Encrux (EUW)
: We're not in Kindergarten. It doesn't matter who started the discussion. If you act like a jerk, you get treated accordingly. Nobody has to accept being verbally abused. So why not just treat anyone else the way you'd like to be treated? Oh, and Happy Birthday! cheers, Encrux
You ARE a kindergarden! I don´t care if I get punished for doing the right thing. How could I care being punished by you guys who allow people to insult themselves and harass each other like that without even filtering insults? Yeah I tolerate a lot of abuse and mute a lot too, but in fact I think that older people are here to teach younger people what their behaviour can lead to. So I think I just did exactly what needed to be done. In contrary to RIOT company. And I would do it again, no matter what RIOT does to me. It´s not like they have supersmart and wise judges sitting around there and createing a game and punsihing people. No they have money interests. This is a kindergarden of BA students creating this hell of a game to amke money. Nothing more, nothing less.
Rompanruoja (EUNE)
: You didn't teach them any lesson though =D What you did was fall in to their level and get punished for it.
believe me, I teached them a lesson of shock therapy. I´m still on my level and holding my head up high. Discussing how their harassment can lead to amok (like you just see more and more happening) surely is doing the right thing as an adult. They are not the "innocent" kids. They are clearly sitting there and harassing, mobbing, insulting each other like cowards. Until one of them loses it and goes throughthe city with daddys gun. You guys create a culture of sadness and hate and there is nothing good in the games I see but rage, banter and insults (not always towards me but in general). Be ashamed of yourself and playing a product of RIOT who don´t even try to filter the insults.
: /mute all
yeah I did that for a while, but the last 48 hours I ve been reading what they write, reported them to clean the community....and nothing happens. "Bastard" or "idiot" are no lightweight insults than can be tolerated, but these are neither filtered nor lead to the people get punished. I just can repeat myself. As an adult I feed that sometimes it´s better to teach kids a lesson they will remember, than sit quiet and tolerate this RIOT culture of abuse. I believe they will think twice now before harassing other players and I believe I did the right thing - in contrary to this god damn RIOT company. A little shock therapy surely will help them. I piss on my bann, even on permabans like most people do. But I won´t comeback - in contrary to these harassers and ragers who open new accounts.
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Irrsinn (EUW)
: >a stupid AI who can´t judge who is guilty You did Yes I remember. You got your 25 games restriction for quite a bit more than nothing and were told so by multiple people, including mods. You chose to ignore what everybody said and instead opted to go into full conspiracy theory mode. Your punishment was adequate and still is. The only one irresponsible is you. Don't expect others to ignore your behaviour because you would prefer it that way. If your case had been judged by persons instead of an AI the outcome would have been the same.
"quite a bit more than nothing" is what nono of the support guys could explain to me, inculding you guys here in forum. Now you can calli it "quite a bit more than nothing" so it looks as if your system is working. In fact I was harassed and insulted for multiple games without anything happenening to the people I reported. And guess what: It happened again...after multiple games of being called a bastard, idiot etc. I teached the group of "innocent" LoL players a lesson for another 14 day ban. Yeah! And I dont regret a thing. You allow them to insult players like the online world is not real. You are the root of the evil. You are the reason for a RIOT. For doing nothing and not even filtering words like "bastard" or "idiot". Telling people to mute others while playing with your filter on doesnt even fiulter such harsh insults. You should get what you deserve at RIOT. And I hope you will be targeted by the right people. You certainly don´t make this world a better playce. And trying to turn this game into "Esports" is hilarious. You allow kids insulting and harassing each other this way and you do it by free will. Don´t tell me setting up the filter is that hard and including new words to filter takes 4 years to do. This topics are around here for a while and you willingly WANT that people insult each other. As high emotions bind the kids to your product. Extreme emotions bring adrenaline. And your so called "experts" (none of them is or they wouldn´t work for your comapny" work on new ways to make money out of kids. Ther is NOTHING good in the way you designed your product as a platform to harass each other.
