: > [{quoted}](name=Doom emissary,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=p5gxl9Gl,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-09-18T17:46:42.399+0000) > > Hey there ! > You simply need none :p > Basically, your honor will raise a little bit each time you play a game where you aren't toxic. There are only 5 levels for a whole season (almost a year) so it's made to progress very slowly to cover that whole period. > The best way to increase it fast is to play a lot, more than the average player. > Getting honored by teammates only give you a small "exp boost" for your honor and that's not the main way to raise it. > > EDIT : Keep in mind that honor is also affected by negative behavior. If you call your teammates "stupid" for example. That may not give you a punishment, but it will affect your honor. i know that, but the fact is i didnt even namecall anyone. Worst thing i did was talk too much and say in all chat "riven is such a %%%%ing broken champ". Thats y i feel the honor level reset was too harsh
I don't know anything about your specific case so I won't comment on it, but let me tell you a bit about the honor system. Basically, the bot flags you each time you get toxic (I'm pretty sure you know when you do). You can think of it as an exp bar of toxicity that keeps filling up. The games you get on your card are the last ones that filled the bar (the last 10% for example). So you basically get punished for constant toxicity across your games, and not 1 or 2 games only. Also, just to make it clear, toxicity is not allowed at all. There is nothing like "a bit" or "small". It includes bad words and negativity too (like ranting in chat about a champion being broken). I understand that you'd be surprised about our punishment and feel frustrated about it. But it came after a cumulation of many games and not just that one. It basically mean that a lot of players didn't enjoy playing with you. So you can't really say it's harsh or unfair. But at least now you know about it and you can avoid it next time. I would highly recommend avoiding the use of the chat in general. It will just bait you into getting punished.
: How many honors do you need to get your honor level up?
Hey there ! You simply need none :p Basically, your honor will raise a little bit each time you play a game where you aren't toxic. There are only 5 levels for a whole season (almost a year) so it's made to progress very slowly to cover that whole period. The best way to increase it fast is to play a lot, more than the average player. Getting honored by teammates only give you a small "exp boost" for your honor and that's not the main way to raise it. EDIT : Keep in mind that honor is also affected by negative behavior. If you call your teammates "stupid" for example. That may not give you a punishment, but it will affect your honor.
Krimkrise (EUW)
: How to play against Lux
Here are a few tips you can use : * Her Q only hits 2 enemies max, it doesn't go trough minions infinitely. So as long as there 2 minions between you and her, she can't do anything about it. * You should also try to bait her Qs. Basically get in front of her while having minions on your side. Most Lux players will try to take that opportunity and the only thing you'll have to do is walk a little bit to the side to dodge it (since you have minions there anyways). It's even more efficient because it's easier to react when you expect something rather than when it gets you by surprise. * Once she misses her Q, it's a very good window to trade since you can't be ccied and her damage will be dramatically reduced during that trade (remember, a trade is different from an all in). So you can just walk to her and hit her for free. She may deal a lot of damage, but at the same time she is very squishy, so should would hate to be on the receiving end of the damage. * She will generally throw her E behind you so she predicts you escaping. So moving forward while she's throwing it will make you dodge it (but you'll get closer so you need to be committed to fighting). * Give her respect. This is the most important tip in my opinion. Many champions have some iconic important abilities like Thresh's hook. You want to make sure to give them the proper respect and avoid fighting them when they have their abilities up (unless you are behind minions). The same applies to Lux. When she have her Q and you don't have enough minions in front of you, make sure to respect her by backing of enough to not be rooted. It's her core ability, if she hit it she wins, if it misses, she loses so you want to make sure to play around it and not engage when it's up. You don't want to get stuck and take free damage. Your support can't do much if you're rooted besides cc enemies if he have any. * When dodging, always dodge to the side, her skillshot is very long ranged so going in a straight line is not what you would want to do. * Speaking of dodging. Try using misdirection. Enemies won't shoot at your body, but they will try to shoot at where you are going since the skillshots have a travel time. So if you start walking right they will shoot it a little bit ahead of you to the right so it hits you at the right time which ultimately makes it easier for you to dodge by going left. * Her Q animation is very clear, you can see her wave her hand before the skillshot is made. So try to look for the direction she's shooting, and if you're close enough, you can flash through it (or simply flash behind her). * As a very squishy support and depending on the situation, you might want to start with her first rather than her adc. Poking her/trading with her will make her easily low so she'll be forced to back off and play safer (or she'll die) which will relieve some pressure from your lane. * You can also position in a way where you are far from her (and more importantly her adc) so that even if she hits you with a max range Q, they can't do a proper follow up and capitalize on it. * If you really want to avoid her at all costs, you might want to hard push level 1. You'll then just back off since you would have already farmed your wave and wait for the enemy wave to naturally come back to you and freeze it just in front of your tower (freezing should be done in front of your tower, not inside it so you can farm safely while not losing cs to the tower). Lux also can't do much if she's facing too many minions blocking her Q.
