: the banning system doesn't take into consideration the context of the game, so that's why you got banned. but just because others are acting out of line doesn't mean you should too
I'm still gonna say this ban is un-justified. and i hope a riot employee sees this thread soon to get this sorted
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Well, you may think that it was unjustified But it wasn't. You were toxic after your 14 day ban, where you were clearly warned that the next offense would lead to a permanent ban
This wasnt a offense, it was competetive bashing. something u can't deny isnt part of the game. If your support is standing AFK behind ur turret letting you solo your lane, you aswell get annoyed and talk to him. and i can gurantee you wont be as friendly to say "oh mr.brand would you please stop being afk behind our turret? i could really use some help" be real, u aswell would get mad just like most people would
: DitryNecro: ur so useless in this lane DitryNecro: Brand u useless %%%% DitryNecro: ur hard stuck silver thrash that feels good because i has a positive score for once That's all toxic, and I left the slight toxicity out
Sure its not clean. but as someone else in this thread stated "Looked like just some competitive bashing to me. I thought toxic was defined as causing harmful or malicious feelings" in no way did i intend either of the two
ryandub (EUW)
: Looked like just some competitive bashing to me. I thought toxic was defined as causing harmful or malicious feelings #dictionary.com
exactly, i could't have said it better myself
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: How do you know that people haven't gotten punished for worse? And that's kinda toxic. You broke the rules and got punished for it So it isn't an unjustified ban
I still think it is, and i know because the teammates from that particulair game are still playing. And they ran around telling me to kill myself or what so ever. This has happend multiple times and i stand by my point that this was was un justified
: -100 and -10 are both under 0 so it doesn't matter what chatlogs are more bad as long as both are breaking the rules.
In what way did i break any rules here tho? I was being honest and speaking my mind to them. i didn't tell anybody to kill themself what so ever.
: can you show us the chatlogs in the post? if you feel as though the ban was unjustified, ask riot support about it. if you get blitzcrank bot, ask it for a human
i'm gonna wait for a riot employee to handle this. I'll post the logs. Game 1 In-Game DitryNecro: im high DitryNecro: sorry DitryNecro: brand DitryNecro: hitting a skill shot DitryNecro: really isnt that hard DitryNecro: dude DitryNecro: brand can u not afk behind tower DitryNecro: ur so useless in this lane DitryNecro: i never hit a skill shot u have no presence and u allow them to bully me out constantly DitryNecro: ur joking right? DitryNecro: U ran right into him in the river DitryNecro: i cant do shit for u there DitryNecro: we wont win DitryNecro: Brand u useless %%%% DitryNecro: Stop being AFK in lane the entire time DitryNecro: He just stands there DitryNecro: doing nothing DitryNecro: %%%%% i would't be dying if u did smt against them bulying me constantly DitryNecro: bruh DitryNecro: stop talking already DitryNecro: pantheon u really need to get o ff ur high horse DitryNecro: ur no better then us DitryNecro: ur hard stuck silver thrash that feels good because i has a positive score for once DitryNecro: and dont try to deny it DitryNecro: u know its true DitryNecro: we're all hard stuck silver thrash DitryNecro: i'm not crying, i'm realistic DitryNecro: when a game is lost u give up, and they had the better players so they deserve a win Post-Game DitryNecro: wasnt inting lol DitryNecro: as i said DitryNecro: i was realistic DitryNecro: Dude neither are you DitryNecro: ur probably worth as little as i am DitryNecro: so who gives a %%%% DitryNecro: about anyone opinions DitryNecro: may i remind toy DitryNecro: you DitryNecro: this is DitryNecro: just DitryNecro: a DitryNecro: %%%%ing DitryNecro: hame DitryNecro: game DitryNecro: dont get mad over a game lol DitryNecro: if u really get mad over a game u need to check if ur brain is right because u have some weird priorities kiddo. I mean sure, its not the cleanest chat but i as i said i seen alot of people talk way worse in chat and not get punished at all for it. and may i add everyone on the team was thrash talking each other. the whole team was tilted and flaming.
: Did you have a 14 day ban? If yes how recent?
maybe a year ago yes, and i say that ban was deserved. also it was 10x worse then what i said in this game
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TheCherryPi (EUNE)
: Fighting Elise is not fun In TFT
Elise will probably get nerfed eventuelly, so why not play her in the meanwhile? She's been helping climb quite alot since this morning.
