ExpStealer (EUNE)
: I'm no Gold+ PRO myself, was only Silver V last season, but I have an account on EUW and I can still teach you some of the things you need to know. However, recruiting a patient high ELO summoner would be better. Besides, University is pressurizing me with a shitload of stuff right now, so...
would awesome if you could mate i'd really appreciate it, add me in-game when you get the chance.
rèV (EUW)
: It is very unlikely for you to get banned, unless you flame back or you intentionally feed. So you don't really need to worry about that. Additionally i want to offer you my perspective as a long time player, that has witnessed the development of the scene and as someone who also gets frustrated by people playing bad. First of all i want to say, that your perception of the game is probably the idealistic and, kind of, right one. It's just a game, you should just play the game with others, let everyone play it like they want etc. It's how its supposed to be: Everyone plays, everyone has fun and and enjoys it. Reality is different though. There are a lot of circumstances, that make the game not enjoyable at all and pleasing every player in the game is almost impossible. It starts with the fact that everyone has different expectations about the game and everyone enjoys different things. There are simply players, that don't enjoy games which they don't win. There are also players that don't enjoy playing meta champions or people that don't like to talk. The point is: There is a huge diversity of player types with different expectations about the game - and that will often lead to imbalanced, and in my opinion, bad games. Another really toxic thing about the game is simply the fact, that matches are not assembled by human hand. The matchmaking is automated by a system and i think we can all agree on the fact, that there are a lot of matches, that are really, really imbalanced. We, as players, have to use the matchmaking (be honest, no one wants to always make custom games) and we have to rely on it. Again, just a disclaimer, nothing i'm saying is to advocate or justify flaming. But being matched as someone with fairly high expectations into an unwinnable game surely is a reason to get frustrated. I, as a player, usually want to win games, regardless of the game mode. As long as i'm not playing with 5 premades and we agree to do stupid stuff, i want to win. Of course, everyone has different priorities about the game, but the nature of the game is to win it. To destroy the nexus, that is how the game ends. I can personally say, that i don't enjoy stomps or any clown fiestas at all. It is very unsatisfying for me to play games, that are not winable or that don't have a decent level of gameplay. I feels like a complete waste of time itself, not only because the game is not winable but also because the gameplay is also atrocious. That is what leads to the frustration and to the point why, i think at least, a lot of players flame. I think it would be very strange to not have any expectations about the game after you played it for 5+ years. You will develope a certain standard and certain expectations of the players you play with. And they are badly needed for you to make plays or enjoy the game. it's a little bit like playing in a band. You want your mates to be able to play the same song you do and you don't want to stop every single second to correct them or tell them what to do next. It gets old and frustrating really fast. Again, not everyone will be playing like you want it, but that's kind of the bane of automated matchmaking and why i mentioned it. But it is just not fun if games are easily winable but none of your 4 teammates actually understands the basics. And this is (or should be) the case for every player who actually spends a lot of time at this game, it was even mentioned by 3 ex-pro players that are now streaming in the newest episode of beyond the rift. They simply don't enjoy playing with people significantly worse than them, it makes the game horrible. (source: https://youtu.be/U-YTSCuiJQo?t=3274 ) Besides all the psychological thing i mentioned just now, League is huge in terms of what you can reach. It's not a "simple" game anymore, it's rather the game that can bring you the most fortune outside of it. Over the years, a huge amount of different services resolving around League developed itself and people actually took it as viable career paths or to make money. Skin shops, coaching sites, streaming, progaming, eloboosting etc. There is a huge amount of services offered for it. Someone actually payed half his house after selling skins for a year as a skinshop owner (source: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/2aczs2/owner_of_lolskinshop_ama/citwd7f/), pro players in NA are reported to actually make 6 figures now (also mentioned by scarra in a beyond a rift episode), streamers are making a living off of streaming the game. Imaqtpie is reported to make between 1 and 2 million dollar per year as the top league streamer. There are coaches, like last shadow aka LS, that really only make a living of coaching, people that only focus on Youtube and so on. Ultimately, what i want to say is: The game is much more than just a game, maybe not to you and to me, but for others. And the fact, that it opens up a lot of different doors is a pretty big reason why people behave like they do. Is it realistic, that a bronze/silver player becomes the next big streamer or LCS player? No, definitely not. Does it justify being an asshole, forcing your way to play on others and putting your motivation before others? No, also not. But does it happen and does it make players want to reach these things? Yes, definitely. I don't want you to change your thinking and ways about the game, but i want you to understand, that things are a lot more complexe than you make them look with your idea about the game and that your simple idea of just playing has a hard time surviving if you think others have the same idea of the game. Only choice is to enjoy the game like you do without carrying about what others prioritize (and be aware that there WILL be bad games, where you clash with others) or to move on.
