CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dividedby0error,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UzptAaMA,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-17T19:48:54.795+0000) > > Yeah, this is bullshit and you know it. You just need to be right for some crazy reason. > > As if anyone will believe that the avrg. amount of toxity in a game with champ select flaming is the same as in games without. That makes no sense at all The flaming is inevitable, if a team is losing there's gonna be flame, if the team is winning and somehow makes a major throw, then again, there's gonna be flame. It is beyond Riot's control to moderate the in-game behaviour, you have now the option to disable both allied and enemy chat. Be my guest and use that feature.
Which still isn't the point. You think the amount of flame in a game with champ select flaming will be equal to the flaming in games with no champ select flaming ON AVRG? Even if every loss will have flame at some point, this is still 50% better than the games where champ select is already full of flame. Because those games will be flame fests in almost 100% of cases. I'm already using that feature, doesn't change the fact that games where 3 %%%%ing people are already at each others throat before the game will be unplayable in almost 100% of cases. Not because I have to read it but because they are spending like 80% of game time flaming each other instead of playing
: > Whoever flames in champ select will be a nice guy in game, so there is no reason to dodge? no. people flame wherever they please. the feature you want riot to introduce will solve exactly nothing. all it will do is make quques a tad longer due to a few dodges here and there
Yeah, this is bullshit and you know it. You just need to be right for some crazy reason. As if anyone will believe that the avrg. amount of toxity in a game with champ select flaming is the same as in games without. That makes no sense at all. Saying, there are games with flame even without flaming in champ select, so the avrg. amount has to be the same has no base at all.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Well, Riot cannot allocate resources to develop a feature for a single individual, you have to bring in a solid argument other than your personal prefferences.
So you think games with a lot of flame will be of the same quality than games without flaming and so players should not be allowed to dodge early flaming? Interesting
: most flamers i've met are vocal in the actual game, not in champion select. there are exceptions sure. but the vast majority don't bother
So? What's your point? Whoever flames in champ select will be a nice guy in game, so there is no reason to dodge?
: The game became unbearable to play.
: what difference does it make if they flame in the lobby or in the game?
In the lobby I can dodge and don't have to suffer through the game with them? Of course being able to leave the game would also be nice, but that's unlikely to happen
Tusk (EUNE)
: Testing champions in ranked games.
Yeah so Wildturtle on his 7th account will probably be so bad at playing ADC after getting 6 accounts to Challanger
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Dividedby0error,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=P75rBYaZ,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-09-15T21:35:18.770+0000) > > He told him to uninstall the game and called him the worst jungler euw, afterwards he asked for reports. Where is this not flaming in your book? This is typical in most lol games...i saw far worse and people still got away with it...just saying
Other people flame worse really is no excuse to say this is not flaming
PurgeRQ (EUW)
: What? Are? You? On? About? rules he made up? Did he blame his ban on others? no he said his team was inting which if true can it really be called being toxic man?
His reasons are as ridiculous as your use of question marks
: Win 2 loose 10 in a row its all well balanced!
Are you Diamond or higher? Otherwise watch the Iron to Diamond or Bronze to Diamond Series by JaySea on youtube and you will see how much more you could carry games even with really bad teammates below Diamond. In Iron to Silver he basically wins every game with less than 2 intentional feeders or afks while playing a random champion voted by his viewers every game. Bad players actually trying basically never mattered, as he carried anyway no matter how bad they did
: Thanks a lot. Only person in these replies that isn't being passively toxic lmao, this community is really doing its reputation a favor lol
Yeah and that's why you are banned. You made up some rules for yourself, and now everyone telling you those selfmade rules were wrong is evil. Maybe, just maybe, the rules you made up really were wrong and you should have instead followed the real rules. But of course your ban is everyones fault but yours
: this is exactly what is wrong with this community. READ. When did I say it was not FLAME. I asked if this was PERMA ban worthy, which it really isn't. It was flaming, however i never made any racial remarks, inted, or any other sorts of offensive language. Even streamers tell people to uninstall or do other sorts of things but do they get perma baned? NO.
Then you don't know how the system works (which maybe is the problem with this community). The severity of punishment is based on your previous punishments. If you had a 14-day ban before, EVERYTHING is perma ban worthy if it breaks the rules. Which makes the only relevant questions: Is this breaking any rules? (Yes) And what's your punishment history? (You didn't tell, but seeing that you got perma banned, it's probably not clean)
Markoman43 (EUNE)
: Flaming Explosion
You can disable the chat, now solve the afk/rage int problem and the game might even become playable
: Perma Ban
I bet this wasn't your first punishment ever?
: Well sorry to hear about that By the text you provided i dont see you being toxic/flaming somebody and if the info about game score is correct, its not about inting either. The only bad thing(kinda) is blaming other players(in your case jax)...it happened in the past people got banned becuse of that But i will let you know that riot ban system is automatic, so i recommend you to send a ticket to riot support and let the real human review your case Wish you the best of luck
He told him to uninstall the game and called him the worst jungler euw, afterwards he asked for reports. Where is this not flaming in your book?
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: Newbie tutorial
How about: Don't %%%%ing rage quit? Don't be a %%%%ing %%%%? Would be way more important than telling people which champion is allowed where. I'd be happy with someone only not knowing the game but at least trying not to lose
: +65 HP at Level 1
Your posts make me hate the fact that you can't block people on boards
: this guy on boards...
Probably still better than most guys here
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Because Riot dont ban them... Would be enough if after 5-7 leaves during a week (that is a huge amount) someone would be actually warned/banned!
