: If you go balls deep with towerdiving, you should be willing to pay a hefty price. Tower diving *should* be incredibly risky for *all* champions. That 100 hp Annie isn't at fault, and the Tower Hit box shouldn't be changed just because, and I mean no offense here, _you were dumb enough to be out played._ You simply had to click on her. Maybe if you were melee, yes, you'd have the trouble of getting around the tower to strike her, but if you were *ranged*, that's still your own fault for not clicking on her. You can't complain that they have smaller hitboxes, if you are then playing a champion that has the specialty of tower diving! Why should every champion be the size of Gragas, yet you keep your ability to towerdive better than others? You also make it sound like, "Oh, they are so bad they need 'tower protection'", when it is you being bad and getting stumped by the most basic of movements! Moving behind tower is the same as any other juke. Do you complain about people constantly breaking line of sight with brushes? Do you complain about people stepping to the side to avoid a skill shot? Do you complain about people turning away from Cassiopeia when she ults? Do you complain when people simply walk away from slow moving but high damage enemies? Well, you shouldn't! These are all valid basic defensive maneuvers, and walking behind tower is one of them. It's not a bug. The tower is in front of them and is what your "summoner" can see. It's a basic MOBA mechanic just like reloading or using cover in a FPS are basic mechanics. No one is exploiting anything illegal just because you are so nooby you get stumped by a tower. Its your lack of skill. Your fault you blew everything and let them live. You dived under *their* tower, which should go some way to protect them. You should be smart enough to judge the success of a dive before committing.
In which dimension is clicking behind your own tower and staying still a **juke**? Timing your back and forward around the tower to prevent the ennemy from getting to you **is** a juke. Jukes require skill, jukes are outplays (outplay means you played better), **what did you do any better when you clicked behind your tower?** NOTHING, you just used the fact that you can't target your own tower while ennemies can. It's the same as if p90 prevented any damage going to your head while airborn in CSGO. This is silly. "Oh, they are so bad they need 'tower protection'" "You dived under their tower, which should go some way to protect them" Everyone uses tower protection, I do too, Isn't it enough that your tower deals huge damages? What do I do wrong when I towerdive a low hp and out of mana Annie with my full hp lvl 11 kha zix? Mhhhh, maybe I am punishing a player who over-extended? But NO, this guy just has to click behind his tower, it's like a teemo blind but you can make it last as long as you want! Normal? The only thing I see here is a guy who is so mad that his favourite "juke" gets spit on. "OMG, tower blinded you! This is super effective!" _Only works on runt-sized champions_ If I told you that while near the gromp cassiopea had a hidden AP buff, you wouldn't find it fair. It works the same way, this is an advantage given to mini-champions that is unnecessary and uncalled for. What if hitting a tanky champion through a tower reduced the damages? What if invisibility duration was longer in your tower range? What if shields were bigger in tower range? Towers were never meant to be an absolute defense, they are a nice early defense, nothing more. If it was intended for towers to be a perfect defense, they would all be like the fountain's one.
Puppies (EUW)
: same, im in ireland and been waiting for 20+ mins in the login q only to get kicked out again. Its ridiculous, this is not only costing me but many other people ranked games and possibly even the chance at rewards. Please riot, sort it out, its ridiculous and quiet frankly extremely unacceptable. As a game that has ran several years with one of the largest player bases in the world you'd think they'd sort these things out.
you play it for free mate, when was last time you experienced this on league of legends, several monts ago maybe. So don't go saying it's unacceptable and remember that most games have half a day of "down for maintenance time" each week.
iNathh (EUW)
: This is sort of similar to {{champion:412}} lantern not allowing team members to actually click the lantern if there is a champion stood on top of it. There was a really funny incident of this when the enemy had a really big {{champion:31}} and {{champion:412}} tried to help me with lantern but this big fat guy just didn't let me take it and killed me :D It's also some what similar as when jungling with a melee champ, your summoner name/HP bar covers the target's HP bar, not allowing for accurate smites or knowing when to pop a heal, etc. Riot need to do something like things become slightly transparent when hovering over them (including yourself and team members), and clicking another unit inside the transparent target will now target the new unit. For example: -Jinx walks near turret -Teemo is hiding behind turret (not invisible) -Jinx hovers over turret, not clicking; turret becomes transparent -Jinx can now click somewhere that does not contain a Teemo in order to attack the turret -Or, Jinx can click somewhere where there is a Teemo, and instead attack Teemo. Or: -Amumu walks up to gromp -Hovering over himself, he can now see Gromp's health bar -He cannot target himself so clicking himself will not attack himself. -If a wild Master Yi shows up and is standing on Gromp, Amumu can now click either Master Yi or Gromp. Something like this will suffice :)
an easy way for the overlapping health-bars of jungle monsters would be to make it vertical, so you would at least see the most important 75% of it.
