: I'm a supp main i can play janna morg lulu leona and ali
: I'm fine for whatever role i usually have it in this priority order top -> jung -> mid -> adc -> sup (not that i dislike playing sup, i just dislike soloq adc's :D)
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: Looking for a ranked duo buddy
i am not sure if i am good enough, cos i dont play bot lane. i play mid lane mostly feel free to add me
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: Need a Lux partner for mission (EUW)
lux main here, with boarder and icon, can help you if you need?
: How does Borders work?
you need to buy the boarder and icon and the skin than it works, i have it for lux
Fathands (EUW)
: No. But it's common knowlegde that a permaban is never lifted.
: 1000th win with a Rioter?
lol i have like 2500 wins and nothing
fug (EUW)
: Can't get Honor capsules?
didnt get any capsules as well..just keys all the way and i am lvl 4 already
Paladiyum (EUW)
: priceless honor capsule
lvl 4 now...just got keys all the way...gege
: Yasuo gone??
yeah is totally right...riot games will remove him
: Star Guardians ( Non Ranked )
sign me in, even though i love my elemetary skin alot (lux main mid)
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: I yes I will. But the two people who responded first think I'm trolling with this. I can't discuss this in a public forum, it's always the same. thks anyways.
: Friend with tourette syndrome curses without control. Gets permabanned 15 times.
this is a question for the support, not the boards. and he should ask it himself, with prove i guess
: Wich champions should i master and roles to escape silver elo.
master yasou, gets banned a lot master darius, gets banned a lot master lee, gets banned a lot master cait, gets banned a lot master thresh, gets banned a lot up to you what champ you like to play. you can escape every elo with every champ
Viavarian (EUW)
: The honors are meant for good behavior. If you don't communicate at all, you can't expect to get many honors. Some people will honor anyway if you showed good teamwork or straight out carried, but that's about it.
like i say, i dont get honors much, no matter i carrie the match, no matter if i call shot or ping. people dont honor. the reason why is, most think why should i honor somebody if dont get honors back?
: Does anyone have Lv3 honor by now?
i dont get more that 1 or 2 honors, when i get honors. mostly, i dont get honors, no matter i carried or not, get camped at a lane and be quiet and just focus on the match. people just dont honor at all
: Enjoy new thornmail.
even with that, there is no way i can survive long enough as a ''tank'' i be the first who fall in team fight
karolmo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DonTGR,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=41kE10q9,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-07-11T19:42:43.391+0000) > > yep, was fighting a lee, he had no armor pen items. killed me in no time. > all 4 abilities he has, are physical damage. and 1 ability of him made 600 dmg. It hits based on your missing health%. Welcome to lee sin, knowing your opps abilities really helps. How much armor did you have at that point?
i had 250 armor (250 armor means 70% AD dmg reduction) and 3K health, all his abilitites are physical damage which means, the ignore armor
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Well we dont really have "so many champions that deal consistent true damage".
Doomley (EUW)
: 250 armor is not much and there aren't actually many champions with true damage and majority of them are top laners. Resistances are extremely useful and you can see their impact in the statistics under self-mitigated damage section.
yep, was fighting a lee, he had no armor pen items. killed me in no time. all 4 abilities he has, are physical damage. and 1 ability of him made 600 dmg.
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eX3nder (EUW)
: Unable to Login
JUST RESTART YOUR MODEM/ROUTER, i coudltn login either, so i read some comments and restart the damn thing. it worked for now, for some reason
Rexgrip (EUW)
: Banning Yasuo to stop enemy pick or your team pick?
here is the thing: me top tank, lane phase vs other champ ok. buy my items as armor and magic resistens. mid game i have around 200 armor and 150 MR and 3000HP. yasou enemy team, isnt fed or fed, dont matter, i am soft as butter.
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: im a plat main but cant carry in silver games
your account is unranked amd your lvl 27
ilkoMaika (EUNE)
: Can MB4 and MB5 be fixed soon pls?
i dont have any problems
: Not hard to miss when enemy is stunned.
lux main talking here (370K) if your aiming isnt the best by somehow, your skill shots are useless and you just feed lux has no escape nothing, just her Q if you miss it, your dead.
: when i go to profile and i c 368 so ..
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: how much do you play this game?
: 300k+ teemo . am i a main . i think so yes reason: cuz i enjoy him the most and play hm the most' kinda the whole discription of MAIN: main charakter in a anime the one everything is about, most screen time etc etc , i think you can call yourself a MAIN when u play something the most and while doing it having fun and climb elo . i do rotate in my pool. since teemo isnt meta and get crushed in many matchups. but when i pick him winning or losing , i have fun. B*tches like sticks.
