TPK Luffy (EUW)
: wow you are so childish. what is the threat? saying he is going to get banned with such an behavior? is that really a threat? that is litteraly the same as saying 'iam going to call the police' when someone is breaking in your house. 'is not small flame' ofcourse it was extremely negative 'i may be mad' wow that is so negative getting mad in a game. dude every person in this planet gets mad even you thats just frustration it can come out sometimes is that a reason to get perma banned? he didnt even insult the guy and got banned for negative behavior. i feel this guy cuz i got banned for saying 'ff 15' litteraly only that and i dont know how but the %%%%%%s that were commenting on my post agreed to the reason i got banned
A threat means "a declaration of the intention to inflict harm". If it's a definition you were looking for lol... You clearly didn't read my first comment. I'm just sharing facts related to Riot's rules, not stating my opinion. You are playing Riot's game according to their Terms of Service that you **accepted** before playing the game. You better inform yourself before calling others childish. Being childish is crying about rules you accepted but didn't follow once you're punished. Here is official proof : > But most importantly, repeatedly threatening or arguing with a negative player can end up derailing the game for everyone else **and then open yourself up to reports and possible disciplinary action as well. ** And : > Do not ask other players in the match to report the offending player. It only takes one report for our systems to review a game. Additional reports will not do anything for the offending player; **however as mentioned above, it could open yourself up to a report of your own; especially if you are derailing the match by constantly demanding reports of other players.** And : > Negative behavior is unacceptable regardless of the circumstances or who started it. Source : The section called ["Things to avoid"]( on Riot's official support page. I hope that is clear enough for you.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Doom emissary,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=tT18oELt,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-22T02:32:53.713+0000) > > Here's why : > > And : > > Source : [Senior Emissary Comment]( > > Also, in case you didn't know, threatening people of reports/bans is not allowed. Ingame chat is for ingame content (making calls, etc), not for telling people they are bad or that they will be banned. > > Btw, I'm just stating facts according to Riot's rules to explain to you why you got banned. you haven't read chat logs??? , did you ?? , secondly i wasn't pushing to be toxic, the 3 months of clear behaviour wasn't throught using /mute all , and i played daily , what kind of thinghs you want to get me guilty of ??? , i haven't sayd anyone that he is a bad player... ,wasn't a revenge over that guy , if you call that a revenge you clearly wrong , i haven't call that thinghs to punish him ... , neither to insult him , it was just to stop his behaviour run in that direction... , if you at least state what other do , then you shoulded read everything i sayd , and my chat logs to really resonate with what answer you share... I was perfectly aware that any behaviour mistake could land me to permanent ban , but as i stated in this topic i haven't been aware that back psihology over someone will be a missbehaving considered by Riot and that it will get punished with permanent ban , is that all i wanted to explain as you missunderstood what you present me.
I did read the chatlog, and it had this : > Vlad To Kill You: you get replay submited to riot Vlad To Kill You: for abusing the support role And > Vlad To Kill You: i may be mad Vlad To Kill You: but you will get banned for how you talk And : > Vlad To Kill You: the only one who loss is you your account if you share this behaviour again Vlad To Kill You: you can be 100 % sure that i ask riot support to analys this game Vlad To Kill You: and i will keep write until they confirm me they check the game [All]Vlad To Kill You: Playing league of legends while someone refuse to play and flame you :( All of those are very clear report/ban threatening and flaming. So I didn't interpret anything. Since you already got a ban before, your account had 0 tolerance. In other words, anything you do will get you a permaban, even if it's a very small mistake. Because the 14 day ban is the last change. What got you the permaban is not this small flame, but the cumul of everything you did from your account creation (Nothing is erased but things keep stacking up). This is why a lot of people don't expect bans and get surprised when they get them "But I didn't insult and there are no insults in the chatlogs", while they forget about what they did before and the fact that their account was on zero tolerance.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: need an analys for my last chat logs i got permanent banned 8 months ago
Here's why : > The warning you received with your 14 day ban was quite clear about that. It didn't say "Be slightly less toxic". It said that this is your final warning and that any further violation would lead to a permaban. And : > You are not only clearly guilty, but in addition you apparently didn't even understand what the message of this ban was. SO, just to clarify this message: Flaming is not allowed. Not at all. No matter what. Improving is not enough. Not flaming is enough. Source : [Senior Emissary Comment]( Also, in case you didn't know, threatening people of reports/bans is not allowed. Ingame chat is for ingame content (making calls, etc), not for telling people they are bad or that they will be banned. Btw, I'm just stating facts according to Riot's rules to explain to you why you got banned.
