DeejayF (EUW)
: Because even in gold people don't quite understand that my champ much like a kayle wants to scale up and usually what happens is either A 2-3 lanes win and we win before I get to my Item/level spike OR we all lose, team tilts/blames each other etc and want to ff at 15/20. is this reason enough to want an early lead so I can I don't know CARRY?
But that's like asking why you can't win super early on Kayle. If your problem is that you don't get to scale, Azir is just the wrong pick. Better take champions with strong early
DeejayF (EUW)
: How does Azir win against Yasuo?
Why do you need an early lead on Azir? Your lategame is crazy
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: About surrender
Give us free leave when someone is afk and you can remove surrender for all I care
: "because people are stupid"
That's why they are usually downvoted
Mélódy (EUW)
: Well, first of all thank you for your comment. 1: I posted it on the "champions and gameplay" board. So no reason to take it off then. 2: It had a "score" of 0... is that when threads get taken down? Or did riot want to prevent me from criticizing them? (insert Illuminati song thingy here) {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
Seems highly unlikely, first you get a message if your post is closed by a mod, second mods super rarely even close threads. Even pure rage, whine threads usually get downvoted instead of straight out closed
Mélódy (EUW)
: Boards Post. Read this
You probably posted it on the wrong board. That's almost always the reason when threads just get closed. Otherwise you might have been downvoted so much, that the thread isn't visible anymore. In which case you probably need to ask yourself why you were downvoted that much
Rioter Comments
strikeUdown (EUNE)
: But why do you think so many people are quitting league? When someone keeps loosing their games cause he is playing it legit by himself it makes them not want to play the game and plus they do start being toxic. I myself know how it works the best considering that ive had multiple high elo acounts the highest one being masters where ive lost so many games because people kept trolling. And half of the times if not more the trolls dont get punished and you do. And you are completely incorrect when it comes to causing people to pamper their stats, cause no one would go into a game thinking oh wait i might lose the game lets get kills so i lose less lp, no it doesnt work that way they will try their best to win the game and actually get the lp. As i said my idea has flaws but you should think about adding something similar. Trust me people might start playing this game more then. If this gets added or not is not really important to me considering that i dont really play this game much, but people would like you guys more if you actually took care of the trolls and punished the good players less.
Because playing with randoms sucks balls?
strikeUdown (EUNE)
: Let me explain it one more time. For an example you are playing on top lane. You are playing as riven or something and you have an amazing kda your lane is completely pushed you've been doing amazing and suddenly you lose because your team decided to int. What i meant by kda and other stuff is for something to calculate everything you did that game, kills, damage, farm, tower damage, towers destroyed etc. So if the calculation says that you did good that game you shouldn't be punished as much as the ones that did an awful job. Again i said that my idea has flaws it can be something else not the kda, it can be anything riot decides but i think that my idea about lp is okay, because someone that inted, but won the game because of their team shouldn't be rewarded as much as the ones that did good are and someone that did good and lost the game cause of the team shouldn't be punished as much as the others did for loosing the game.
But shouldn't you also be punished for losing that lead you had? Maybe your jungler set you up, maybe mid and bot played passiv to help you carry your advantage but you messed it up even though you were in perfect carry position.
: Losing points with afks?
People are also complaining about the fake moon landing, refugees and NASA hiding that earth is flat. Complaining people doesn't mean they are right
HoR RooneR (EUNE)
: Nerf YI Pls
He is just there to destroy Iron/Bronze and Arams, he sucks where people are actually skilled (and in Silver)
strikeUdown (EUNE)
: My idea about the ranked lp gain and loss
Without even reading: LP based on KDA/some other stats?
: is 3 LP penalty sufficient for dodging?
For ranked it's fine, can't expect people to play when draft is already showing your team will be toxic as hell. For Aram I think dodge penalty should be A LOT bigger
PONGpung (EUW)
: lp loose because afk players
Yeah..I can't see how that could be abused...
Rioter Comments
SixthKill (EUW)
: About getting permabanned
: I hate people who say "gg ez" in chat too, just like I hate people who dump litter on the ground less than 5m away from a bin. That doesn't mean the people who say "gg ez" should get perma-banned, just like the people who litter should get lifetime imprisonment sentences.
Sorry but this is aiming to be the worst comparison ever. First: Being banned from a game is not at all comparable with imprisonment, which prevents also activities not related to where you offended. Second: littering and "gg easy"(or every other toxity) are not comparable. Littering is being a lazy %%%%, while being toxic needs to actually take extra effort to be a %%%%. A better comparison would be getting permanently forbidden from using a privately owned playground for throwing your litter into somebodies face. You can still use other playgrounds(games), and you didn't just drop your litter, you want out of your way to be a bigger %%%%. And in that way better comparison, getting banned on first or perhaps second offense is way closer to an appropriate reaction, while the giant amount of leeway you have to be a %%%% in Lol until you even receive a small punishment is waaaay too much.
: "gg easy" is not toxic, u are mental?
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dividedby0error,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gKGpAFBL,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2019-03-19T20:28:59.002+0000) > > I couldn't care less You care enough to rant on the boards.
