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Rondö (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dotter Saga,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EMj1flz3,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-30T11:07:20.480+0000) > > every queue has its own matchmaking. Just cause they are diamond mmr in solo does not mean they got same mmr in flex or normal queue. > This is known information but it still seems that people are surpised by this. Nobody cares about why we have diamond vs. bronze in normals It's shouldn't be happening. Idc about MMR, Riots explains and etc. We have problem, and this problem must be fixed. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
> [{quoted}](name=Rondö,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EMj1flz3,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-03-30T11:15:07.956+0000) > > Nobody cares about why we have diamond vs. bronze in normals > It's shouldn't be happening. Idc about MMR, Riots explains and etc. We have problem, and this problem must be fixed. > {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Play ranked and you will only get other bronze in your games?
: Matchmaking still broken in Normals
every queue has its own matchmaking. Just cause they are diamond mmr in solo does not mean they got same mmr in flex or normal queue. This is known information but it still seems that people are surpised by this.
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: LF Players to form a club [nice] [friendly] [teamwork] [asian-style]
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HdtvSK (EUW)
: Buy more runes
why? i got two generic pages that a buddy of mine said i should get, is it really that needed to get more runes ?
Mr Naekh (EUW)
: Well it would depend if you want to stick to the meta or just find something fun. I'm a toplane main and the meta is tank, with tanks and tanks. So right now Malphite is strong, I won't even talk about Ekko (I love him don't get me wrong but right now it is stupid), Maokai and such. My deep love for top lane is Darius. but he'off meta right now. Though I have some success playing him in my ranked, but I'm low elo so people don't go exactly full meta. So I'd would say Darius for top but it has no other points than: DUUUUUUNK!!!!! If you want to learn how to top, find a champ you like and if possible not banned all games and stick with him, then learn the lane management, matchups and such. I learnt top that way, spammed Darius and watched streams from good top laners about lane equilibirum, when to push, when not to push, TP or not, etc... Marksman I have no idea, I'm terrible at it. Long story short, what kind of playstyle are you looking for? I see Ryze, ekko, gnar and Jayce, it's a little all over the place. Do you want a tanky one? A sort of carry one?
i noticed alot of tanks latley and its blergh. I used to play only what the mighty randomness of hextech chest would give me, including a dunkmaster darius so i tried him out a bit and he was really fun but i never did well with him^^ My playstyle is really wierd, since i play alot of diffrent champions and i dont really care if they are tanky or more damagy, since its a teamgame and you need to work as a team mostly
TTekkers (EUW)
: If you want to learn how to play ADC, I wouldn't play Jhin & Twitch - they're both super fun, but also both non-standard, so I would recommend something like {{champion:51}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:18}}
non standard? most i see a lucian and sivirs ingame^^ i tried 3 of those, not caitlyn but i find Jhin to be super fun and hard, his playstyle intrigues me in a way that lucian, sivir and tristana havent altou i still play others from time to time
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Mojihito666 (EUNE)
: Ex Poppy mains
i love the new poppy, its not as "pop ult and oneshot a carry without being touch" wich was stupid gameplay mechanic now you actully haft to build towards surving or doing dmg
Wolffer (EUW)
: bro der er ikke mange der taler svensk XDDD
verkar som du har rätt
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: looking for duo partner to push platinum-diamond
jana (EUW)
: well congrats on the win. you think to mutch about leagues still. if you can constantly play on your actual lvl you should have no problems climping up :) so good luck on your climp. also if you need some help/tips/coaching feel free to add me or ask.
im almost to gold, but last 5 games in a row my botlane on my team has always lost hard, so its not easy anymore:(
: oversimplifying it, they will fall off too heavily. Illaoi can do well against most matchups in the top lane but aatrox and udyr will lose in most situations. All of them are very easy to kite which makes it hard for them to be useful in team fights. Best explanation, why you shouldn't play them in the top lane, is that every other top laner does their work better. so there is really no reason to play them. extremely good udyr, illaoi or aatrox will lose to a decent irelia/ gnar without taht much effort, and they are both more useful in the late game too.
that sucks, guess its just how the champion is balanced but for my level of play they might work
: first of all poppy is a good pick in the top lane very strong somewhat situational now for those 3 champs i have to say udyr is more of a jungler but can hold his own in top lane (can be harrased easy) aatrox is prob a late game scaling but can be shut down with grievous wounds and tends to need a lead and can be countered easly ( although i don't play him myself) illaoi is weak for one reason, he is predicable as hell sure he's got strong numbers but only if he hits his tentacles and those can be avoided with one braincell so i have to go with aatrox i tend to play champs that don't need to win gmes but make plays or tank loads of damage for the team - malphite (if you can hit his ult right its prob gg for the team) -shen (suprisingly strong and his ult brings unseen map pressure) FAVORITE -mundo (if he gets going he is unstapable but as of late he is almost permaban so i don't play him that often any more) -volibear ( he can snowball ahead in the right lane and is a great damage source and peeler)
thank for the info, tobad malphite, mundo and volibear dosent seem that interesting to me, Shen looks like fun
: go ahead and pick one of those, but don't expect to be useful. illaoi is the best one among those 3.
