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: Before you could get to plat if you won all your 10 games. Can do it now? I don't think so.
Riot have never approved smurfs. The new player experience is better and they can climb higher as new players. Rules aren't tailored around smurfs.
: But it's deceptive. Since it's pretty much the same system as before. You just see your rank after 1st game. The only difference is that you won't be able to get as far in rank after 10 wins you could before. So basically Riot's marketing has had a big effect on you at least.
> But it's deceptive. Since it's pretty much the same system as before. You just see your rank after 1st game. That's not true, not losing LP and gaining massive amounts means you climb higher than before. > The only difference is that you won't be able to get as far in rank after 10 wins you could before. So basically Riot's marketing has had a big effect on you at least. Where did you get this information?
: There is high luck factor so you might lose 5 out of the 10 games even if you have played that 1 year or whatever. And if that happens you just gotta bite the bullet and climb from lower. You still learn new stuff all the time regardless how low you climb from.
Yes, but being a better player means more chances to win, that goes without saying. Especially since you don't lose LP in this new placement system.
: when is it a good idea to go into ranked?
Hey there ! Personally, I recommend playing a whole season (about 1 year) and getting a solid skill level before jumping into ranked. My point is, there is no point in playing ranked to end up in iron/bronze. Not that I shame those ranks or have a problem with them, it's just that you get no rewards in those and it takes an insanely big number of games to climb (due to how the LP system work and some random events like trolls/smurfs/etc). So starting in low bronze also means that you'll have to play much more and waste a lot of time to get out of it. Which is why I prefer to wait more until you get much better so you can start higher.
Intocabille (EUNE)
: TFT BRaum's problem
As far as I know, here is how it works : His shield blocks ALL incoming damage to him, so it doesn't matter where he is pointing it. It also only reduces damage he takes, it's not the same shield that blocks projectiles in normal league. So basically, it's just an ability that makes him super tanky so enemies waste more time on him (He blocks 80% of the damage he receive for 4s in his 2 star version which is very strong as a tank)
: chat in loading screen
It was delayed cause there are too many other things they need to do. They will do it eventually but it's not on their priority list. That's the last things they said.
BobT (EUW)
: Teamfight Tactics Mana Changes
> Make mages actually work like mages. Start at a FULL mana pool, and have it work down. Give them two spells, one that they'll use for main "attacks" with a small mana cost, and one that they'll use on a cooldown, with a larger mana cost, ofc nerf the damage to compensate. I'd imagine Ahri using her orb as her main spell, and her Foxfire as her secondary (this would make her a "Mobile" mage, as she should be). You're basically describing an other game and not an auto chess. The whole point is to have your units attack faster so they cast faster. Champions are balanced around their attack speed, their starting mana (some can cast from the start) and their max mana (how much needed to cast their spell). Having champions with multiple spells and that can cast many in a row is broken and against the principle of the game. "Mages" is just a class, just a name you should see it as the same as a knight or any other class. And not as a mage in league or in an mmorpg. TFT is a game where every champion wants to cast his spell. In order to do that he/she needs to attack faster. > Having EVERYONE work on the fury based system, just means everyone wants attack speed, and will always all go for the bow. Again, that's how it's supposed to be. That item is very contested which is why it's important to be low hp so you can grab it first in the carousel. It's all about decision making. Or you can go for {{item:3161}} which helps them easily get their mana without attack speed. > Also the Zeke's herald change is daft, how can you guarantee the placement of your champs left or right, when the AI is moving them around? Just like Locket, Zeke gives attack speed at the start of the round. It's not in real time. > Fine for Locket though, it was a bit silly putting a tank in the middle of your dudes, rather than at the front. Locket was too strong, especially for those who stacked many and they were able to give the shield for all your team. You know get to choose : Shield the frontline or shield the backline. Unless you want to put everyone in 1 line which might not be very good as you stated.
licky dog (EUW)
: I got chat banned, is my account doomed
Yes, your account is in a bad state now. Next penalties will keep climbing to 14d ban and then permanent ban. BUT, I wouldn't call it doomed. As long as you don't break the rules, nothing will happen to you. They even added the option to disable ally chat to make it easier for you if you feel that you can't control yourself.
RK Nazgul (EUW)
: How do I smart cast and show indicators when needed?
