: Ornn UIt damage is ridiculously busted
Brittle deals max hp damage so it's not the same for everybody. The ult is also slow and easy to dodge.
Krodam (EUW)
: Playing Draft, my role was jungler, but someone else trolls and goes jungle too what to do?
The only thing you can do is go mid and report him at the end of the game. Or you can try to fight with him in jungle but that will cost you the game. That is called trolling. You can indeed report him for that.
Voidner (EUNE)
: They lowered her scaling as well..
Because they added a passive that deals damage instead of that. She can't have same scalings + new passive
: i always knew garen was an asshole
Garen needs to protect his sister lux (who is a mage) hhhh Jarvan is the real problem hhh
íGengar (EUW)
: You mean the area whose champions are all goody goody but in reality it is an area of pure discrimination and persecution? Hell no.
hahaha I love the way you say it
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: Sylas
Not really. I understand him and Demacia really needs that revolution. They may look like the good guys living a perfect life. But they like a dictature where nobles and rules have all the powers while poor people suffer. They also have an organisation that search for mages to imprison them for a lifetime. So if you are born a mage there, you'll live in fear your whole life of being found out
: STOP nerfing Irelia
> but, what is not fair, is her passive's nerf - "No longer deals bonus damage to shields" I mean her passive is the only thing that keeps her viable on top lane to trade against bruisers and tanky enemies. Very few of them have shields... So saying that is was the **only** thing keeping her on top lane trades is kinda wrong.
niénn (EUW)
: What to do with the blue essence when you have all the champs?
There is an essence emporium twice a year. It's a shop that sells a lot of stuff like rare icons, the urf warwick skin, and chromas using BE. There was one not so long ago
Montri (EUNE)
: {{sticker:sg-lulu}} The premade dream ...
It's not, I just finished gathering a whole team today ! We had 1 member missing that we found. Now it's 5 premades on discord {{sticker:sg-jinx}} Pro tip : When you play with a good person (those rare ones), you should add them and talk to them to make a good bond instead of just focusing on the bad ones and letting the pearls escape.
Montri (EUNE)
: League of disappointment
You cannot change people's mentality, but you can avoid them. I would highly recommend making a separate post where you ask for people to add you and try to make a team. (a lot might not read this one because of the title) It's much more fun to play with people and laugh on voice chats instead of having random people be toxic to you. The games also feels deeper and more about strategy with premades since you all follow the same calls (baron, drake, roaming, etc) instead of having one teammates try to do baron while the jungler is farming on the other side of the map and the enemies are destroying your base. Worst case scenario, change the server. There are more people on EUW so you have more chances to find nice premades.
Dmitko (EUNE)
: Embrace the full Glory of Our Lord!
> -Be a nice and friendly person! Are you sure you're looking for teemo mains? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: What does counter Lux and Vel'Kroz in Bot lane?
From my experience : {{champion:51}} with her bigger range Or adcs with mobility like {{champion:81}} and {{champion:236}} to dodge their skillshots I would also say that {{champion:223}} is pretty good since he can let adc get rooted then eat him.
Cantual (EUW)
: Thanks a lot! Yeah, I noticed that. I'm trying to get the handle of it. Hopefully, I'll be able to speak a little bit faster on the next one. :)
Good luck with that {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Does riot think before making buffs?
No, they throw dices and roll random numbers XD
Cantual (EUW)
: "3" Tips/Steps to Improve - give it a try!
Great content. I love it ! The video seemed a little slow paced if you could make it a little bit faster?
: I can only agree to everything you said. You basically said what I thought but was too lazy to write out. xD
: The problem with the off-meta champions is that they have "strong" counters and if they fall behind they are very very bad.But yes if someone knows how to play an off-meta champion(or even an off-meta strategy ) and has a plan they are fine. Now what is meta and what is not is hard to explain .Ezreal is a champion who used to viable as midlaner (ap ) /jungle (he could abuse and use very well some items or mechanics over the jungle) and adc which is the most common way to play him.I have even seen ezreal support being viable (he has some poke damage) but fails against many match ups. Let's take a different example like {{champion:101}} or even {{champion:34}} ,i can add velkoz here but since the time play are playing him as support he is not really an offmeta support. Both of them can be very strong vs squishy support and crush you if they land their combo,they can disengage with their cc and have decent ap ratios for mid late game even with just 1 item. But what happens when they fall behind or when they have to face a very aggressive combo?They will lose hard that's why off-meta are **optional **picks ,you **don't blind pick them unless you are sure you can win or go even against any champion. ** The meta champions are these who can't get crushed in early game easily ,their kits allow them to keep being a threat even after a death .IN lower elo's it doesn't really matter ,players are doing so many mistakes which is why the idea "this is viable ,this is not " shouldn't exist.