Firstly i'd like to thank you for all the information you've provided and very helpful tips. And I do understand how big it is, i'm constantly watching LoL Esports vids on youtube every night, because they're entertaining to watch and hope i can learn a thing or two by watching them (although its hard to learn from pro players when they do things so quickly its hard for someone like me to see) and also watching streamers and youtube guides to understand what champions i should have in my pool to pick for the role i choose to play, and i'm not aiming for the most dominant / wanted roles (mid / adc) i'm usually going for Top / Sup and learning from each game someone in the comments below advised me to download and watch my own replays and learn from that which i've started doing which is helping also. But yes like you said alot of people play for alot of different reasons and mine is fun but to ultimately win the game and become better, i've had my account between 1 and 2 years and honestly ive played a few games and gave up went to other games and come back and forth etc etc, and this time i want to become better at the game because i used to give up on games that require too much time to become good at and/or skill, but at this moment in time im currently out of work so i have A lot of free time and i feel like just playing this game trying to become better if i get flamed or complained about in chat i try to ask what im doing wrong as to get more help for myself and learn from my mistakes, ofcourse i don't want to play as a career i just want to play for the fun side and at one point or another once you get high enough in the ranking you'll learn to play less for fun and more for the wins. It's a game that i enjoy playing regardless of the bad side and something i want to become better at and think its time for myself to get stuck in and hopefully not annoy too many people with the rookie mistakes i do. (Apologies to anyone i've recently played with out of Bot games lol). Once again thank you so much for the information and yes i read it all lol, very helpful and i really do appreciate the time you took to write it all out for me to get a better understanding. You're awesome.
: Maybe don't play ranked? Seriously - your stats are awful - just learn to play in Normals first. Not bots - then ranked.
Yeah i understand that i should be playing normals now. i thought the ranked would put me into a fair bracket with people my skill level and it would be best for me to learn etc, but now im just playing normals. ty for the helpful info buddy.
: not stupid, everyone is curious ;) you can also check op.gg to see your approximate MMR (even though its not 100% accurate) anyway, I know exactly what you mean, Im playing only a year and started ranked only this summer otherwise only bot games due to the flaming. The best way how to learn the game is to just find ppl to play with and practise in normals, ideally someone skilled who can tell you what you do wrong right away. I was lucky enough to find those ppl there and got way better with my gameplay pretty fast. if you want, add me in game and we can have some flaming-free normals. otherwise as soon as you are not happy with the attitude of anyone in the game, just mute them.
Yeah i do use Op.GG ever since someone told me i was terrible etc etc and saying "i saw your accounmt on op.gg your only lvl 17) when i was playing ranked solo/duo lol pretty sure you have to be lvl 30 for those? either way i use that fairly often to see how im doing and check stuff out and thank you i'll take you up on that lol.
Purejoyce (EUNE)
: You are new to pvp games and new to lol, so why would you hop right into the ranked games anyway? Try practicing in blind/draft normal games, get comfortable with 2-3 champions and then spam ranked matches imo :p
Lol yeah i just wanted to see what rank i'd get after my 10 ranked games. stupid i know.
Pehnemer (EUW)
: If you type /mute all in the chat, you can't see their talk anymore :)
I know but when i mess up and not sure why (played support morgana few games and put down wards did a few set ups which ended in us getting kills in etc) and still somehow "morg wtf you doing?!" "sup your worse than bronze 5" "i'd rather have an AFK player" etc etc. I like to ask what im doing and yes majority of the time its a waste of time but sometimes i get a reply that actually helps me learn what im doing wrong at times when i cannot see it. (such as extending too far when my ADC is playing stupid).