Irrsinn (EUW)
: Yes, clearly all these people here in the player behaviour section are innocent. Not. Also caught you! Seems fine.
you are not innocent with your passive-agressive attack right here. Nobody said that "these people in the player behaviour section are innocent" but you. Producing such sentences leads nowhere. You have no idea what I´ve been through while playing this game. This RIOT "tribunal" is one of the main reasons I even started feeding. They do not bad people with nice proof of breaking the rules. Nothing makes sense and support is desperately trying to find reasons. Yeah it caught me in a game full of harassment and insults when I said "you guys got me down, I´m sad and demotivated" - this is when i got a 25 chat restriction without insulting anybody but being the victim. This nonsene IS cancerous and irresponsible..
crazy luffy (EUNE)
: Nice democracy riot team
can´t repeat this enough. Stop caring about this game and this company. They are not fair and they don´t care. I reported several cases and they don´t do anything even though I had nice proof.
Mikâsâ (EUW)
: Tribunal
"Tribunal" as it is now is a stupid AI who can´t judge who is guilty - it´s one of the main sources of cancer in LoL
candoodle (EUW)
: I just afk'd from a free ARAM win
yeah, they gave me 25 game chat ban for telling players who insult me that I´m too sad from all the harassment and don´t feel good and can´t play on after they harassmed me and pinged me. Riot and their product is cancer - they focus on sales and new silly products to sell, but the basic work - improve the catastrophic game seems to not be in focus at all!
: You are so hatefull >.>. This will be my last reply
Seriously don´t care about him opening a new account as I know that LoL is full of such people. I´m loving not hateful, and because of that I ask him why he is even holding on to a game that doesn´t make him a better person and showing him (by the ban) that it doesn´t want him in the community.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
don´t forget I´m talking about the 1 or 2 times I got very serious calls. It might confuse players when you run around map or stand in your lane but don´t act as you are normally. Imagine you come to gank a lane that is afk. Jungle dies alone in example. Or you just die to your opponent and feed them. So if it is necessary it´s probably better to go to base and "play safe"
: He just want to find his friend. What is so wrong in that? He will make a new account anyways.
must have been a great friendship they didn´t exchange other contacts and he forgot his name.
Raistlin (EUNE)
: Happy Positive Community, Rainbows ,Empathy, Happiness, Forgiveness, Joy, Joy, Love :)
Of course. LoL Standards. Funniest for me was a guy standing in midlane and chatting while he was attacked and I decided that I probably need to defend him because he is maybe in danger. Aftr using up all my spells and skills and him still standing around he died and I had to move to tower (I was supporter and below lvl 10 as far as I remember). The moment he died he chat "Supporter why no help?" and all the team started flaming me. Maybe it doesn´t sound as funny as it was for me, but that´s the one I remember.
Raistlin (EUNE)
: "stupid flamers and trolls every game fuck this game Im done stupid noob game only toxic people here" all them feely feels, League of Legends is becoming quite a feely place, you either feel being fcked xD or you are the one doing the fcking, forgive my words, but its true
the abusers reported all their victims, RIOT banned the victims and what is left are the abusers you mentioned.
Evanitis (EUNE)
: Silliest comparison of ever. I have zero clue what you are trying to say. So I'll just reply to the thread title. xD Pings are more efficient. It's done faster and easier to notice. And you see the pings of muted people too. Though I kinda' never mute people, so I know what tickboxes to tick in the post-match lobby. But I'd encourage muting if the flames bother someone. I counted -zero- cases when a flamer said something constructive in chat after the usual tantrum. And I counted that very accurately.
As we are talking about the marketing tool called "Esports" why would it be silly to compare these? Labeling it with a chunk of big fat words like "silliest comparison ever" is indeed a poor way to communicate. I´m not a fan of muting but I know most people and good players recommend muting as appriopriate reaction to deal with flamers and stuff. My examples are just situations I imagined. Compare the game to whatever sports you like, think about how things go compared to LoL and think for yourself if you would stay in such a club.