Recrited (EUNE)
: Loot idea
I don't know the exact number, but I know there are more than 700 skins, and a lot of them are bad. Would banning 3 really make a difference?
Narox (EUNE)
: HI RIOT (IDK where to write)
Send a [support ticket](, nobody can help you in the boards ;)
Somsiad san (EUNE)
: Last thing in puchase history is Yuumi, and I got chest after I bought Yuumi.
Send a support ticket, they will fix it for you
: In that situation it wasn’t that nasus was unfair, Darius had messed up. Look at the items, nasus has a thornmail meaning that darius’s healing becomes a null factor. At the same time Darius has a righteous glory, good for stopping someone from kiting... useless vs a nasus... that wasn’t a 3 item Darius, it might as well be a 2 item Darius in that situation. Had Darius gone for a thornmail that fight was easily his, he would have removed nasus’s healing resulting in an easy kill. Instead he brought the wrong item giving nasus an edge in combat... nasus didn’t outdamage him, he out sustained.
Yup ! It's totally right ! Just to add more clarifications, what made Nasus survive is not his ult but his passive. It makes him heal for 12 / 18 / 24% (based on level) of the damage he deals. 18% is not a bit... Especially on a tank and it also applies to his Q. Now let's move to {{item:3075}} , on top of the health, armor, and the fact that it reflect damage to enemies on every auto attack they do, it have 2 effects you should be aware of : * It's slows the attack speed of enemies by 15% when they attack you * It applies grievous wounds (reduce the enemy healing by 40%) And since Nasus is an auto attack based champion (with a lot of healing from his passive), {{item:3075}} is hard counter to him. You had on one side (Nasus), a champion with tons of armor and healing, and on the other (Darius), a champion with little armor, reduced healing, and reduced attack speed. So it's no surprise that Nasus wins that fight. So Darius had a wrong itemization that let Nasus out sustain him. Hope that clarified everything^^
: champion reward for new player
Here is a link that will show you exactly what you will get at each level : [Level 1-30 rewards]( At level 5, you'll already have 4 champions without spending anything. There are also missions that gives you more rewards
: i'd love to see bronze people fight eachother while a caster is giving comments :D
There you go ! [BRONZE STREAM W/ AZAEL]( It's made by real casters and it's the most hilarious league content I have ever watched !
: i think he means it on a bigger scale since he says best of the world, what i understand from that ise making an world championship for bronze teams.
Ooh I see ! That might be cool once clash works. It will be the first step to know the best of each region. Then making them play against each others to know the best in the world.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: yhea i know but there is no way to know if a player is bronze or not, linking a phone number would not be owkay since i can make an account using my mom's number, the only thing that would work is using your id card as verification, and whenever there is a tournament you have to do a facial recoginition but that is near impossible.
But if you add that condition, it's also very unfair, you're basically only wanting hardstuck players to play. Others who are legit in that tier but don't have as many games won't be able to participate. Plus, the original post's idea is the very definition of clash
Zanador (EUNE)
: Blind pick should not be removed. There are lots of people who prefer the fast queue and champ select even with all it's drawbacks. That being said, new players really should be given the option to start in Normal Draft since Riot's own data shows us that it is a less toxic queue. Why new players are forced into a worse alternative when one of the main concern of the company has been to fight toxicity is beyond me.
> That being said, new players really should be given the option to start in Normal Draft since Riot's own data shows us that it is a less toxic queue. Why new players are forced into a worse alternative when one of the main concern of the company has been to fight toxicity is beyond me. Draft have 10 bans and if you are last pick, that means that there is a possibility that 19 of your champs are taken, so you need to have a 20th champion to pick it (even if that champion is not good for that position). You only need 7 champs since the free rotation includes 14 champions. Also, it is very fast to reach level 10 (just by playing against bots/doing missions) and they give tons of champs in the early level capsules that have predetermined content. People at level 10 (I'm not talking about smurfs) and bellow also have no idea about the game or the lanes which is why there is no point in draft since they can play any champ in any lane and they don't have a jungler. So Riot is not forcing people, it's just impossible to play draft without enough champs. And there is no need to overwhelm them with positions they don't even know about. I don't see what they can do better there.