> [{quoted}](name=20inchesUnbuffed,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eLrvoEFV,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-06-23T10:11:29.914+0000) > > 300k+ teemo . > you just 249,516 Points with Teemo dont lie XD but your a main teemo correct
: i forgo my email :/ and need help
Antenora (EUW)
: Top Lane: {{champion:122}} {{champion:23}} Jungle: {{champion:19}} Mid Lane: {{champion:1}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:99}} ADC: {{champion:236}} {{champion:21}} Support: {{champion:16}}
lux is not a noob champ, all her abilities are skill shots. by that if you miss them your dead
: As I said, we need 4 people, so we only have 1. And I won't tell his age because I don't want people to justice based on their age. Elo: around 1149. Tank I think.
why you are lvl 19? and looking for a team in bronze and silver?
: 4 teammates needed for serious team. Minimum rank: Bronze 1.
tell me more about the people you have already. like age, elo, role
Mada (EUW)
: You can consider yourself whatever you want to whenever you feel like it. You're the James Royce of your champion choice! But for anything that has to do with numbers, over 9000 is generally agreed to be a critical point.
ok, here are some numbers about me: lux 370K (mid lane) Xin 190K (top/jung, dont play him that much) Hecarim 148K (jung) Graves 105K (top/jung) so those or my above 100K under 100K Cho 83K (i dont play anymore) Trundle 81K (top) Kassadin 81K (mid) and everything els under 70K
Febos (EUW)
: I main Shaco even though I only have 100k. What you need to look at is how much mastery you have with that champion compared to the others. In my case, my 2nd highest mastery is 34k with Shen, whom I haven't played since season 6. I have x3 mastery with Shaco than I have with Shen. It doesn't matter how much mastery you have with the champion. Your "main" is the one that you always enjoy playing regardless of how strong/weak he is. Usually, you know the ins and outs of that champion too. For me, that champion is Shaco. *** In total, I have 850k mastery points in total. Shaco is 12% of that. Isn't that enough to grant me the title of "Shaco main"? ######I really don't care if you disagree though.
ok, here are some numbers about me: lux 370K (mid lane) Xin 190K (top/jung, dont play him that much) Hecarim 148K (jung) Graves 105K (top/jung) so those or my above 100K under 100K Cho 83K (i dont play anymore) Trundle 81K (top) Kassadin 81K (mid) and everything els under 70K so you see a have many high score champs, so thats what i ask, cos i dont have other number to compair if somebody say, i am main this or that
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Neonchan (EUW)
: Yeah, why doesn't everyone play hundreds of games per patch to figure out crazy unknown builds :D
: Sleeper OP champions and what causes them to awaken.
may i welcome you to the internet. where many people have no freaking qlue what they doing. because the miss creativety, game logic ect. they copy and paste everything they see, no matter its really sucky or not. as long they can copy and paste.
: No one in league can take constructive critsism
i totally agree with you, they see everything as a flame. you: hey jungler can you gank? Jungler: stop flaming!
Tawheed10 (EUW)
: Mid laners that can carry?
its not the champ that can carry, its the player that can carry. there is no use of a good champ, if you cant play him
: victor's emblem
i dont understand how much efford people put in a question while the awnser is one click away
Adama (EUW)
: So you willingly lose the game when someone flames you. If you read the rules btw, you will see that your behaviour is worthy of punishment too. I'm done here though, have fun with your attitude.
well you have good luck too, support the ragies and flamers toxic players. mayber you are yourself a person like that. do make sure that the toxic player you support, flames at the team. that literly takes the fun away from the match. not only that, words do hurt to people, which means, if you have a person with a weak personelity in your team. that person will have a melt down, and play even worse. so again, good luck helping the bad guiys, that dont care for anything but themselfs. good luck helping players, that are toxic and you aprove them good. that they can always be like how they want to. that they think its normal to rage and flame in every match. you just won a medal of helping people that should get banned
Adama (EUW)
: I'm not sure why people downvote me, what I am saying is what Riot would say too. I fully understand how you feel. But imagine your botlane dying and blaming you, the jungler. They say some really, really nasty stuff. You tell them ''K, I won't gank then.'' The rest of the game they get angrier and angrier and because you got angry too, you missed some gank oppertunities bot that could have brought your botlane back into the game. If you don't go there on purpose, you don't help them later in the game either, then YOU are the one throwing a potential win. I don't care how you think about that, it's the truth. Maybe your mid and top were nice guys and you took away the win from them by not helping because your feelings got hurt. You are in that way toxic as well. Go ahead and downvote me if you can't handle the truth. But I'll tell you, again, what you SHOULD do in such a situation. You must understand that there are many flamers and toxic people. You must understand that every game there is potentially going to be someone who will flame your or your team. For that, Riot has made the almighty MUTE button. You can even mute their pings now, so you can completely focus on the game and do your best. THAT is what you should do, or you are toxic too. Ask Riot and you will see that they agree. How do I know this? Because I asked this question to Riot Support many years ago.