Raistlin (EUNE)
: on the phone, yeah right xD ,the engine picks it up, if you do no damage to anything, its as if your afk in the first place :) leaverbuster kicks in anyway
when I had urgent (I mean really seriously urgent) phone call 1 or 2 times unfortunately during games I was standing in base and clicking around to not ruin games or confuse teammates. So I´d bet this guy was on the phone ;)
: Aye, I understand what you mean. And to be fair, I don't most players think any further then "ugh, another frenchie, gg" when they see a single french word because it is easy to forget the bigger picture if you dont stop to think. Hell, I catch myself doing it too sometimes, and I know it's nonsense logically, but the human brain does like to find patterns and stick to them, and people speaking another language is a pattern that is hard to ignore.
yeah prejudice is something our brains are trapped into. Unfortunately we can´t process enough information to not use prejudice. But being aware that prejudice is not the ultimate truth but just a shortcut is essential. But the chatting intensity became so regular for french and spanish I catched myself thinking "omg please not again" before the game even started and I saw them chat in spanish or french ;)
: He's not trying to make another stupid thread about why he should be unbanned, why he was banned but rather he just has an honest question and is open about his banned account but without going into stupidly much detail. People make mistakes and I guess he just made a bad one, doesnt make him a bad person.
nobody was talking about him being a bad person. You just need to understand that he was banned for a reason and not all games are made for all kinds of people. If this game doesn´t bring the best in him, why go back? Sometimes it´s hard to make broken things work again and better to move on to find happyness.
: I disagree. You'll meet plenty of nonchatting french and spanish players, but you will never know they are french or spanish _because they do not chat_. So you cannot say anything about what part of french or spanish players chat a lot, because you do not have access to the correct data. You only have your own experience, and that is too limited for the point you are trying to make.
yeah but you will also meet plenty of germans or dutch and you don´t even know it because most of them dont chat in their languages or don´t chat at all. Chatting in english is good etiquette. And chatting not so much, so the team can communicate ingame information is good for winnings. I´m not trying to say that french or spanish ALL do that. I´m trying to explain (from my point of view and game experience) why he came across such a statement. In games I saw i came across pretty many french and spanish nonstop chatters. And that probably is the reason that guy said "gg it's lost, french..:" or "omg french"
: Pointless threads and clogging up to the boards.
There´s plenty of other repetetive threads like asking "why am I banned" and "how to report this and that". But ok if you think crying over bans is not spam, while other topics are - it´s what you think. Doesn´t need to be right though. No idea where this thread is even leading. Crying over a particular topic...well...fine!
: > [{quoted}](name=Djhrum,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Ul6zBEo0,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2016-07-13T21:41:43.029+0000) > > what exactly is "just spam" at which point? Your answer right here says nothing much and it is what spam rather looks like. > > When people tell the reasons for leaving LoL is how RIOT can maybe improve (sic!) the product. So this sort of posts are very valuable for the game development. They are all for the same exact reason aka they are just spam at this point, Riot knows these reasons and tries their best at fixing them, so they are not valuable posts at this point.
There´s plenty of other repetetive threads like asking "why am I banned" and "how to report this and that". But ok if you think crying over bans is not spam, while other topics are - it´s what you think. Doesn´t need to be right though. You shouldn´t speak for RIOT and what they know about reasons. Why would you even blow up so much and feel entitled to speak for RIOT?
: French
i never said it but I was thinking similar french and spanish chat nonstop in games. Very very many of them dont play as much as they chat. And for those who know how important it is to be on the mouse and aware of the map, and action and nonstop...well...those people know that playing with this kind of nonstop-chatters (who don´t even care if you understand them) are games that are hard to win. Because they don´t look at the screen as much as at what they talk.