Go to your hotkeys And assign something like "Shift+Q" in quick cast + indicator. So you have quickcast normally + the indicator if you want
: Jungler and Teleport ping
Would love to have the jungler ping !
Kerwints (EUW)
: That's a pretty poor argument to justify inconsistency. Just because in your opinion, the "impact is not so great", doesn't mean that the impact is indeed negligible. This issue has bothered me for as long as I can remember and yes, I have capitalized on it numerous time when this happened to the enemy, and yes, those were game winning plays.
> That's a pretty poor argument to justify inconsistency. Just because in your opinion, the "impact is not so great", doesn't mean that the impact is indeed negligible. That's not what I said, don't twist my words please. What I said is that they have a different impact and usage. It's not an opinion but a fact: You can't compare an a **permanent** ult that keeps showing your position with a 4s delay (4s is huge in league and you can cover a lot of distance and wall jumping with it) with a rune that is activable and that **IS** supposed to show the enemy direction/caster direction by going to one and then coming back to the other (I'm not talking about the fog of war bugs). Ekko would never ever gonna be able to hide or move as he wants if his afterimage was always revealing him. When walking on a teemo shroom, you're gonna see aery coming from all over the map to hit you and then going back to him. That's the cost of having a global damaging rune. Even arcane comet shows the direction the enemy is if you pay attention to it. So it's not an inconsistency, but rather 2 completely different cases that needs different solutions.
Dandy MVP (EUNE)
: Thanks
Morde is gonna be nerfed tomorrow. I definitly agree about someone like Caitlyn. She can also takes tower easier.
: Then how do you explain this? Aery remained not actived after I casted my shield on myself.
You're right, my bad. I don't know why I always thought that aery could also target it's user.
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Bruiser meta or babysitter (mostly Taric) meta.
: I don't agree with that, If you're playing Sona with Aery, then you can cast your Q when your teammate is in your radius, so the Aery will shield your ally (if you used your Q) instead of buffing your next basic attack. You also can't be shielded by your own Aery, and Sona should damage an enemy first, then the Aery should come out.
> You also can't be shielded by your own Aery False ! Open the practice tool, use a champion with an obvious shield like karma and use it on yourself. You'll see aery coming to you and making your shield bigger. > so the Aery will shield your ally (if you used your Q) instead of buffing your next basic attack It's not aery that buffs your next auto. That's your Q effect. So your Q will buff you and then aery will jump to you. You know, all buffs activate aery. Even Jarvan's W (the flag that he throws on the ground) will make aery shield him since his flag gives attack speed to allies in the area. You can test if you want ^^
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: ive got like 100+ shards already that i hoard for mastery levels if i eventually decide to play those champions mainly due to always getting the 1st win 3days 2-3 games a day and you get a level
Yeah it's about 1 level each 3/4 days with 2-3 games per day in SR against humans (If you get the first win of the day each time).
: I can really show them, but I didn't wanted to link it :D But here you go: at 1:39:35 And the Aery says: "Your attacks and abilities send Aery to a target, damaging enemies or shielding allies." - So my Q why would trigger the Aery? It didn't make any damage, and you can see, I didn't give my Q buff any of my teammates in the game.
> I didn't give my Q buff any of my teammates in the game. You Q gives you magic damage on your next basic attack. Your are counted as an ally to yourself and all your Sona abilities also buff you.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: 1. if you are getting honored you should be getting a key once or twice a week this means that in theory if you get all 4 chests a month you should be able to open them all for free you can also buy key fragments from the event 3. quite long unless you are getting consistently honored every game it should take months for 12 months you should be able to get lvl 5 3. he is quite strong buy qss for his ult or get tenacity and dodge his E and then try to not melee him 4. BE generation is lowered because you get so many champion shards which are cheaper to upgrade to champion permanents it's harder to get specific champions it's easier to acquire champions in general you can also buy champion shards from the evnet if you are low level i suggest you focus on champion shards from the event instead of skins or misc items
Very good answer ! Let me add a few points : 3. His W (shield/heal) and his E (the grab) have insanely long cooldowns. So you can abuse him during those periods. His shield also depends on how much damage he deals/take (it's the white bar bellow his HP), so it's useless in short trades since he can't fill it. 4. The new system gives much more BE than the old gave IP. It have been calculated and proven with numbers. You also get to buy champions with reductions in their prices thanks to their shards. You should also know that capsules will give you a minimum of 810 BE after level 30. With the first win of the day, you can level up super fast.