care to eloborate to why they are bad picks? people told me Poppy {{champion:78}} is a bad pick (been flamed alot when i play and pick her) but i find her fun and good
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Smerk (EUW)
: Think that your opponents are better than you all the time, this way you can do your best without worrying about your teammates and opponents. And in situations where you meed higher divisions players just tell them that you're bronze smurf and wreck them, so they will know the pain. Divisions don't show true skill, if you're playing in the same match then system thinks that you are equally skilled
i normaly dont think, except for when facing a heimerdinger top and i got rekt so hard, i didnt die but i could hardly cs or get close to him. i have had so many rage at me when i die and mainly cause i pick poppy, people seem to not like her but i noticed that division dosent mean much, i thought i was facing silvers then i got slightly suprised by golds but realised fastr they werent much better
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Smerk (EUW)
: Well, Plat 5 can have MMR as low as gold 4, and as you can see all 3 Plat 5s have negative winrate, so they have MMR lower than plat for sure. At the same time you have good winrate for silver 1, so your MMR can easily be higher that gold 5. But to be fair you should not look at those sites at all, they don't show anything really useful, most of the time they will only affect your morale in negative way
my friend told me to use that site to check every loading screen for incase someone has good winrates / kda so i know before hand, altou i check it i dont think about it ingame so im not sure why i use it, but this time i really boggled my mind when i saw platinums and people asked me what a silver was doing in their game
jana (EUW)
: this game does not exist in your recent [history]( (last 20 games) that sayed it can happen if you for example win alot of your placement games and then end up with higher mmr. or if parts of the enemy team have a low mmr while on a higher league. your mmr tents to be low/mid gold so this is maybe realy accurat. looking at the enemy's winrate in ranked (all negative winratios) the szenario becomes even better. that sayed a player who has this winrates especialy over more games (200+) is more likely placed over his division. so if you meet a plat 5 with bad winrates you will maybe have a easyer time then agains a gold 3 with good winrates. this trend is set through all devisions. i know alot dia v players with extremly bad winrates (around 50-52% winrate over 200-1000 ranked games). these players are typicly easy to outplay. in a short time mesurement the winrate isnt accurat enough. so typicly around 200 games it becomes relatively close to your mmr. with this knowlage you may end up deciding the players skill lvl with their statistics and recent performance. a player who lost alot is more likely to lose due to mentality(same applyes vice versa also). also players who main champions and get their role + champion(s) are very likely to peform well. as you see this topic can get rly complex. in the end you should be happy to play agains those players. they may just underpeform currently. so your chance of winning increses :) PS: sry for wall of text
my match should be there since i posted this in loading screen, so it would take a while for us to finish it=) thank you for all that info, it was somewhat helpful i was a interesting game cause we died alot cause of them being better then us but we manage to become victorius in the end since i managed to land some nice ulties with poppy and turn a full teamfight into 3v5 and i caught some people offguard a few time and popped them:D altou our adc was almost never with us for teamfights, she was just out farming and our jungler/mid died alot solo aswell:(
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: im in silver and i play with friends who are all plat and im better than they are
: någon som vill duoq?
: någon som vill duoq?
Attix (EUW)
: Hei min sammensvorne skandinav!
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: Svensk silver 4 söker en duo q partner
Bump Vart silver 2 igår, går snabbt frammåt mot guld
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Schnebols (EUW)
: Are you doing much PvP? If not, start there! Pick about 3 champions you can play 'perfectly' and stick to them. Ideally have 2/3 different positions you can play, otherwise it could be an issue if someone instalocks.
i mostly do PvP and only vs AI when i got little time to play
Arturs1670 (EUNE)
: I'd suggest getting a team together and trying to play ranked teams, you just have to play 10 games in that team and if they get to gold with out you, you will still get the border (In ranked teams for TT or SR) and victorius skin. + a chance to get ward skins :)
why would i join a team and let them get to gold without me just to get the rewards? i havent earn them then. Do people do this alot? i assume you do this since you suggested it
: almost 30, what i need to know about ranked?