: You can try to track your match history if you have played with him. Maybe you can even directly send a ticket and ask for it. Shouldn't be hard for them to give you the friendlist.
funny how people are helpful to a banned account trying to come back with a new account
: It's just spam at this point though.
what exactly is "just spam" at which point? Your answer right here says nothing much and it is what spam rather looks like. When people tell the reasons for leaving LoL is how RIOT can maybe improve (sic!) the product. So this sort of posts are very valuable for the game development.
: You can report him for afk. Just add a description and say exactly what you just wrote here, or something like "he is being idle, walking around doing nothing".
he might have been on the phone. But you should go with this one and write what exactly he was doing while "afk". I have no idea if this is right...my feeling just tells me it is to report it that way.
Xêm (EUW)
: Please stop with this
the community boards are for all the community whatever it is thinking (hopefully). Discussing reasons for leaving the game should not be a big drama. Why would you even suffer about people discussing their stuff?
: Or you could just ignore them and report them after the game...
yep you could try more of the same too..it´s an option to try the same over and over again expecting different results...if you like...try it!
: Account sharing is perma bannable, so u can get banned if u say something like that in chat ^_^
nothing happened to these people but I got a 14 day ban for my first time ever feedfestival. At least that seems to work. My frustration with RIOT product and their reporting system was successfully recognized. Congratulations ;)
derpystin (EUW)
: what do you mean?
I mean you are right. You don´t need to spend your time in a room with people threating you like that. Why would you stay in a game where that happens regulary. There´s so many different games with nicer people.
Tikekk (EUNE)
: I got banned from league of legends and I have some questions
being permabanned means you are not desired in this community. Why would you open a new account? Accept that you can´t handle some things they expect from you and look for a different game. They banned you because they don´t want you here. Hope you understand.
derpystin (EUW)
: end of my main acc
you did the right thing. let these players "win" - let them alone in this game. The normal people should leave or get banned. There´s many nice things to do in life and LoL and its toxic community ain´t exactly one of them
: feeders
why suffer so much. Uninstall this and stop exposing yourself to such people. You won´t change this people. There´s many sick people in the world and you don´t have to be in the same room with them. Change the room and you find other communiteis and people. Maybe LoL means too much to you. It´s just a pretty avarage game paying a lot for marketing and making it all seem more special than it ever could be.
: how does a company gets seen by law as a person? i didnt say germany accepted it, i say that riot can play a trick on u
In Germany it´s harder to play tricks on people as they are defended by protective laws. That´s one of the reasons why now US wants TTiP (new agreement), so they can manipulate europeans easier. Watch this movie "The Corporation" to understand how some of the things work. US movie which won many prices and has nothing to do with "conspiracy" theories. I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa3wyaEe9vE
DeoFac (EUW)
: wow..... i guess people like you have bigger issues than being flamed in a game...
i doubt you have any competence to deal with human psychology and execute your online attacks on "sensitive" people
: if u accept a agreement that says you will be punished if u do bad things in the game and if one of those punishments is getting banned then riot is protected and you are on your own. u can have your money back bt not the mmr, wins, record, or anything else u used to have so the joke still on u. and riot can easily talk to the people who's games you affected and try to prove that ur Cyberbullying affected them in a bad way considering you a minor danger to the general population of league of legends. therefor i believe that germany isnt pro-cyberbullying so there isnt much the lawyers can do, u might even end up paying some sort of indemnity to the players.
RIOT is nothing but a company trying to mak money on a market that is regulated by laws. It´s not like they can put up agreements and all these agreements you accept are compatible to the law system of your country. All I say is: In Germany the agreement is not accepted by the law system from what I heard. So you can win against a ban (from what I heard). A company is acting in law as a person. You are acting as a person too. So it´s just 1 vs 1 and when a trickster tries to manipulate you into signing a horrible contract and you agree - his actions remain malicious (in the law system that protects you from signing malicious contracts). Such bad contracts which you signed are declared as not existant in Germany (to protect the customer). Many repetitions, but hopefull now explained well.
