: Imagine being openly toxic and get triggered by someone not F + R-ing {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Good luck in life anon
imagine saying openly toxic. Talking shit in chat is a billion times less toxic than trolling
: If was like that lol would be dead, you got 0/4 at 10 min ban, you got 0/10 at 30 ban, you didnt farm 100 cs at 13 ban, you got camped by a smurf and feeded ban. And yes is your fault for flame. You chose type on chat that "soft inter" dint press enter for you. Intentional feed is run it down mid. Refuse to play safe is not feeding if you go into enemy and you afk and wait he kill you that's fedding, If you go 1v1 and keep 1v1 there no way to riot know if you do it intentional or you are just bad. The trolls and feeding ban that most of Community ask is a grey area. Always will exist bad and good people, someone need lose lane to other team win, someone need do a bad play to other team win. And if people didn't talked on chat would be better cause flame a guy who is having a bad game only will make he get tilted and play less antention to game and eventually feed even more. You have a 3/13/3 kindred jg game at 26 min. So you should be banned too for feeding for your logic.
if you dont ban people who soft int bc you cant find them, then you nshouldn't ban people for flaming people who (often times, single-handedly) lose you the game. If you intentionally throw the game you SHOULD get flamed, if you dont get banned.
: What is wrong with ranked?
All that Riot cares about is making money and looking good. They support pro scene. so they look ok to outside people and they make skins so that they make money. They dont care aboutr anything else.


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