AcidBuny (EUW)
: need help understaind the notification
You'll get a new mission that you must do to get the orb ;) It's probably next week
Zanador (EUNE)
: A warning: the theory behind wave control is not that complicated, but being properly in charge of your lane is the core of the early game. As such, actually making the right calls can often determine who wins the lane and who gets to control the map and that makes it advanced stuff. You can improve a lot by learning this, but it's not a quick process and even diamond players make mistakes at this, so don't worry about doing it perfectly right away. So probably the best way to decide is to have a comprehensive list of what each action does: 1. Push Forces your opponent to handle the minions one way or another. Frees up your time until the next wave arrives. Gives you exp earlier from the wave. (especially important on lvl1-6) 2. Freeze Gives you control over the location of the minion wave and so, any fights that take place. Forces your opponent to come to you if they want gold. 3. Slow push Allows you to decide when the minion wave will reach the enemy tower. Gives you a dps advantage in a duel if you fight with a massive wave on your side. Forces your opponent to be at the tower when the wave crashes or they risk losing more gold and exp than they can afford. There are other aspects, but this is enough for a general planning. ------------------------------------- So in general, you want to push in the early game if you need the level advantage or if you can't give the level advantage up to your opponent. For example if a Darius, Zed or Fizz reaches lvl6 before you do then you will either die or be forced way from the lane for a while at least. Clearing the minion wave earlier also gives you the option to leave the lane, either to go home and shop quickly or to roam somewhere and help your jungler, gank other lanes or place some wards. These two combined is called "lane priority" and you can look up very good youtube tutorials about it. In general, pushing gives you short term advantages, but it's up to you to use those advantages to the fullest, since otherwise you are just giving up opportunities. Pushing is also a good way to attract the attention of the enemy jungler if you are confident enough. Next up is freezing. It's basically a defensive or a passive-aggressive tactics. For example if your opponent plays a late-game hypercarry like Vayne, Kogmaw, GP or Nasus, then probably they are perfectly happy just sitting under their tower to last hit safely for the first 10 minutes. That's when you freeze the wave on your side to force them out of hiding. But freezing is an important tactics for early game lane bully champions too. When you know that your opponent can't come close to you, just stop the wave from pushing and you can make your enemy lose hundreds of gold rather quickly. It can also be incredibly useful when you expect either jungler to gank the lane soon. If you are afraid of enemy ganks, then freeze close to your tower and stay defensive or if you want your jungler to gank then do the same thing and force your opponent away from his own tower. Slow push is usually the plan of choice when you already have a 1v1 advantage and you want to increase it. It's main threat is the fact that you can turn it into a full push at any moment you want to. So if your opponent can't fight you, wants to roam, wants to shop or when you know your jungler is coming for a gank. A slow push forces your opponent into staying in a position they don't want to otherwise they might lose too much in a short burst. Add to this some coordination with the team, countering what your opponent wants and of course how each champion limits your options and you have a set of situations where making the right choice is very important and very difficult. As part of the macro game, this is one of the main weaknesses for more than half of the players, but learning it can also help you understand pro matches a lot more. It's real fun and strength that you have to work for.
Very good comment ! This video might help illustrate everything : [Wave Control Guide](
: dunno bruh from lvl 26 to 30 on my last account i was playing in full diamond teams and i was still troll picking every game and going negative scores i never even tried playing half decent on my account and it kept matching me with diamonds consistently and then i got to ranked and straight into bronze 4 my normal games were complete trash the smurf detection is really tough to deal with just because you can randomly do well in your first few levels of your account
The game can detect smurfs! On top of stats like your cs, it checks other things like number of clicks per minute, etc. So you can't fool it easily. By playing on her account, you just messed it up.
: how to survive organized tower dives?
Hey there ! If many of them are coming (you need to keep looking at the map and have wards to know that), you should simply abandon the tower. Better to leave the tower than give them your kill and the tower.
