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PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Low elo? Don't even bother picking a pure support. You're gonna be at the mercy of what your adc does. If he plays as bad as it can be expected in half of the games, you'll get to do nothing. That's why mages are so prevalent as supports in this low elo meta (while pro matches have indeed REAL supports): because you're trying to get MORE impact in the game out of a role that otherwise, played with one of the champions absolutely designed for it, would leave you useless. And with the new gold restrictions due to the supp items? Even more than ever. Support is LOWEST impact role, in the lowest impact lane. You can play real good and make it worth it, sure. The point is, with the same skill or effort, in any other lane, you're gonna have a lot more impact and climb better.
That's absolute not true, if you are a good support you will impact the game no matter how trash your adc is. As Soraka maybe you can't do much till laning phase ends but after that you can focus on 3 other players.
: Climbing as support
Here is a list of things you shouldn't be able to do or know when you want to climb with EVERY role. -Map awarness -positioning especially as support/adc -master your champion -Vision and how to ward -to know which matchups are dangerous for you and which are good (experience) -play a strong champion (Leona, Blitzcrank, Nautilus, Soraka) -know how to trade -know when to roam -be aware of ganks so you can ping them for your adc I got several accounts on silver as support (probably would be gold or higher if they wouldn't be banned :,) haha) if you have any questions feel free to add my account "Soraka is Waifu"
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NaG4zaK1 (EUW)
: Aphelios
I don't like to say that but sometimes i get quadra kills in teamfights with Aphelios and i have no idea what combo i used to get that{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Garen is really weak... he’s worse than litterally all the other juggernauts. Seriously 49% win rate for an easy champion that’s hard to mess up on do you really think that’s a strong champion? > Why not just make her self healing work when allys are nearby? You mean like similar to the support item changes they did to stop it being used in the solo lane, a change that was universally hated by support players and sevrely messed them up... yeah bad idea forcing a support to hug an ally all game to be at all useful is more harmful than the nerfs riot are doing
Soraka would be still usefull and a support is meant to support his mates so a support walking around solo isn't useful anyways. She heals a lot and her E is really strong if you can predict where the enemy is gonna use his combos. Especially if Diana pulls them together. The Q of Soraka is mostly usefull in the laning phase after that it's not that strong anymore since you mostly focus on supporting your mates instead of trying to poke because you don't deal that much damage. I use it often just to heal me up from the heals if possible but a good enemy team will focus you as soon you get in the range to Q so to change it won't kill her, she just won't be used as solo laner and the problem would be solved.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: That's a really seldom happening scenario though, and definitely not the reason for this post. Of course the game doesn't take into account you doing something else when you're not supposed to. The way it functions now afaik is to not start games with even more afk players than already happens. If you don't misuse it on a regular basis(i.e. just miss it because you're simply not attentive) you very likely won't get punished.
Well, that's a good argument :)
Sefiroz (EUW)
: What's so difficult about being attentive to one thing though?
Well some people have a real life and when someone knocks at your door you don't scream "sorry i have to pick Sett" and let this person wait, or do you? What's so difficult about changing something small?
: Prestige Zyra
Eww Zyra mains{{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
Gashru1 (EUW)
: Trust me even 1vs9 champ can't carry the brain deads on your team. I was spamming illaoi on the alt and i was still losing game's where i was doing 50-60k damage while my team m8's where hitting 20k. You ask them don't feed the ranged champs early and its an easy win, 10 mins and they've already died 5 times. I'm finding it impossible to climb out of gold, yet i ended last D3 with 56% win rate, and the last 3 seasons.
Haha this is so true. Sometimes you have such bad enemys but your own team is even worse and have like 0 impact in the game. But it's just not possible to carry some games.
Player 00 (EUW)
: This is BS. It really takes all the joy out of playing the game, and I am other ways completely fine with the state the game is currently in, call me crazy, but the matchmaking is really the only thing that frustrates me to hell and back, apart from maybe the autofill option which screws with me 24/7.
If the system is forcing you to have a 50% wr and you still manage to get like 70%+ they system already messed up really hard then. A player that has a 70%+ wr in bronze isn't a bronze player and shouldn't get ranked there then. The whole ranking and match making system sucks like the way it is right now.
Player 00 (EUW)
: Matchmaking for Solo Q is complete joke
I agree. But i just want to add something to your text. If you have a 65% wr, you should get teamed with people that are lets say between 60-70% wr. But you also should have a enemy team around this wr. What i mostly see in my own matches (i had a 70-90% wr till this bs that you explained happened to me) when i track the match i see this: Blue team 45% wr (my team), red team 75% (enemy team). I mean how the actually %%% is that a fair match? I really don't mind losing a game, you can't win 100% of your games no matter what or no matter how god like you play. But why is this match making supposed to get me in such a team back to back to back to back and turn around the 9 in my 90% to a 6? It's really stupid and i don't understand it. I mean there are so many players playing this game, you can't tell me you can't find 4 other people in the same rank with a similar wr like me? Maybe it would be hard if someone has a 90-100% wr or 10% wr. But i also see always the same players in the lobby for some reason. EUW feels like there are 200 players that play against each other all the time which is also kinda funny. I play Soraka support btw and sorry Riot but i can't carry a team full of apes that can't even listen to simple stuff like "play around drake it's gonna spawn in 1 minute", or "guys stay safe elder is spawning soon if we lose it we will lose the game". As the creator of this post said, people have a to big ego, and what makes me laugh is they call each other bad but are playing in the same elo for over 4 seasons.
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: show me where can i get 1 dollar accounts, stop talking pointless trash
These 1 dollar accounts are trash dude, they mostly have banns and punishments on them that's why they cost 1 dollar. They also need 20 minute to get into the game
: Lol why would somebody bother with reporting anything ? .... Have you seen for how much you can actualy buy lvl 30 account ? for as little as $1. Its ananoying not even their new epic so cool kernel anti cheat will not catch bots farming up accounts to lvl 30. I never tried to buy an account but some of my friends did... and quess what they get banned for something 10 minutes later they running back in ranked placements for just $1. As annoying as it can be there is nothing that can be done with Afkers/Trolls ... Trolls are annoying as hell even if you mute them you still getting headache just by watching them play ... and afkers there are 2 types of afkers - the leaver ( just leaves the game) / and the troll afker ( walking around your base saying nothing will happen to him cause he rly isnt afk) .. As hard as it seems to be there is only one thing to do against this --- > Play an OP meta pick so even if you missing a guy or got somebody trolling if you catch couple kills turn it around even in 4x6.
10 minutes? Bruh i have friends buying accounts all the time. One of them has bought a account for 45 dollar and has skins on it worth over 1000 dollars and nothing ever happened in 1 year. Ofc your accounts get banned or are trash when you buy them from trash pages like mmoga or other stupid stuff.

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