> don't blind pick them unless you are sure you can win or go even against any champion. I second this !
: Opinions on Off Meta (Example: Ezreal Top)
Before talking about off-meta. How about we talk about the meta. The meta is basically what is popular right now, it can be because of recent buff a champion has received, or because a certain class has become popular, so if adc's get a buff and become popular, then what counters them will become popular too. So the fact that adcs are played bot is mainly because they have way more success in the bot lane (since they need someone else to protect them). And that goes for every champ. There was a time when the meta was Ezreal jungle in case you didn't know that. Another example would be when people decided to try mid lane mages as supports (like Brand), then they discovered that their poke potential is insane and it became meta. But that doesn't mean that a champion can't be played in that position, it just means that in general: * He will have more sucess in other lanes * Or that there are other champs that fits that role better so there is no reason to pick X champ in X lane if another champ will do everything better than him there In other worlds, meta doesn't mean that a champion can only be played in a specific role or that he can't succeed in other. if you know what you are doing with a champ, and why you picked him (picking a squishy with no mobility is a bad idea against high damage dealers with gap closers for example), you can easily destroy your enemies while being off-meta. So the fact that he had a ranged champ against a melee one, had poke and mobility to dodge your gap closers meant that you had no chance to win. You can call that a hard counter if you want. I just want to point out that being off-meta is different that having a troll pick, building AD veigar is trolling because that will compromise your chances of winning (his attack speed is bad, his ad is bad, all his spells scale with AP). So if you can play Karthus jungle and can clear camps fast enough while staying healthy and have good ganks with the right items/runes then you can do it without any problems. But if that just means that you'll be feeding and never gank, then it's trolling. I hope the explanation was clear enough.
: Usual garen build is something along the lines of black cleaver {{item:3071}} and {{item:3047}} /{{item:3111}} into tanky items like {{item:3742}} , {{item:3083}} , {{item:3075}} , {{item:3065}} and maybe a {{item:3026}} at some point towards late game. Sites like u.gg give you pretty good overviews of popular builds for all champs and also what the pros use. Use mobafire if you want some more in-depth guides. Here's the u.gg page for garen: https://u.gg/lol/champions/garen/build/
Exactly ! I'll add a few things to this : For Garen, I usually start with Trinity force {{item:3078}} instead of Back Cleaver {{item:3071}} if I'm confident that I'm stronger than my lane opponent. Sterak's gage {{item:3053}} is also a very strong option as a third item if you are winning the game. Add me ingame, I can help you with any question you have.
: Yes the OP didn't made the right post indeed ,it was about all garena servers(i think ) who got this change.
: Garena servers are massive .The vietnamese server alone is x1.5 the NA server your statistics are incorrect .Garena doesn't own only one server which is the once you mention.
The post title is saying Singapore and Garena as a whole. I'm just commenting on what is written
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: THat post is from Vietnam, but I didn't change it cuz it does not matter where it is from. CUZ İT İS DOABLE. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/8fpkcu/server_by_ranked_population/ Korea 2,249,606 Europe West 2,010,943 North America 1,232,157 Vietnam 1,164,877
Your post is saying Singapore and not Vietnam so...
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Singapore Server revert the IMPOSIBLE 1 BE Capsule BUG
> the server with one of the largest player's database So It is kind of lie to say that it is gonna take so much time to fix it. EUW : 3,137,653 Singapore : 124,840 It's actually one of the smallest regions in the world... Please, make sure to check the stats before giving false info. Reverting it on EUW is so much different from doing it on Singapore. Stats from op.gg . They are not 100% exact, but they give an idea on how big the difference is.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Reverting is difficult but not IMPOSSİBLE. With money people are paying to this company they can easly hire people to work on this case they have created manually. The time frame is known Their purchase history is known THe people got prestige points with that capsules so it is easy to determine who have abused the bug. They have reverted accounts before when there was some bugs etc in different regions. So probably there are mannny people abused this than you imagined. If you are okey with people stealing content, go for it. Have a happy defending the company who makes mistakes and does nothing to fix it properly. THey didn't even ask their costumers decision about this topic... We are not asking for perfect solution, we are not asking them to fix it immediatly now. What they do is not enough. We are talking about https://twitter.com/kyachmkae/status/1083528907121414145?s=20 this kind of abuse. I have never seen that much OE or skins on an account before. WHo cares about prestige skins now when they have tones of exclusive skins etc. + I think know having prestige skin is like sayin "YEah I am so dumbo for paying company who does not even try to fix their shit"
I'm not defending them, I'm just giving you the reality. I never said it's impossible, but it's not like people kept the capsules in their inventory... What you should know is that unlike the prestiges points or the aatrox skin, there are soo many possibilities with what you can do with the skins in the capsules. You can disenchant them, or reroll them with skins that they acquired legitimately, etc etc. That would require reverting thousands of transactions manually one by one... It will require huge amount of time and effort they better spend on making the game better. This is the most logical decision.
