: Platinum: how to pass the hell?
same problem really same problem
xCillion (EUW)
: So did you get the Bug Splat error msg? Or was it a cannot recconect due to xyz error message? Could you eventually provide a screen of the error msg? Or atleast tell us what exactly it said? ^.^ A BugSplat usually brings up the BugSplat report error Window where you can choose to send the report or not. Did this happen?
Probally just a server problem. Hapenned like the other times everyone dc and then do nt appear in the match history. But im mad i was winning hard and this happens it s already hard to get lp when u have like a good advantage early riot comes and BAMH no more game -_- Still thanks to answer
Icyke (EUW)
: RITO why always in promo's...
Same problem in a ranked game won at 10 mins just gg rito
I3onito (EUW)
: Anyone else DC?
ME on ranked when we were 6-0 at 10 mins
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Sffc (EUW)
: Pool Party Rewards
I hate this system it so stupid ppl just report you for no reason if you do well in game they report you because you are good this is just 2 stupid i do nt understand and then they say 98% of the comunity isn t toxic oh damn it s more 98% of the comunity do nt get restricted do nt know how but almost all normal that i go i have a flamer or more i rreally do nt understand this. yes i was chat restricted. -_-
Celes (EUNE)
: Internet problem made me win! xD
Just a pure ..... just lost a promo game because of 3 guys of my team dc better fix this game no riot?
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: Unranked Team Looking for Players !
: Starting a serious Team
hi! my ign is DoraemonExtreme, im sixteen years old and i main jungle My main champs are:{{champion:72}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:32}} but like play others champs like:{{champion:4}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:64}} im currently platinum 3
brawIer93 (EUW)
: Team looking for a stable, active jungler
hi? need be from uk to join? if do nt im here xD
: Looking for team members
Hi plat 3 main jungle
: Ranked Team Plat + (euw)
HI plat 3 main jungle w8ing your answer or add me :)
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: Pants Optional looking for a ADC
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: League of legends chat log in
Same problem clock re-install worked?
Megabyt (EUW)
: LF Players - Starting Ranked 5s Team Gold/Low Plat Elo Semi-Serious
IGN:DoraemonExtreme Age:16 Country:Portugal Role:ADC or Jungle Rank:Plat 3
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Maszat (EUW)
: LOOKING FOR 3v3 ranked team ! (with aim of gold/plat/dia)
Hi? xD Plat 5 here Add me in game xD (ALPACAS)
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