: As a jungler what do you expect the laners to do?
Here is a small list of things I expect : * Avoid trading mindlessly. If they trade too much and they are low all the time, it's hard to gank them since they can't follow up. * Keep track of the jungler's pings and map rotations. There is no point to freeze and ask him to gank if he's on the other side of the map (pinging 10 times won't make him teleport instantly from bot side to top side) and then push when he's on their side. This happens all the time and then they get mad "jungler is not ganking". Laners can only get a gank when the jungler is on their side of the map so they need to prepare for that specific moment (not push, clear enemy vision, etc). * If ganks aren't interesting (enemy can easily escape like Vlad, or it's too risky), push the wave when the jungler is on their side so they have priority and can help him do important objectives like drakes or herald * Time is very important, and some things like pushing or freezing can need time, so make sure to start doing it before the jungler gets too close to you. * After a successful gank, help with objectives rather than recalling. Junglers are here to help laners, but laners should make themselves "help-able".
: OK thank you so much I didn't know that, good luck!
VorenDier (EUNE)
: I've never seen Riot communicating with the players about their changes in game! Why?
Hey there ! You've got a very wrong idea about it. First, streamers have no saying about balance because most of them just nag all the time about their main or champions their hate. They are very biased. Second, Riot do communicate a lot about all the changes (EUW/EUNE boards aren't the right place to chec that). I'll give you all the info and links if you are interested : * Decisions about balance are all made following the [Champion Balance Framework](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-gb/2019/05/dev-champion-balance-framework/) that you can read and understand. You can read a follow-up about it [here](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-gb/2019/06/join-us-for-a-patch-cycle/). It also have a summary table of the criterias. * They did a live update about all the internal communications about 9.13 as an example. You could follow them [here](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-gb/live-updates-on-patch-9-13/). And then even released a [LIFE OF A PATCH](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-gb/2019/07/dev-life-of-a-patch/) post talking about all those communications, how they impacted the patch and some data they used. * There is a PBE server that is always one patch ahead of the normal server. All changes goes there first for **at least** 2 weeks (one full patch worth of time). All those changes are posted in the [Dev Corner](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner) by the balance team explaining why they made some of them, and they answer many comments to explain stuff or change their balance depending on the feedback of the players. The PBE is patched each 1/2 days so they adjust things very fast depending on feedback and data they get. You can always read them, test in the PBE and participate in the discussion. * For more important changes like mini reworks (or big ones) there is another step even before PBE, they invite some of the high ranked champion mains and ask them for ideas, let them do some internal testing and take their feedback very seriously so the champion keep his satisfaction by it's playerbase. * They made a [poll](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-gb/2019/05/choose-a-champion-update-for-2020/) about which champion *WE* want to get reworked in 2020 about 4 months ago (so it's very early communication) and the [choice](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-gb/2019/05/choose-a-champion-update-voting-results/) was fully based on the player votes. And they already shared the direction they are going with early in development in this post : [FIDDLESTICKS AND VOLIBEAR: DEV UPDATE #1](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-gb/2019/07/fiddlesticks-and-volibear-dev-update-1/) Riot and the balance team actually communicate A LOT about their changes and listen to feedback. You can basically check all the changes at least 2 weeks before they reach the live servers. **PS :** Listening to feedback doesn't always automatically mean applying it. The game would be a mess if Riot applied any feedback people cry about. Also, I'd like to precise that I'm not saying that the balance team is perfect or that all their decisions are on point. I'm just saying that stating "Not doing or not even communicatiing with players" is very wrong.
: Why am I playing against level 200+ players in my fist ranked match?
Hey there and welcome to you in league ! Matchmaking is based around MMR (a hidden number that determines your skill) and not levels. Levels only represent how much you play and not how good you are. Some players have been playing for ages and are still at the lower of the ladder. Also, your very first 10 games in the ranked mode are called "placements". They are basically games where the system test you against different players to actually figure out your level. So it's normal to end up against higher players at the start. But it will adapt and ajust itself with time don't worry. Good luck on the Rift {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Is there any purpose playing Spellthief's edge anymore ?
Well, in term of gold generation and safety, coin is the best one. But relic is actually much worst that spellthief. Most people are crying about how much spellthief is broken. When you plan as a melee vs ranged. Each time you want to go to last hit, enemies will know it since it's super obvious (even more if it's a canon) so they will poke you like hell for that minion. Procing relic shield is no joke and it's much harder than it seems. So to keep your health, you'll have to wait many times and delay your quest. In case you didn't know Spellthief gives AP, mana regen, and more importantly, it gives on-hit damage on your spells and autos. So it's damage is off the charts. You're supposed to use it aggressively especially since it's charges generate very fast (1 charge each 10s compared to relic that gives one each 40s). It's only normal to not get as much gold or value if you're playing safe with it all the time. You just need to get used to watching enemies' behavior and use your spells or autos when they go for cs. For example, hitting one bubble on an enemy adc will guarantee at least your W and an auto on him as nami. That means gaining the gold from the 3 charges + 39 bonus magic damage (without counting the added AP on your spells). If you get used to autoing/kiting that item is extremely strong. Most of the champs that takes it also pick summon aery so the combination is deadly. It's basically the strongest item actually, but you need to be agressive on it.