Doz (EUW)
: Why is it okay for players to report you for playing the game?
I really appreciate it all the feedback and information given, it's helped me understand a lot more why people report and why you'd be reported and certain things to avoid. I just think they should either have a better system in place to help players ease from Bot games into PvP games (things to watch out for and not to do and to always make sure you're doing etc) even though a lot of it can be found on youtube and twitch and other internet guides, but i think Riot should have there own one placed within the game or website that helps a lot other than out of date guides and vids etc. Or just fix the report system. But yeah thanks again. LoL is a hard game to get into and get good at, and people (including myself) want a chance in PvP games to get better and improve and see what we're capable of. I don't want to have to give up on this game because of players or the huge learning curve. (As previously stated i've spent countless hours at night reading up guides and watching games on twitch/youtube) but theres only So much that can be learnt from watching/reading, a lot you need to try / test yourself and see how it works for you and your play-style.
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: New client gives you the option to download replay. To understand what you are doing wrong, download the replay from rank and pay attention to everytime you died, think if there was any way you could prevent that, maybe a ward, maybe better map awarness, maybe you didn't see an ss ping, compare ure cs to the enemy laner, see if you could have picked some free cs, stuff like that.
Thank you that seems very very useful i had no idea about that i'll have to download some of my games now, thanks again really helpful advice.
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: You don't mention what types of games you are reffering to, after you stopped playing against bots. If it's rank games, then... I don't know what to say, rank games are kind of more serious as you say, but if it's regular games then just play whatever you like. Myself I'm trying a new method, beacause I played rank after rank after rank after rank, the game was starting to be not just a game, it became often a stress, but recently I've been doing 2 things that makes my gaming experience way much better, 1st I just mute all in rank games, and 2nd I don't play rank after rank, I play 1 rank, then 1-2 arams/blindpicks were I can enjoy more and not be that stressed about, for me it works.
First i was doing ranked solo/duo to do my 10 games to get put into a bracket (obviously bronze) so it'll be easy for me and more enjoyable for me to play (recently finished those 10 games and still same difficulty for me really hard to play lol). but i think im gonna try what you're doing, i just wanted to see what rank i'd come out on. bronze 2 is where i came out. i just dont know what im doing wrong not spending money on a coach i find that silly, watching vids and reading guides and watching streamers etc i just keep getting caught out but thats the downside of solo i guess and not playing with freinds, i think i'll take a break from ranked. ty for the advice buddy.
: As long as you don't do anything forbidden (flaming, cursing, intentionally feeding or leaving), you are safe, no matter how many times you get reported. Why do people flame? Because they are assholes. Easy as that. Don't mind those people. The best way to have fun in this game is to get a team of friends as those will not flame. Playing solo....well.... that's a different story. I don't get especially those who flame in normals. Jeez, i can understand if you are in your promos and you have to try 100% hard but in NORMALS? CALM THE FK DOWN PEOPLE.
> [{quoted}](name=Prugar Senpai,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=q8EAxUVM,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-01-02T15:22:48.033+0000) > > As long as you don't do anything forbidden (flaming, cursing, intentionally feeding or leaving), you are safe, no matter how many times you get reported. > > Why do people flame? Because they are assholes. Easy as that. > Don't mind those people. > > The best way to have fun in this game is to get a team of friends as those will not flame. > Playing solo....well.... that's a different story. > > I don't get especially those who flame in normals. > Jeez, i can understand if you are in your promos and you have to try 100% hard but in NORMALS? > CALM THE FK DOWN PEOPLE. Yep it is rather silly to be honest i don't understand it myself either but hey thank you very much for the info really appreciate it, but my friends play dota 2 or HotS or other games, and i prefer LoL x100 more. so i'll have to stick to solo and see where it takes me. thanks again.
Magneset (EUW)
: You wont get banned if you didnt do anything wrong. So even if 1000 people report you they wont have any effect what so ever.
> [{quoted}](name=Magneset,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=q8EAxUVM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-02T15:21:18.834+0000) > > You wont get banned if you didnt do anything wrong. So even if 1000 people report you they wont have any effect what so ever. Well thats great then thank you i do none of those so all good and thanks for the info really appreciate it.
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