: report calling is punishable.
it shouldnt be though when the player is actually breaking the summoners code and you just want to make sure your teammembers remember to report him so he gets punished before they click out of the lobby. the automatic system is flawed in this type of behaviour and should be looked after by employees instead in my opinion
Perilum (EUW)
: Use the ingame reporting function. The system will decide. Not you and not everyone else. It's none of your business.
the system is heavily flawed unless you agree that telling an inting midlaner to stop inting should be punished with a 10game chat restriction AND loss of ALL honor progress
Viavarian (EUW)
: No, of course not. That kind of chatlog will never get you a chat restriction, nor should it.
you should think that. my words "please report tf for troll and inting" when our midlaner was inting led to a 10match chat restriction and honor lvl 1 just before the rewards. the automatic system is flawed and when you submit a ticket riot basicly tell you to piss off and that they dont care about their players...


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