: Which puts you in a dangerous position for 11 golds... While the coin gives you 30 literally just waiting
But spell thief can be proced much faster. And you can auto when they go for farm so you don't have to worry about damage
: > [{quoted}](name=Doom emissary,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=emPtdcz8,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-16T12:06:45.468+0000) > > It wouldn't make sense to have near infinite slots. It needs to be balanced. > > And yes, I definitely agree that it's the tradeoff of playing supports, you'll have one of your slots dedicated to wards. The problem is that it takes 2 slots and not just one. And that punishes you quite a lot. > It's not "having gold you can't spend", it's having big sums of gold you can't spend. That would mean no tradeoff...
: > [{quoted}](name=Doom emissary,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=emPtdcz8,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-16T11:47:49.921+0000) > > That's the problem, support item wards are taking a slot, and control wards are also taking another slot. > So supports have only 4 slots available for real items. It's very frustrating when you have a lot of gold to buy some good item components but you can't because you need to keep a control ward in your inventory. > > Losing one slot is fine, but 2 is quite a lot, especially when the game advances and you start having multiple items. That's why it's called a support. There is a tradeoff between vision and items, it's up to you to decide what's best for your team to win. If we take your logic, why bothering with 6 or 7 slots? Why not having 64 slots so no one will get frustrated for having gold they can not spend?
It wouldn't make sense to have near infinite slots. It needs to be balanced. And yes, I definitely agree that it's the tradeoff of playing supports, you'll have one of your slots dedicated to wards. The problem is that it takes 2 slots and not just one. And that punishes you quite a lot. It's not "having gold you can't spend", it's having big sums of gold you can't spend.
: Then what should i do then to prove that thats my account??If i know all the infos like when i created my account,or what i used my refunds on.If i know that thats pretty obvious that the account is mine.Dont try to defend riot or smth like that
I'm afraid you can't prove it. And I'm not defending Riot, I'm only giving you facts. You couldn't give a solution to the situations I gave you. I'm gonna give you a very simple one : What if you are the hacker and you are trying to get the account you hacked unbanned so you can use it again? Since you had full access to the account, you could see all the data about it (purchase history, refunds and basically everything) before you got banned. Can you prove that you're not him? Does it still sound obvious to you that you are the real owner?
: You already have a slot for wards in your support item and you have an extra slot for trinket. It's far enough already.
That's the problem, support item wards are taking a slot, and control wards are also taking another slot. So supports have only 4 slots available for real items. It's very frustrating when you have a lot of gold to buy some good item components but you can't because you need to keep a control ward in your inventory. Losing one slot is fine, but 2 is quite a lot, especially when the game advances and you start having multiple items.
: The main problem is that i gave them all of my correct account info.I told them even my first rp purchase and that was a while ago.First pentakill event.
And that's exactly my point. Those kind of info don't prove anything. Most people share with their friends the fact that they bought skins so anyone that you play with may know.
: > [{quoted}](name=Doom emissary,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=5uTd50h6,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-16T09:49:33.575+0000) > > Or play support/fill. Can't get autofilled if you fill yourself. *taps head*
You actually get autofill protection in your next games after you play support or fill (even if you do them with your own choice rather than getting autofilled).
: It means you can get autofilled, not that you will be. For you to be protected, you need to have been autofilled recently or be in a promotion series.
: Yep,i dont know anything.My friend had a problem but not with the account with other thing,and the bot responded him.XD I just say that Riot doesnt put any effort in what they do
For your specific case, it's not that they aren't doing efforts, but they just can't do much about it since you have no real proof that you are the owner of the account. Just telling them to check your IP is no proof. You might not know it, but your current IP address might be very different from the one you had before. Depending on your ISP, it might change each time you restart your router or you there is a power outage. And even if we assume it never changed, it doesn't really mean anything. Here is a true story : I introduced one of my friends to league. I helped him make his account and he often plays at my place. So since there are many games on my IP and that's where the account is created, does that mean I can just send a ticket and claim the account is mine?
: But bro i dont understand.They could see that my IP has changed.In all of my league Seasons i had honor 5.