: If you literally saw nothing of the second game how do you know you would have won?
there is always a chance to win
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Ahridk (EUW)
: Sorry didnt say i go mid with Ahri primary and yes sometimes my farm sucks. I focus to mutch at roaming at other lanes because people constantly ask for help in their lanes
Roaming is a good thing, i managed to get mastery 7 on ahri and 110k mastery mostly because i roam alot and dont spend alot of time in my actaull lane, most of the time i push in with my Q and then roam either bot or top unless you know you dominate the mid-lane matchup. For example when you play ahri VS Aurelion sol you can focus on killing him more then roaming, this also prevents him from roaming and snowballing other lanes. And ofcourse remember to always stay farming, i try to get 100cs per 10~ min. 100cs around 15min is also fine, but dont get lower then that
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Eveninn (EUW)
: What's your main?
Hmm Draven you say? It would be a shame if someone was to charm and 1 shot him {{champion:103}}
Rioter Comments
: What is Your Favorite Adc?
Where sivir at tho?
Nolex (EUNE)
: Is Lucian still a good choice?
Lucian is still a strong champion. the problem is just that the other meta ADC's are better. Sivir, Cait and jhin are more picked because they havent had any nerfs lately. Miss Fortune is also a good choice.
: Ahri needs nerf
Ahri is actaully one of the most balanced mid lane champions. Almost her entire kit is based on skill shots, This makes her hard to play but still keeping alot of dmg. Ahri is one the perfect examples for High Risk-High Rewards. Ahri deffinetly does not need a nerf. The latest change to her charm was already a change to alot of ahri mains making her alittle weaker. There are also countless of counters to Ahri such as Yasuo or even zed. The Ahri v Zed matchup is one the biggest Skill matchups there is. Both champions can destroy the enemy champion. it all comes down to more mechanically player. (Ahri main speaking btw :D) {{champion:103}}
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: "Swain the immortal champ"-troubles of my gold 2 mate.
Uhhm, Pants are dragon does not main swain.. He just plays him alot toplane since he is so easy. "Pants are dragon" Mains junglers like elise and hecarim
: Why I dont hate dynamic queue
Your mistake here is that you confuse Dynamic que with the new champ select. Dynamic que is how te system puts you in a lobby with other people. And the new champ select only where you select your roles. The new champ select is amazing, There are few to none people that dont like it.
Mega Noob (EUNE)
: Thanks rito ! lol !
Already owned Riot kayle. I'm not really sure how i got it. I just someday picked up playing kayle and noticed i had the skin.
Rito PI0x (EUW)
: It seems like 2/3 honors per day aren't enough to maintain your Teamwork ribbon. I usually get atleast one or two friendly honor per game, thus I'm able to maintain my yellow ribbon for a year or so. In my eyes, Riot doesn't think you "deserve" this ribbon because the lack of honors you receive. To be honest, it's fairly easy to get honors, just act friendly and prevent becoming salty. Trust me, Riot will give you this ribbon if you really deserve it and you won't loose it.
Even tho i get your point. Riot does have to realise that getting Honored atleast once per game. Is an insane amount of honors and just doesnt become realistic. Since not everyone thinks of honoring others
: it's tied to a certain honor ratio. if you lost it, you're below the line. happened to me twice.
I've been getting atleast 2~3 teamwork honors a day. This might seem alot but its what happends. I dont think it gets be below the line
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi NEXTGEN2000, You only get a chest if: - You are playing a champion you have not earned a chest on yet - You have available chests - You earn an S- Rank or above **or** - Your **premade** earns an S- Rank or above Just someone in your team getting S is not enough, you need to be premade with them for it to count :-) If you're getting keys then it doesn't sound like your behaviourally restricted, so most likely one of the requirements above are not being met.
Then how come i got a 3chest while playing ahri in urf without any premades? Are you sure your system is working properly?
candoodle (EUW)
: no i believe that is platbay99's club
Sunnysplosion created it and gbay99 joined it. He sad it in one of his road to diamond video's
: Honoring a player.
Maybe this migh be just in my case,But i get honored alot. If i play around 10games a day i will get an honor in atleast 2 of them. I also started seeing more players that have a crest of honor (me included). Even though i do believe that players are honoring less. It does give a good feeling when you do finally get honored or when you finally get a crest of honor.