DeoFac (EUW)
: and whats this "damage" you are talking about ? are you that sensitive that a swearword from a stranger is going to damage your mental stability ? but ok....if we continue your dream of banning every "flamer" for flaming......they will creat a new account. and they will be pissed as hell because they lost all their skins, runes and champions..... do you think that he will say....ok this time iam peacefull......or do you think that he will be even easier trigger?
why would you handle "sensitive" as if it was something bad? Some people are more sensitive than others. You not being sensitive doesn´t make you a better person. Just a differend type of person. If you think sensitive people have no right to play this game or exist, there might be something weird going on in your thinking. So maybe all the sensitive people should uninstall LoL, and let you be less sensitive all alone.
DeoFac (EUW)
: People are getting dumbed down by Riot....
right, i brought topics on this problems and they attacked me like mad while I was trying to bring up aspects of media and soial psychology showing how their system is doing bad to the players. I completely agree and I don´t accept to be pushed around by these guys defending the current reporting system so I decided to leave this game. It´ s just a pretty avarage game after all and there´s many other choices. It´s also an american company, they have a different culture and control is something that reminds of Russia or China but in the last decade coming from America stronger. More control! More of the same medicine to change things. Yep. Right...try it with Trumpets! They think that controlling who they think is "bad" makes things better. While they don´t see how it makes things worse. Give it up like me maybe and eventually uninstall this product
GLurch (EUW)
: Everyone here except 1 person (not including you) tried to help him and told him to ask Riot,since there is nothing we can do.Don't say something is 100% happening like this,before it happens.
problems to accept my advice to this guy? Open up yourself and accept other opinions. By the way it´s far more than just 1 person on all of these kind of topics. Been there, saw what happens to all people bringing up such topics.
: you accepted agreements whyle playing the game :D
I´m not a lawyer and personally I don´t care. But I know whe have very strong customer rights protection in Germany. I heard other people telling how they got their money back after RIOT banned them, and I believe what I read back then. "Bad apple" agreements are not accepted by the german law system. If you try to trick people with hilarious "small text" backdoor traps, the German Law Systems protects the customers even when they agreed - especially when it was on the internet
: You cant prove it, if you dont have a recording or a screenshot...
seems you can´t even prove it when the player says in chat that he is elo-boosting others for money, switches the account and tells you to wait, adds you and plays with you you can´t also ban someone for saying "a friend was playing for me last night" winning 20 games of 21 with ultra-professioanl stats, while normally they lost 13 of 20 not even knowing game basic knowledge seen the above, reported the above and nothing happened
MrZandeR (EUW)
: where'd i report a elo booster
a new "friend" of mine was a newbie. She was complaining about falling deeper and deeper into bronze and not being able with her better elo friends. One night (at deepest NIGHT!) she didn´t answer and I was wondering what was going on. So I watch her play and couln´t believe what I saw 27/2/17. And that for 20 games in a row - what a boost of skill and talent. Next day I asked and she admit her account was "a friend of mine was playing", "if you report me for elo-boosting i will .... you". I reported that new "friend" for elo-boosting about 2 or 3 times with copy pasted chat to support. Result: NONE, absolutely NONE
: they dont have to give u justification for it. no one gives a damn if u invested money, and dont pretend that "there is no reason"
in Germany customer laws are different. You can go to a lawyer if you are in the mood. They aren´t allowed to have so much power over you as a customer who paid for a product and you get at least a refund and stuff.
derpystin (EUW)
: why not?
because it´s not good to write in caps on the internet and to the other statement: you won´t be able to change this nonsense here. Leave it like me. These guys won´t change. You get banned for trying to make nice games and getting frustrated with the hilarious number of trolls (who often team up on TS just to abuse other people while you even dont know they are teamed up). They report you successfully when they are finished with you. You can´t do many nice games here with this players/community you find here.
derpystin (EUW)
Why do you make a title in caps? I understand your problem. I left this nonsense behind me and uninstalled LoL. Why do you keep doing this to yourself when you could do many other much nicer things?!