Think about it, a lot of players can play in different places like their friend's house, family members, school, internet cafes, etc. An IP changing doesn't mean anything. Just imagine me opening a ticket and claming that your account is mine and that it was hacked and stolen from me. Wouldn't it be absurd that Riot will just say "ooh yeah sure there you go" and give it to me while blocking you from accessing it. You don't have any proof for that claim. unfortunately. And many people like your friends or some internet services can know your previous email and similar informations.
Zedant (EUW)
: Is the deck from tft the same every game?
All the champions are drawn from one single same set every game. That set is actually shared between all the players. So if you see many people having Garens, it means that you'll have less chances to get it that game.
: You're not authorised to know that. Jokes aside, I get this rarely, I think it's just a browser issue and requires a relog, typically fixes it for me - this is using chrome, I've no idea if it's replicated within other browsers. Maybe one of the wrenchmen has better insight and will see this though {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
I'm on Opera here. I don't need to relog or refresh the page, just clicking again once or twice on the upvote/downvote works for me.
: Thanks for the reply, this helps a lot.
sbepi (EUW)
: that's true, but a new player will not be ready even if he play 30 level vs players that have an idea about the game what "warwick" learner in jugnle vs me? he got spawkilled by me like 5 times in a row...he never got 1 of his camp in redside jungle.....i feel bad for him, but i played for win, he probably was like: what should i do? i would just quit the game if i was him ofc it need some changes, but yeah, something has to be done :p
It's a very complicated matter. Riot doesn't support smurfs so they won't do anything that helps them. But at the same time, a lot of new players suffer because of smurfing.
: thanks dude (or dudette) :D
: Kai'sa - why AP?
It's best to build a hybrid Kai'sa to upgrade all 3 of her abilities She needs AD for Q, AP for W and (Attack Speed) for E. Keep in mind that her Q, W and Ult all scale with AP as well. The Q scales with AP more than AD actually and it's her best damaging spell. And the most important part is her passive : It makes her auto attacks deal between 10% and 20% of her AP based on how many stacks the enemy have. Consuming all the stacks also deal damage based on her AP. The Nashor's tooth {{item:3115}} also make her deal a portion of her AP as magic damage on each basic attack. So with that build, she still deals tons of damage with her spells while not losing any attack speed or damage on her basic attacks. But on top of that, she can access many useful items that gives her a lot of defensive stats and effects like : * {{item:3102}} : Gives magic resist and a shield that blocks one spell * {{item:3157}} Gives armor and a 2.5 stasis (being completely untargettable) Ranged marksmen are a class that deals a lot of physical damage from a distance. But the drawback to that is that they lack mobility, cc and they can die very easily. But If you take those 2 items into account + Kai'sa's E (mobility + stealth) and her ult (mobility + shield). She basically removes all of the Adc's weaknesses. Having a hybrid build also makes it impossible for enemies to build against her, they can't stack a lot of armor to tank her since she also deals magic damage. She's an outstanding adc.
: really? WHAT KEY??? I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR A WAY TO HIDE THAT SON OF A GUN FOR MONTHS! ahem...yeah, as i said, this was a quickie that 10 to 15 minutes including finding the audio and the clip of Dio (my program refused to use a clip i had so i had to find a new one that it would work with it) i basically made it to get a chuckle out of my brother (which i did) but thought to share it with the community as well :)
Options => Hotkeys => Interface => Show/Hide HUD. And bind it to any key you like.
sbepi (EUW)
: leveling a new account
While the idea seems pretty interesting. In reality, most players will choose the advanced option to get the free level 20 exp and champs. It would highly ruin the ranked experience when you'll be matched by a player that only played 10 levels (and who still don't even know what a ward is). There is also a smurf queue were detected smurfs are queued so they don't play with new players. I like your idea, but I think it needs some changes before being implemented.
: Turret Plating
The bulkwark passive will indeed activate since it's related to the plate being destroyed and not players being nearby. The 160g will be lost actually since it's granted immediately on the plate's destruction. So if nobody is nearby, it will be wasted. Keep in mind that if you hit a tower, the range of the 160g is pretty big so you just need to touched it and start recalling, you'll get your gold during the recall animation if you time it well.
: i...think i took a liking to making these
I'll have to agree with Dandy Owl. It's not as good as last time. The other video had some suspense to it and we didn't know exactly what would happen (I thought first that nautilus will get destroyed cause he isn't paying attention to the roam even if the enemies moved on wards) but then he ended up destroying them. This video is just a oneshot so it got nothing much to it. Also, as an advice, it's possible in the options to bind a key to completely hide the interface (even the small thing at the bottom left corner and the minimap)
: i made a video
It's very fun XD Thanks for the laugh
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: Good or not so much?
I personally don't like that skinline at all. But many love it. So it's a matter of tastes.
