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Lari (EUNE)
: Blaming jg
I started recently to learn jungler role and yes, it is very difficult, people blames you for everything for every their mistake. At the end of the match I have headache, for real... U have to stop to expect that your jungler has to be everywhere on the map; the fact that gets me so mad is the vision, they reject so hard the idea to place a ward, oh... and they will never buy a pinkward, nono 75 gold are so much. Sometimes I have more vision score than the support. That's the only thing that makes me really angry and toxic: vision, u people must learn how to give vision, because a simple ward can worth an entire teamfight. (i apologize for my english mistakes)
Styros (EUNE)
: akali ? Nope we don't need another event and skin for garbage akali. Zed vs shen? Yes
I think they want to focus on the same lane, like 2 toplaners, 2 mid etc... but yeah, I hope for Zed vs Shen too, I love their entire lore and I want more stuff about them
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: All Eyes on Vitality in Group B
Go Vitality!!!!{{sticker:leblanc-funny}}


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