Strex167 (EUNE)
: Riot,please fix your ranking sistem(s ranks)
Your Cs is way to low. for a 40 minute game.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi DitryNecro, You posted a scam link - whether trying to raise visibility or warn people, by posting it you're actually helping scam others, and people may accidentally click on it out of curiosity. As is mentioned in your deletion (which you have provided above), it specifically says: "Even when done by accident, or when trying to create awareness about them or warn for them, it's a dangerous thing to do and may result in some players actually clicking on them by accident or out of curiosity." In this case, it was entirely just - even if your intention is good, we cannot permit scam links to be posted on the boards for the reasons mentioned above. Edit: Also to clarify, all boards moderation is done by humans - mistakes and all. This was reviewed by a human, and for the reasons mentioned was removed with the notification you received.
Alright, This clearifies it. But when cases like this happend you should try to give diffrent reasons and not "Attempting to scam others" Be more direct and personal to the players and dont copy paste one standard message. This really improves your relationship with the community.
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theSeeker88 (EUNE)
: LOL Tournaments
This idea could work, but people will soon come across havning to leave the team because they have to go somewhere irl. Not everyone is always capable of playing 5~8 games in a row. Afk's would be a big problem.
: no but being able to move with it like lucian is. sorry if i missunderstod you.
Ye, I did not mean being capable of walking just the toggle effect
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: if you read the whole thing multiple times, you will understand that all he wants is to be able to not cancel her ultimate by mistake. such as walking. So, the OP proposes MF ultimate to have a toggle, similar to how Lucian has on his R, which allows the character to forcefully stop their active skill or not. Other similar stuff would be: Lissandra's E, Anivia's R, Anivia Q, Sol's Q, etc. Tbh, the suggestion is not game changing, it would make people not cancel her ult by mistake. Then again, players also get used to not click walking when using MF ult after 30 games or so. As far as I'm concerned, I don't think its a bad idea. Nor do I think its a great idea.
Exactly what i mean. thanks for clearification
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: It's not Lucian
I have to agree, The black cleaver and yomuu's is a pretty redicilous build. I Happend to have tried it this morning. We played against a full tank poppy and my ult aloe almost one shotted her. I took 85% of her hp with my ult alone. The build path was {{item:3142}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3072}}
Minstrel (EUNE)
: I'm inclined to suggest it isn't because of the honor crest, but rather the bonus IP weekend :3
The constant game invites started the day i got my crest (last wednesday)
: Hey DitryNecro, As of right now there is not a way to dissable game invites. The best thing you can do is go to settings in the client and put a check in 'Suppress All Notification Popups'. This will make it so that if you are looking at the client and someone invites you, it'll just update the number on the notifications tab, but you'll still get the invite, and your client will still change to orange on your task bar. Also don't quote me on this, but I _think_ I read somewhere that they were gonna add this feature in the new client. I'm not sure, and I don't remember where I read it. So as of now, you'll have to do with the notifications being suppressed. Hope you can use it for something :)
Thanks for the advice, This really helped me out on tha problem.
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Well that explains everything. Gold is pretty close to Platinum. Sometimes, you get matched with players who have a slightly better ELO than you. Beacause your friend is Gold, the system matches you as if you where Gold and Platinum is slightly better then Gold. So it's normal that you sometimes gets Platinum players. It might be unfair, but as I said: Level 25-30 is the hell and pretty difficult ^^;
But does it also have effect on when i play solo?
: You play solo or with friends? If you enter with premaders then thats the reason. If you go solo your just unlucky cause you defently got premaders in your team that are rank(probably high elo) with unrank(less than 30). So you would normaly play wwith lv 22-lv30 players but under these conditions you will play with and against "premaders" that got rank players. From side of "mmr" its balanced but as experiance its not at all. (you may face a plat midlaner who gonna dominate you or a lv10 midlaner that gonna be really easy for you.) If for example i enter with a leven 10 player as preamder i will probably get match up with unrank or silver players. Normaly i will get with and angainst gold-plat (at normal games always).
it happends when i play solo. when i pay with my friends i expect to play against high elo's
Rismosch (EUW)
: As far as I know, the system tries to match you with people, that have simmelar ELO than your friends, when you aren't level 30 yet. You might have some high ELO players in your friendlist. PS: For me was level 25-30 the hell aswell :P
the highest ranked friend in my list is gold III.
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