Wanna thank everyone who gave such wonderful inforrmation about the game, you gave me a rough sketch of how the game is supose to be played and what can happen (both good and bad sides) i will use this information for when i start ranked later today, i still got 600exp left to go
: > [{quoted}](name=Dotter Saga,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=X4W8aaHo,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2015-08-18T20:45:31.423+0000) > > that is alot of info, thank you for this You're welcome, and sorry for the length of my post. I tried to keep it shorter, but I still felt I should leave the most important stuff in. I could really elaborate that even more xD
i wish i had a duoq partner but i know one person who plays and he is already in platinum and been in a long time, he helps me about the game but i cant que with him he says. I still like Marksman the most even if you make it seem like the hardest roll to play^^ i think i will continue with my lucian and perhaps get some more marksmans so i can try diffrent ones
: > [{quoted}](name=Dotter Saga,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=X4W8aaHo,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-08-18T18:59:32.576+0000) > > i got Shyvana from mystery champion, the others i have not seen or heard off. > > ADC i like, its the Marksman right? i really like lucian in the bottom lane > > i assume that top is where fightesr are like you call them > > i really like bot lane but you make it sound hard to play Botlane is the hardest lane to play due to the fact that it is a 2 Person lane for each side. Which means no only you have to focus on cs/trading with 1 enemy (or watching lanes if jungling) but you also have to keep an eye on what your lane partner is doing, and what the enemy lane partner is doing - along with having to keep an eye on the map as every other laner has to do too. This means that botlane is harder to play due to the simple yet impactful fact that you have to process a lot more information in a lot less time in order to Play the role the best way possible. It also requires more Game Knowledge than Top/Mid because not only do you have to understand the matchups for 1 Role, but actually 2 - with Damage output, powerspikes, itemizing during laning because of the matchup yet for the mid-lategame, etc. Along with ALL of this that already is a LOT - but this you can actually impact by urself, and it depends only on you - You also have to take into account that Synergy and Communication, prediction of what your partner will do, etc will play a BIG ROLE on wether you win or lose your lane; this will of course also impact the outcome of the game. Thus botlane is best to stay away from in SoloQ, specially if you do not have a consistent DuoQ partner of your level that will/can improve and learn with you. P.S.: The role that requires the highest amount of game knowledge in the whole game is the jungler (if we have to talk about effectivity and efficiency, that is). Why? Because he has to understand lane momentum, when a wave will push or be pushed, this greatly influences the outcome and circumstances for a gank specially in early levels. He also needs the greatest amount of champ knowledge since he will be ganking all sorts of champs at all points in the game, and not knowing a decisive powerspike can easily end up in a Double kill for an enemy.
that is alot of info, thank you for this
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: DON'T jump into ranked right away, save yourself the trouble. I know it doesn't seem like it, but trust me, Ranked is WAY harder than normals. You should play normals alot till you have at least 10 champions (2 for each role) that you can play very well.
whats diffrent about ranked? is it diffrent stats or something you get ingame? diffrent rules? cause how is it way harder then normals?
TTekkers (EUW)
: Don't dive into ranked straight away, play some more normals after lvl 30 because (for me at least) the matchmaking started putting me with people who were actually good at the game. Anyway, ignore the flame, be prepared to play any role and remember it's just a game so enjoy it :D
i been facing alot of people who are really good during my leveling, some say they are smurfs and from what i was told it means a second account. The flame i seen ingame has been huge, never seen anything like it before
: Some other points; To be honest, you need to familiarise yourself with all the LoL basics and have them down to a t. Just because someone reaches 30 by no means makes them ready for ranked (if you like to play competatively). However, it is just a game so give it a try if you want.
what better place to learn then ranked? from what i understand its exectly the same as normal except you get to ban and have a picking phase
: If it helps you, the border shows the rank of your PREVIOUS season so it won't appear until the end of the season no matter how much ranked you play. You still have time to learn and STILL get the border ^^
oh, tought it showed your current rankings
iHeyt (EUNE)
: Better get hang in every role (adc, apc, top, jungle, supp) so you can fill every role
i like ADC (or marksman as it says in roles) i noticed that alot of Tanks goes top, but someone recently told me its fighters i assume APC is Mid but not sure what it stands for, i know mages are there jungle i tried twice and it was wierd support i enjoy aswell, you seem to be super tank or wierd high dmg picks
Prod0x (EUW)
: Dont care about flamer play your game do your best dont flame if you have premade in team u will lose premade bot u can stay afk guess thats all :D:D
so if i premade with people i will loose? and since i like bottom lane i will afk?
Hat (EUW)
: That no1 will be thanksfull for a newly lvl 30 in ranked. Or get stuck at lower ELO. But what the hell, season is almost over, might as well get a tatse of the madnes. Best things to do are to ward a lot ( just use trinket), don't flame or blame because you will only piss people of. And play easy OP champions and don;t try anything special..
what are some easy OP champions? i like lucian alot
: Ping Issues EUW?
i usally around 44 and now i got 152 last two games
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