Ardyn IV (EUW)
: Fair enough, ignoring the talking to your weapon part. I still think Varus' ultimate is underwhelming for a darkin. Aatrox grows in size, sprouts wings and flies and looks even more menacing. In Kayn's case, I still believe giving all 3 of Kayn's forms the same abilities was a little... lazy. I get that each ability is tweeked differently based on which form you take but generally they're the same. I just think that Varus should have an updated Ult that screams Darkin.
If you're talking about ultimates, then Kayn's ult is a shadow technique (the same that zed uses but without adding the clones) so using that as an argument for Varus is wrong. While all of them are darkins, they are different in their current state. Here's is a bit of lore to understand why they are like this : Darkins were Shuriman ascended (Like Renekton, Azir, Xerath. Did you notice how their forms and abilities are completely different from each others?) that were corrupted by the void. In other worlds, they were ancient strong warriors with different magics and abilities (No, they aren't copies of Aatrox that have to grow bigger and act the same). They can use blood magic to enhance their bodies and reinforce them. Because of the corruption, they went crazy and started doing ruthless wars killing tons of people. The only way to beat them was to seal them in their own weapons. So Aatrox is the sword, Rhaast is the Scythe and Varus is the bow (not the bodies). So basically speaking, they are useless on their own and they wait for a human to grab them so they take control of his body. Aatrox is the example of a normal case, he took fully control of a body and changed it with blood magic to enhance it (which is why it's big and red). The human body of course can't take all of that so it's decaying and slowly dying, which is why Aatrox always need new hosts. Aatrox have descended into complete madness right now, he just overrides his host instantly as he touch the sword and change his body to match his form as a big sword warlord then start running toward fights to find the next host. Rhaast's case is different because Kayn had such a big ego and strong spirit so he didn't let the darkin control him (you'll notice that only one of his arm was transformed). The ingame mechanic is a possibility, either Rhaast will gain control, or Kayn will beat him. It's very important to remember that they use blood magic to change the shape of their host and empower it. Which means that it's still their host's body. So it can be a weak body that will explode, or it can be a strong one that will stay resistant. That also basically mean that the darkin (the weapon) will be able to use all of the original body's abilities and magic, which is why Rhaast's form still use the same ultimate and abilities. Kayn already master 100% the use of the scythe as a weapon, so Rhaast have no need to change the abilities. It's basically a darkin that gained shadow magic for free since he found a perfect host for him. As for Varus, he is a fusion of 2 lovers + the darkin. They are in constant struggle which is why he's not fully transformed. If you ever ask what part of him is a darkin, did you ever notice his feets, hands hole in his chest and face? While it might not be the most badass kit, his red arrows and ultimate are totally in line with Varus's abilities as a darkin. In case you missed it, here is an official music video showing how the actual form of Varus was born : [Varus: As We Fall](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzNcSvKCOyA) (PS : there is a scene after the league logo at the end) All in all, Darkins have different skills, forms, personalities and objectives. It was long but hope it clarified why they are different.
: Missing Basic champion capsule
Getting to level 19 awards 600BE and not a champion capsule. [Reward (BE/XP) System Breakdown](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752824)
: a) How does that counter my point? You're still supposed to have mastered last hitting. Using Q is just easier (since it deals more damage than an auto) and gives mana on top of that. b) Yup it would be hard to tell in that situation.
Because it's the passive that deals damage, not the Q. refer to my other comment
: the passive itself does not apply any stacks the ability applies stacks m8 it's in the discription hitting an ability makes a stack therefor the ability is the one that made the stack
If you read it carefully, you'll notice that it's the passive that adds stacks and then consumes then if one of Vel'koz's abilities hit the enemies. His passive act as a different spell like Gnar's W. It's his W that applies stacks and then deals damage and give him movement speed. Nobody ever thinks "no, it's the auto attack". Hitting an ability for Vel'koz, or an auto attack for Gnar is just the condition. That's not what applies the stacks or deal damage. Same for the very popular Vayne's W. Everybody says "her W is very strong". That's what applies the stacks and deals damage, not her autos. Those 2 examples should make it clear enough for you.
: Buying experience for gold in game/as an item
I think it would be unhealthy for league (dota is a very different game). You should know that stats already have a theoretical value : * Attack damage has a theoretical gold value of Gold 35 per point * Ability power has a theoretical gold value of Gold 21.75 per point * 1 level have a theoretical of 600 gold So that would translate it to about 17.14 AD and 27.58 AP. It would be extremely hard to balance it since it's a lot of free stats for the champs. It would either be useless or overpowered. Even if we assume it gives 0 stats and only have a passive that gives bonus exp, getting 3 levels with it means that you already got 1800g value from it and you can then sell it for 1120 (items are sold for 70% of their price) to get another item. So it's 2920g in total after if you sell it after 3 levels. It's a Cull on steroids to be honest. It's overpowered. So basically speaking, you'd sacrifice 45.71 AD or 73.56 AP (the value of 1600g) early on to get 83.42 AD or 134.25 AP (the value of 2920g). That's almost double ! If you take into account that the points you put into spells can also add different effects/interactions (same for reaching certain levels like Garen passive regen) or make you reach power spikes, then the value is even greater than what I calculated. Let's add to that that there is no item without a build path and with 0 stats. So it would be even stronger that what I described. Also, if you don't make it available early game, then why would anybody want to buy it? The main levels people want to reach generally speaking are 6 and then 11 for their ultimate's upgrades. Nobody would want to buy it mid or late game since stats would matter a lot because of all the skirmishes and fights that happens in those phases.