: Could you give advice based on my op gg please? (Main Irelia)
Hey there ! We can't say much based on the scores alone. But if there is one thing that strikes the eye is your warding. You only put 6/8 wards per game. And only 1/2 control wards. Some times, you don't even buy control wards. So I would highly recommend working on your vision. Having map control helps a lot when it comes to securing wins. You might know about the theory, but it's useless if you don't apply it.
: MSI Missions
Hey there ! This is a very long event. New missions will be added over time. Here is the mission list on the official website : [The Trials Begin]( As you can see, the next set of missions will appear on the 20th may. Have fun {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: >but the upsides are way more then with the IP and where listed countries of time in this type of threads, Last guy who claimed to "know everything about BE and why it's better" hasn't responded since I asked him to give me the calculation spreadsheet he's using to obtain all his "math". Everybody else is operating on a heresay, providing zero evidence of any kind. Downsides of BE are numerous and all of them weren't present when IP was a thing. Upsides... if you are lucky you may be earning more BE than IP before, I guess? And it still is only a thing if you aren't play many games per day.
> Last guy who claimed to "know everything about BE and why it's better" hasn't responded since I asked him to give me the calculation spreadsheet he's using to obtain all his "math". Because Riot made an official post with all the math and graphs showing the difference between the new and old system. And how many games are necessary for the old system to be better. You just have to google it
: I ask because like they dont talk, i dont have reasons for report for flame (even that i think that ping some one all time and ping his champ is a kind of flame).
Yeah, intentional trolling is reportable
CarryAll (EUNE)
: Finisher and Spawn Ceremony
They are special animations you unlock during this event: * Finisher activates when you kill someone. * Spawn Ceremony when you spawn at base I'm not sure, but you might need to have your house icon equipped to see them.
Marcua (EUW)
: Bots in bot games
Those are bots (your allies), they keep playing to level accounts and then be sold. It's very known in coop vs IA, especially at very low levels.
: Scared to Ranked cuz of reactions
If you need to take a break and think about it, don't hesitate. The only reason you should play is for your own fun and satisfaction. Not to please others. You should also consider talking to your friends and letting them know that their "jokes" actually makes you uncomfortable. No need to keep bearing the flame.
0rcGa5M (EUNE)
: Is this even reportable?
Yes it is reportable ! When you are playing in draft mode, each player should stick to his position (unless someone agrees to switch). You can also write it in the little text box they give you.
Cascadal (EUW)
: Advice for Learning the Game?
Add me ingame, I can provide everything you need {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Because only some of your reports give that message. It's written right there as you get the message. That the system does NOT inform you of all valid reports that resulted in disciplinary actions. This thread exists, because you lack fundamental knowledge of the subject. Like the report feedback.
: > If people were aware that others can save their message to report later, via a quick click or ctrl+click, then I am confident many would stop being toxic. It means Riot employees can enact their policy on offensive/hate speech behaviour in an incredibly effective manner, it would also include comments for griefing/giving up. Why make a Riot employee sift through a whole game chat to discover if someone breached the t+c? Are you aware that there is an automated system, an algorythm doing the sifting through the chat, not an employee (in most cases)? And that every games chat is recorded anyways? I fail to see what new or improvement really your idea would bring. People know all their messages are visible for later and the system afaik even checks chat that hasnt been reported when there is a certain word.
Yes, the whole chat is scanned entirely and saved. So saving a specific sentence won't really be more efficient.
xZ257 (EUW)
: Question about cosmetics: Crafting Emotes
Emotes can indeed drop from chests. When they do, they are added automatically to you collection (So you don't need to use orange essence to craft them)
Krimkrise (EUW)
: So should I also just play passive and focus on cs when the enemy adc is playing aggresive?