: Elo-Boosters
a new "friend" of mine was a newbie. She was complaining about falling deeper and deeper into bronze and not being able with her better elo friends. One night (at deepest NIGHT!) she didn´t answer and I was wondering what was going on. So I watch her play and couln´t believe what I saw 27/2/17. And that for 20 games in a row - what a boost of skill and talent. Next day I asked and she admit her account was "a friend of mine was playing", "if you report me for elo-boosting i will .... you". I reported that new "friend" for elo-boosting about 2 or 3 times with copy pasted chat to support. Result: NONE, absolutely NONE
: I was warned. I didn't believe it.
The faster you realize the better for you. If you suffer and try to help or educate this people, ask why they do that - you get banned by RIOT as the community will report you. Let them insult each other and behave like they lost their brain...the faster you do, the better for you! Don´t listen to others telling you to find buddies and play as a team. There is not many buddies here to find. And don´t ever listen to them when they tell you it´s your fault. Much verrrry weird people here!
Âtöme (EUW)
: Permanent Ban for no reason
Avoid the angry online mob and don ´t ask such questions to incompetent people here. The angry mob just wants to see you hanging as they probably had a bad day and/or love their own bad prejudice. They want to see you hanging. It´s like medieval times with internet.
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: Dude whats wrong with you, just because someone threatened to afk, you aren't helping by inting. Yes some people will go 6/10, but at least they are trying. mute the kayle and play on/
absolutely nothing is wrong with me. it´s not "just because threatend to afk" (no man, he did feed and went afk, not "just" threatend it). It´s because nonsense happenes in every Bronze ranked game. You need to compare it to 5 vs 5 football matches. Imagine you have a football education, you are fit and you try to win games and you are part of a team like: 1 player doesn´t understand which goal is ours. When you explain him he gets raging and threats to report you, and you know the report system is hilarious, so you stop telling teammates like that where our goal is - and he keeps shooting at our own goal, even insulting you when you take the ball from him and run on the other teams goal. Possibility of a personality disorder, so you better mute him and just try to play around him, never to pass the ball to him. 2 players both forgot their shoes, and one is blaming the other of who had to bring the shoes, one of them leaves the football pitch, while the other is trying to help you, but without shoes he just isn´t as good as a football player can be and frustrated keeps saying "I will troll this game". After some minutes of helping, and intentionally shooting the ball out to the wheat fields next to the field, he leaves the field telling he wants you to "chill, it was all just for fun and his friend left only because his mum doesn´t allow him to play football after 5 p.m." 1 player is 90% blind and you knew it from the start, but as you are a nice person and tolerate diversity you have absolutely nothing against him being in the team. Dude left the football pitch and is farming the wheat fields nearby. When you ask him why he doesn´t join the team he says "shut up", and sometimes you hear him asking "why no help". He forgot where the game is happening or that he was supposed to be with the team, orhe just doesn´t see theres a game going on. Poor blind dude is farming until the game is all over. And the last player is you. You go carry these games. Try to win and don´t get frustrated. In some games 3 players are on the field and you win. But the main question is: how long do you tolerate this while the referee is keeping giving you yellow cards. Ain´t it "idiocy" if you keep doing the same over and over and expect different results? How often can you hold back the frustration of being part of this kind of team? After a lot of games it is completely OK to go tired with accepting the people not understanding the game or constantly having fun breaking the rules. So I decided to do something different and feed for the first time in my life before uninstalling the client. Feels like a really good decision after 2 weeks now. And I enjoy the fact that I am gone and you are left with the rest of my team. You ask what is wrong with me, I tell you nothing. My acount is banned, while the original "I will troll this game"-feed/afk dude is still playing with you making other people rage. And the others flame each other still. And the only thing that is wrong with me is that I can´t stop laughing about LoL, the LoL community, the marketing circus of ESports and RIOT as a company running it all. "Ain´ t nobody got time for that"
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