: yes but a) you don't get mana refund on aa kills (except with certain champion abilities already active) and that's the point b) mana refund which is the main part of this is much more important in the early levels not later on (untill about lvl 6 or 7) at which point if you may or may not have enough ap to outright clear the backline with 1 w and 1 q (after your first back) but since it's so close you can't really determine it since it's that small of a difference at that point and there is no way of them showing weather you actually do clear them with just the q dmg after your w or not
a) How does that counter my point? You're still supposed to have mastered last hitting. Using Q is just easier (since it deals more damage than an auto) and gives mana on top of that. b) Yup it would be hard to tell in that situation.
: really then question why does the passive dmg go after the q dmg of the ability? me bringing up the passive is to illustrate that yeah i understand the dmg from the passive doesn't grant you mana refund but that it's on q so let me clarify what i meant i don't care if it's intended that u get mana back from this (even though you should IMO since that's how all other mana refund machanics work oyu hit the ability the minion dies you get mana returned same with q except in cases where that's not true) what i don't get is why does the dmg from the passive apply after the dmg from the q and not simultaneously as it should and on that point why i don't like this is because you can't tell the difference when you should get your mana back and when you shouldn't ps on the ability it doesn't say killing a unit with the dmg from the ability it says killing a unit with this ability which is why i have a problem with it as it's the q that is the reason the minion is dead
> ps on the ability it doesn't say killing a unit with the dmg from the ability it says killing a unit with this ability which is why i have a problem with it as it's the q that is the reason the minion is dead That's the point "with this ability". The passive is the one that applies stacks and then consume them to deal damage. Nothing to do with the Q.
: a) not that it's important but malee minions do gain armour throughout the game b) like i said concidering how much the dmg changes it's different an increase of since the ad (for vel'koz) which is what is mostly used when csing changes by about 5% each level compared to the 33% increase on dmg for 1 rank of q and 20% increase on his passive (these without including ap scaling and are percentages at from lvl 1 to lvl 3 higher levels the difference is even higher) i think the difference is bigger then you'd expect to change m8 change in dmg isn't flat when it comes to how much dmg you deal to a minion but looking at the hp you compare how much of a percentage the abilities deal to the minions health not the other way around i'm talking about practicality and transparency that can be used during game not that you have to click on minions to see if the ability will kill them if you have the knowledge of ohh this ability deals exactly x dmg most players (at least in ranked) don't look at the numbers but at the percentages of dmg you should deal to an opponent and visually no being clear about weather something happened or not is the problem here when you need to be focused on your surroundings instead of exact numbers
When I mentioned csing, I was talking in general, not just about Vel'koz. It does change quite a lot on AD champs as they level up and buy items. My point is, it's something most players have already mastered. The damage on Vel'koz's Q grows even faster than an auto attack damage and minions don't gain any magic resist through the game which should make it significantly easier as your window of last hitting should only keep growing significantly with time.
: considering how much the dmg of all abilities changes throughout the match that's not really an option m8 there are countless ways that your dmg can vary that's why you can approximate yeah i deal around x dmg (which yeah you can see it if it's turned on but you can't see the minions health unless you click on the minion which just ain't practical)
And how is that any different from learning to last hit with basic attacks? That damage also changes over the course of the game and you can't see minion's health unless you click on them. I honestly feel that it's exactly the same. Also, keep in mind that minions have 0 armor and magic resist, so it's like dealing true damage to them. If you're ability says "500 damage", they'll die at 500 health or less.
: the reason it bothers me is more overall visual representation related as i don't look at how much mana i should have but a general estimate it sometimes screws over the mana i had after i used it and it happens quite a few times for a simpler explanation say i'm on 110 mana (enough for w and q) i would use w then q assuming that the q killed the unit i would stay and finish of the wave since i knew i had enough mana for the e if the jungler comes to gank me however if it doesn't kill due to the q but the other way i now don't have enough mana to save take that safe risk of getting the rest of the wave in general it's misleading weather you should get the mana back or not a few animations when you do would be fine or just make it so that if you hit the q and it kills you get the mana back regerdles if it's the q that finishes off the minion or the passive applied by that q. that's my main problem with it nothing else
Isn't that just a matter of knowing your Q damage better? Just like last hitting with auto attacks. It's about knowing if the Q is enough to kill the minions. > just make it so that if you hit the q and it kills you get the mana back regerdles if it's the q that finishes off the minion or the passive applied by that q That's the quality of life improvement I suggested.