Hey there ! Hey there ! Sorry for the wall of text, but I wanted to give you detailed answer since you are honestly asking about how to improve. > You can open it with the Rofl-Player: Ooh ! Thank you soo much for that ! I was looking badly for a tool that will make opening replays easier for me. {{sticker:sg-lux}} > So should I also just play passive and focus on cs when the enemy adc is playing aggressive? Since you've just started, there are a lot of things you are not aware of. As you play more, you'll understand that KDA means nothings and that other things like farming, vision and objective control are more important. You basically win the game by destroying the enemy nexus, and you can reach it by getting towers, inhibitors and drakes/herald/baron. So those should be your main focus instead of following kills all over the map and letting the game drag on. Farming is the best way to get guaranteed gold consistently and safely (fighting to kill is like gambling or who's gonna win, and even if you get lane dominance and you get the enemy low, it's not always gonna give you a kill) . Each 2 waves (15 minions) gives approximatively the same gold as a kill. In other words, someone who have 30 farm more than you is exactly like someone who have 2 kills more than you. More gold = more items = you are stronger and you win more fights/take objectives easier. People generally try to get 80cs at 10min consistently in all their games. Once they master that, they start working on getting more. Your enemies can play as agressive as they like and feel stronger during the laning phase (they will have more hp and feel dominant), but once you reach mid game and you'll find yourself with half an item more than them (or even a full item sometimes, they will feel less smart and won't understand why you are suddenly beating them). PS : We are not telling you to completely ignore your enemy laner and let him do as he pleases, but your priority should be minions rather than constant fighting. > So what in your opinion do I lack to get an S-Rank? I'll try to explain how to get an S while giving you some tips : Getting an S means performing exceptionally in all aspects of the game. You are compared to all the players in your elo that played your champion in that position. So basically speaking, getting a B means that you are bellow average in term of kai'sa scores in your elo. By scores, I mean everything, KDA isn't enough. You need to answer all those questions before asking about an S : * **What's your kda?** * **What's your cs/minute? (having 200 cs in a 15min game is different from a 200cs in a 40min game) :** You had only 53cs at 10min and 121 during the whole 33min game. You can guess how much that delayed your items and your power spikes. (Adcs are late game champions, they start weak early, and they get stronger as they get more items, so the less farm you have, the longer you'll stay in your weak state). Because of your cs and even with all those kills, you finished the game with only 2 completed items+boots. * **What's your kill participation? :** Should be 50% or more * **How much drakes/herald/barons did you participate into? :** Controlling drakes isn't only the jungler's job, it's also the mission of botlane and midlane as they can push the wave the block the enemies under tower and go help their jungler to secure it quickly and outnumber any enemy that can come. * **How much towers did you participate into? :** This should be your top priority ! If you have the choice between following a low health enemy in the jungle and wasting time, or getting a tower, the choice should be obvious. If you see enemies grouped in 1 side of the map (maybe top, or mid for example) then, instead of moving there trying to help your allies and wasting time (maybe you won't be there on time), the best play would be to secure the free towers botlane since enemies are far from you. When you kill the enemies, it's time to push since nobody can contest (enemies can't kill you if they are dead) instead of recalling. * **How much damage did you deal if you're playing a carry? :** Just kill stealing won't help at all, you need to do a lot of damage for it to count since it's your job as an adc * **How much wards did you place? :** You only placed 7 in the full 30min game. * **How much Control wards did you buy? :** 0 unfortunately :/ * **What was your vision score? :** Your vision score was only 12 because of the warding. So I checked the laning phase of your game and the stats : * At 10min, you had 53 farm and 0 kills. If you were focusing on farm, you could have gotten 2 more kills worth of gold (30 more cs at least). * Your damage to towers was 513 compared to {{champion:99}} who dealt 7377 damage to them. So she's the one who were winning you the game. You can kill enemies all you want, if you can't manage to push, the game will drag on, everyone will get to level 18 and max items and you'll lose all the advantage you had. * You bought 0 control ward and killed 0 wards. Placing 7 wards in a 33min game is also very small Keep in mind that wards gives you a better vision score for how much unique vision it provides (it won't work if you place it near minions or another ward). So if you keep placing wards near your lane or in some spots where nobody passes, they are technically useless. You'll have to work on your warding spots so you can get the most out of them. Some good spots would be : * The river bush * The jungle's entrances (the enemy jungler have to pass from there to get in or out of his jungle so you're guaranteed to see him before he even arrives to your lane) * The enemy jungle (Deep wards are very useful to keep track of the enemy team and get information in advance) Those were just a few examples, you'll have to read