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God of Seas (EUNE)
: Dont worry just give the account to me and the toxic people wont bug you no more. For real tho i want a pbe account and the site for registrating pbe is closed since always. Rito pls :(
I do not have an account either, I see me friend play there and getting matched with awful people. I wish I could join him :P
: I had a PBE account (maybe still do, havent logged in there for months), but I found that the true PBE community is one of the best in League. But occasionally Riot lets in a wave of new players who treat the PBE like a playing ground and think that anything is allowed there. As far as I know, Riot is even more strict on the behavior of players on the PBE server than on the regular servers, so those players were gone pretty quickly.
I can believe that! Now that there is no group chat service in the new client is must be harder to find the good gems in there. I've seen my friend getting a lot of awful people playing solo queue (normals). I hope I've just seen the bad side then :P
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Ofcourse it is! But when it is very known that an item is literally broken (fire cape doing insane damage 1 shotting everybody) and they rush it every darn game I call it abusing.
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Marissa (EUW)
: (Securing) a win versus Sportsmanlike Conduct
If you get this person on your team the enemy team wouldn't ever give you a chance, It's a waste of LP. I wouldnt feel better with a flaming team. I do say be the one who does it different (the right way) but in ranked it's understandable if you don't.
Jèffrey (EUW)
: ECV Academy LF Dutch Jungle and Support
Mijn ingame naam is Dotje en ik ben 19 jaar, ik zit in dia 5 atm. Ik main {{champion:267}} het hardst maar kan ook {{champion:40}} heel goed. (Ik kan elke andere support ook spelen maar ik focus op deze want ik geniet het hardste van hun) Bijv {{champion:432}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:201}} kan ik ook redelijk. Ik heb niet veel ervaring met teams heb er ooit in twee gezeten dat helaas niks werd. Ik zou graag eventjes willen proberen om te kijken hoe het gaat en hoe gezellig/leuk het team is. Als je liever direct een vast iemand hebt dan kan je mij het beste afwijzen :P
Sianon (EUNE)
: Did you actually read the notification or did you just see the font colour? Notifications stating someone got an S on your team or that you must own a champion to earn loot have the same font colour.
Yeh the notification said I earned a key shard. I also owned the champ.
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Lyroit (EUW)
: If you mute a enemy you also "mute" their emotes
Can confirm, very helpful^
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: Not a rant, but a lowelo question.
Try to indeed outkite him, CC him (from a distance) before the ult (if he's already in your tail he'll probably ult instantly), or save it untill his ult is over and make sure you hit your bind then, maybe exhaust after if your carry is almost dying. If you buy a locket you can also try to save your shield for your carry to survive it, maybe crucible too if he's being too sticky with his annoying ass no cooldown slow. I'm not great against him either, but PATIENCE is really important versus this guy. Don't randomly try to trow stuff at him out of panic, but try to damage him with basics.
Bündas (EUW)
: LVL 30 what to do ? Ranked Advice and How to be a better player
A simpel tip my friends used to tell me, wait till you have a total of 200 normal wins, then consider it. But if you really want to play competetive you can sure begin your placements.
: Why Are People Doing This
I don't know how people feel nothing while typing something harsh like that.
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Mada (EUW)
: ye, play ranked, problem solved
They dont have em in ranked? Then I guess it's not caused by the minions coz I tried ranked. Thanks for the tip
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: Whole team stuck in champion select
The same bug happend to me and I dodged
Got the same problem after a champ select bug: Someone couldnt ban and everybody was stuck waiting for the ban to go off
lulose (EUW)
: S2 Support w/ good MMR. Anyone to teach me to G5?
Hello, I main supp in diamond playing mostly janna nami and lulu I was also silver 1 last season and my best advice is finding a good duo because its hard to carry as a support, plus playing very often helps improving too. Feel free to add me and Ill see what (small) tips I can give you. you still need ^^
: Meet your future ranked team! TONIGHT!
Great idea to host this for once
: [GRADES] Supports Are Underrated Massively
Wardscore XP and kills would make a difference I guess.
: can we start banning supports that dont play support.
You're not 100% supposed to serve as ur role, especially if you're not used to support. It's hard to remind yourself of warding, and you feel more comfortable doing some damage, and maybe you're even better off doing so. but if you want wards around, or want us to do anything else ASK FRIENDLY or do it urself. [edit] SUPPORTS ARE NO SLAVES! {{item:3025}}
: Don't play League when you are drunk or on drugs PLEASE
I played bard once when I was very tipsy, I didnt realize it was a ranked game untill we won it. No, I didnt do bad at all! But I had an enormous amount of fun doing it tho XD But ehh I would not play if I'm not able to focus at least a tiny bit, I don't like ruining the game for others.
: My first and 100% last LoL season
Find an (almost) full premade team of friends will help, or else u should try your best to find another game. If that doesnt work u just gotta deal with the toxidity, I do by taking breaks whenever I can't handle it,or at least always bring 1 friend into every game. The best thing to do is just ignore the negativity and stay positive!
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arsa1998 (EUNE)
: Champion Nami
I used to think nami is useless as well, but in some comps she seems to fit really well and shes great with chasing/kiting. I do agree she needs a small buff but they need to be careful. Btw with the new unholy grail her heals are op!
: I FINALLY MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought it was a promotion to challenger or something, I was wrong. Good job on lvl 7 friend! :D
Gr1p3 (EUW)
: Do you have some video, replay or something?
Ohhh watching a replay is a great idea!
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Solash (EUW)
: Patch 6.10 in a Nutshell
U forgot the error message
: I don't like the new splash art because Volibear's mouth looks rly ugly.
Indeed, and I think the thunder is also too flashy, somehow doesnt seem to fit
Ryunedo (EUNE)
: Grade system is not fair for support players >:(
Play soraka, ult for assists and do your best not to die, because with a ton of assists and like no deaths you will still get S. If you dont play soraka, try simply not to die.
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Why does gender matter?
I'm a curious person, random facts interest me :) So don't worry, gender actually doesnt matter
Rismosch (EUW)
: My life is going down
Hey :) Took my time to read it as you admit what's going on, at least you're not denying. I would say, take small steps forwards in your life, don't worry about taking one back. You know you have no other choice so the best thing is to start right now as soon as possible. Accept the people here trying to help you and try to face reality, only to improve. Please take these words, and good words from others serious, you may seem to be a simple random person, but (almost) nobody likes someone else to suffer. Especially if they see you have better potentional Have a good day~
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: i play support because...
I play support because I'm not good and confident at carrying and love making carrying easyer for others ^^.
: I am working towards all 66666666 It has a much better effect =)
+Teemo main plz :d I had 666 wins last week
Kurbeh (EUW)
: >Not level 11 Are you even trying?
Fuckdamn you're right!
: I would buy that account for €1,11 :)
haha! Sorry but I already screw over the ip, not for sale :3
Najns (EUW)
: Make sure you don't play games so you don't ruin this perfection :D jk jk good job ^^
haha yes I ain't playing anymore now XD It's still on this amount!
Dotje (EUW)
: Just take a look to what I did :D
Oh noes, u think I'm hacking or something? '^' How can I prove I didn't? :D I'm really proud of doing this y'know..
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Dotje (EUW)
: We wait till rito notices us, I just wonder how it can be that others can still login and we can't, I tried another account, couldn't login.
: same here, how to fix it??
We wait till rito notices us, I just wonder how it can be that others can still login and we can't, I tried another account, couldn't login.
: Must be on all of EUW? There is no status update yet...
My friend could just login even after he logged out, so it's just some.
: Cannot Login, Could not Connect and got Logged out after game.
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