: except the passive would not be applied if you didn't hit the q if you hit it with your e you don't get mana back since it doesn't have the mana refund but in the ability description it says killing a unit with this refund 50% of the mana therefor since i killed it due to the q landing it should refund the mana
Thanks for the info about which one is applied first. For the other point, killing a unit with q is what refunds mana, the passive is completely separate from it I don't see why it bothers you.
: vel'koz mana refund
It is not a bug. The mana refund only applies to enemies killed by the Q damage. And as far as I know, the passive have priority in term of damage. So if you hit an enemy that have already 2 stacks on him and who's very low. He'll die from the passive and not refund any mana. It's pretty annoying and a quality of life improvement for Vel'koz would be to change that interaction so he can waveclear better without using too much mana.
: Do honors even do anything?
Your honor increase automatically each game you play if you're not toxic. So the more you play, the more it will increase. Honors from teammates only give a small "exp boost" for the honor level. They made it like that so you don't have to depend on people honoring you to level up.
DarkGoatx (EUW)
: LeagueOfLegends replay ROFL FILE/Rads
First, you can't open ROFL files from different patches. The only solution is to have the older patch on your computer. As for the .exe you're looking for, you'll find it in this path if you're on windows : "C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Game\League of Legends.exe"
: OP/Broken Ability Combinations
I saw this "Not gonna lie, that sounds like Doombots levels of unfair." and it made me want to make really broken stuff. {{sticker:sg-syndra}} I noticed mid post that you said "non ultimates" so I'm gonna have 2 categories : Ultimates : * **Yuumi W + Kayn R :** You stick to enemies and keep hitting them while they can't do much about it during fights. Only useful during fights since they can just run under towers to make her die in general. * **Sylas R + Neeko passive :** You fully copy an enemy champion with all his abilities for the duration * **Ivern R + Neeko passive :** You summon a copy of an enemy champ that you control for a duration * **Pyke/Urgot R + Karthus R :** Undodgeable global executes. I don't know who's better between pyke and Urgot. Urgot is always good since it's 25% Hp while Pyke can be overpowered since the execute threshold can grow bigger if you get fed (but will be small if you're behind). Ooh wait ! Pyke is better !! Because it's time you kill one of them you can use ult again. So it's guaranteed global penta. * **Pyke R + Gankgplank R :** This is another variation of the previous one. Global execute on one zone that slows and have many ticks. So it's guaranteed to kill any enemies that stay in the zone. * **Karthus R + Anything really :** I'm realizing that having a global undodgeable spell is very strong since it guarantees hard to land spells on all enemy team. Like combining it with Zoe Q will make it hit super harder if you're far from enemies (just ult from base for guaranteed kills). Or with any cc like Lissandra's ult to make all the enemy team stunned for ages. So let's say Karthus ult is banned from this game. * **Xerath R + Bard R :** Many semi global stasis. * **Swain W + Victor R :** Having a semi global giant eye of Mordor follow you while dealing tons of damage and slowing you. * **Kalista R + Tahm Kench W :** You can take enemies inside you and throw them into your team or under towers from a big range. * **Cho'Gath R + Nasus Q :** You can keep stacking HP, damage and size infinitely on minions (you'll end up becoming bigger than the whole map). * **Fiddlesticks R + Nunu R :** After a biref channel, you can TP and move during an Aoe damage over time ult that slows enemies up to 95% and that will explode after 3s dealing 1275 (+ 250% AP). It's basically a Nunu ult on steroids since you can TP/move in it and even use Zhonya's. * **Kayle R + Soraka R :** Heal all allies while making them untargettable and deal damage to enemies after the duration. Non Ultimates : * **Aurelion Sol W + TF W :** You'll have many golden cards turning around you. If an enemy gets touched once, he's basically dead because of the perma cc + damage. * **Taric Q + Gangplank W :** Instant cleanse and heal for all your team even when you're ccied. * **Nunu W + Kayn E :** You don't have to worry about walls anymore. * **Zoe Q + Jhin W :** Very easy to land massive damage skillshot that isn't blocked by minions. * **Shaco W + Heimerdinger Q :** The box's also contain towers that will destroy you upon activation. * **Ashe W + Ahri E :** Send 9 charms which makes it an aoe (can charm multiple enemies) and impossible to miss. * **Kindred W + Soraka E :** Massive damaging, silence and slowing zone that will root you if you don't get out of it. Hint : You won't be able to because of the size :D . * **Pantheon E + Poppy W :** Movement speed, dash blocking and damage immunity from all directions while being able to auto and cast other spells. * **Morgana E + Sivir E :** You are immune to all spells for the shield duration. Because Morgana's E is a magic shield so it can only be broken by magic damage (so autos can't remove it) and Sivir's E will block all spells. So this spell can grant near immunity and can be given to allies (adcs won't have to be scared of assassins anymore and bruiser won't have to worry about cc). Sounds like the right amount of broken for me. * **Sion passive + Karthus passive :** After dying, you can move and cast spells while having speed, infinite mana, life steal/spell vamp and being untargettable. Ooh god this is next level broken. You'll literally beg enemies to kill you. New inting meta incoming ! I had a lot of fun looking for broken combinations. If you like those and want more, tell me and I might take time to think of more. I'm also looking forward to you adding more to the list. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
nasenbaer (EUW)
: My first editing video
It's really awesome for a fist video ! I love the fact that it's different from the usual outplay montages. Maybe you could make a small story with this format. You know like the omega squad video that Riot made (omega squad trying to save teemo)
: What i used to do is play Bot games with 5 man Pre. It doesnt give as much xp as normal games but if you push mid as 5 you can finish games in >15 minutes. Do that for 4-5 hours daily and you and your friends will be 1-30 in a week.