Because that's the place where you can flame those %%%%tards, in game they are free to do whatever the %%%% they want
: Greetings. Obviously this behavior was not cool. Dodging that game is definitely understandable. It's really debateable to what extend you were "punished"... Cause waiting 5 Minutes probably won't kill you. I can understand that you feel like you came out short here, of course it sucks. ---- But I'd like you to actually think about this problem! **How would you avoid such a situation if you were in charge of the game?** Would you allow dodging under any circumstances? Would you allow dodging only if people troll? Then how exactly do you define trolling? And how do you build a system to differenciate?
Is a way to report such players even after a dodge such a crazy idea?
: > It's not like there is any way to fight all the trolls and assholes anyway. Then why bother? You're not making things any better, if anything you're giving Riot more of a reason to underestimate the boards and people who actually care. And i doubt you "venting on the boards" makes yo feel any better when your posts gets downvoted to oblivion.
Oh I actually want to get downvoted. Here I can get into a fight with some of the guys that get away with everything ingame. Just keep downvoting me, it's actually what I want. The amount of assholes in this game is so high, nothing good would come out of Riot listening to the community anyway
: smart of you to not flame in game i guess, not that it's an achievement. Hoever gl getting heard on the boards with that attitude. Not that far fetched that Riot decided to release the "Rant" joke of a boards section because of people like you.
I don't want to get heard, I've lost any hope in this community anyway. I just want to vent in a way that won't get my ingame account banned. It's not like there is any way to fight all the trolls and assholes anyway. I also don't care for the closing the boards...would just be another proof that they don't have the balls to actually solve the real problem by increasing punishment amount and frequency until something changes
: > I couldn't care less Not that i would, it's your loss afterall. I'm being kind enough to give you advice after the fact that you basically insulted everyone on the boards by telling us to go fk ourselves. Anyway don't come crying on the boards one day after exploding on your teammates calling the chat, calling it unjust because again as i said: > Just because one is being rude to you doesn't give you the right to be rude back tho with your attitude and mentality it's basically guaranteed to happen eventually.
That's why I'm playing for more than 7 seasons without even a warning, I just flame on boards..who cares how many accounts I get banned here? Why would I be dumb enough to give you all the achievement of getting me banned with your flaming and trolling?
: you got it wrong. Just because one is being rude to you doesn't give you the right to be rude back, that's not how life works. Him saying "Flame on boards where no one cares anyway" is a bs statement and shows negative and rude behaviour, whether one came from a bad series of games or not doesn't matter. Are the actions of the players who troll/ afk in games justified? Never, but neither is him calling people assholes.
I will call flamers and ragequitters assholes as long as I want, report me if you like, I couldn't care less
: just remove aram , arurf and everything thats not ranked
Than remove ranked as well and the game is finally fixed
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Dividedby0error,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=G4mmFuHf,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-03-18T08:04:27.959+0000) > > You obviously have no clue about thrashtalking. Step 1: It doesn't work with strangers. End I don't get triggered enough to make a boards post about someone typing ez gg on a lv10 account. Smh
So? I hate such douchbags and just constructing excuses why you think it's fine to be a %%%% doesn't change that
iv2b (EUW)
: Trundle's pillar reveals Neeko
Actually Pillar deals 1 damage internally to trigger in combat effects
: How to win in High Silver?
Knowing your champions mechanics well (only playing a few champions) + Makro play (mostly minion wave control) is usually a good enough to have a solid advantage in silver. Looking at your games, you seem to often struggle when playing Cassio or lane overall, also your CS at the end of most laning games only looks mediocre so if you are usually ahead in CS a lot early you maybe forget to keep farming well when laning ends. I also wouldn't only compare with your lane opponent but against the game time. Otherwise a mediocre farming might look good just because the other laner was just worse. Might be a good idea to put some more work into Cassio before bringing her to ranked again, if you want to keep playing her. Also note that I don't have the time to actually watch all your games so I'm just looking at the stats. I like the content from Jay Sea for learning makro play. He has 2 video serieses, where he starts in Iron while playing champions he has no clue on how to play them and still wins almost purely on makro play. In his first series he ended the season in high Diamond that way and in the new series he currently is 22:0 that way (no clue how high he climbed so far, probably not silver yet). He is also quite good at explaining the necessary steps for wave manipulation etc.
Lari (EUNE)
: Can you nerf Vayne now?
