: As ADC you rely on your team to properly group up so you can do your thing. That also means however that you really need to know how to properly position yourself. That's pretty much how it's been since S7 - took some time for people to adapt to it but it got better over time. And as ADC you don't just AA - unless you are playing Jinx. If an assassin gets you in a fight, either your team sucks or your positioning.
everyone says positioning, unless you're positioned outside of the teamfight, with all the mobility assassin;s have now you're never safe. and solo queue rely on a team?
ÉxiledCake (EUNE)
: u play adc to get carried :)
shamshamm (EUW)
: If you can't play adc properly, just play {{champion:18}} , that bunny jump is busted, gets you out of any sticky situation, even if you're badly positioned
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: Is armor useless?
yea i agree as a poppy main, unless you're full build (and even with full build sometimes) you can be absolutely melted in a team fight, multiple times I've been killed by a lone adc in 1 second just with a good kite and blown up in teamfights before i can react
Theetis (EUNE)
: Or Tristana that now ignores knockups and just jumps away with like 3 CC's thrown at her, not even interrupting her jump :')
: Hilariouslly, you've listed the only knockback immune dashes that were added after the Poppy rework other than the dash on Kled's ult. Everything else that is immune to it already existed beforehand.
GPet (EUW)
: Aatrox' Q can't be interupted? :O
not the second part, when he jumps up he gets knocked back, but when he flies forward isn't. so it essenrtially blocks the w
: So, three. Three examples. Anymore you care share to give your point credence?
I've given you 3, i can't be arsed named anymore. either be happy or don't, I'm not giving anymore
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tin1 (EUNE)
: Fastest Kill Ever?
i got killed by a support zyra in 0.12 secons
xtheannax (EUW)
: I think Invasion is special enough because it's so different from every other gamemode. Invasion is like the only gamemode that won't make you tilt fast like the others since you are not playing against other players who could insult you for no reason. And I think Invasion is also a good gamemode to relax and calm down from these tilting other gamemodes I was talking about.
well that's your opinion, getting swamped by velkoz's in the escort quest isn't relaxing for me
xtheannax (EUW)
: Can Invasion stay as a new gamemode? (like forever?)
they are special, people will lose interest in it soon and nobody will play it just like the crystal scar
: Ive not heard any feedback from players yet regarding this, so i think you should follow BHISIKIDI's advice and buy yourself a mystery champ shard (:
bhisikidi (EUW)
: Cant give you any blue essence sry but why you dont buy a Champion shard for 1700 IP and disenchant him then? [EDIT] Maybe your lucky and a Riot worker sees it and gives you 5 blue essence ;D.
Rioter Comments
: Wit's End could easily be a more popular item again as it used to be back in the days.
well jax's new build gets him a lot tankier with only like 3 real damage items. there's just no room for it
: But I was here 3 months ago, just didn't see the need to leave a serious comment to some generic Fiora rant. So i just made a joke about the title. I can stomp Fiora as {{champion:516}} and I need zero mechanics to win the game, just {{item:3076}} {{item:3068}} , it's actually really boring, I wish they would buff her early or mid game, she just seems useless.
: Now she is useless because any idiot can just build {{item:3076}} to drastically reduce her trading potential. I don't think it matters at all that they did something to her movement speed in previous patches. There were no other nerfs so I really wonder why you say > looks like i was right as she got nerfed doesn't look like her movement speed concerned you when you created this thread, looks more like pure salt.
almost as if, that's what we needed. I'm not perfect, but I think the nerf was warranted she's no longer destroying lanes now as she can't move as quick, also tanks can build something to stop some of the healing, they d a better job than me at balancing her without killing her. well you're 3 months late to the party
: ***
why are you necroing this thread dipshit. looks like i was right as she got nerfed
ThomasIM (EUW)
: Hey i have a really cool name and i want it on other account
you gotta wait 2 minute 'til midnight, then pray to the rainmaker and only then will he show your the sea of madness only then will you be able to change your account name
: I gave you an answer though, go figure it out.
i have, i don't need your salt. just the answer
: I am also fascinated by hashinshin, especially his ability to blame his team for everything, randomly banning viewers from his chat because they disagree with him (or how he calls it: because they are %%%%%%ed) and how he has completely biased opinions (opinions that usually are based of him being salty) and how he is able to find so many bootlickers among his viewers despite acting like a complete asshole most of the time. The E max is most likely situational... maybe he tested it, just look at what he was up against.
i don't really care, I just asked why he's maxing e
: he never maxes e first, he always does w first
: I am not triggered and the game has the same rules in SoloQ and LCS. Could you entertain the idea that Hashinshin is simply wrong? My only idea why he does that is that it allows for more frequent stuns and reduces E CD to a point it may have the same CD as the Q at which point he can fight more. He didnt max it just in AA-heavy matchups to counter more AAs but in any.