Bot games gives reduced exp compared to normal games
: We need a new system to handle toxicity
> Clarity: With so many reports circulating arround. Riot has done a poor job communicating this to the toxic player. These players are often unaware about their own toxicity and some of them don't even care if they are toxic are not. Cases like this need to be detected & that's impossible without feedback from them. Overview: Players currently can't access their account status. I wouldn't mind to have an inferface to see how toxic I am in game. If I have for some odd reason I flamed a players I want to see this reflected out their in the status. It doesn't have to be a complex system. Just a bar that rate of between 1-10 on how positive I am in league. Everyone start on 5 and it will increase or decrease depended on verified report cases, honors & just playing games without report cases involved. This is a brilliant point in my opinion !!!! Being able to see how good your behavior is will encourage people to be more honorable when they see that the bar is full since they'll want to keep it that way. Seeing it drop down and become yellow (if there is a color system like green/yellow/red) means that you're getting closer to danger zone and many will correct their behavior based on that feedback since they won't want to lose all their honor progress. Entering yellow zone should immediately give players a warning notification. Having real time feedback is a huge plus : "Your recent behavior haven't been appreciated by many of your teammates" Riot could also use that opportunity to fill the "honor tab"they'll add (the one where we'll see the bar) with tips and informations that many players ignore like the fact that the number of reports don't matter or that report calling is punishable.
FulLovsKi (EUW)
: wow this post is so complete (im not being ironic) well i just want to say that it is kinda frustrating how mages can just press a button to make a whole combo useless and so i still think that zhonya needs a slight nerf not a armor nerf(not a big one at least) but something that will make mid lane more enjoyable u probably have already guessed by now that im a zed main that got scared because of a zhonya play so i just wanted to see what others think of zhonya and how to nerf it in a way that will be ok to everybody (also about the downvote and upvote part i totally understood that but i just want people to say what made them disagree like every one that has contributed to the discussion so far wich i appreciate very much and thank them for that)
It definitely is frustrating to have your combo removed by a press of a button. But there are a lot of ways to play around it. First, you should know that the game and assassins isn't just about going all in. If you just all in from the first time, it's very easy for the enemy to block it and escape or kill you. Don't forget that you're an assassin, you're always a kill threat to squishy enemies. By the team you reach level 6, you should have your {{item:3134}} for some sweet lethality. Landing a correct W E Q combo while having electrocute up is more than enough to remove at least 50% of any classic mage's health. So you just need to use it a first time to put enemies in a kill threat range without even having to use ult (they might even get baited to use it). They will have to use Zhonya's to survive or they die the second time. When used, it makes them unable to move so you can finish them after it's effect wears of with your ult, ignite and coup de grace (the passive rune that increases your damage on low health enemies). Zhonya's also have a 120s cooldown as someone else mentioned so it gives you plenty of time to have opportunities. You shouldn't think of a kill as "I have enough damage, let me just do my full combo and they are dead" and then "Ooh no, they blocked it with an item". You're an assassin, so think like one ;) A kill needs setup and good planning. They only have Zhonya's, you have poke, a slow and a lot of damage (I'm talking about zed here) so using your tools correctly will help you secure more kills easier. Also, going Zhonya's is something that mages hate. It reduces their damage enormously compared to something else like Luden's Echo (which give them 90AP, a full 20% cdr and tons of mana on top of the damage passive). But this point have been removed due to the apparition of the free stopwatch on the runes. So they can still have their normal build while being able to stasis once. That's why a lot of people hate stopwatch and it's been dominating rune choices. It's a free stasis + 600g.
xxxXFANXxxx (EUNE)
: Mini client games
That would be awesome ! {{sticker:sg-lux}} I would love a trivia about the lore. It could also have a leaderboard.
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