Maybe attacking back is a good plan at level 1 instead of standing there for more than 4 seconds so she can auto you three times. Also I'd like to see the champion that loses 50% of health to 180 physical damage + 50 true damage, even Heimer as the champ with the worst combination of armor and health at level 1 would only take 201 damage aka 41% of his health, and he has by far the worst base stats in the game. Alistar (a way more likely target) would only take 31% if he for some reason decides to let Vayne attack him, forgot to buy any items and neither took armor nor health in his runes. With a realistic start of Relicshield, +6 armor +15 Health from runes, he would take ~26%
: But letting the enemy team know that the match took barely any effort to win is so fun. I mean typing ez gg is just a form of trashtalk. This game and its community are so sensitive to words. Mute all or just disable all chat if you get triggered so easily. How do you expect a game to ban people for saying ez gg it's not even in the dictionary XD. {{item:3151}}
You obviously have no clue about thrashtalking. Step 1: It doesn't work with strangers. End
: > [{quoted}](name=Vistha Kai,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=G4mmFuHf,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-03-17T19:07:11.313+0000) > > It's not "this community" as much as "product of the current socio-political environment". > > I, for one, don't give a flying phuck about what people write in the chat, but then I've been playing games for over a decade and the current snowflake approach to everything remotely negative didn't really start until like 3 or 4 years ago. Yeah been playing games for ages too it's super sad that people like this guy get mad over trashtalking in a game. He wouldn't of lasted a day playing old school COD xD I've played league for about over 2 years and this is my third season. I've had my fair share of chat restrictions and one two week ban at one point. But in none of those games i've said anything worthy or a permanent ban. But this guy wants permanent bans on 4 letters. It's so sad. Smh
Perhaps it's finally time for your permaban
Magneset (EUW)
: Maybe you are just a tad bit too sensitive, if you want perma bans for something as harmless as that lol. Just turn all chat off.
Doesn't help in post game lobby, all chat has never been turned on.
Mártir (EUW)
: Yes, "Skill" is important... But Champ Select, and Decision Making, also.
actually macro play is way more important than some fast fingers, so it's what I would call skill anyway
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: I have a better solution: Remove chat entirely. Nobody needs it anyway. /s
An "I don't want to communicate at all"-checkbox would be great, yes. Removes eveything but pings, including post game lobby chat and emotes
: So can you be reported for any word that may possibly start a flame war? From my understanding you can report people for "Hate Speech"(! this is different from flaming!) when they use the R-Word. Would you make the same argument you just made also for the N-Word?
So you would want a shoutcaster to be banned if he calles his black friend, who is clearly fine with it "my %%%%%%" on stream? Because context doesn't matter?
: Why can Aranea say the R word on LEC stream, while players get banned for it?
Context? If you use it ingame, you start a dumb flamewar almost every time most likely losing the team and your intention is just that, blame and insult a teammate. In this context he is obviously talking about why Selfmades pathing is unpredicatble, obviously not trying to insult or enrage anyone
Rioter Comments
: Nerf kayle p
Actually she is rather weak. Just figure out how to end game instead of durdling around until everyone has 6 items and level 18. When her rework came out, she had like 3 strong days, afterwards everyone figured out how bad her laning is and her winrate is dropping like crazy ever since (53% -> 48% on top, 51% -> 44% mid) She is so useless until level 11, just abuse her and put her team so far behind for playing 4v5 for the whole early game.
: Why am i getting less LP ?
Because your MMR is lower than the avrg. MMR in gold 3
Terra (EUNE)
: when will you stop getting champion capsules?
never? level up only gives BE or Champion Shards
nekidako (EUW)
: New queue for a better LOL
So you have 2 queues, one with 3 guys hoping for 7 more players to come online so they can play and the toxic queue with everyone else? Sounds like actually banning the non-flamers
: Again I didn’t start anything I didn’t flame Anyone who is bad or feeed I only tell the one who feeeds and blame me for it because I can’t not stay in the bush of their lane all the time
That's the whole point. The goal of the game is not to do anything bannable, no matter how toxic the other players are. It's all about getting others banned while not being banned yourself. You lost that game
Finecko (EUNE)
: In what elo are you? I'd understand that in Diamond and above, but below that every game is winnable even in a 4v5 situation, if your team mates decide to focus. You get more xp and with some successful ganks/plays even gold. Then if you group as 4 and your team is ahead, you can ace the enemy team and get objectives. Did you watch the game?
I don't play ranked anymore, played my last ranked game somewhere in 2016 and in silver but never cared to rank up. Way too toxic. Just want to play fun games, not fight against 4v5 odds hoping the other team messes up enough for a random win.
Grjóni G (EUNE)
: got banned for being positive and winning a game with my team
Calling for reports can also get you banned. Really way too harsh ban here, but this is most likely the reason
: My Permanently Banned Account
Not being the most toxic player n the game really isn't an achievement
Finecko (EUNE)
: What do you do when you play a 4v5? Do you tryhard or give up? +Poll
Just wanna leave them, feels like such a waste of time. Even if you end up winning, I'd rather start a new game than turling for ages hoping to steal 4v5 win. Usually when your team holds you hostage in such a game, it's even more frustrating when you fight against the odds, get close to turning it around just to lose anyway and get nothing for trying
: So you report someone for saying "gg easy" at the end of a match? What if someone uses the "easy e-z" emote at the end of a match? Or hell, there are tons of emotes that can be used to mock and ridicule your opponents. Do you report people for using them?
I wish I could report more than once for those easy bastards
Lozrael (EUW)
: Stop putting me with 3-4 premades that will pat each others back, no matter how bad they are.
So you basically want a free for all flame fest instead of your victim getting help when you flame them? ok
: Got flamed got banned
So you lost. Don't you get that all the game is about is, to provoke someone into reacting to your flame in a way that they get banned?
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