: Well, I admit that it's not that important, what I wanted to say about the Aery, but it's still not working properly, as it should I just made another video, to show how bad is the Aery:
You used a spell on yourself, that also triggers aery. Also, are you aware that vision is different in replays? That wouldn't have been shown in the actual game.
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Have one game and you'll see the bans. ie Darius, Illaoi, Taric...
: Ye, but it should work like Ekko's ultimate, like when you don't have vision on Ekko, you can't see his clone too.
I don't agree, you can't really compare his permanent ultimate with some runes like aery. They don't have the same impact on the game nor the same usage.
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Why is Twisted Treeline in such a cancerous, broken state?
What are the broken champs in that mode please? I'm just asking out of curiosity in case I play it.
: update: I am struggling to find the right page to report it. Can you share me the link?
Here are the links : Boards section : [Report a bug on the boards for a chance to be answered by a technician and other players]( Riot support : [You're guaranteed to get an answer but it might take some time]( Good luck !
The aery one isn't a bug. Why would it be? She will go toward an enemy if he's hit and then go back toward her owner. So yes, she gives info about their direction.
: Alright, will do.
Can you please share Riot's reply here if they answer?
: Morde ult vs Zeds shadows
I think you should report it as a bug. It shouldn't happen as far as I know
: When does the lol skin sale switch??
It switches Monday evenings generally.
Ioempia (EUW)
: How many reports does one player need?
There is no number of reports, people get punished if they do something bad that deserves punishment, they will get it. If you think the person is outsmarting the system (like soft inting), send a support ticket. But wishing cancer is a definite proof that will get him a ban.
Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: Brand is a support, his job is pentakill the enemy team by smashing the keyboard. Not by healing/Helping his team.
Brand is **NOT** a support. People playing him in the support role doesn't make him a support. It only makes him a high damage mage with less income. People choose to add more damage to their team by sacrificing utility. I play Swain botlane, that doesn't make him an adc (Attack Damage Carry). He's still a mage. Please note the difference between a champion's role and the position where you play him. Pyke is supposed to be an utility assassin (a support). His kit is too overloaded to be an independent assassin. He would make other assassins like zed a total joke : * High Waveclear with Q and E (so he can easily get the wave and roam) * You get all your health back with your passive * Long duration stealth * Super high mobility (W + E + Ult) * Tons of cc like a grab + aoe stun (his E) for a long duration (no assassin have this) * Execute AOE ult with a reset. Having a few of those is fine. But all of them definitely makes his kit overloaded as a high damage assassin.
: TFT Blitzcrank is weird?
You can technically consider the 2 abilities as only an animation. It's not like they took the 2 combined damage from normal league and put them there. They could also have made him hug his enemies each time cause he feels sorry. It's just an animation so nothing to do with strength or buffing or having 2 abilities. As for point 2 : It works exactly like assassins (they jump to the furthest enemy compared to their position). He also grabs the furthest champion from him. So you just need to position your team accordingly (like putting one of your brawlers the furthest so the Blitz grab him right next to your enemy carries and he gets them). Which means that on top of countering him, you are also threatening the enemy backline.
Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: Can you get back Pyke's abilities ?
Pyke is a support, your job is to bring utility to the team by grabbing/ccing enemies + Ult. Not be a completely independent assassin that can do everything on his own.
Jiyagi (EUW)
: fastest way to collect arcade coins?
Play against bots. Missions work against them and you're guaranteed to gather a lot of gold, all towers on the map, etc. It's pretty boring but it's the fastest way.
: what happened to nexus blitz?
There weren't enough people playing it to justify it becoming a permanent mode. So it became a temporary one like ARURF, one for all, etc.
Player47 (EUW)
: I actually tried to initially show vision score, but the client was not working so i had to go to where they only show wards placed and killed~~~~
It's fine^^ My comment was just for informative purpose. I'm not reproaching you anything.
