are losing. The games where nobody deems it necessary to spam ping someone 4 times or say ''hes inting or hes trolling'' usually are fun games where we seem to have a good chance of winning.


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