: Lissandra passive.
They changed her mana costs to compensate for that. They were higher than now.
Lariatas (EUNE)
: 1 BE ABUSERS won't get punished ?
They removed all the prestige points + aatrox skin for those who got them with BE. The capsules can't be reverted because it's too difficult. Also, they can't really punish them since people can just say "I didn't know it should cost RP, I thought it was a promotional event or something" So yes, they got tons of capsules and skins. But they can't get the prestige stuff
: Please RIOT make Kayn good again.
Master Yi is not broken at all. If you cc him, he is dead since he is very squishy. He also relies a lot on getting items so he needs to farm a lot and get kills. If he is behind, he is pretty much useless. So you need to counter him early instead of waiting for him to have 10 kill and watching him 1v5.
Hansiman (EUW)
: That's still picked up. You have to actively participate in the game.
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: If Leaverbuster detects afk behavior by itself what is the point of reporting afk behavior as well?
People can keep moving/dancing in base to not be detected by the leaverbuster.
: How to report
In the same menu you can use to report someone that had behavior in the game.
VeLooser (EUW)
: Can´t See my year in Review
Are you sure you choose the right server?
: new server idea to solve lag in africa
It has already been suggested many times and Riot have already talked about this. There isn't enough players to justify that for now.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Any legit source on that?
Look at my comment ;) But this was meant for old accounts, not new ones
: about my rank and mmr
> Issue: Returning Ranked players get a provisional rank of Iron IV after one game. This is due to a bug with the changes to placements. Returning Ranked players—that is, players who have ever had a rank—should be seeded based on their past rank/MMR. Answer: We’re planning to correct this in 9.1, so returning players who play placements after that will seed based on their MMR. Starting next week, players who completed their placements in 8.24 and ended up miscalibrated (e.g., Bronze rank but playing in Platinum or Diamond games—sorry Rush) can open a ticket with Riot Games Support and one of our agents will help make corrections. For players who don’t, that’s ok—the issue will correct itself during the season reset. Status: In Progress (Target 9.1) They opened that for the bug that made players who already had a rank from last season end in iron. Because players who already have a rank should get seeded based on MMR while new accounts get seeded in iron Source : [Dev Update by SapMagic](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/XqxKvJ4p-ranked-changes-update-known-issues-2)
: >This lets us start people in easier games, which should make a better experience for new players; it’s also why we can start new players at Iron 4 this coming season. This part is still going against what you are saying. While it does suggest that new players are being placed lower than before, it also says that they are basically not placed in low iron either, which is where pretty much every new player is placed at. Even pros with new accounts. So no, all new players are not placed in iron, and the system has errors when placing those new players.
> it’s also why we can start new players at Iron 4 this coming season. Please read it again, it basically says that new players start in iron 4 this coming season.
: As far as i know, there is no difference whether the account was new or not.
No, in the new system, all new accounts starts in iron. If a players is good (a smurf for example), he will gain use LP (50 or even more) to climb fast. Because in the old system, people started at silver, which made real new players suffer a lot then get demoted. > **It feels like new accounts are placed in mid-silver. I feel this contributes to a large scale gap within the silver tier. Will Riot change how accounts new to Ranked are placed into the system?** Yes, we are working on changing how new accounts land in Ranked. We have always seeded people in at the “average player” skill, because otherwise the meaning of a rank would slowly drift as new accounts entered the system (many of them smurfs). We’re working on detecting and moving players to their correct skill faster without causing that drift. This lets us start people in easier games, which should make a better experience for new players; it’s also why we can start new players at Iron 4 this coming season. These improvements will also help us reduce the amount of collateral damage a smurf inflicts before they get to their correct rating, so that should make match quality better for everyone. Here is the link : [Ask Riot Ranked Edition](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2018/10/ask-riot-ranked-edition/) They also said it more clearly somewhere else I can't remember.
GhPanda (EUW)
: Yoo bro :D thanks for the reply :333
Your always welcome !