: all her ults offer her cc
Player47 (EUW)
: Confused by the grading system
The number of wards itself isn't important, what you need to look at is your vision score. There are also a lot of other factors like Kill participation, damage to monsters/towers, etc. You should also check your total damage dealt to champions since Riven IS supposed to do damage. It was 19.1k in the first game and only 9.6k in the second one. That shows how much you contributed to fights and it's more important than just kills because you only need to last hit to score the kill, it doesn't mean that you were the one who deserved it. Also, the gap between S- and S may not be a small one, so the best thing you can do is try again next game. Here's how it works : * To get an S- , you need to perform like the top 10% of all Rivens top * Top 7% for S * Top 3% for S+ **PS : The values I gave only serve as an example to explain how it works, those are not the true values.**
: why qiyana water element so restricted compared to others
She's a midlaner/jungler, so she can easily access river on both sides of the map. It also offers her cc so it's logical that she can't spam it in lane. As for TT/ARAM, champions aren't designed around those maps.
: TFT - Katarina full mana at start problem
It's not. Each champion immediately cast his ult at full mana and stops whatever he was doing before that. So casting the ult first is definitely not a bug.
: Found this but it's not confirmed. Thou it is unconfirmed, Valeeva might be Varus' long lost Darkin sister. And voice lines from Aatrox and Varus point at that there are only 5 Darkin left.
Yup ;) Only 5 left and it seems they will cover the 5 positions we have on SR.
: I haven't read or listened to Darkin stuff in very long time but now we have Varus, Kayn and Aatrox. Isn't there 4 Darkins and last on female?
I don't know about the female part, but they are 5 in total. One in each position, So the remaining 2 should be mid (probably a mage or an assassin) and support.
: Who's meddler tho? Should I know who he is?
He's the Design Director on League of Legends. He's the one appearing in this video : [Unusual Playstyles | /dev diary](
GLurch (EUW)
: By the way, not all boards aren't region locked, for example NA accounts can't use the EU Boards (although we can use theirs). Then again, why would they need to go to our boards anyways?
> By the way, not all boards aren't region locked, for example NA accounts can't use the EU Boards (although we can use theirs) I didn't know that. Thanks for the clarification. > Then again, why would they need to go to our boards anyways? Exactly ! hhhh
: Oh yeah I saw the link you posted of meddler replying to comments (idk who that is BTW other than him being a rioter) So people who care about the direction of the game, and receiving and giving feedback for changes go there, that makes sense I think
Yeah definitely ! Creations like skins or fan made things also have more chances to get noticed there. It just doesn't feel worth posting quality content on EUW. I think Riot should implement some kind of community managers who's job is to answer to posts and relay the info to the NA team. It would create a lot of activity and give you the feeling that you're not talking to a wall.
: Where are our rioters and heralds? The only noticeable difference for me is active heralds and more posting sections They have 2 sections just for shitposting 1 for discussing boards itself Also I saw a recent rioter posting here (the red herring) do idk if that's 100% true
Hey there, I was updating my comment. Can you check it again? I added an example there of a "Quick Gameplay Thoughts". Check it and tell me what you think ;) Well, we don't have any, the only ones working on features/champs and things like that are in NA. EUW have rioters but most of them take care of stuff like servers, technical issues and other things. So it's normal that they don't interact with us a lot. They are legit btw.
: Why euw/eune boards so inactive...
A lot of people will give you different reasons. But here is the objective one : It's because NA boards have rioters that are constantly reading posts/comments AND answering them. They explain why they made some changes or thank people for their feedback. That's also where you can find the [*dev corner*](; it's the boards section where the champion/design team post all their idea about what they *think* they will implement (even if it's just an idea and will never come to the servers) + all the PBE changes before they come. You can check an example here : [Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 5]( It's written by Meddler himself and you can see him answering tons of comments there. This is a game changer when it comes to boards activity. Being in a direct conversation with a rioter and discussing league features or balance changes with him is quite different from only having other players answer without any real facts. People feel heard there + they can directly engage and have an impact on all the current changes + future features. Posts you will do on EUW will sink in the abyss 99% of the time, no matter how good they are. If you add to that that all boards aren't region locked (you can do everything there just fine with your EUW account), then why would any player post/read/comment in EUW while he/she can do that in NA boards?
: Items in TFT
Hey there ! There are only 2 ways to get items : * Dropping them in PVE rounds (it's completely random) * Getting a champion with an item equipped in the shared draft (the carousel) This is why it is highly recommended to only look for items and ignore the champs in the shared draft.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: A positive post
We need more of those posts !
DerPantsu (EUW)
: I'm having difficulity when playing on top of the map
You just need to get used to it. It might seem hard a first, but playing more games will help a lot. I would also highly recommend going into your setting then interface and reducing the HUD to 0. It will free a lot of space for you
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