guides or watch videos to know about warding in more details You also NEED to buy control wards at every single recall, since denying enemy vision is as important as placing vision yourself. It's also very good for securing objectives. So to sum up, you were playing very bad rather than very good. You had a lead and you couldn't use it to snowball and turn it into a victory if it wasn't for your allies. > On a side note, here is the BIGGEST advice I can give you : Don't be a score or KDA player. A KDA player is a player that focus on having beautiful scores and S scores to look good while he's playing very bad. Not helping just to not die, stealing farm, kills, etc will just make your scores worst. Having a good score but losing all your games is never a good idea. Enemies will also get stronger and then end up killing you too while you're making your allies weaker. You should never hesitate to go and die if that's gonna win your team a big teamfight and turn that into a baron! (Don't die for no reason please, that's just suicide). You can only win as a team by contributing to enable your allies rather than monopolizing everything. You win as a team and you lose a team ! The main objective should always be winning the game. Good scores are just a side result of your good performance {{sticker:poppy-wink}} --- I hope that was useful for you ^^ You can add me ingame if you want {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I can answer any question you have, do game reviews or send you useful links if you need them (like warding guides)
: This happens, its a risky strategy to do it this way, but as you pointed out, teams are often functioning under routines they have grown accustomed to and they don't know how to respond when someone changes the rules of the game, like a support going top or a jungler baby sitting top. Typically there are three things you need to do. First, you need to play it super safe, but do everything you can to delay and slow down the progress of the push, pinging like crazy hopefully getting your mid and junglers attention. Their goal will be to get a kill on you and take your tower, so your goal is to protect that tower by taking out enemy creeps and playing it ultra safe buying your team time to respond. If you get caught on a weak moment (aka low health) with no support from your jungler and mid and you know they can kill you even on the tower, don't defend. Run. While defending the tower is important, if your team doesn't respond to the shift in strategy, you have to let the tower go, don't give up kills trying to defend it because after they kill you they will likely take the tower anyway. By dying and losing the tower, your helping them complete their primary goal for the strategy and their secondary goal. By not dying, they only complete half of their objective. Next you should see what you can do to leverage the missing player bottom (if its a bot player). If the support went top and you don't think you can save the tower, use your {{summoner:12}} and go bottom and help bottom take the tower (aka trade up). The thing is that this strategy should never work and you are right about that. As soon as a Jungler or a Bot Laner appears top, the mid and Jungler should spurt into action and if you have warded and pinged, its their job to come support you. If they fail to do that and this risky strategy works for them because your team did not respond, it's on them. Typically what will happen is that the Jungler will rush to you (as he should) or he will leverage the mismatch and go bot or mid to push the towers so often if you can hold your ground and the jungler can leverage the mismatch in another lane, you end up on top. Remember that it should (if you are playing a proper top lane champ) be tough even 2 v 1 to push you into a tower, kill you and take the tower. Its much easier to do that in a bot or mid lane as the champs tend to be squishier and less capable to defend on their own. So this strategy really works to give your team the advantage.
Very good answer !
LM Domino (EUW)
: How? I been doing my quests and got a total of 58 tokens rewarded to me but I can't get them unless I give real money to Riot Games
That's different. There are 2 things : * **Mission rewards **: they are completely free and you get them by doing missions * **Game tokens**: You get tokens every game you play (the more you play, the more you get). Those are for the players who buy the pass since they want infinite tokens to buy a lot of loot. So missions are indeed free and have nothing to do with buying. The tokens you get from your missions are in your loot tab.
Rostepza (EUNE)
: Is Allowed Have 2 Accounts?
Riot doesn't encourage multiple accounts. But it is allowed and you won't get punished for it.
Screwed (EUW)
: ***
Yup, making a support ticket is the only way to get help
VuleXyz (EUNE)
: yes I do have a discord it is VuleXyz#7635
It's not working, did you misspell it? Here's mine : Lunatyk#1230
VuleXyz (EUNE)
: Give me a hand
Hey there ! Do you use discord? I can help you learn the game, give you tips and answer any question you have^^ Answers here might not be that useful (I'm on EUW so I can't add you ingame)
Vívíd (EUW)
: Chosing a lane.
You should definitely try them all in normal games to find the ones you like the most. But it's much better to only play 2 at ranked. Because playing less positions and champions means mastering them more and getting better (so winning more) rather than being average at everything.
0M3x7oS8BO (EUNE)
: I just saw my match history, and the last 4 games i don't recall playing. i think i got hacked or somthing can i do something about it?
Send a support ticket. The boards are filled with normal players like you. Only support can actually do something for you.