They only ban flamers, and then they act like rage quitting is soooo hard to find and they need like at least 1000 games of evidence to ban someone for it because it could have been 999 crashes before....but he had low priority queue once, so they tried
: if diamond smurfs are 0/15/2 top lane bad , they are not even iron , and btw why they lost their other acc !?!! oh maybe inting ?! flame !? ban ?! diamond smurf , what a joke
Yeah why would you put a Diamond Smurf in a Gold Game at lvl 30?
Rioter Comments
: Why do people get so toxic over a video game?
: > [{quoted}](name=Dividedby0error,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=E2e6uMQw,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-09-08T18:11:39.847+0000) > > Every game without teammates sounds great after playing Lol, why not lean Magic with MTG Arena? Why are you advicing an ACTUAL Pay to Win game to this poor guy...? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
You could also be good instead of paying, Pay2Win on Arena is just bad player excuse for losing
: > [{quoted}](name=Conphucius,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=FF8vHIsd,comment-id=00010000000000000000000100000000,timestamp=2019-08-04T10:15:44.165+0000) > > opened the ticket, the Rioter immediatly gave the excuse of 'its private chat i dont know what was said as i dont have access to those chats'. when i mentioned that i had sent a screenshot with the ticket, the excuse immediatly changed to 'its private chat, you could have left any time you wanted, i have to agree with the other guy, nothing will be done sorry...' That doesn't sound like a rioter to me and I've made a good amount of tickets to know that **they never inform you on whether they will punish someone or not** ... please provide screenshots of that ticket :)
The reason is they never punish, that's why they don't inform you. The whole "privacy" stuff is just an excuse, hoping you don't notice that no action is taken
: the real complaint here is bans are too harsh for the crime which is "verbal abuse" rioter-san ;) not that toxics shouldn't be punished at all, tho i do admit this punishing system needs a complete overhaul so it actually get more nasty people punished and less frustrated ones punished.....
Imho the guys starting the losing spiral of flame can't be punished hard enough. The moment one dude tilts, the game is lost, so that one needs to be removed asap
wQApril (EUW)
: Why ban toxic players
Yeah good luck muting the rage quitting afk, this will make him play
: Recommending a new game?
Every game without teammates sounds great after playing Lol, why not lean Magic with MTG Arena?
ryandub (EUW)
: Most unfair week I have ever experienced
So you first got super lucky and then super unlucky..ok
: The usual issue is ' hey dont feed my lane ' its nice when the lanes help the junglers, I mean we aint pro here we cant gank level 3 but we can help when we are near, and we dont 'steal' farm.
Actually trying to play the game is already more than I hope for by now. Not just from jungle but from every random in my games
: What are some champions that you think are "unfair"?
Whoever rage quits in my team. Everything is beatable but the 0/10 rage quit player, way more unfair than any champ
: Is it just me or my team?
: I have a suggestion
Yeah, so just report everyone that is ranked lower than you and enjoy getting carried. Sounds like a great plan and no way to abuse this
Haze97 (EUW)
: I actually come across junglers who think it isn't their job to gank or take objectives.
So they play the game and don't feed intentionally? Sounds like the top 10%
Surma (EUNE)
: When everyone is saying that game is in it's worse state...
The game is fine, the players are bullshit and always were bullshit
: Restrict premades vs randoms
Surprise, when the whole community is toxic, games end up being toxic
: Not giving the blue buff to the midlaner should be a reportable offense
How about taking jungle camps as a laner is an instant ban? Maybe kill stealing? If you did less than 10% of the damage but got the kill you get banned
Unlucky Kat (EUNE)
: Tips on climbing?
A good psychologist
: The Most Hated Role?
: the problem is what is troll? and what is a bad players?
It's Lol, in doubt ban. Everyone is toxic anyway. But yeah I'm sure all the afk dancing players are just bad and haven't figured out how to move
: Let's not forget that the type of punishment is dependent on the quantity or specific rules broken. People don't get 10 game restrictions for being racist or saying death threats, they get permabanned.
That's what Riot claims, I've been tracking such a player and he has never been banned after wishing death and cancer on multiple players.
: Lets remove 14 days ban for toxic
The problem is the inability to find toxic behaviour besides flaming. You can troll the living hell out of others and will probaly never be punished
: I so hate how this games behaviour is handled
Next day, next asshole. This time an Olaf either suiciding or being afk while flaming the whole game, building nothing but Warmogs...great fun -.-
: I did not say 1 offensive word and i get 14 day????
True, you did not say one offensive word, you said a lot of offensive words
: Matchmaking
Level really doesn't matter.
: Community is disgusting
The whole system is build in a way that it protect the initial offenders and only punishes those who snap from their toxic behaviour. Of course that's how such a game ends up
: How permanent ban works?
The system is kinda easy, they basically only punish the ones snapping not the initial offenders, if you play with the goal of tilting others you are usually quit well protected by the system
: Can someone explain me how promos matchmaking work?
you, player, player, player, player -> loss player, player, player, player, player -> win
Haze97 (EUW)
: You shouldn't be getting downvoted for this. Trolls like her are definitely a problem and deserve every bit of flame for being pieces of shit who ruin games.
But Riot perfectly protects them, don't say something bad and you are almost sure to walk away. Just don't die 20+ times and make sure to move around a bit. Say something bad and you risk being banned. Say it on boards and you can be 100% sure to be punished within minutes. And be 100% sure that the white knights on board will justify it because "oh yeah, you should just report her and not tilt, so you need to be banned"
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