GhPanda (EUW)
: Thresh Beginner
Hellooo Hellooo~~ A new sheriff is in the hood : in bunny fu fuu voice : Hey ! It's me again. It's really good that you played him, definitely one of the most fun supports to play and he have soo much outplay potential. Here are a few videos that covers all his tricks : * [5 Things Every Thresh Main Needs to Know](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Zh6gGt9ZY8) * [Thresh Techniques](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiTDPPf5ua0) * [5 Tricks You Must Know Before Playing Thresh in 2 Minutes](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2lPu0jzLfs) : Most of those except for point 2 were already mentioned in the first 2 videos * [A bunny fu fuu video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26KGaswBYdc) : I couldn't bring myself to not add it in the list hhh Have fun playing {{champion:412}} {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
JesRect (EUW)
: im not talking about tutorial macro plays takes pages not tutorail how come people dont know that baron worth more then cloud drake in gold and sivler XXXXXXXDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
To be honest, if someone is gold and don't know that baron is more important than a cloud drake, then it's the players problem not riot... This is outrageous lol....
: No, this is not intended. If it was, Riot wouldn't move the ranks to the same level with your mmr if you ask them to after your placements. If you have a plat mmr for example, but are placed in iron, you can ask riot to move your rank to your mmr and they will do it.
They did that to old accounts because they were a bug where even old accounts were placed in iron
: 8 of 8 ranked wins placed iron 1
All new accounts are now placed in iron. It's working as intended. Your MMR now is probably very high so you are gonna gain tons of LP and climb faster.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Maybe it will update. Yesterday when I checked it, I had 100 less games on Sona than today and the stats were also completely different.
Same happened to me I don't know why
: Year review and stats (amount of penta's)
It's not wrong, but the stats panel on the client shows the stats only from midseason (half of the season) While the yearly review have the stats of all the season. It just means that you had 3 pentas in the first half of the season. EDIT : The stats also only focus on some modes (normals and ranked) while the yearly review also uses ARAM and other stuff.
: You could compensate for that with shorting the recast time and maybe change the knockup into a slow and only knock up when you hit the third q. you could also have different animations time with ongoing q´s the animation takes longer and longer wich is forcing you going for cdr. he shouldnt perma cc you thats correct but the gameplay with him would just feel a lot smoother and not really weird. For me he feels like a robot wich takes a a bit until he is finished with one task before the next one comes.
First, don't forget that his Q sweet spots deals massive damage in aoe and heals him of 30% of the damage deals (his E passive). If you buy {{item:3812}} or {{item:3065}} , that heal becomes even bigger. > You could compensate for that with shorting the recast time Shortening the recast time wouldn't be a problem since he is just gonna spam his Q 3 times and perma cc you. So it won't be a proper nerf. > and maybe change the knockup into a slow He can move between the casts and have his E dashes, so the slow would be more than enough to guarantee all 3 hits too. So again, not a proper compensation. > you could also have different animations time with ongoing q´s the animation takes longer and longer wich is forcing you going for cdr He already starts with {{item:3142}} and {{item:3071}} which are both great items on him and give him a total of 30% cdr, so he is getting it regardless and you won't be forcing him to do anything actually. That would just buff him without any drawback. > For me he feels like a robot wich takes a a bit until he is finished with one task before the next one comes. He is in a corrupted body with a massive sword. And his slams the ground with it, so it's kinda normal that it takes some time. And you'll feel the pain and the impact of it.
JesRect (EUW)
: Can Riot please help players understand this complicated game?????
It's an e-sport. And just like any sport, you need to look for the info and practice to get better. If Riot were to make a tutorial to cover everything, it would take hours and days to watch and finish XD hhh
: What I hate most about playing in low ELO as a support
: Aatrox Late Game Scaling
If it becomes too fast, landing 1 Q will guarantee the others, as a bruiser, he isn't supposed to perma cc you very easily. Also, you don't have to use your Qs directly after each others, you have some time to reposition/auto attack.
Orxund (EUW)
: I will try again and see if it happens, if it does ill put replay here ;)
Okay great ! You can try on a custom game, it's faster since you can remove cooldowns, fast forward and tp anywhere you want.
Orxund (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Doom emissary,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PQYQhbsc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-13T16:29:29.343+0000) > > Red side gives slightly more exp than blue side. > But the Krugs (golems) are harder to do. And your enemy can do scuttle crab (the bug) as his second camp and deny you that lvl 3. > > Red buff gives you more damage so you can clear your camps quicker > > What do you mean by that? If you do RED/Golems/Bug you'll always get lvl 3. No I decided to go red side to start with with help from top, wen't to golems then bug and was stuck on level 2 still, thats the part I do not get.
Maybe it was stolen by enemy smite or something. Do you still have the replay? I can check it for you if you want. Because if that really happened, then it's a huge bug that needs to be fixed. Add me ingame and tell me which game it was in your match history
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: Program banning
That's why players can manually report others at the end of the game and there are real people to review those cases. The actual system is far from perfect, but changing it completely isn't the best solution
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