: Instant ban without a warning? Really riot?
Deathraven13's comment answered you very well. I'll add to that that the automatic system don't trigger on his own. Someone must have reported you (your friend, or someone else on your team) to trigger the system
: Friend didnt recieve a gift
If he still didn't receive it, write a support ticket and they will fix it for you {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Kéemstar (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Doom emissary,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Ww1lT9zr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-21T17:51:14.137+0000) > > How about reviewing your replays?? > > This is one of the best ways to improve since they show you the mistakes you actually do, instead of the general advices "ward more". > > Do you use discord? Mind giving me yours? I'll surely start taking a look at my replays! What would you do with my Discord, we aren't on the same server if you thought about playing. Thanks for the advice tho :)
I know we aren't on the same server which is why I asked about your discord and not about adding me ingame. I thought about taking a look at your replays together, having a different perspective can always be useful^^
Kéemstar (EUNE)
: Advice for climbing!
How about reviewing your replays?? This is one of the best ways to improve since they show you the mistakes you actually do, instead of the general advices "ward more". Do you use discord? Mind giving me yours?
: oh ok, then sorry. You're quite late with your attempt to make it to gold, but you can do it. **Here's the quickest route I found to climbing:** - Watch the LeagueCraft101 series on YouTube - Watch DongHuap's video on wave management (old, but still more relevant than ever) - Start a minimap sound video - Create a spreadsheet. Here's my template for that: [Template]( - Play a game - Fill in the template - Repeat while trying not to make the same mistake twice **Some Quicktips:** - Do not ever try to help your teammates if they are acting stupid. **JUST DON'T.** - Don't group mindlessly. In Gold, noone pays attention to pretty much anything, just keep splitpushing until your team outscales them in teamfights. If you just group for no reason, all of you share exp and don't get ahead. - Buy pink wards, lots of them, no matter the role - Ping **everything** (go ward here, be careful there, teamfight here, ward's there, lets baron/dragon + reason why and so on) **Good luck!**
: I'm new looking for friends to play with!
I added you ingame {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Send me a message after you accept my friend request since we don't get notifications when someone accepts
: How do level up rewards work?
Hey there ! It's just an impression because you're not getting currency directly after each game. You actually get much more BE than the old system IP (and you don't have to buy runes or rune pages anymore ! They used to cost a lot). You also get random champion shard that act like discounts for champions. So the new system is actually much better, even if it feels weird since you need to wait until you level up. You should be getting both (separated). Don't forget that the BE and some permanent stuff are directly added to your BE count or collection once you level up, so you probably didn't notice them. If you really think that you didn't get something, you can send a support ticket and they will check for you ;)
Zanador (EUNE)
: This idea might sound good on paper, but in practice it would break the game completely. Sure, Anivia for example would need vastly different stats to be balanced in challenger or tournament than in bronze, but what about all the ranks in between? You leveled up from Silver I to Gold IV and suddenly your main you used to climb is too weak to advance any further not because of the skills of you and the other players, but rather because it gets nerfed as you rank up? And who here thinks that Riot has the capacity to maintain half a dozen versions of game balance through each patch when they regularly struggle with just one? But while we are discussing this, what would we do with normals? ~80% of the playerbase only plays normals so if we don't include the tier based balance there, then we are only helping a minority while we ignore the vast majority. But if tier based balance is implemented in normals, then it would have to be based on the hidden MMR, which would suddenly become extremely easy to guess, based on the stat changes you see on your champions as you play. I can see that you have good intentions, but this suggestion would make LoL unplayable and cause way too many problems.
I totally agree with you
Pında (EUW)
: Looking for friends
I added you ingame ! Send me a message after you accept me (we don't receive notifications). I'll gladly help {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Pixxels90 (EUW)
: Need some Advise.
I would recommend {{champion:99}} ! She is pretty simple got cc + damage + shield. She'll also feel more satisfied if she gets some kills herself. Also, since you 2 are playing together, make her "mute all" at the start of each game so she avoid any kind of flaming as you can take care of the communication. Also, don't play on your main account or she'll end up facing very hard opponents. Accept me ingame, I can also help with something else ;)
miintmilk (EUNE)
: <3 Thank you as always o holy Doom!{{sticker:katarina-love}}
Anytime {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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