: I don't know, its kind of a subtle mechanic in the game. Smart enemies can use Hit Box Blocking to avoid damage. Heck, even as Darius I have had the misfortune of E-ing my target in with a few minions, and then mis-clicking on a minion for a W. Same with a few obnoxious towers. Yet, frankly, I like this mechanic, its small, not *totally* reliable but still punishes people for brain-farting or simple not focusing! :)
Well, when you play a champion that has the ability to towerdive, you find it quiet annoying to give a kill to an annie with 100 hp who just click behind her turret after you used all your spells. There is no skill in this mechanic, small hitboxes champions are already harder to hit with skillshots, do they need a "tower protection" against basic attacks? I don't think so. Timing your jukes, dashes, ccs and summoners while getting towerdived does require mechanics, clicking behind your turret is just exploiting a bug that should have been fixed ages ago. If Riot meant to make it that way, they would have made an actual buff for characters that fit in the hitbox size. This problem's been there for quiet a while, but people started to over-exploit it recently.
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SaintDev1l (EUNE)
: expecting kindred tomorrow?
Last time I was so eager to get my hands on a champion, I was waiting for Lissandra... :crying: I took 20 seconds at work today to check if kindred went out, I found the notice that it won't be released before 5.20... Spent the all afternoon hoping it was a fake... It was not... I've been saving my IP for three weeks... :crying:
: i personally prefer to fight vs riven but NOT vs irelia yeah true riven is OP hard to trade with 2 types of CC but check this out **Equilibrium Strike** Active: Irelia pierces the target enemy, dealing them magic damage and slowing them by 60% for a short duration. If her current health percentage is equal to or less than her target's, she stuns them instead. Magic Damage: 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+ 50% AP) Disable Duration: 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 did you guys read that? 2 SECONDS STUN! can you tell me how much damage irelia will do while you are stunned for that long? morgana binding is a skillshot and can be dodged or just stay behind minions and its cool and yeah 3 seconds is quite alot but you are still able to at least fight back irelia stun cannot be dodged doenst matter what you wanna do riven has 1 type of damage but irelia has 3 types of damage and 2 abilities that heals her and the only reason that riven is more picked than irelia is probably because riven is more fun to play compared to irelia
but irelia isn't tanky early on, her stun is only 1 second till lvl 8 (unless irelia players upgrade stun first?????), moreover her attack speed isn't great early so she doesn't capitalize so much on her true damage spell, and her dash deals pretty weak damage as well. Whereas Riven's got 3 dashes that deal damage and the last knocks up, one stun (that deals damages) at lvl 2 only! And each of these spells enhances her next basic attack -> that's at least twice the kill potential of irelia. Match irelia against riven, that'll be an easy lane for riven. Moreover, irelia needs to be really ahead in order to outscale her opponent early (her mid-game starts to be strong if not too behind and her late is really strong). Okay, if riven doesn't get at least three kills, she'll be outscaled on late game BUT SHE'S GOT 25 FREAKIN MINUTES TO GET THEM! And god knows it's too easy to just gank a random lane with her, get your money, come back to lane and start to piss on your opponent's face.
: >- a threat to almost any top-laner during laning phase http://masternorris.com/images/articles-news/images/Twelve_Ways_To_Live_Happier_Part_4-MasterNorris_com.jpg No shes not, sorry :D Not for at least a season and a half ^^
Same fight for riven, darius and fiora, if they're good, they kick asses, but if they're bad, they suck (except for darius, on which you don't need lots of mechanics). But their are more counterplays available against fiora and darius (that don't need actual teamplay)
: Who needs a gank? :D If she fails to kill a CDR built Nasus before he reaches 1100 gold, she might as well go camp the raptors for the rest of the game, because top lane is gone ^^
True, but nasus is way easier to shut down pre-6
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