there is nothing to imagine helping a losing lane that flames non stop at everybody! WHY SHOULD WE HELP BULLIES IN SCHOOL. WHY WE SHOULD BE FRIENDS WITH PEOPLE THAT DONT DO YOU ANY GOOD. WHY SHOULD HELP A JUNGLER A PLAYER THAT CANT SAY A NORMAL WORD, EVERY WORD COMING OUT OF HIS MOUTH IS INSULTING AND OFFANDING. dude, open your eyes man, i dont care if his lane is losing, or i could gank easy. why should i, if he never cares, and only flame, rage and insult! btw, i dont get angry, but i hate people like those who cant behaive themself at any times. why you get downvoted, because your the only one who thinks, help the flamers, ragers, and toxic players. so they they feel great and completed on who and what they are. you are serving them on a plate, to be toxic, flame at everybody and insult everybody, by helping them. you know what, i am gonna ask that question, and i dont believe riot games will say. duo the game, you need to help your team mates no matter if they insult everything, being toxic and flame non stop. because, insutling is against the term and rules!
: Since I explained the reason multiple times now, lets just agree to disagree on this. Have a nice weekend.
the reasons you give us, are yes play with ragers, flamers and toxic people. help the bullies at any time, but dont cry if the bully, bullies you. dont care for that person thatn can drag one team down becasue of his act. dont care for that one person who think he is the king of the world and disresect everything. way to go humpelstilzche. that not how comunitcation and teamplay works
: I just think you overestimate your influence on those people. For you it might feel like you are teaching them a lesson, but they don't see it that way. What you are doing is not what you are intending to do. You teach no one a lesson beause that's not how people will interpret the situation. I mean, would you? If some other player played really bad, would you think "Oh, I am sure he does this to punish me, I better overthing my own behavior.". Can you honestly say that you react this way? No? So why would anyone else?
if somebody played bad, i would help him and not flame at him that he is a noob a %%% %%%%%% or any other offending insulting words. that just dont do any good at all. you hear me? so again, i dont see a reason at all, to help players that cant be nice, that rage no matter what
: > so why support a player by helping him or her, if he cant say one damn nice thing to your team at all. Because I am not petty. Why would I limit my own gameplay options just because another player isn't nice to me? This would basically mean that my ego is more important than actually winning the game. I don't care what this random guy has to say about me and I certainly won't punish myself because of the things he said. I see no reason to grant him this much power over me. Gameplay and behavior are two different things. If someone misbehaves, I certainly don't support that and will make sure he gets punished (i.e. I report him). But I won't sabotage my own game by limiting my own options in the game, resulting in decisions that are strategically bad (for example not ganking a lane that is easy to gank) just because I want revenge. > my game is already ruined if we have a toxic, ignorant flaming, insulting player in the team. You shouldn't see it that "black & white". Sure, toxic players reduce your chance to win. But this chance is not 0%, it's still way above of that. But if you give up on those games, you are throwing away games that could be won, resulting in an overall lower winratio and therefore a lower rank. I am not sure how competetive you consider yourself, but just giving up games that are tough to win is the opposite of being competetive. It's quitter attitude. How do you expect to achieve anything if you give up every time things get hard? > why should i help somebody that thinks its ok, to rage and insult. Because it might be the best option from a strategical perspective.
this is not about the game, this is about players that cant handle themself, that cant be nice at all, that think they can get away with everything!. that think offending other players is good and the only way to cominucate. there is no point of view talking with you about this, because we dont share the same intrest of handling people that dont give a damn about others.
Adama (EUW)
: ''and not gonna help you at all'' potentially throwing the game? That's a very negative attitude. But yes, MUTE them is very smart. They won't have anything useful to say anyways.
so having a player that flames at everybody isnt the worse negative attitude? having a player that rages of every lil thing isnt the worsed negative attitude? why i should help a player like that? to give him what he wants, and he feels completet the way he plays or talk to his team? no way
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