yes it's the saem game, but not everyone on each team has been training for months together working on strategies thus not everything that works in lcs will work in solo queue ryze for example. maybe he is wrong, but I asked why he is doing this, I dont' want to follow some lcs guy because jax isn't a champ that they play at the moment. thanks for the last line, that makes sense :)
: So you say an NA Jax Main who never went pro > KR Proteam player in Challenger in regards to how to play Jax? I mean, I like Tobias Fate but I'd still say KR MangKi is the better Gangplank. Didnt I just struck you with an incredible scientific mathematical proof that the result of falling and climbing is being stuck aka not moving?
this isn't lcs, stop being triggered
: Desperation because he is hardstuck? The sum of climbing and falling = being stuck. Probuilds KR Khan (LZ Toplaner who beat SKT in an admirable fashion) maxes W. http://www.probuilds.net/guide/show/KR/2945834599/4425901
kr khan isn't a jax main. Hardstuck?/ didn't i just say I like him because he's constantly climbing and fallging, then climbing again
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MyBaum (EUW)
: Why not make the Starguardian Monsters Skins?
yeah, the black and green is soo cool
karolmo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Diesel River,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=W73ZvfZg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-08T10:59:21.209+0000) > > you can cc the boss. just focus the adds and keep your distances, let the adcs take him out while the melees take out adds That works in normal mode, not in hard where 200 random kogs appear out of nowhere
oh fair, i got swamped by 8 velkoz's on the wescort mission lol
karolmo (EUW)
: So, i found 4 teammates to play the "hard" invasion mode with
you can cc the boss. just focus the adds and keep your distances, let the adcs take him out while the melees take out adds
: How do you even beat Onslaught?
lol we got like 8 velkoz's on the escort quest xD
Kayanumo (EUW)
: Have you played Onslaught yet?
Treycos (EUW)
: How did they "ruin" doom bots ?
by halfing the map and giving us a boring tower defense game. I prefer the full map as it was great, trying to push but have a garen or fiddlestick jump out. trying t outplay and take down a tower while 4 morgana stuns swing around someone. now it sucks
Rioter Comments
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Seems I am gay now...
at least you've come out buddy
Depair (EUW)
: Mastery level 8 & 9
GPet (EUW)
: Because it is balanced ina way that Mages can kill turrets too, they use their AP instead of just hitting it with their noneexistant AD, duh. :^)
that's fair, i guess xD i just never got it rofl
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: tower are joke this season AD items got extremely buffed which with other changes in the mix led to the objective snowball meta Few weeks ago I played Sona+Caitlyn botlane and when helping jungler I accidentaly stole his blue buff. Afer helping him with gromp I went back to lane and with the help of the blue buff, caitlyn push priority, sona Q dmg bonus on auto and sona passive with Q we were able to get first turret at 4 minutes 13 seconds. Then we rotated top, took tower, then mid took tower then we made a 20min baron (who is weak af too now) and gg easy..
yeah it's a joke. watching my full item build lissandra just auto attack a tower and popping it in just under a minute, why. why is my mage killing towers faster than their full ad/attack speed players
13900lP (EUNE)
: Maokai nerf, when?
vlad is a worthless champ to have on your team anyway lol
IskandarX (EUNE)
: do you honestly want to play every game 40 minutes?
: They want towers weak so games last less. Though I agree it's annoying having your tower by 2/3 of it's hp after a recall. Kinda feels like giving pokers a bit too much advantage, or wave clearer's. BUT it isn't unbalanced at all, just annoying really.
it's just annoying how valuble towers are due to the first blood, but tristana/ziggs/ anyone that are decent pokers have a hue advantage
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: If you had to be ulted in real life...
DumBoobie (EUNE)
: i bougth a skin and i didnt get it
Rismosch (EUW)
: No it isn't. As a new player, meta is totally non existant. And duo top is far easier to play for a beginner than jungle. The way that you unlock smite later is fine. Maybe you shouldn't smurf if you don't like it? Because the only ones who suffer from it are smurfs, not new players.
guess what the new player doesn't have to do. and could instead leave the job to one of the other 4 people on the team
teemos (EUW)
: If they rework him he will probably be shit and not playable and then he will get another rework and another and he will turn into ryze
thank god, hury up riot
Rismosch (EUW)
: Jungle is the most difficult role for new players. For any other roles where you need to only click and press buttons, which is in most cases good enaugh, the jungle requires knowledge on - which champion actually can jungle - your teammates knowing how to leash - every buff and - how to clear each camp without dying This makes the jungle not beginner friendly, thus smite is unlocked only later in the leveling process.
it's better than forcing them into a 2 top lane that won't even be a thing later on, besides there's plenty of junglers that are willing
: I personally don't see any harm in it but the person you replied to is just a troll who intentionally messes around on the boards. Anyway, I can see them all being unlocked 1 level each up to five so... +1 here.
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